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  1.   Good Evening Veeder,

     I am thinking about a MC 38 or 41 for use in FL/Bahamas, as well as summers in Maine. I like the 38 for her low draft/outboards in the keys/Bahamas, but worry she may feel cramped on the long trip up and down, as well as the two months I normally spend on the boat in Me. The 41 can also have AC, in fact there is one for sale near me which has AC and a generator. Do you think dockside ac and a portable generator would be practical in a 38? I do like the looks of the 38 better, and I assume she is more fun to sail. Of course, the only 38 currently for sale is on theWest coast which would men expensive shipping. Thoughts?

       Many thanks,


    1. Veeger



      Always happy to talk about Mainecats.  The 38 is perfect for a couple for cruises up to a month or two in the summer or just for summer vacation or weekend cruises.  The outboards are somewhat limited if you need to power in sloppy conditions.  Fuel, water and electricity also limit your independence from such supplies for any longer than a week or so without carrying extra.  Water being the truly limiting factor.  I had a f/w flush toilet so my 80 gallon total capacity would be challenged in the Bahamas without a water maker.  Overall, the 38 is a great boat for how folks really use their boats.

      Comparatively, the 41 is a tank. I mean this in a good way.  She’s solid, tough and reliable, a much better sailer than the condo charter cats but not quite as good as the 38.  The 38 points a bit better, but weighs almost half what the 41, in cruising mode weighs.  I saw a 41 a couple weeks ago in my home marina (from Ca). She’s huge compared to the 38.  This size and weight means she’s tough, able to carry stores and gear and will safely get you anywhere you want to go.  You don’t say how many folks you anticipate but the 41 will comfortably cruise 2 couples and/or a kid or two.  The only downside on both models is someone gets to ‘sleep in the kitchen’ As there is really no physical separation between the bunk and galley.

      It sounds like your best bet is the 41.  I found her performance to exceed any similar sized cruising monohull in most conditions.  I’ve done the ICW and trip south from Maine in both boats and find the 41 is more comfortable  and quiet under power.  I greatly enjoyed both boats and used them for different uses.  The 41, I lived aboard full time for 2 1/2 years and half time for 4 more years (6 months April- October-ish each year).  I could do it on the 38 but I think the Admiral wouldn’t do that on the 38.

      The 38 performs better, really, really likes to surf in following seas, but you need to be much more on top of things if the wind picks up when compared to the 41.  (That’s the price for ‘performance’). Both boats, being cruising rather than racing cats, are a touch sticky in under 8 knots of wind.

      Enjoy the 41!