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    well this is bullshit

    That an individual or family leaves their place of “shelter” does NOT expose another individual or family to SARS-COV-2. The only way that another can be exposed is by leaving their place of “shelter” and coming into contact with someone or something that carries the virus. Therefore one individual or family has no business telling another individual or family to stay indoors, or vice versa.
  2. Note the bulb just below the circle...
  3. There are many opportunities to just 'drift'. Often, those opportunities also give engineers time to do some work that they might not otherwise have been able to do. Sometimes it's critical to moving, sometimes, it's just a good chance to get some things done. I was once ordered by our charterers to proceed to a point halfway between Venezuela and Land's End, England and await orders. We drifted for a half day or so and then turned around and headed back the way we'd come. It's also not uncommon to have a lube oil filter plug up, or some one of any number of malfunctions that shut down the plant for anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 hours or more. Steam OR Diesel. Heck, I was mate on a ship (steam turbine) that ran out of boiler water (dang thangs leaked REALLY bad). We anchored on Thunder Knoll off Nicaragua until a supply boat could bring us 90 tons of fresh water (several days). Ran the emergency generator an hour, a couple times a day. Gave us an opportunity to make a pot of coffee (with rainwater!)
  4. Ship maneuvering is actually an art that far fewer ship masters are good at than one might expect*. They also don't have effective brakes and do not stop or slow immediately even when engines are put Full Astern. An attempt to effectively come alongside and 'nudge' another ship requires a certain talent. Too much speed and/or the wrong angle and things can go quickly pear shaped resulting in overshooting the attempted 'nudging'. The consequences of this are demonstrated in this incident. This all assumes that the 'story' was somewhat as presented of course.... * This from one who was a ship pilot and offshore lightering master. It took several years training to have 'intended collisions' with large moving objects without also leaving a mark! (I left few marks, fortunately...)
  5. You ain't seen nuthin' yet my friend, nuthin' YET.....
  6. Veeger

    Design Anarchy

    He just saw the credit card statement from her last shopping expedition.
  7. Thank you Jack. You rose to the opportunity to at least hear another's viewpoint. Kudos. Actually, your posts 'about the virus' are just fine, you are a factory of links and articles. I do believe that attacking the posters and sources somewhat mercilessly puts you about on the equal but opposite end of the spectrum from OrangeManBad. Sort of like this ..... Vicious <---------------> Childish arrogance Neither is very pretty, nor acceptable in my own opinion, but that's me. You are entitled to your own opinions. Tis the essence of freedom and healthy dialogue. Carry on.
  8. Yes Jack, you did stop at the first paragraph (phew, your BP mighta been even higher, good job) But then you went on to 'presume' and disparage what he might have subsequently said. Tsk, Tsk, that reveals that you don't really have any idea just what he said because A) by your admission you didn't read further B_) You're primarily interested in just disparaging and trashing other information that you haven't presented without at least KNOWING what you're disparaging. If you want to make those assumptions, fine. But, open minds at least KNOW what they're disparaging. Innuendo and ridicule are your only weapons---usually brought out by folks who have no other tools. Carry on, and pull up your pants, your underside is showing.....
  9. Jack, Jack, Jack, I TOLD you to ignore that one. But you weren't reading very well. (The author was referencing gov't officials who were backing away from their own prediction of such numbers.) Fascinating how you can 'not read' the rest of the article but 'know' what was in it..............oooh-kee-dokey! More evidence of you living and loving being in your own echo chamber I guess. Please Jack, Do. Not. Read. Any. of. my. Posts. Your BP will just go up and that's not good for you. (P.S.- There's an ignore button for your convenience if that helps any..)
  10. Veeger

    rich folk rule?

