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  1. Radio controlled sailing

    There's also a group that sails IOM's at Deception Pass on Wednesday's and Sundays. (Bowman Bay)
  2. And this is the challenge of judging a boat by a few race results only.... Fast boats still need a good crew and smart naviguessing. Good crew and naviguessing can make even an 'average' boat look like a winner--especially when the competition messes up. Over time, though, race results begin to speak more loudly.
  3. Coolboats to admire

    Anchor ball
  4. Caption Contest

    Boat on a stick!
  5. Round The County 2017

    I'm still waiting for a few vids on YouTube....
  6. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    +1 (It's still a J 24.....by any other name) I became quite acquainted with their stability, or lack thereof back in my 'yute'....
  7. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    What is this you're talking about? Details, please. The DeckChute looks intriguing...
  8. Tell me about Cape Dory Typhoons

    No question they're elegant in a 'mini' sort of way. But I"d go for a fiberglass catboat (Marshall or Herreshoff America 18'ers). More room, shallower draft (board up), same length, longer lwl, faster....
  9. Round The County 2017

    Wind alert was showing mid 20's with a gust to 29.
  10. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    NR, I prefer straight cat rig but... in my experience, a single, far forward mast rig will hunt all over the anchorage in a breeze. Reefing a cat rig starts pulling the center of effort forward. Mostly then, it's balance both under sail and at anchor in a wide variety of conditions, certainly not extra drive. I've considered it both ways but my gut says I'll be happier with the mizzen option---at least I don't have to actually use it, or keep it even if I chose to put it on initially. A small unstayed mizzen is an incidental expense in the scheme of things. For now, the project is shelved, but I still get some wistful yearnings whenever I dust it off for a look-see.
  11. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Sure! If you write the check, SWYD will make it just the way you want it!
  12. Hallberg Rassy 41

    Awww, c'mon man! It's thread drift! Always nice to glean nuggets of info even if it's not what the thread was about.... Carry on!
  13. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Bob, we didn't get far enough along in the process to refine such things. That keel was what you've often referred to as a 'placeholder'. Your comments regarding people needing to know how they are going to use the boat is probably the single most important factor in the 'success' of a design. With Amati and Kim, they were extremely clear and the results bear witness to it. That's also why the preliminary I showed didn't survive, sadly, I still wanted a bit of cruise-ability. But the moment I can talk the Admiral into a fleet... well....
  14. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    I tried it but chickened out. Another 8-10' loa would be nice too.
  15. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Frankie gets my vote! ...and for the reasons Amati points out. (though Amati IS a mighty fine design!) I just need the solarium for the Admiral which is a comfort feature on my Mainecat, but..... there really is no substitute for LWL, lean and light!
  16. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Cman, I'm totally with you. Have a tandem Oasis that pretty much supplanted my RIB on a 5 week cruise north in BC waters. Never launched the RIB in those 5 weeks. But a kayak is not a pickup truck and the Admiral is 'less able' to get in and out of it from the mothership. The Mirage SUP of course would never be stand alone. (ha) But I didn't know it was fiberglass so that ends that idea! I think the OC Tender 270 is the current contender for me...
  17. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Anybody messed around with the Hobie Mirage drive SUPs? I've sort of thought it might be an easy way to 'step off' the boat and make some errands ashore or around the anchorage. Obviously not so good for the rest of the crew...
  18. If they are as incompetent in actual warfare as they are at basic ship navigation and watch standing, our enemies or potential enemies have very little to fear. Obviously any other mariner around the world apparently should be very afraid when a US Navy ship is in the vicinity. The report outlines ineptitude and training deficiencies far beyond my worst imagination.... pathetic and beyond unacceptable.
  19. Hard vs soft dinghy

    I think the OC 270 is on my Christmas list.
  20. Perry designed “Foxfire” 4 sale

    She should! That is a very nice boat and looks to be in good condition. You won't find a new one or anything close for twice the price ! This is a good boat for a discerning buyer. (okay, so I'd offer $550k for starters, were I in the market.....)
  21. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Yup. There's the Dream.... and then the Reality!
  22. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Max, I've been eyeing those Takacats but the open transom seem to me to be a deal killer. Might be ok in the tropics but here in the PNW, I really don't want wet feet all the time....
  23. I still dream of a couple monohull concepts I'd like to have as well as some catamaran concepts (and a few 'out there' interests such as a tacking outrigger). Any or each would be welcomed into my dream fleet. However, for the season of life we find ourselves in, I know that the current catamaran is the best choice for when, how, where we want to sail right now. I'm polynavicularhull agnostic.
  24. Hard vs soft dinghy

    I detest inflatables. They're only good with a motor so no sailing or rowing. I swore I'd never have another one. Buuuutttt, it looks like I will. I bought an 8' little fiberglass hard dinghy to hang off the stern on davits. Virtually everyone says "What a cute dinghy!" when they walk by--but I've fired it. Just haven't replaced it yet. It holds 1 1/2 people whereupon it then rows poorly. Great for one person but I don't single hand very often. I'm limited to just less than 10' overall length to be able to hoist it between my hulls (mothership is a catamaran) and weight is always an issue. My awl grip paint job doesn't really like a hard dinghy either. The new aluminum RIBs of 9' or so weigh less, carry more and, well, they're just better for utility. I think I'll get a Torqueedo for it though. Still, I'd prefer something stable and that looks like a boat... woe is me! JET14, it's the Law of Compromises in play when you talk dinghies and you will NOT achieve all your goals.....
  25. Pilothouse For Puget Sound, $40K Or Less

    Probably true, I've seen VERY few so called pilothouse sailboats with more than minimal to downright marginal views forward. A decent dodger is usually better but, we're now perilously close to drifting towards that other thread...