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  1. KiwiJoker

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    I had intended to quit this useless and mindless exchange but a couple of final thoughts for you and Prissy ..... Pay attention for fuck's sake! If you actually read what i wrote, i never said/implied/suggested that 12-story hotels perched on the waterfront should be allowed. Got it! i'm agin it! And as for Prissy's "bullshit" comment ..... back at you mate!. Panuku (aka the Auckland Council) has shown itself supportive of AC 36 development and planning. I hold no brief for Panuku but I admire the concept they've arrived at for the next defence through a consensus process with all parties. I'll be the first to holler if they deviate from their published Resource Consent application.
  2. KiwiJoker

    Team Norway

    Sounds like a worthy project -- heavy on passion and light on available cash. History suggests that the syndicates that make it to Cup competition invariably have the committed support of a least one big money backer, often with an ego to boot, plus a love of sailing. That or some insanely excellent sailing talent that draws national support. These guys haven't pulled those rabbits out of the hat yet and the countdown clock is ticking!
  3. KiwiJoker

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Yeah! Well, I'd like a Maserati instead of a Corolla! Let's end this thread drift. Not germane to AC 36 developments in Auckland.
  4. KiwiJoker

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    To be clear my sole objection is the notion of building a 12-story hotel right on the water's edge, where other developments were all constrained to four or five stories. Of course it is only a proposal. And, no, I live on the North Shore and the harbour views from the ferries are just fine thank you.
  5. KiwiJoker


    A worthy find! Hard to believe these two Norwegian hopefuls will build a boat and a team, much less make it to Auckland. Still, they have been beavering away for over a year and are clearly making progress. A good chunk of this long story is background but here's the Google translate of the relevant stuff with some minor edits. "With the latest in Norwegian maritime research and technology, the goal is for Norway to build the world's fastest sailboat - and participate in the America's Cup in 2021. "Christian Løken (40) and Petter Mørland Pedersen (34) want to win the America's Cup with Norwegian technology and Norwegian heads, says Christian Løken. "For more than a year, the two experienced competition sailors have worked on the project, which will end up with the world's fastest sailboat. A 72 foot long submarine boat with foils that make the hull lift over the water surface and can reach speeds of more than 50 knots. Both together and individually, Løken and Pedersen have won medals NM, EM, World Cup and a fourth place in the Olympics in various national championships for a number of years. "Research centers "Among other things, they have gained one of the foremost research communities in maritime activities in the world, NTNU in Trondheim. "- This is Sailing Formula 1 and an opportunity to test the very best of technology. For us, there is a particular development of the foils we are concerned with, says Head of Department Sverre Steen at the Institute of Marine Technology at NTNU. "He says that they already have a development course for electrified hydrofoil boats for passenger transport. "New hull types with foil lifting the craft are about to revolutionize the most of water sports, including commercial shipping. Ferries and ships get completely different speeds. Fuel costs and pollution are cut radically when the hull rises and water resistance becomes smaller. Lower energy requirements in shipping, also provide completely different possibilities for battery operation. "Christian Løken and Petter Mørland Pedersen are convinced that Norwegian maritime technology is so far ahead that it is realistic to build the best boat just in Norway. "'We are giving full gas,' said Pedersen, who has taken leave from the job as subsea sales manager in Aker Solution. "'The actual sailing is only a small part of the project and it is not even certain that we will finally be in the boat when the initial competitions start in the autumn of 2019. Our goal is that this will be a showcase for the latest in Norwegian technology, research and maritime industries,' says Pedersen to Dagens Næringsliv."
  6. KiwiJoker

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Look mate! ..... this thread is about "AC36 Auckland NZ" and not your shaky "evidence" about the evil intentions of Panaku across far-flung part of Aucl;smf to deprive us of "green Space" in the name of progress. in the Wynyard Quarter I like everything i've seen in relation to what Panaku has done and is doing and the way that it has, at Auckland Councils bidding, taken aboard the ETNZ suggestions and refined the AC36 planning to fine tune its impact and minimise incursions into the harbour. Not that I think a degree of incursion wouldn't mean a jot and might actually improve the area. Measured against all the Cup venues since WWII, Auckland promises to be the best yet -- compact, close to the heart of the city, easily accessible to the public, tons of bars,, cafes and restaurants in sight of the bases or within close walking distance, And this arrangement is good for the next three defences, assuming ETNZ can prevail over some potentially pretty serious challengers, some of which have yet to formalise tjeor bids. What's not to like!
  7. KiwiJoker

