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  1. KiwiJoker

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    You may very well be right! - But let's wait and see how much the Golden Arches sprawl over the mainsail .... or lurk on a corner of the clew!
  2. KiwiJoker

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Think of it as a contemporary version of an AC challenge underwritten by packaged tea for the masses!
  3. KiwiJoker

    INEOS Team GB

    Nice. Good to know you're on it Xlot!
  4. KiwiJoker

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Worth looking at the original post. This likely never appeared in Britain. It's from Daily Mail Australia and probably only on line at that. See By LOUISE AYLING FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA Countering other comments, this reeks of public relations placement, probably from SailGP, ie Rusty and Larry's flacks, and likely with some greasing of the skids by Slingsby's Team Australia plus probable involvement from Ratcliffe's ink-slingers This was a tailored package, with text and action photos, dumped on Ayling's desk so her byline would offer a glimpse of a journalistic effort. The tells are obvious to anyone who has even dipped their toe in public relations. No general assisignment or sports writer came up with this. It tells a good, if amped-up, sailing story and it is liberally seeded with all the info needed for anyone interested to get down to Sydney Harbour and watch, buy a ticket ashore or or on a spectator boat or watch on TV. That plus the excellent action shots. Finally I absolutely agree the DM is an utterly shit rag?
  5. KiwiJoker

    Women with the America's Cup

    Allan Bond and wife Eileen Hughes´╗┐ ???? How about Alan Bond and Lesleigh Green, Syndicate Head of Public Relations!
  6. KiwiJoker

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Oh the humanity, Oh Oh (wails, moans, beats breast)
  7. KiwiJoker

    Team NYYC

    Well, you're the bloody expert on the subject of self-righteous drum beating. Pray tell us about others here inflicted with your problem.
  8. KiwiJoker

    AC36 - The Venue

    Aerial shots give an excellent feel for the completed work that is not apparent from limited viewing points at sea level. One little gem here that I haven't noted before: "a breakwater with a wide public viewing platform on it is nearly finished." If I understand correctly that means spectators will enjoy uninterrupted views of challenger launchings and rigging, plus watch departures and returns from closeup.
  9. KiwiJoker

    Team NYYC

    Now you've confirmed you are delusional, Phud, you bloody dope. If you never posted again on SA, I for one would be perfectly happy. I know others feel the same way. A little test. Phud acolytes are encouraged to voice their support here..
  10. KiwiJoker

    Team NYYC

    Mate! As Court Jester you are "outside" the club, just like a waiter or doorman.
  11. KiwiJoker

    Team NYYC

    Lovely reminder Priscilla. Just a small note that your auto-correct betrayed you. It is segue, not Segway. Smack the Phud relies on his Segway to avoid falling over and crashing. Doesn't always work.
  12. KiwiJoker

    Team NYYC

    This is the problem with the America's Cup today. ´╗┐It's inaccessible. Infinitely wise recall from the Phud of Sailing. And when, pray tell was it more accessible? When Olin and Rod Stephens stood with Harold Vanderbilt at the helm of the J Boat Ranger, mayhap? Had delightful lazy lunch at a North Wharf cafe today on a mild sunny Sunday afternoon..ETNZ HQ in view to our right, work progressing nicely on challenger bases on our left. And within spitting distance in front of our table, the open bulkhead where six or eight visiting J Boats will moor stern-to when not racing. Safe to say this will be the most diverse, extensive and accessible America's Cup assemblage in recorded history.
  13. KiwiJoker

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Jesus wept! Like Barfy said, give it a rest. Puleeeze! It was an Oz problem. And Oz pols and bureaucrats eventually stopped sucking their thumbs and it solved it. Capice? Yeah, we could have/may have/might have offered help, including HMNZS Choules. Perhaps we did. You don't bloody-well know. Neither do we. None of this is justification to sling shit at our duly elected prime minister. Got a beef with the gummint? Take it to Political Anancy. Otherwise ..... Stow it.
  14. Seeking recommendations for solid, reliable marine surveyor In Auckland, NZ or further north. Current boat in question is 33-foot Brewer lobster boat design, about 30 years old, glass on cedar hull, in commission. Power, diesel I think. More detail when I get specs. Need hull and machinery survey.
  15. KiwiJoker

    saving bits off a semi-sunk diesel 2 cly

    I guess the big questions are how long it was submerged and was it running when it took a bath? ie, ingested salt water as opposed to simple flooding. On the advice of an extremely experienced diesel mechanic I once bought unseen a 4-cyl Ford diesel for 200 bucks. He said it was worth if for the price of the injector pump alone. Did rebuild with new wet cyl liners, injectors, bearings, different ratio gearbox. Started right up and purred like a kitten for years after. Tech experience was what made it possible.