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  1. Just watched Day Two, all three races. TNZ sure hit form with three perfect starts that morphed into three dominant races. Quite amazing really. Too bad they didn't really get it all together on Day One
  2. Fixed it for ya!
  3. Agreed. If it comes to that there is not sufficient loose cash in NZ to support a second defender candidate. To think otherwise is ludicrous. OTOH Ellison could have invited other defence candidates. He could even have offered generous terms and conditions. He didn't cos he didn't want to risk sharing.
  4. Scoop schmoop! Trifling tidbits from the Herald staff on assignment in Bermuda. So fucking shallow. For a decent and insightful read, check on what Kiwi Cup veteran Murray Jones believes. Take your time to read this article today from Suzanne McFadden in the Newsroom website: https://www.newsroom.co.nz/@sailing/2017/06/21/35239/oracle-wont-catch-us-team-nz-coach Oracle won’t catch us: Team NZ coach “Captain” Murray Jones doesn’t profess to be a mind-reader or a fortune teller, yet he thinks he has a fair idea of what will be going on inside the walls of Oracle Team USA right now. Whatever they’re plotting, Jones is sure it won’t be enough to overcome the all-round supremacy of his team, Emirates Team New Zealand in the 2017 America’s Cup match." No Suzanne is not writing from Bermuda. This is from her waterfront home office overlooking the upper reaches of Auckland's Waitemata Harbour. It's our loss that her newcomer media employer can't afford to fly her to Bermuda. It's our gain that despite that drawback she's so well-connected that her reports leave Dana's ramblings far astern.
  5. Unlike Sting I've just worked my way systematically through all the posts in this thread. Perhaps the most surprising and encouraging thing is the realisation that virtually all commentators here and elsewhere think that Oracle, Jimmy and co, are screwed. Near 100 per cent unanimity. Read the pieces from Brit sailors/sailing writers Mark Jardine and Matt Sheahan, both of whom hold faint hope for American chances. Sheehan's piece was particularly good. Oh, yes! Tom Ehman has reversed his prediction to a Kiwi win. Dana quotes Glenn Ashby after he observed the Americans back on the water today. He noted some changes in "sailing technique." whatever that means, and wing trim. For sure oracle now has four days of race video and performance info that they can analyse. No big boat changes though. The comparative performance characteristics of the two boats in wind speeds over 12-14 knots is still a mystery but the forecast is for light air. We may never know. Tactics may still be a hopeful avenue for Jimmy. He's bound to be aggressive but lacking speed he can't do a lot. With more demonstrated speed and agility plus three points in the bag, Burling can afford to play it cool in the start box.
  6. COR

    You're on the right track here but it won't be a "spectator boat." It will be the yacht occupied by the Commodore of the winning syndicate and his select guests. Strictly private. The pre-agreed challenge, aka the "Hip Pocket Challenge," is proffered and accepted as the finish gun sounds. Let history be our guide. It's well established that a potential challenger is selected by either competing team well in advance. One exception. Michael Fay's legitimate Deed of Gift challenge to SDYC in the absence of challenges after six months provided ample emphasis of the need for that. Oracle and ETNZ will already be deep into consultations with their preferred challengers. There will probably even be a draft Protocol outlining the boat designs and terms for AC36. Likely challengers if Jimmy pulls his chestnuts out of the fire? My guess is Japan and Dean Barker. Second choice BAR and Sir Ben. If ETNZ continues on its winning track it will be Italy's Patrizio Bertelli and Luna Rossa, assuming that the ageing Cup fan is up for one more joust.
  7. Draper and Outteridge commentary. That should be excellent value. I'm a Kenny Read fan but his commentary on the ACTV Sky feed here in NZ is flat and uninspired. I blame a direction team that is urging him to dumb it down. So does anyone have ideas how I can view the NBC feed here in NZ without jumping through all kinds of hoops. Doesn't even have to be live
  8. I agree ETNZ's crew will turn in a winning performance in heavy air. They have greater control over foils and the wing, after all. What I wonder about is the Kiwi foils vs Oracle. There's this nagging concern that the Defender might have an edge when it blows, given the computing, tech and construction resources they were able to call on for foil construction.
  9. I have to admire your persistence in defending LE. Who knows where he'll end up. A week or two back Coutts sent up a trial balloon saying he might step down. It could have won him a face-to-face with the money or an invitation to not let the door hit him in the arse. One thing is certain. If the Kiwis prevail there will be changes at Oracle Racing and they won't be tweaks!
  10. Jasus wept! You couldn't even get straight one of the great Aussie pub insults of all times it goes like this: "He wouldn't shout in a shark attack."
  11. OK, then, please enlighten us why Jimmy has been so circumspect in his starting manoeuvres? Dunno exactly what Indio had in mind when he said "Lack of hydraulic power for the close-quarters frequent manoeuvres" but I took it to mean that Jimmy was aware of his limited hydro vs the Kiwis and was thus husbanding his resources for further down the race track.
  12. OK, this is SA and anything goes. Still it's disappointing seeing the knee-jerk responses to a shallow and ingenuous query from a Newbie. Jesus wept! The team is only one race up. Time enough to debate if and when its on its way back to Auckland.
  13. So apart from your pathetic attempts at the English language and disdain for the sheila you've got it in for Gladwell. And only for the last 20 years. That makes you a newbie, Bruce. Tells us a lot. To repeat, fuck off Ocker!
  14. You are a fucking Ocker twit supreme! And an idiot to boot, Some of my best mates are Ozzers but you give the sunburnt country a bad name. Gladwell has a long and good reputation as a senior sailing jurist and breaks his balls bringing us fair and accurate coverage from all over the world 24/7. He's pure gold. And your "alleged female journalists"? Actually they are all real females, part of the pussy brigade, even if their questions are questionable. May all the chips, shitty or otherwise, fall on your empty and hapless head.
  15. Five or six posts with zero, zilch, nada, about the current thread. Not only that but the initial story is a six-year-old relic from an Aussie-owned newspaper that went nowhere. Dead easy to put you on ignore, sport. You're a waste of space.