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  1. KiwiJoker

    Team UK

    Nah! I'd say Ineos is in it for the long haul. Ratcliff has all the qualities of a marauding tiger. Once he tastes blood in Auckland, even if it's his own, he'll be hungry for more.
  2. KiwiJoker

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    And of course I missed senior sports reporter Duncan Johnstone who reported Luna Rossa skipper Max Sirena saying there were still six more hopefuls in the wings, "three other Italian outfits exploring involvement, along with a second American Team, a Norwegian syndicate and an Asian outfit." He accurately reported Sirena but failed to note there was a lot of wishful thinking involved.
  3. And very satisfying too!
  4. KiwiJoker

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    All good news here, thanks to Todd Niall, formerly of Radio NZ and now in a new job for, ie the conglomerate of Fairfax media outlets in New Zealand. Seems he scooped the NZ Herald which until now has been my go-to daily news source in NZ. Looks as if I'll be shifting my allegiance. Going forward, with Todd at and Suzanne McFadden at Newsroom we have two knowledgeable, committed and reliable sources in NZ for Cup news.
  5. KiwiJoker

    Third(!) Italian team

    Google search mostly catalogs "Fall of the House of Bertone", ie bankruptcy of the fabled old design house four years ago. That plus a snazzy and beautifully presented web page for the present company that as you note says now't about engineering of any sort, much less performance yachts. And more about concepts than finished product, be it teapots or trains. As you note it's really about money and there's scant mention of sources, including the $1 mil late filing penalty. Of course if the money eventuates, they have a decent-sized yacht building complex but they still need design, engineering and carbon construction talent. Guess we'll see.
  6. KiwiJoker

    Third(!) Italian team

    Hey Xlot. I rely on you for nuanced views of matters sailing in Italy. Care to expand on your one-liner?
  7. KiwiJoker

    Third(!) Italian team

    Seems Adria Sails has the chops to tackle the boat building part of an America's Cup challenge. And it's founder and principal was first bitten by the AC bug when building the Il Moro di Venezia challenger for Raul Gardini. From the Adria website: "The destiny and the activity of Adriasail Custom Yachts are since ever linked to the founder Maurizio Testuzza. "Born and grown up in Milan, after the degree in architecture, he starts his adventure at Giorgetti and Magrini, one of the most important design firm and specialist in refitting large sailing and motor yachts. "In the end of the eighties he meets Raoul Gardini, already captain of industry and owner of dream sailing yachts. And the dream was AC and Tencara shipyard. Tecara becomes synonym of state-of-the-art technology and audacious experimentation in the nautical field and Testuzza himself becomes one of the project manager at the shipyard. Moro di Venezia wins the Luis Viutton Cup in 1992, but Raoul Gardini’s death sees the last of further projects development. "In years featured by a marked economic downturn, Testuzza anyway makes the decision to invest on his future, entering into CNB Fano shipyard shareholding; the construction of Nauta and Frers designs dates back to that period, as well as Giovanni Soldini’s Fila ’60. "In middle nineties CNB is chosen, among others in the United State, Italy and the UK, as accredited shipyard for building Wally Yachts sailing boats, at that time a brand new star. The strong development driven by Wally – 14 yachts built between 65’ and 105’ – confirms once again the vocation of being “>> FAST FORWARD”, concept that later will become Testuzza’s own boat name. "Adriasail Custom Yachts was born in 2003 as the most recent operation of this professional path. With the cooperation of a team he shared more than 20 years working with, Testuzza 'brought Fano in the world' and with a wider and more industrial vision he keeps up building yachts 'customized in the logic of enhancement of Owners’ thoughts'”.
  8. KiwiJoker

    AC 36 Protocol

    From NZ's TV1 News, about 30 to 35 minutes.
  9. KiwiJoker

    Team NYYC

    Glad you enjoyed it the second time around, mate! Actually, the sole purpose of the post was to highlight inebriated's inebriated posts.
  10. KiwiJoker

    Team NYYC

    First of all you need to note Nav's comment and sit up and pay attention to what's going on. The Suzanne McFadden story you mention here today was first flagged by Stingray here three fucking weeks ago! #763 Posted July 23 from Spooner may be driving a truck around the city this week, servicing portable loos for his company Kiwi Flush. But, in a few weeks’ time, you’ll find him in Newport, Rhode Island, sailing for the New York Yacht Club’s American Magic team. Training for the 2021 America’s Cup.
  11. KiwiJoker


    The intent and desire was to provide for eight challengers ....... if they eventuated.. Hey, there are three motivated, well-funded challengers with strong design and competition credentials. When I first got involved with the America's Cup there were only single challengers. What's not to like! Lack of challengers equated to lack of big-money sailing egos willing to pile on.
  12. From Facebook; Philippe Briand - Like Page Yesterday at 11:00pm · BREAKING NEWS - 6.5m Flyacht, the new Briand design studio concept of the flying monohull, inspired by the new AC75 class, is born. Official infos soon to be released. We welcome any comments
  13. KiwiJoker

    Team NYYC

    Thanks for picking it up. A simple typo. How about Bill Koch's America³ Foundation in '92.
  14. Time to come clean, Terry. Image origin please? This looks very "wooden" and multiple critics here have picked up on good points. Web search for FlYacht comes up empty. At least though, someone deserves credits for some pretty nice PhotoShop skills.
  15. KiwiJoker

    Team UK

    Haven't really got a firm handle on BA or his intellect and skill sets, other than his fierce ability to win. However his latest sponsorship shows some nouse and a lightning reaction time as he grabbed for the top rung! We shall see what eventuates.