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  1. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Set the question of mitigation of the Tank Farm disaster aside for a minute. The inboard end of the Tank Farm is a prime spot for bases if mitigation can be achieved. It would involve the rejuvenation of an existing harbour feature and would not involve robbing other areas. It would be a great pity, for example, if the open water between Princes Wharf and the Tank Farm were jammed up with a Wynyard Wharf extension. Besides, vehicle traffic access to Wynyard Wharf. As I've suggested previously, de-list the road down the east side of the Tank Farm, take over the space and use it plus the Oiler Wharf as part of the necessary space for bases. There is no firm plan for this area at present. Apartments have been suggested. Move the apartments further out and create the Peter Blake Memorial Marine Park. Include a permanent base for Team New Zealand plus a new America's Cup Museum administered by and as anadjunct to the existing marine museum Move the KZ1. the Big Boat, there and perhaps also The Cloud. When not used for Cup activities this open space would be prime for food and wine festivals, perhaps the boat show.. All of this would still only take up a portion of the Tank Farm area. Perhaps a third or less if the road and existing wharf were used. Which brings us to mitigation. I claim no expertise but surely a big dragline bucket and barges could dredge out spoil and load to barges. Then replace with clean fill, also from barges. No road traffic congestion needed. Council has to grasp the nettle sooner or later. Why not now. I applaud the Mayor's call for a legacy project. But that doesn't mean the entire Tank Farm reclamation project has to be completed in time for the next AC. Dedicate the space. Build out the portion needed for 2021. Continue with the work in preparation for the next defence after we win this time.
  2. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Surreal! The gift that keeps on giving.
  3. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Finally! Some commonsense evaluations. I agree. But I also believe there is lots more to this story. Stay tuned,
  4. Team NYYC

    Mate! Forbes estimates the real-time net worth today of Rich deVos, patriarch of the family at $5.2 billion. He alone could cough up the entire tab with no pain. The rest of the family, son and syndicate head Doug, his brother Dick Jr and sister-in-law, Betsy are all exceedingly well-heeled. Add Hap Fauth and you know this challenge will be well supported. Of course this crowd prefers that others fund their fun and games. That's why they hang on to the big bucks. But make no mistake. The deVos clan will fund this challenge to the full extent needed. THutch is one fortunate boyo.
  5. AC36 Auckland NZ

    "Special legislation is inevitable if Auckland and ETNZ are to meet the deadlines for Cup preparations." However, the existing relationships between Mayor Goff, Prime Minister Adern and ETNZ chair Tindall should certainly prove helpful. So far, all hands are playing their cards close to the chest. What I see lacking is a political or commercial champion to drive the negotiations and the progress or work. Tindall appears to be stepping into that role. If so that's a good news. Wasn't aware of Tindall's previous warnings to delay existing work on the commercial port in favour of making a long term determination on a future site. He's right of course. And that's why the scope of any America's Cup infrastructure projects should be narrowly limited to the Halsey Wharf extension or a fresh look at the Wynyard Point tank farm land oiler wharf area. If ETNZ favours an extension to HalseyWharf, so be it. However it would chew up space in an otherwise open area of water. I see a better option using the old oiler wharf. Repair and rebuild as needed, fill in the water gap between wharf and breakwater and add broad floating docks as needed. Potential for flexibility as needed plus good uncluttered road access, unlike a Halsey Wharf extension. Going further, it would be a big ask but why not abandon plans for the limited housing planned for Wynyard Point. It would be expensive and exclusive. Not a good look. A Labour Council should redesignate all that land as public park space, with the exception of a few legacy businesses on the west side. That would guarantee park space offering ongoing options for AC, Volvo, and festival event hosting just to name a few. That could truly be a "legacy project." Yeah, I know, all those greasy oil empty tanks and polluted land! It's not too late. A negotiated buyout of the leases and rapid soil remediation is worth consideration. It has to happen soon anyway. Accelerate the timetable.
  6. Team NZ

    Timmy. Lovely find mate. Short, flat unemotional history of a success whiich in reality became something of a drama. Much hand-wringing. Last Viaduct restaurants were still being completed as the event finished. Some bankruptcies. But it was a legacy development that lifted a blight-ridden corner of the downtown city and has ecome the catalyst for further major projects. As others have noted, the national elections have hampered progress. We should finally know today, or in the next few days, the makeup of our new coalition government. Whether it is National-led (last three govts) or Labour-led, it's still an enigma that is driving our political sages nuts. Either way the pressure will be on for central govt to do its part. The biggest worry at the moment is the Auckland Council, already rightly referred to dismissively here by others. At their last meeting on the subject around the time of the AC victory in Bermuda members were an inchoate rabble. Watching a video of their meeting posted recently by RG on www.sail-world.com there was no sense of vision, no champion for an event centre and, worst of all a defensive Mayor who contributed little. It was this that causes me to stand with others who recognise Auckland just might fumble this one. Remember Dalton has said clearly and published a Protocol to the effect that absent a plan in August this year the regatta will go to Italy.
  7. Team NZ

