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  1. So, when I see boats like this, ONE thought always goes through my head. Aren't these types of designs just uncomfortable ROLLERS? Especially at 6-8 knots in a 2-3' chop?
  2. Veeger

    Newbie sailor. What's my next move?

    Take up golf...
  3. This started as the Solar Sal 27 designed by Devlin down in Olympia. He'll build you one Kim! I like 'em, but I need a larger version...
  4. The POGO 32 is very intriguing, But the Admiral wants to be able to take the kids and grandkid(s?). These boats and the OP's parameters won't meet 'her' minimum size requirements. However, I sure do like the concepts-- but as a 60+ year dedicated hater of mobo's, I can't reconcile the fuel burn, even at these very economical rates. I want, but I'll never be able to accept the 'price' in fuel consumption. Yes, I know a new suit of sails for a 35-45'er will buy a lot of fuel but the pathways in my brain seem irretrievably wired to favor sail over power.
  5. Veeger

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Inflation in everyday items we need. Deflation in assets that no one 'needs'....
  6. Yeah! That'll work... /s The stores need to limit items to 2 per shopper max...
  7. Veeger

    R2AK 2020

    Russell, there's likely a bunch who'd like to join you on your endeavor. The challenge is that few will be able to keep up with you..... but that might be a plus, eh?
  8. Veeger

    Coolboats to admire

    I agree, she's a looker. Interestingly however, something seems just a bit 'off'. At first, I thought it was the freeboard. But looking closer, I see that actually while the overall freeboard to the cap rail is likely in keeping with the original design, it appears that the actual deck level is higher than normal. i.e. The height from deck to cap rail is lower than normal, most likely to gain a bit of headroom. My verdict? Critical fail. I'd be unhappy if I'd spent that fortune cuz I want the full intended aesthetic and would not have been willing to sacrifice it. It might not be so important to others and certainly might be missed by most admirers. Maybe I'm just feeling critical tonight...
  9. Well, consider this....
  10. Veeger

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    You have a misplaced view of 'us'. It's very Euro-centric... as you say, "...You can't judge other nations with your own values..."
  11. Veeger

    Coolboats to admire

    Can't think which I am more 'a-skeerd' of, traditional wood construction or aluminium. But she's a looker!
  12. Veeger

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    I know, OrangeManBad... Somehow I don't think it would be any better under Hillary's or Biden's or Bernie's watch, but.... that's a PA convo. Trump did drink the Kool-Aid on the market, I'll agree there. The Fed, well, they're scared of it all,... more than they're scared of OMB.
  13. Veeger

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    12-18 days won't 'do' it. Lift the restrictions then and it all starts over again, but worse. I wish you were right....
  14. Veeger

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    No. They are single-mindedly responding to the medical aspects and committing economic suicide in the process. Leadership is managing from the big picture not doing a knee-jerk response. To solve the problem for the medical response requires far more than a 15 or 30 day hold on the economy. That would be 'almost' acceptable. But it is inadequate to reduce the deaths and overload of the system. So you can't stop what's coming but you can totally kill the rest of our world. Yes, the economy takes a hit anyway with folks self isolating from fear, but you can't shut down the whole population for 6 months (or more). Do you think folks will really tolerate that? For now, it seems easy enough because everyone's thinking short term. Give it a month.....
  15. Veeger

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    Just saw something about one of their mobile telecom companies that has 8 million fewer active accounts over the past few months. Why do we believe that they really have it under control? (Hint: they still aren't telling the truth)
  16. Veeger

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    I tend to agree with this. What we've had for quite a period of time has been very distorted, and essentially two legal systems. One for the monied crowd and one for the rest of us. The monied crowd (big business, politicians, fiancial, and big pharma/med) have been to totally break existing law with impunity. The little people see it and get disgusted. We all want to see justice done, each in our own way. The tragedy is that too many are willing to try a system (more regulation and top down control) that has proven time and again to NOT be successful at the very thing it purports to do and that we wish it actually Could do. It's not more control and regulation, that will benefit those who already operate with impunity because they essentially are the controllers already. It won't be us 'little' people. We need to prosecute, convict, jail those who have robbed us. Not exchange one set of robbers for another or transfer power to the same people who have robbed us but just via a different name and title. Alas, a full re-set will still leave us at the mercy of those ready to TAKE from us anyway. Whether locally via local robber barons or via national politics and / or oligarchs. Sorry, I have only full confidence in the corrupt nature of man when given a little bit of power or control.
  17. Shelter in place.... I'm closing on the sale of my house next week and buying another in 10 days (closing). I just gotta hope my movers a) can still move and b) are healthy....
  18. Did it???? No one believed /believes China.... until is 'looks hopeful'. Data is still very incomplete. BUT, yes, testing is essential to get data. Of course, how effective IS the testing. Many reports of false negatives and false positives. A negative 2 days ago, does not mean they were negative, just unable to confirm it and today it can be positive. Ultimately, we need a quick, on the spot antibody test. We have no idea how sensitive these 'tests' are, or how good they are. I mean, they've only been around a couple months.
  19. A fresh report from Italy that actually has some good news for the general population. No, not if you're over 80 or have serious 'other' issues. (relatively easy read in english)
  20. Here's a study. Page 7 Shows the use of ventilators was not tried on the survivors. But it was in all the non-survivors...
  21. ^^^^ This is why the whole 'isolate' concept fails. You're always 'behind the curve', forget about flattening it!
  22. We're essentially in agreement. I just think that a ravine epidemic is painful for a short time but we'll recover from it. Economic suicide, on the other hand, will be much longer lasting.
  23. I've been pretty pissed about the stock buy-backs to enhance the inner circle's stock value. They essentially burned it all and wonder why they're broke. Can you say "Boeing"? They should go bankrupt and lose their jobs in the ivory tower. They've taken good people down with cost cutting and finance games. A pox on their house (and all the other companies who've pulled this crap)