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  1. This one is a month old. A bit stale.
  2. Martin was yet another victim of downsizing, and went quietly.
  3. I feel your pain but .... surely there will be strategy, tactics and crew work. It will just be seven or eight times faster, too fast for the average watcher to comprehend>
  4. I have no idea which broadcasters are featuring what commentators. It seems to be overlooked in the promotion thus far. Of course all broadcasters will be using the same basic feed from ACTV and then "sweetening" it with their own commentary and added content. I'd have to guess that Kenny Read will feature big time on NBC in the States. Jobson too, perhaps. Martin Tasker and Peter Lester are a likely duo for Sky NZ. They are old hands at this and have worked together before. Updating .... Just saw the the post saying Toyota on Facebook featuring MT and PL. Wanna know more. Seems unlikely but could be a smooth move. Certainly seems technically doable if broadcast rights don't trip 'em up.
  5. Thanks Sting. Rallying cry from Cammas: "The competition that will start must be fireworks after two years of preparation necessarily more tedious. This competition must also be a first step towards a perhaps more distant ambition: to win and defend the America's Cup on French soil. We learned a lot about this campaign, learned from our mistakes obviously but also learned from our environment, our competitors and / or even ourselves. The Cup, it is the effervescence, it is a agitator of particles that makes advance the world of the sail, technically as sport. We are proud to be part of it with 'Groupama Team France' and we will fight to continue as long as possible in this adventure." There have been a number of stop and starts in French AC history. This time a young French hero has pulled together support from disparate sailing and sponsorship elements and members of the old guard.. Will we see more of these guys? I sure hope so.
  6. You've got it. The Louis Vuitton Cup has been retired. It is owned for all time by The Royal NZ Yacht Squadron. You can visit it in the club house in it's pride of place on the first floor. They let pretty much anybody in.
  7. He should stick with rugby. This is what's known in the newspaper game as a "think piece" and there is sweet SFA thinking in it. I earlier expressed my doubts about Orams, the other addition to the NZH reporting team. He earned his spurs today with an edgy piece about Dalts that had some bite.
  8. Yeah, she's a real pro. And a lovely person to boot.
  9. I'm baffled too. That describes my situation exactly. Thought it was a NZ anomaly due to Sky monopoly but you're signing in from US, right? I see it worked for Stinger. I can find no reference to a 2017 Season Pass or price, no way to purchase or reset and no help facility. Helluva way to run a railroad.
  10. Times in Bold are NZ, Times in Ital are Bermuda 26 MAY 2017 06:00 15:00 Bermuda Louis Vuitton America's Cup Qualifiers: Round Robin 1 06:00 Event Village Opens 06:00 Display of AC Class Yachts on Team base Mooring 07:15 16:15 Bermuda Dock Out Show (America's Cup Village) 07:30 16:30 Bermuda Pre Race Show Starts (America's Cup Village) 08:00 17:00 Bermuda Live Racing
  11. Google is your friend
  12. Opening ceremony the first day. Starts at 1500 Bermuda time and racing kicks off at 1800 local.
  13. It's pretty much a given that financing an AC team is solely for the honor and glory, although Oracle Racing appears to be turning somersaults in its efforts to effect a return to Uncle Larry. No, I was thinking in the larger context of the benefits that accrue to some host sites. San Diego is not a good example. SDYC squeezed it into the existing infrastructure and the visitor spend was worth not much more than the profits from a couple of big conventions. Auckland saw a major remake of the downtown waterfront, a marked boost to travel and hospitality, direct and indirect marine business and yacht building, broader tourism numbers and continuing visibility, tax revenues etc. When all the dust, errr spray, settles in Bermuda the studies should show a positive ROI for the island.
  14. Yeah/nah! It's a little black box called Apple TV that's been around since Sept 12, 2006. Still could be better but with 11 years to refine it the latest iteration works rather well.