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    R2AK 2018

    So...looking to the back of the pack... Did Dockrat clear US customs when he went 'ashore' on San Juan island? If so, he'll need to 're-enter' Canada too. I suppose if he has a Nexus card, he could have just called it in... Inquiring minds want to know (cuz it'd be bad to piss off US Customs, especially as a participant in the R2AK)
  2. Ooooh, oooh, kewl,! Now it's Noble Social Awareness to justify playing around on a boat. Guess the skin exposure didn't get so very much cash exposure as hoped. I'm so glad that SOMEONE cares. (Yup, that'll get ya some Patrons, yesirree) Not.
  3. Veeger

    Suggestions for a Maine/RI Hurricane Hole

    Nope for Rockland and Belfast---too open, too large, too exposed. Seal Bay on Vinalhaven would be better than the Fox Island Thoroughfare. Yarmouth is up a river (good), S Freeport is apt to be crowded with moorings, not my first choice...
  4. Veeger

    Suggestions for a Maine/RI Hurricane Hole

    Robinhood Marina just SW of Boothbay. The Basin just on the western side of Cape Small (eastern Casco Bay)
  5. Consider designs such as the Gunboat 55 which have a longeron for the headstay tensions and minimal cross beam support. (if any) Or, take a look at the HH catamarans. This discussion of a fwd cross beam being essential so the front doesn't fall off is mostly irrelevant. YMMV.
  6. I use two propane bulkhead cabin heaters. They are light, simple and draw only an amp when in use. Except, having two propane tanks (I have a catamaran, so two hulls to heat) means using two solenoids that each draw nearly an amp on their own. This doubles my electrical draw for heat on a limited house bank. I'm hesitant to eliminate the solenoid for obvious reasons but looking for another way around the problem.
  7. Very nice, clean look. I suspect it will sail quite well. Wish I could.... (nah, too big, nah, it's probably a dog...)
  8. Veeger

    How big a square top?

    Vince, I've got a 6' sq top on a 17' foot. Electric mainsheet winch to crank 'er in. (probably don't do what I should even so) Mainecat 38. Next main will have a 16' foot.
  9. Veeger

    BLock Island Race- How to kill it..

    So I have a question for those who are advocates of these additional requirements. Why are you waiting for someone to mandate them? Will (Do) you refuse to sail on a boat or with a skipper who has not had all of these courses? If they are so important, it's easy for potential crew to only agree to sail with/on a boat that has fulfilled these requirements already. Do that and no one will have to mandate it. But if you're happy to sit around and go sailing with folks who haven't currently taken all available courses and provided all available safety equipment, then seems to me that such an approach is 'selective' at best.... Don't get me wrong. I believe that e everyone can benefit from as much training AND experience as they can get and I'm not saying there's no value in it. But if a skipper/owner can't get crew to sail with him if he hasn't done the course, or if he doesn't require some percentage of his crew to have had training, then this discussion would be moot... Why are you waiting for 'somebody' else to require it?
  10. Veeger

    BLock Island Race- How to kill it..

    Indeed. Where does it stop? We make people get driver ed, licenses, insurance, etc and yet 50000 people die every year on our roads and highways... but I digress. Where does it stop....well, right about at the place where the cost and hassle exceed the joy and personal rewards of doing the race. You can't get people to participate and yet you want to just make it all the more difficult and expensive to do so. I know. The great holy grail of SAFETY and the other one of "FOR THE CHILDREN' are lifted up as being so obvious that no can (should) be so stupid as to argue against it. But there is actually a point at which the safety obsession makes it all not worth it. You do actually get to a point of diminishing returns. It seems like most folks here are closer to finding that point than ever. The good thing is we still each to get to make THAT decision for ourselves (so far).
  11. Veeger

    BLock Island Race- How to kill it..

