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    Coolboats to admire

    Ostkust design by Al Mason, I think. 24’ loa
  2. Great idea! Have been thinking along these lines for Wednesday night racing... maybe with a partner.
  3. Veeger

    Nesting dinghy designed to plane under power?

    Sure! A panga... I like it!
  4. Veeger

    Coolboats to admire

    Methinks that Bull will be quite interested in the Omega 10 DS. We have similar tastes. The Center harbor is too rich for both of us, otherwise....
  5. Veeger

    PNW Race Week 2020: DOA Before Birth

    Eastsound, on Orcas, can be good sailing when no where else has wind. You've got Rosario Resort (they doing anything these days???) It's a small marina but can absorb some boats, Olga has anchorage and a dock for shore access, no moorage, Eastsound has an anchorage (somewhat deep) and a dock (access only, no moorage. Restaurants in downtown Eastsound, as well as the resort. West Sound 'might' work. Both areas are out of the way for powerboats wakes and minimal currents. Wind? Hmph, this IS the PNW. You 'could' do a progressive event with different locations every day or two. Orcas Island yacht club seems like it would be a welcoming club for some local knowledge/support. (I know no one there so am somewhat speaking out my axx on that subject...) You just need to organize some buses or 'entrepreneurs' for restaurant runs. Anacortes is 'ok', but as noted above, a bit of a run to get to a viable course venue without ancillary pleasure and commercial traffic in the middle of things. Yup, prolly PT.......
  6. Veeger

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Watmough Bay is a busy place today!
  7. Okay! You’ve ‘got me’. (Might not be a buyer but I’m heading towards being a fan)
  8. Veeger

    In Production: Spirit 111

    Being the contrarian that I am... those interior shots are not 'actual photos', they look a lot like computer renderings to me....
  9. Veeger

    Forward Cockpit

    That might be debatable. Cockpit comes forward to the mast beam but is enclosed... unlike Atlantics, Gunboats, etc. Forward enough to work lines near the mast, but not outside forward enough... On the plus side, after owning two Mainecats, I kinda lost track of my foul weather gear.
  10. Veeger

    Coolboats to admire

    Dang! Kinda weird to see the Camden schooner fleet still under their winter wrap in July....
  11. Veeger

    Cruising Cats in the PNW why not more?

    There’s a 38’ Mainecat for sale in Seattle. For a slip, i found a 57’ slip that had a 21.5’ max width allowed. My 21’ beam just snuck in... when cruising, i found BC to have far more linear docks available where the beam essentially didn’t matter. Home moorage is the challenge but that’s pretty much true even for monohulls these days.
  12. Veeger

    Cruising Cats in the PNW why not more?

    These things are true. See Ish’s practice, mine was similar, I had over 100’ of chain so a Kellet solution wasn’t necessary for me—-others on the other hand...
  13. Veeger

    Cruising Cats in the PNW why not more?

    Ah, well, you get used to anchoring in deep water with a big boat. I tried to anchor in less than 60’ with 3:1 scope. The good news is that PNW summer wx is pretty benign. We don’t generally get thunder bumpers and squalls in the evening. If it’s going to be a bit blowy, then we find shallower depths and better protection as needed. The really challenging part of deep water anchoring is ensuring adequate swinging room for the req’d scope. Not to cast aspersions but, the prevalence of charter boats means that what they think is plenty of room, really isn’t because they don’t use the scope needed, or get good sets and, well, they can be a bit nervous making... Multihulls tend to cheap out on chain, so between light weight, high windage and a large swinging radius on line, you ‘wander’ at night. All chain rodes pile up or swing around where ever it hits bottom until/unless wind or current stretches things. Multis and monos don’t play well in crowded anchorages, even without wind.
  14. Veeger

    Cruising Cats in the PNW why not more?

    Mostly, the problem is that the PNW is the absolute ‘end of the line’ for multihulls. They don’t come by truck (except for a Gemini...). Cats are built in Europe, NZ, Australia , S Africa and only Mainecat are built in the US but please note the 3000 mile wide ‘island’ you’ve got to go around... Similarly, active cruising cats are somewhere on a tropical milk run between the above mentioned places and all funnel through Panama. Again, the PNW is just a ‘few’ (4000?) miles out of the way. All this can be solved with a yacht transport ship but plan on dropping $30-$50k for the ride from Florida to Victoria. (Ask me how I know...twice)
  15. Veeger

    Sailing to Maine. Outside Route

    My best ‘dream boat’ for cruising the Maine coast has a full keel / attached rudder and no engine, then I can sail amongst the pots with impunity...
  16. Ha! I’d say there were two different customer bases... So far, the Rapido looks far superior and well worth waiting for.
  17. Veeger

    Is this what we have come to?

