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  1. You’ve got the size about right. Maybe #8-9000 and 500-600 sq ft of sail. I started out on Cape Cod cats, admittedly much smaller than what we’re talking here. My last catamaran had a 540 -/+ sq ft main. The one before that was nearly 800 sq ft. Yup, they’re big. Wyliecat mains really get big. That being said, I’d not turn down a ride on a Wyliecat but overall, I don’t think that’s a problem. You’ve noticed that here in the PNW, it’s mostly light airs I suppose...... ;-). This is a daysailer/weekender, not a cruiser, not an ocean crosser. All in all, it’s not much more boat than a Wyliecat 30 ——-and even less accommodations.
  2. Veeger

    Coolboats to admire

  3. Single mast. Single sail. No ketches or schooners. But perhaps the better question is, In choosing a designer, what characteristic is of highest priority? Technical knowledge regarding the rig? Experience with a given hull type? Best alignment between designer and client on aesthetics? Proximity to client and/or builder?
  4. Indeed! Where AM I going to go? The big question is whether one needs to go to a designer who's already done it? Doug Z has, but as far as I know it was his first and only. Tom W has the most experience with the rig by far... and doesn't do slow, so there's some value there. Nigel I does good work but I'm not looking for a standing lug a la Roxanne/Romilly although a bit of a traditional look would be appreciated muchly. Several others have been willing to stick a freedstanding cat rig on a boat but no proof of concepts that I'm aware of. Overall, I may have to just see who answers the 'phone' so to speak.....
  5. 6' draft is my target. I 'might' accept 6.5'. Ultimate performance is not really the goal. Lazy sailing is the goal. Freestanding, una rig = no sail on the shrouds, no flopping headsail on a deep run. Long hull, light weight to keep the rig smaller and all well inboard visually. (I like long ends, not necessarily long overhangs though) Centered cockpit, hard dodger, cuddy for head and gear stowage. The 110 type hull has its own advantages but to go that direction simply because it's cheap is false economy. 35-45' loa. I'm hoping to pull the trigger this year...
  6. Thanks for this. I dream of such a project, but 11' draft puts it in the nightmare category... I'd take a detuned Wyliecat 44 though.
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    New Corsair 880

    Psshhaw! These boats are made out of fiberglass and stuff. Fiberglass never leaks! /s
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    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Great looking boat! Good designer, builder and price... Hmm, just a few too many miles away--drat!
  9. Veeger

    Used cat market

    Correcto! .... and reversion to the mean typically sucks real bad.
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    New Ocean Racing Idea

    Large ships address the low sulfur fuel by carrying smaller tanks of that fuel that they use when in ‘controlled’ waters. At sea, they switch over to the cheap stuff....
  11. Well, CURRENTLY, there is no ban. Do like everyone else. Cross your fingers....
  12. The ban is against purchase and application of these products. If you've already got it on the bottom, then you don't have to remove it. (but never say never....)
  13. I'd accept a 33'-37' version of the Stuart Knockabout but with a very nicely done spray hood / dodger over the forward portion of the cockpit...
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    Lusting on Yachtworld

    No matter how good a deal you get on the purchase price, it’s really the on going bill to keep them in good Knick ever after....
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    Show your boat not sailing

    I heard that this one had some pretty squirrelly steering issues....
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    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Just a touch too angular. Hard edges. Boats should be like women, more curves.....
  17. Looks good. I just can't see electric being adequate. Linky?
  18. If you're in the market for this type of boat, you might want to consider this one....
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    well this is bullshit

    Nice in theory, but that's a pretty indefinite period of time. So how long do you think that might take? Fauci says 12-18 months. As a society, we will NOT survive a lockdown for that duration.
  20. Veeger

    well this is bullshit

    Yes, of course. You do realize that this aspect is what makes the whole exercise pretty useless, right? Are we all to stay inside until there is not another case in the whole wide world? Cuz that's the only solution. Think, man!
  21. Veeger

    well this is bullshit

    Don't be a mindless 'sheeple'! I"m not sick so I can't be a spreader.
  22. Veeger

    well this is bullshit

    All 'feel good', 'I'm more noble than you', Bullshit. We do not have the luxury of thinking simplistically. Your kids will live a very different life in a world of 30-50% unemployment and unrest. I AM thinking of them, my own kids and my fellow citizens. You're still clinging to 'hopefulness' as a solution. If we continue with our current approach, you won't get home to see your kids this year or your folks and there will be no one to buy your boat for six figures because no one is/will be allowed to use their boat. (sorry, not trying to pick on you because there will be a whole lot of others like you, me included, who won't see our folks across the country or have a job or business to support ourselves)
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    well this is bullshit

    Of course! But this is wishful thinking! Fantasy! How long do you expect everyone to stay under effective house arrest? For what crime are we being imprisoned? When (if?) the curve is flattened and the ICU's are saved, what next? Life just goes back to' normal'? The 'curve' explodes again. So I guess we just lock down again? How many times do we do this? Do you think that you'll still even be able to find your bread, eggs, milk, chicken in 6 months? Do you think that even after we go back to 'normal', folks will just resume what they've always done and go have a beer at a bar and get some wings? Do you think there will even be a bar to get that beer and those wings? Use some common sense instead of being a hostage to fricken fear. Yes, some folks will die. Might even be me. (65, asthmatic) Unless and until there is a vaccine (and btw, we haven't ever found a vaccine for HIV or the common cold so there's really not any guarantee that a vaccine is imminent within a year or two) we must expect that each and every one of us will get the virus at some point. Flattening the curve doesn't do a damn thing beyond (supposedly) saving the ICU beds. (fyi, once you're in ICU, it's pretty well over anyway--no thanks) What government or medical system will there be when no one is paying taxes (sales, income, ???). We're focusing on the immediate scariness of a greater risk of folks dying. Think past that and tell me what we will have afterwards....