    You've got your answer from Barneyb. Yes, a good man and well-connected. Founded The Warehouse Group, NZ's largest retail operation. His year off a vote of confidence in his management team as Amazon opens a base in Australia and threatens all Australian and NZ traditional retailers. He''s facing a big challenge as the pussyfoot cash-strapped Auckland Council dithers over provision of a venue site. No strong visionary voice obvious in last month''s council meeting in 90-min video you can find on sail-world.com. It's Sir Stephen, by the way. Or if you don't believe it titles, it's Steve mate!
  8. Let's start with the fact that Oracle and Coutts encouraged the Japanese entry, provided designs in lieu of cash and virtually manufactured a job for Spithill. And that's OK with you? C'mon! The London agreement was a concerted and selfish effort by the Defender and the four Northern clubs to hijack the Protocol long after it was set in stone but after HIYC got cold feed and handed over to Luna Rossa which committed a grave error in not accepting a full CoR role. Faced with mutiny in the ranks Bertelli pulled out and offered resources to the Kiwis. There were obviously understandings in place between Italy and NZ but we wouldn't be looking at the AC36 Protocol unless NZ won in Bermuda. ETNZ honestly earned the right to defend. The Italians after waiting in the wings had their chance to challenge. And you're "disappointed in NZ"! Oh dear!
  9. Team NYYC

    So Amway founder Rich DeVos returns to the America's Cup fray three decades after his first run at it. "Richard DeVos was the chairman of the New York Yacht Club's America II syndicate, which fell just short of the semifinals in the 1987 challenger eliminations in Perth, Australia." Also worth noting in passing, both NYYC and RNZS have released well-written and informative announcements.
  10. Team NYYC

    That's a good question. Haven't looked at crew makeup of either boat for ages but Terry has a lot of loyal and top level Kiwi mates who regularly sail with him. It's no inconceivable that a few Kiwi blokes will be doing a reverse commute to establish residency in some attractive and convenient SoCal sailing town in order to qualify as American crew under the new Protocol.
  11. AC36 Protocol - Ask Dalts

    The hurt from the conspiracy of the defender and the Northern hemisphere syndicates to void their negotiations for an Auckland event for AC35, aided and abetted by dysfunctional local authorities, is still fresh in Kiwi memories. A victory before a secret Arbitration Panel hearing and a healthy multimillion dollar judgement has helped but most of all it was a valuable lesson for ETNZ to acquire some leverage over the local political rabble. There's an edge to RG's headline but the article is a very fair piece of reporting and commentary on the current state of affairs here. There are no obvious easy options here for AC infrastructure, especially when you get politicians talking about expensive "legacy" facilities.
  12. AC36 Protocol - Ask Dalts

    - "Whats up with closing Challenger entry 2 months before the venue is announced? Isn't knowing the venue important for potential Challengers to know before committing to the event?" Auckland, and for that matter the rest of NZ, is notoriously slow in getting it's shit together when it comes to infrastructure projects. Give 'em a chance and then years from now theyll' still be discussing the potential fate of the lesser-known banded Westhaven mooring slug. You're right of course that these two items are back-to-front but Dalts has granted the local nabobs a little extra time to equivocate. The provision does work nicely for any potential natural, albeit infrequent and unlikely, disasters. But ........ make no mistake, this venue timing clause is all about holding an anti-aircraft gun to the heads of national and local administrators.
  13. So who will be Regatta Director for AC36 in NZ? Was it just coincidence that Mark Turner announced yesterday that he is stepping down was CEO of Volvo Ocean race but will remain until his successor is in place Previous AC Race Director Iain Murray has moved. New job as Performance Director of Australian Sailing. NZ Herald report on Protocol confirmed today: "Race Management will be entirely independent of the event organisation led by the Regatta Director.
  14. AC 36 Protocol

    Nowt to do with financial offers when it comes to venues. Squadron and ETNZ just need to be satisfied that national and local authorities have a viable plan for hosting infrastructure.
  15. VOR 2019-2020

    Sad news that Mark is stepping down, He's a visionary on running offshore event with tons of personal experience at sea fitting him perfectly for the job. He appears at first sight to be sandwiched between two corporate, like by hut separately funded entities, each. each with their own budgets and visions going forward. Tough situation. And as long-time ocean racing commentator Brian Hancok notes he's a lone ranger, apparrenttyr successful funning his own show and probably chafes under corporatepressure/