    So. You'd have been a customer for the Reynolds 45? (it's okay, I thought about it too....)
  18. Veeger

    Front Page: "Shit's about to get real"...

    Welp.... when she goes ‘down the mine’, it’s gonna be a full on summersault!
  19. Veeger

    What custom cruiser...if money were no object?

    Spot on per all points. Custom isn't cheap, it doesn't 'give you your money back' and it 'should' be different or why do it? Your 'cost' assessment is true as well. It's much like folks who don't want to have overhangs or bowsprits or otherwise longish boats because of the slip costs. Seriously? That's the make or break calculation for boat ownership costs? (Now, if it needs to fit in a slip you already own, then loa matters... or you're buying a 4ksb on tight budget) Many years ago I chartered a Freedom 30 or 35 (I can't remember which). It was an eye opener to sail deep down wind and have no need for light sails. The little camber spar jib was 'ok', set well but I never can quite get over the elbow it puts in the headstay.... I've been a fan of a free standing cat rig ever since. A cat yawl makes a whole lot of sense too for a variety of well known reasons. I'm teetering on pulling the trigger on a custom boat... still. I will forever kick myself if I don't do the free-standing cat rig on it. Visually, I'm happy not to have a mizzen, practically, it would be a mistake not to have a little mizzen for balance and riding on the hook. My only complaint about the cat rig also stems from my charter of the Freedom. The windage of the thicker mast so far forward made handling in a marina, in a cross wind, an absolutely almost insurmountable challenge. The custom version will have a nice, retracting bow thruster.....
  20. Veeger

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    ‘Some’ water damage. Extensive ‘cleaning’. Water damage due to having had water ‘inside’ during storage... Yup, well, don’t buy it cuz it’s cheap.... it’s not gonna be cheap when you’re done with it. The 38 may be related but it’s a far cry from the 36. As it’s the ‘only’ 36 in the US, that’s not gonna be an advantage when it comes to selling sometime in the future. But, if ya just gotta have it and sweat equity is a fair trade to you,.....
  21. Veeger

    Gulf 29?

    Yeah, I considered a Newport 41 once many, many eons ago. I stopped considering once I saw the plastic thru hull valves. Didn’t look or feel like a ball valve and certainly wasn’t like a Jen-YOU-Wine bronze seacock . Appeared to be held in place by some hardened splooge oozing out. But, as others have noted, ‘most’ of ‘em are still afloat....
  22. Seriously doubt many will finish within 50 hours....
  23. Veeger

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    ....and this makes them unprofessional? How so?
  24. I might have a drifter for light airs... might. In practice, I seriously doubt I'd use it much unless I was racing. Racing is not generally my thing but if I thought I had a boat with a touch of speed relative to others, then, maybe I'd try a few distance / shorthanded races. My Mainecat just died in the light air and it hurt to watch little 20-something footers just walk away.... Give me 8 knots true or more and the story changed. However, in these parts, less than 8 was the rule in most races... Your Gunter rig idea is intriguing. I've thought of something similar but not sure I'm that adventurous with my own wallet. I would prefer not having to reef before 16-18 knots true. In any event, reefing should be quick and easy so that you just do it as the breeze comes on. The Mainecat really handled/balanced much better with a single reef tucked in when over 15 knots true but could handle full sail for up to and over 20. The challenge for a boat being good in under 6 knots true, is that anything over 6 knots puts you on your ear... so I don't race and 'suffer' in the light stuff.... (Did I say I'm both a lazy sailor and one who prefers comfort...?) I prefer a relatively short boom and higher aspect rig and am hoping that a bendy, free-standing mast will depower sufficiently in the mid range and somewhat compensate for the lack of a deep keel before I need to reef in the mid-teens.
  25. Veeger

    Coolboats to admire

    You must have a much tighter definition of Penobscot Bay. Technically, you may be right. Generally speaking, I call the region from Two Bush Channel to Swan’s Island all ‘Penobscot Bay. That would put Buck’s Harbor ‘in the zone’. Luckily, I’m not the final authority...