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  1. I saw you guys out sailing while on my way to my boat. I didn't get out there in time or I would have gotten a couple pics of her. I think you used up the last of the 8kt variety wind as we quickly ran out and drifted (oh, OKAY!, motored a bit too) our way around Guemes island and against a flood tide....
  2. I'm resigning myself to the fact that the loss of effective bottom paint choices will result in an increased cost of ownership. Either I have to go to a hard and less effective but more expensive, copper free paint and have a diver every month (or more) OR I have to haul annually, unlike the usual 24 month cycle. (I know, I know, you east coast types get the annual haul out but you're not paying our slip rates year round) At least here in the PNW is seems like it may result in potentially fewer folks willing to do the battle, especially if they are already on a limited budget. Cue the "How do we resuscitate sailing threads?"......
  3. Shu, my man, I didn't think I needed to write ' /sarc off' . I'm totally with ya!
  4. Methinks it's a Flying Scot?
  5. Hirondelles are great little boats, totally in keeping with KTL's budget and aesthetic and cruising grounds. Just do it!
  6. I used Micron 66 on my previous boat and got two years out of it here in the PNW. It's supposedly compromised by fresh water and I've often thought that our more brackish water in the winter from the rains and runoff could affect it but never saw that directly. I have the International(?) ABC123 (talk about a generic brand!!) on this time and got some growth starting within a month. This summer has seemed to be really prolific for marine growth here. Can anyone else confirm this? I'm in a different marina now that has much less 'exchange' and may be warmer / more 'nutrient rich'. The good news is that it seems to have disappeared with a little 8+ knot sailing--but I'm watching closely.....
  7. Woe is me!!! I'm a kept man and I can't go sailing on a monohull. I HAVE to sail on a catamaran! Life is hard....
  8. Now you've spoiled everything--I'd a been looking for the headphones!
  9. I shoodaknowed it could be done, but I cannot fathom how something like this could even get to an actual, um, boat?, in the water. Designer, builder, banker, owner, all must have actually thought, 'Yeah, I'd really like a boat like this!'.... and THEN, they actually put money and time into it!
  10. Rasper, I didn't know that cam existed. I've been looking for a way to see that area before I leave the marina and this works really well! Thanks!
  11. Length is everything. Personally, I'd really like to have my boat 10' longer with no more interior than what I've got now. Layout wise, it's currently a longer version of the original 30' Mainecat. The extra 8' gets a bit more elbow room and far better performance. Another 10' get's me the ability to carry the fuel and water I 'need/want' which I've sacrificed. And perhaps a larger dinghy. I'd keep the beam the same, the slightly extra weight would enable a bit more rig without too much additional risk. It wouldn't cost me anymore to berth as I'm already in a 57' slip....
  12. Charter cats are popular because they check most of the boxes for folks wanting a 1 or 2 week vacation in the tropics. Multiple staterooms means a group can share the costs. Tradewinds mean that the light air performance challenges can be overlooked. Moorage/storage and maintenance are someone else's worries. So they work in this application. Since most primary cruising routes are downwind, sliding a barge downwind is pretty easy and even more comfy than rolling all the way to one's destination on a monohull. There aren't many new cruising boats being built today that don't spoil a few $100k notes. It isn't just cats that are expensive--they all are if new builds. For N. America, the infrastructure is not kind to multihulls. Berthing, hauling, storing, are all set up for monohulls. The large, inexpensive, used market also prolongs the domination of monohulls as well. I still like monohulls but I've pretty badly 'ruined' the Admiral such that her trying to nap in the cockpit or work on her computer underway is pretty limited. It just isn't as comfy as what we're doing now--well protected from wind, sun, spray or rain but still not 'down in the hole'. Seasickness in a monohull cave is imminent for her and yet hasn't been an issue anywhere near the same on our cat. We sail together, we work while sailing. We couldn't do that on most monohulls---and we actually do pass most boats our size and even larger, even upwind, so performance doesn't always have to be compromised on a cat, jus' sayin'.
  13. I think this picture will become somewhat of a classic illustration of "What's wrong with multihulls." Probably not without a certain degree of justification. Of course, cats don't have thousands of pounds of iron or lead to hold them down in a bit of a breeze....
  14. Noble effort but..... still NOPE!
  15. We'd get along well! Love the Marblehead 22. But I've got a little sketch on my desk that I keep looking at wistfully for a 40'+ cat daysailer for Bob to refine when I can get the Admiral to let me have two big boats. (yup, sure, right) Small, though long, boat with mast well aft. I love long foredecks and after decks....
  16. I dunno.... It's kinda 'drooopy-like'..... Love the era for powerboats, love the varnish, but not so cool on the Droop
  17. Unmitigated doom... and failure!
  18. I II III IV
  19. Having lived aboard on the inside of the custom's dock in FH over a two year period, I got to see the regular shit shows of boat handling disasters and the usual custom officer's bitching. The whole thing is a (bad) joke. (and a couple of the customs guys I consider friends....) I mean, really, the folks who you're really trying to catch just won't bother going through the motions. Bad guys and contraband can be offloaded anywhere and anytime prior to clearing in--if they even bother. Get NEXUS or whatever pre-screened clearance program is in force these days. You get to call in instead of having to do the Friday Harbor dance. Weekends and particularly Sunday afternoons are not optimum times to clear in.
  20. Definitely going to reduce the waiting list for slips. oh, wait, mebbe not those either....
  21. Haven't we already done the "Long Distance relationships suck' thread drift somewhere else???
  22. Too many people who spend too much time building too big a boat in too fancy a method and craftsmanship, all too often sell them shortly after they are launched. I can only conclude that they loved building far more than sailing... NTTIAWWT!
  23. I once spent several days 'trapped' in Prisoners with a bad flu bug. No way I was going to go anywhere. The Admiral wasn't quite ready to bring me home by herself but we were hoping it would pass quickly (and it did after 24-30 hours). There are worse places to be sick.... way worse.
  24. Eddie would Go!
  25. Probably also not likely to need (get, have the opportunity) to pull, inspect and replace his keelbolts if Irma has her way. I think of those sheared masts on the boats in the Leewards and suspect there's no hope for Gannet (more's the pity) So I've been wondering what boat he'll choose next. (my guess is he's not going to stop sailing until he has to)