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  1. That sums up the situation nicely. Hunt, who is not in good odour with his members, tried to pull an end run for money and got the bum's rush. Nothing else to see here. Move On!
  2. KiwiJoker

    Team NZ

    Great location and lucky you chose it. The elevation was an added bonus.
  3. KiwiJoker

    Team NZ

    Great work, Weta. Thanks to your efforts we have a better grasp of the Defender boat's potential. Yowie! Reach-to-reach foiling gybe with a neck-snapping tight radius turn. Can't wait to see what the challengers have to offer. I'm curious. Where were you shooting from?
  4. KiwiJoker

    Team NZ

    A common and very frustrating failing! Too many people seem fixated with the need to show the entire boat, thus vertical framing. If only folks would think about what they are trying to show. For at least the last 20 years I've almost exclusively framed shots horizontally
  5. KiwiJoker

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    A Trumpian touch to this rant!
  6. KiwiJoker

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Get with the fucking program, mate. Ultimately GD will not have major influence into any wind limits decision.
  7. KiwiJoker

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    True indeed about PB's basically reasonable comment. However you seem to have gone off the rails with your "media feeding frenzy and attempts to create clickbait". Examples please. Five or six hardly constitute a feeding frenzy but they'll do.
  8. KiwiJoker

    AC75 vs F50 and Maxis

    Good find Stinger. Illustration shows what appears to be a counter-intuitive design -- ie, high topsides, small rig. However it comes from VPLP Design then it's probably a goer.
  9. KiwiJoker

    AC75 vs F50 and Maxis

    Memories resurface of that remarkable solo voyager and adventurer Tristan Jones. He first went to sea as a ship's boy on a Thames barge plying the English Channel ports. Total complement of the barges was a man and a boy. Tristan's first skipper Tansy Lee liked to gargle a few drops from time to time. He'd toss it down, smack his lips and say: "Remember my boy, Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder."
  10. Your glass of water is half empty and the tide is going down fast. The encouragement extended to all potential challengers, from ETNZ, Auckland Govt agencies, and the NZ Govt, was in the broad interest of staging a worthy America's Cup defence. It was messy and contentious at times and much of the infighting took place in public. But that's democracy for you. Various parties here, and overseas, have stretched credulity in their efforts to derail or dismiss the event planning. Some even had legitimate cause. Many, like you, didn't have a clue about the niceties. Bottom line is that everything here is shaping up for a great event. If S+S pulls it together at the 11th hour then so much the better. Rumour to the contrary, neither Long Beach YC nor S+S have sent up the white flag. I hope you'll make it down here for at last part of the Cup series to see what our little country has achieved in a renarkably short period of time.
  11. KiwiJoker

    12m Australia KA-5 for sale

    Newport, RI would be a fitting home, and fine company. Hope it happens.
  12. How lucky we all are that you have the time and the genius to operate in Seattle half a world away and provide invaluable insights into politics and progress here in little old Auckland! Someone else here hailed your clipping and pasting efforts. Yes, well done!
  13. KiwiJoker

    Team NZ

    OK, no foil-bourn sailing shots here with the masthead jib. But, as a full-size tow-test in flat water there is precious little splash from the foils. Encouraging.
  14. Didn'tcha know! Dalton's been studying inner-city development at AUT. Millions to be made. Kickstarter for the next defence. Of course it's a closely-held secret like the new building site for the S+S boat and training camp in Oregon for the crew