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  1. Get real you querulous whinging Pom! This is the America's Cup for fuck's sake. Your much vaunted national challenger practically bled his country dry in his drive for funding ... and then tripped on his dick. So now you have an abiding need to proselytise to us. Ever heard of Sir Thomas Lipton? Next you'll be telling us that Lipton's strenuous efforts to lift the Cup had nothing to to with selling tea.
  2. Duuuuuh! For starters the team and club can't afford it. And the local and nat pols have already said they'll check in for infrastructure.
  3. The official Announcement: EMIRATES TEAM NEW ZEALAND CONFIRM HIGH PERFORMANCE MONOHULL FOR AC36 Emirates Team New Zealand can confirm Patrizio Bertelli’s suggestion today that the next America’s Cup will be sailed in high performance monohull yachts. Currently there are a team of designers, lead by Emirates Team New Zealand Design Coordinator Dan Bernasconi working on various exciting monohull concepts which will eventually help shape the AC36 Class Rule. Emirates Team New Zealand have been consulting with a number of potential challengers and there is an overall desire to have a spectacular monohull yacht that will be exciting to match race, but also one that the public and sailors can relate to as a sail boat that really challenges a full crew of professional yachtsman around the race track. Further details of the Protocol for the 36th America’s Cup will be announced at the end of the month. The official Announcement:
  4. Would I prefer it be foiling tris? You betcha. But it it's the America's Cup. Challenger and Defender get to chose after appropriate arm-wrestling. No one else gets a look in. So the Italians and the Kiwi's have a prior relationship. Big deal. The core provision of the DoG states: "This Cup is donated upon the conditions that it shall be preserved as a perpetual Challenge Cup for friendly competition between foreign countries." What could be more friendly than the Italian challenge. Whining and bleating from noisy Brits notwithstanding!
  5. Not discussed yet. National elections here in less than two weeks and the current buzz is that the Nats are out after three innings. Potential here to upend AC hosting deliberations. Who knows! Maybe the Hon Trev Mallard back as Labour Minister for the America's Cup. Might put a crimp in plans to announce Protocol and Venue before the end of the month.
  6. Good point, but Auckland has to plan for all comers. By now Dalton must have a good handle on likely challengers. That should help. And, of course, the Protocol plus Auckland hosting facilities and their cost to challengers will help to decide who makes a bid An interesting juggling act for the Defenders and for the city..
  7. Read what I said. This is Auckland Council-controlled land, not scheduled for development for six to eight years. Use for AC would be temporary, for one defence only. So a relatively inexpensive and attractive location which could even accelerate the planned park and apartment development And, double-edged sword. It would also buy seven year's time to plan, consent and build the "legacy" site for for Volvo Races, hopefully America's Cups, and other marine-related events. My guess is that Dalton know exactly what ETNZ needs and is battling hard to fight his way through all the know-it-all pols and poseurs to get it accomplished while all the time trying to keep Bertelli on a slow simmer.
  8. Westhaven option is nothing more than pretty pictures. Lengthy, narrow, restricted road access past the yacht clubs to the proposed site. Proposed site way too small for syndicate ops. Dunno about water depth but questionable. Restricted parking in the immediate area surrounding Westhaven moorings. A long hike from downtown waterfront. Not attractive for public access.
  9. The stated need to complete"legacy facilities" within the next two or three years is looney toons, plain and simple. Orsman talks about two years to get a site up and running. Hey, call it three years. If Auckland Council could resolve resource consents in that time it would be a bloody miracle. While we're all hopeful of a successful defence in 2021 it's far from guaranteed. The Cup's departure in '21, heaven's forbid, would take the heat off legacy planning. The only practical way forward involves embracing a fast-start temporary solution for AC36 while getting to grips with research, design, RMA and permit action, hopefully complete by '22, in time to begin construction of a multifunctional waterfront facility for hosting future AC's Volvo Races, etc The only available site close to the city and available for immediate development is Wynyard Wharf and the tank farm on the adjacent point currently slated for long term apartments and park development. The tanks are apparently empty and the leases run out in the next couple of years. A few million dollars to accelerate access and a few million for temporary paving would deliver a handsome site within walking distance to downtown and adjacent to the North Wharf restaurant complex and the Event Centre.
  10. Count me with Sailbydate. The powers-that-be should be encouraged to stump up all the cash and resources they can muster to assist in hosting AC36 for the benefit of the team and the nation. Any input to the Protocol should stop there. Dana's waffle was loose and vague. Her only direct quote from official docs: "The government has the opportunity to work with Team NZ over the coming weeks and months to influence the design and nature of the event," the document stated.
  11. Ho hum! Stuf.com is dragging its heels yet again. They should be following SA here. RG at sail-world.com has his take on developments in OZ here http://www.sail-world.com/Australia/Gladwells-Line---Cup-capers-continue-in-Auckland-and-Bermuda/156750?source=email Long piece that also gets up to date with news and gossip about Cup preparations in Auckland.
  12. Timmy I see you've posted this to two threads. No new info in this squib. It just regurgitates stuff that's been posted in the other thread named "Australian Challenge" which is far more comprehensive. I know it's like herding cats (no pun intended) but I reckon that feeding the other thread will be more worthwhile. I've added a note there about RG's latest in sail-world.
  13. Given the Kiwi gummint's self-imposed role affecting the Protocol, might "among" be more appropriate!
  14. Thanks. I have considerable respect for Matt Sheahan but this piece is a "once-over-lightly' piece of puffery probably knocked out in ten or 15 minutes to fulfil a contractural obligation to Yachting World. In his new role as Head of Performance Sailing for Sunset+Vine he probably doesn't have the time to do his chosen subject justice even though a deadline looms. Nothing wrong with his recitation of the facts, even the current cost of housing in Auckland city. Other than that, and the cost of getting here, I'd say that the cost of doing Cup business is is pretty damned competitive. When Italy and NZ announce the Protocol and the buzz starts, look for some good insights and analysis from Matt. Hey has an incomparable string of friendships and contacts worldwide in the sailing game.
  15. No opprobrium! Just the link. Well done, Sting. What i found particularly heartening was the apparently unsolicited approach from the Minister for Economic Development to Dalton to ask if he needed any monetary assistance. Dalton's request followed and was promptly answered within a week. This is a sea change from some of the Government attitudes leading up to the Bermuda victory. To me it says that the Nats understand the need to stand behind the national team.