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Agreed, but we're talking about the entirety of Wynyard Point (save for some legacy buildings) as "green space" aka a public park. If I understand correctly, barfy is trying to imitate it may be a disguised parking lot! Fat chance! This is a rare, undeveloped showpiece corner of the harbour and will be treated as such. Of course hopes and aspirations for WP are just that. The may not survive the pressure of actual development. For now though things appear to be on a healthy track.
  8. KiwiJoker

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Don't quite understand your paint re green space.. The Wynyard Point concept I viewed was parkland - hectares of it.
  9. KiwiJoker

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Whoa! Hold your horses. Honestly, I haven't looked at the latest envisaged by Panaku for Wynyard Point but as of about 18 months ago it was slated to be all green space and park with a small grouping of apartments at the inboard end and the preservation of a few small legacy shipyards. For the avoidance of doubt I'm fully in favour of that and have been all along. The Beaumont/Pakenham/Halsey/Madden block you're referring to has been a wasteland for years. It was designated years ago by Panaku for low rise apartments and commercial space with a broad new green avenue running down its north/south axis. Worth noting it''s not waterfront real estate. Not in any direction by one city block at least. A documentary? The block in question is already partially built out. If you're looking for a cause celebre whipping post then take aim at the 12-story new luxury hotel proposed for the inner Viaduct Basin. Colliers is still looking for a developer, noting the site "has water on two sides." The site at One Market Square is currently the home of Headquarters restaurant. If built the monstrosity will tower over the other five-story new construction around the Basin's edge. A fucking travesty. It's not yet consented and the locals are up arms.
  10. KiwiJoker


    Not much to see here. Move on please! Four-day old long recitation of what we know about USA-21. That, plus a one-liner alluding to "speculation of three other challengers." Hardly sufficient to justify the headline!
  11. Very encouraging hews. I spent some extremely enjoyable time in Sardinia at the 2010 at the Louis Vuitton Trophy La Maddelana. Superb waterfront location, at one point a US Navy base at the old ship basin from the days of Admiral Lord Nelson. LV event was the first for a new complex developed from the old Admiralty shipyards. There was an if-we-build-it-they-will-come approach back then that wasn't getting any traction and the superb old stone wall-lined basin was conspicuously empty. Construction was just getting under way for homes and apartments. Dunno what's happened in the intervening eight years. RNZYS has been conspicuously silent about challengers but if Adelasia di Torres is a starter they have 42 days to make it formal. That is unless they want to pitch in an extra one mil for a late entry. The clock is ticking!
  12. KiwiJoker

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Well your heart was/is in the right place but your understanding of recent history is a bit thin. Wynyard point, ie the Tank Farm, was slated by the city for development as a park as part of the broader redevelopment of the area that has been evolving for years. So far, so good. Hopefully it will survive future deviations from the park plan and become the legacy we wish for.
  13. KiwiJoker

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    That acid reflex will probably abate if you look for news and view elsewhere!
  14. KiwiJoker

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    For Priscilla and others who don't get it, Duncan Johnstone in did a pretty good job last December of explaining the concept of event fees for international sport in general and specifically for the next America's Cup in Auckland "A separate company has already been formed to run the regattas, called America's Cup Events Ltd. It's a replica of the America's Cup Events Authority that ran the last two regattas and received considerable payments to do so – $30m from San Francisco and $80m by Bermuda. "The event fee will only cover partial costs of the Auckland extravaganza with Team New Zealand under pressure to find significant sponsorship to top it up. "'It's not a fee to host an event, an appearance fee, a royalty or anything like that. It's to run the actual event and all the logistics,' Dalton insists."
  15. KiwiJoker

    Second US Team

    I please guilty to not paying attention to the Protocol on that one! It's just always been my stance that there is no benefit to any challenger allaying itself with a second syndicate with all the attendant issues of funding, management, etc.