    Their money is no good with the Grim Reaper.... one thing no one can buy their way out of....
  11. @Jack, Please ignore this link. It's totally suspect per your standards and I wouldn't want you to actually see another opinion beyond your own highly rated (by you) opinion. To the rest, there's actually some good info and reasoning here but if you only want to hear someone from your own echo chamber I implore you to keep moving on... Remember, one man's opinion, whether mine, Jack's or the author's, still remains an opinion that does not need to be something you agree with...
  12. More here:
  13. More (@Jack, non ZH too!) The study found that the NPS was able to detect 66% (19/29) of human coronavirus HCoV-229E (not CoViD 19). That particular virus attacks upper respiratory system rather than the lower so one could expect that NPS would be much less accurate for CoViD 19. Also, the study was done one patients with acute symptoms.
  14. Ok Jack. I get it. ONLY the stuff you post is reliable. Anyone else is not. Mmmmmkay.....
  15. Without comment....
  16. Actually, American blue chips are the ones that'll get the money, but mainstreet is actually beginning to feel that way. (not everyone has a Gramma), but everyone has a pension, a job or a small business and very, very few have a big enough rainy day fund.
  17. No arguments from me on all your points regarding the various responses. I also understand the dilemma everyone faced. Take it serious and kill your economy and have everyone say you over reacted or.... fiddle just long enough to catch the 'you fucked around' too long consequences. Politicians are pretty much victims of their own reliance on approval. We should have shut our borders and all air travel immediately way back. Not just some flights from a couple hot spot cities. I note that the US is not alone in dithering and feeling the consequences. Temperature scans may catch a few, but they are pathetically inadequate since contagiousness begins prior to any symptoms...
  18. Tis true. Yellow journalism was/is pretty bad. I guess I remember a time where truth was a 'stated' goal. But, you rightly point out that it's always really been this way.
  19. Hah, that's not at all what I said! You don't have to agree with me, (Lawd knows, few do) but don't go putting words in my (electronic) mouth. Sometimes I forget this is SA and I make the mistake that people really want actual discourse. Ah, me...
  20. Time was, when media felt it was important to get facts, inform the public. These days, the media's job is to not ''inform' but rather to tell the public what they 'should' be upset about and to reinforce that with each news cycle. Whether Left or Right, Fox or CNN, they've forgotten what their job was. Fear is what the public 'should' think and that keeps 'em coming back so they can be fed more life-sustaining adverts. The media doesn't deal in facts, hasn't for decades. They can't spell, write or deal in nuances, unless they're rather blunt 'nuances' that can sway opinion. Fail. Critical fail.
  21. Just as a point of order. Ole Orangeman said the 'MEDIA'S handling and reporting' of the virus was a hoax. (He might have been better served not using the word hoax. I'd say Farce, but...) Carry on...
  22. Jack, you left off the 'in a way' portion of my statement. #1 China was the earliest testing entity. They may well have had very good testing and they may well have very accurate stats. Let's give them the benefit of the doubt although it's been in their interest to minimize things. The test may have been perfect, but their reporting may or may not be the same. Ok, that's out of the way. The fatality rate requires some known number of overall tests. If the tests are bad, then the rates are bad. Now follow me... If the other countries are using different tests from different sources and they are either better, worse or flawed, than the subsequent fatality rates would have errors as well. The US tests initially were flawed ( I don't know which way, but since they were wrong, they would give erroneous fatality rates as well). How many OTHER test kits in Europe,, UK , etc were flawed. Do they have the same degree of sensitivity, if they weren't flawed. Are they all using the same methodology? The same sample strain of virus? Does that matter? Enquiring minds want to know. Understand, even though this is the internet, I am not making any pronouncements or assertions. Simply, I am raising questions that I haven't seen satisfying answers to. Fortunately, I'm not on a 'need to know' basis or else heads would roll!
  23. Another interesting insight:
  24. I think we have given testing too much credit in a way. Consider: - Much early talk of false positives and of false negatives -Person tests negative a couple times than positive a couple days later -"apparent' capacity to get infected, cleared, re-infected -China made test kits, are Europeans using their 'own' tests?, The US (God help us) made their 'own' test kits---that failed miserably. Who's making test kits? Are they all the same? -What about the sensitivity of tests, do they need a certain viral load before showing positive and seemingly negative up until then? There also seem to be a high number of positive results with people who don't show symptoms. And finally, I think everyone seems to acknowledge that an antibody test would be the best indicator of what the status is of the general population. Until then, everyone is drawing wildly different conclusions based on both incomplete and potentially inaccurate data. Oops, one more Finally, many folks aren't being tested until even 'after' they die. Did they actually die from the virus? If they're positive, they get counted as an associated death. In Italy, for example, many folks already had serious and/or multiple additional risk factors. Might they have died anyway? Certainly, getting the virus put them 'over the edge' but with the average age of the dead being already close to average life expectancy, there are questions... I don't have the answers, but I will tend to value/listen to, folks who can answer these types of questions....