    The OP shoulda read the NOR early on. No sympathy from that standpoint. Our world worships at the Altar of Education. The Temple of Personal Responsibility has been shuttered for years now. Mostly, I suspect that's what the OP's real complaint is. Can one ever have enough knowledge? Will they be worse off for having it? Of course not. These days, one must continuously keep a weather eye peeled for a hovering lawyer. Taking classes won't stop bad decisions, but 'might' save a life---we'll probably not be able to quantify it. But another nail went into the coffin of Participation in Organized Sailing Events. Be as safe as you want but don't decry the decline and eventual cessation of non-professional sailing events. To the OP: Go sail the course anyway. You and your crew have fun. (probably your PHRF rating isn't fair, so it won't matter... I mean, whose is?)
  12. Not yet--- but seriously considering one unless I find a good reason not too.....
  13. I like only having to stow (i.e. Lock up) two rather than 3 parts. One can be padlocked to the dinghy. Still have to deal with the battery. It is also much quieter than the Torqueedo (less whine sound to the motor). The Chinese part keeps me wary...
  14. Veeger

    Coolboats to admire

    Who cares about the etymology? But that Duesenberg is lustworthy....!
  15. Thanks for the report. It's the first I've heard regarding folks using the Spirit 1.0. Still probably too early to tell how they hold up over time.
  16. So I'm still wondering if this one has been out long enough to get any owner feedback....
  17. Not even gonna click on this one....
  18. Veeger

    what was it?

    Imperial Battleship prototype for the Empire
  19. Veeger

    And they're off again...

    Lot's of dogs aren't exactly trained for 'offshore and onboard fecal transfer'. Wonder if they're planning on daily shore excursions... Nope, don't wanna wonder or even consider the complications.... Btw, did they ever get the first wreck out of the pass? (I can't bear to read the other thread...)
  20. Veeger

    Near Capsize

    You guys are pretty good in the racing, push it to the max, mode so I am not surprised that you had a near miss. Glad no one was in the way when things let go. For me, as a cruiser and sometime racer, I play conservatively. Multihulls generate a nonchalance just before they go haywire. They don't 'talk' the same to the crew as everything seems quite manageable until it isn't. I sail by the numbers. 1st reef at 16 kts true (when cruising), 20kts true when racing. I have a 'chicken' Code Zero but treat it like a full size one. Yeah, not quite as fast all around but so far I haven't broken anything or scared myself. Better to keep it that way---but then, I'm not a Type A!
  21. Veeger

    by the numbers

    THAT'S who it was... I almost was gonna say that but, well, I didn't really care who it was since it was so long ago...
  22. Veeger

    Pilothouse For Puget Sound, $40K Or Less

    I'll not forget seeing the plastic thru hulls on a Newport 41 many years ago. And No, not Forespar Marelon ones. I mean cheap, brittle looking plastic ones. Kinda made me a bit leery of Newport boats after that....
  23. Veeger

    by the numbers

    Maybe! I ultimately think it has merit. Eliminating the main is what Chris White has been working on and for a cruiser, well, I'd be open.... The Ed posted a nice cartoon but on the website, there's a bit more refined concept boat... plus a few other, umm, 'interesting' design thought experiments....
  24. Veeger

    Coolboats to admire

    Cockpits aren't trivial for me. In fact, my fondest desire is to go to a designer and say "Design a cockpit for me. Put a nice boat around it." In this case, since the cockpit narrows aft, the helm person is likely to be pulling that tiller right into his/her ribcage during a maneuver. Alternatively, the already small cockpit is useless for the last third and the traveller pretty well prevents sitting a bit ahead of the tiller. Travelers in the prime real estate position in the cockpit are real turnoffs to me. It's also too shallow. Small and shallow is great for draining a boarding sea but is uncomfortable, unprotected and gets tough to endure after a few hours. I like a nice deep cockpit and a tiller head that is below deck (so the tiller is below that aft deck and extending into the aft part of the cockpit) It beats keeping my arm up in the air all the time hanging off the tiller. FYI, I'm totally spoiled by the Yankee One-Design that I had for a number of years. That was a comfy cockpit but it could still have been improved upon.
  25. Veeger

    Coolboats to admire

    Maybe an 8 meter like this one? Checkstays are the same. Portlights are the same.