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  1. KiwiJoker


    The intent and desire was to provide for eight challengers ....... if they eventuated.. Hey, there are three motivated, well-funded challengers with strong design and competition credentials. When I first got involved with the America's Cup there were only single challengers. What's not to like! Lack of challengers equated to lack of big-money sailing egos willing to pile on.
  2. From Facebook; Philippe Briand - Like Page Yesterday at 11:00pm · BREAKING NEWS - 6.5m Flyacht, the new Briand design studio concept of the flying monohull, inspired by the new AC75 class, is born. Official infos soon to be released. We welcome any comments
  3. KiwiJoker

    Team NYYC

    Thanks for picking it up. A simple typo. How about Bill Koch's America³ Foundation in '92.
  4. Time to come clean, Terry. Image origin please? This looks very "wooden" and multiple critics here have picked up on good points. Web search for FlYacht comes up empty. At least though, someone deserves credits for some pretty nice PhotoShop skills.
  5. KiwiJoker

    Team UK

    Haven't really got a firm handle on BA or his intellect and skill sets, other than his fierce ability to win. However his latest sponsorship shows some nouse and a lightning reaction time as he grabbed for the top rung! We shall see what eventuates.
  6. KiwiJoker

    Team NYYC

    Yair! I believe any doubters ancient or recent are in for a surprise. Among American challengers at least, we have to go back to Dennis Conner's Stars & Stripes effort in Perth in '87 or Bill Koch's America³ Foundation in '82 to compare with the depth of funding and array of talent that American Magic can bring to the party. Of course it's an alliance. It will be up to TH to hold it all together.
  7. KiwiJoker


    Well, our mate clarke has already provided the Deed's safety valve escape clause that answers all your questions! But, dealing with your theoretical points: Is it deed compliant to : - consider (deemed) challenges received at the same time when we have precedent of a split of a second difference? Hard numbers are hard numbers. Is it considered fair to award first place for a marathon based on a split-second difference? Is it deed compliant to :- ask challengers to vote a new challenger? We know that challengers can vote en bloc so I'd tend to prefer next challenger in line. That said, the Defender should have right of veto for demonstrable cause, ie, stuff like Challenger team and club financial health, etc. Is it deed compliant to :- have the defender choose the next challenger thanks to multiple vetos instead of picking up the next one? No.
  8. KiwiJoker

    Team NYYC

    As rumours mounted that the DeVos clan and separately Hap Fauth were gearing up for an AC challenge, there were individuals here who questioned whether either could mount a full bore effort. I'm referring to the period prior to the formal challenge announcement. ''ll be damned if I will go back and trawl for specific references. It's simply not a big deal. But I've got a pretty good handle on the commitment to sailing competition within three generations of the DeVos clan starting with the leaky old wooden schooner that family patriarch Rich DeVos snd his college buddy Jay van Andel, later to become his business partner in Amway, and both sailing neophytes, bought after graduation and sailed to Cuba. It sank somewhere south of Florida but kicked off a long line of Windquests. What I didn't expect was that Terry would unite his two clients, the DeVos and Fauth into a joint challenge. And what did get my attention was the dismissive attitude of a number of doubters here back then. FWIW I believed then and believe now the NYYC challenge has the potential to be formidable.
  9. KiwiJoker


    Touche, mate. But, it's clear LR learned their lesson. Trust but verify!
  10. KiwiJoker

    Team NYYC

    Seems like only a few weeks ago that we had knockers, doubters and pessimistic prognosticators who were convinced that a NYYC, DeVos or Hap Fauth challenge would ever amount to anything. How hopelessly wrong they were.
  11. KiwiJoker


    Waal, TC, you deserve some kind of prize for heating up debate around here. Can't say I share your concerns. Of course you're aware that The Protocol was a joint project, worked out and agreed to by the Defender plus the Challenger. We have yet to discuss how much LR's actions were affected this time by the insulting actions of their fellow northern competitors when they relinquished their COR role last time.
  12. Thanks. That advances things a leetle bit. Fighting through the Google Translate verbiage thickets it seems Club Nautica Arachena is part of a Memorandum of Understanding between various parties to mount a Sardinian challenge. It includes the super yacht yard and brokerage Navigo Toscana. Your link from the media source in Olbia appears to say the challenge will be headquarterd in Olbia with operations in La Maddalena, "using part of the abandoned structures after the missed G8 summit. For now only rumors, but relaunched by specialized magazines of sailing in America and Great Britain." Now there is a basis for confidence. The website for Circolo Nautica Arachena doesn't appear to have been updated since 2013. Their Facebook page is a bit more lively. Various championships mostly dinghy events, have been held there in the past but there is zero mention of an annual regatta required of Challengers by the Deed of Giftl They make much of the fact they have been communicating with the Challenger of Record and nothing about contacting the Squadron, although other reports suggest the team has. Seems like a heavy dose of wishful thinking here, long on rumours and short on facts.
  13. Fulsome and enlightening explanation from RG. Good to see the followup but it should have happened sooner. From everything we know now it's tough to believe we'll see a challenger from Sardinia, as attractive as that hope may be. With just 17 days remaining to front up with the initial million bucks to enter, note the following: 1. No mention of a challenging YC to host the team. 2. No marketing or PR team in place, just an ill-informed British magazine publisher with dreams of riches and glory who is woefully out of his depth on matters AC. 3. Team website and Facebook moribund. 4. No top level sailing names, designers, engineers, etc. Not a recipe destined to seduce a $100 million big-name sponsor. "Amateur hour" indeed. And yet ...... ya only gotta hook one big fish!
  14. KiwiJoker

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Never say never!
  15. Thanks. This is the most definitive indication we've received yet. News that is tied to some names involved with the Sailing Team. Seems RG jumped the gun on this one.