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  1. xyzzy

    Winch pads, UHMW or Delrin?

    How will the winch be attached to the base and the base to the boat? Through bolt from the winch all the way through to the underside of the deck? Doesn't that change the leverage on the bolts quite a bit?
  2. xyzzy

    R2AK 2018

    The racers started from Victoria, Canada, so they don't have to check in each time they touch Canadian soil. It's really a question of what do they do if they anchor or stop at Stuart or San Juan or another American island. Or what they do once they reach Alaska. If one has a Nexus card, it's possible to phone into Canadian and American customs from the boat and not stop at a port of entry or be inspected.
  3. xyzzy

    Scoring question

    Ok, fair point. What I was trying to get at was that there is a range reasons to postpone the start to give a boat more time. But fundamentally they are all done to aid one boat at the expense of others. It's just a question of degree. Is the difference between proper and improper simply a question of how much help the RC chose to give to a competitor? I think that if multiple boats are not at the start, e.g. due to light wind sailing to the start line, then the situation is different. It's more akin to a RC's choice to issue individual recalls or a general recall. The RC has this discretion and the RC knows, or can reasonably predict, the boats that will be aided and hurt by their choice. The choice is to be made for the greater fairness for the competitor as a whole.
  4. xyzzy

    Scoring question

    Being at the start on time and prepared is part of the race. A boat that would have been scored DNC wasn't necessarily better sailed. What if the RC postpones because one boat wants more time to check which side of the course is favored when the other competitors gave themselves enough time to do that? What if, before the warning signal, it looks like one boat will get a poor start, so the RC chooses to postpone the start? Does it make a difference if the boat will get a poor, or no, start due to: Not leaving the beach in time. Dropping the kite overboard and wrapping it around the keel. Checking the course conditions on the 1st leg and not getting back in time. Are some of those ok reasons to postpone and some not? Most races here seem to amend the appendix A scoring to give DNC a score equal to number of starters or finishers plus 2. So another boat allowed to start will give a DNC boat a worse score. What if the discussed reason to delay the start is to give a boat who is not there is worse score and cost them series ranking? What if no one says that, but that does happen?
  5. xyzzy

    R2AK 2018

    When I last used them, it was a "feature" that they would shut down after 24 hours. They didn't want to consume battery power and satellite bandwidth for a tracker that someone forgot to turn off. Any halfway decent embedded device will feature a watchdog timer to reset it if it doesn't detect correct operation, which is concept you're describing. I'm surprised at how primitive the trackers appear to be. Perhaps their power budget is so low that it contains what they can do? For SOG vs VMG, consider a boat taking even beats upwind. If the two points are the start and end of a beat, the speed will be the SOG. But if the two points are shifted to be in the middle of successive beats, still the same time apart from the same track, now they are VMG. If one has an 80° tack angle, that's 8 kt vs 6.12 kts. Suppose a boat is taking 20 minutes beats with multiple trackers reporting every 20 minutes, but not in phase. One at :00, :05:, :10, etc. The tracker synced to the start of a beat will consistently report 8 kts, and the one in the middle of beat 6.1 kts, and the others somewhere in between. Even though they are all in the same boat! A GPS can generate a far more precise measurement of instant velocity using doppler. That could be bundled with the position to allow boat speed to be compared. For a vessel travelling in a straight line for a while, a position and accurate velocity might well allow a more accurate estimation of current position than an increased update rate, while using much less bandwidth. A dynamic update rate, based on how much the boat's actual course has deviated from the course estimated from the last update, would be much more efficient that simply updating a simple position every 2.5 minutes instead of every 10. For a beating boat, what you'd want is for the tracker to send an update every time the boat tacks.
  6. xyzzy

    Spinnaker Bag?

    Interesting idea. Here's one with more mesh to allow the kite to dry,
  7. xyzzy

    Slack leeward shrouds

    I put a weight on the end of the halyard, as even with a dyneema halyard how hard I pull on it clearly makes a difference a the low level of tension I can put on it by hand whilst trying to measure. But the scale is even better.
  8. xyzzy

    Fairing SC27 rudder

    I get mine here
  9. xyzzy

    Fairing SC27 rudder

    I like a plastic mixing board like this. Scoop out the filler onto the board, mix with the spreader on the board, and the use it to carry the filler while you apply. No additional containers needed. Dried filler will flake off, but I find it far more effective to clean promptly with a rag and denatured alcohol before it dries. If you set on a scale it's possible to mix by weight.
  10. xyzzy

    Appraisal for POS Boat

    Now it's your turn.
  11. xyzzy

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    The electronics in the ST1000/2000 are ancient by modern standards. With what we have today with RPi, smartphone magnetometers, bluetooth, one could make something vastly superior for a device that sells for $500+. Use a smartphone as a remote instead of a $400 single purpose device from Raymarine.
  12. xyzzy

    Instrument covers

    This thread has me thinking I should start stockpiling ST60+ covers now.
  13. xyzzy

    sourcing phenolic or g10 bushing?

    That kevlar tube looks great, but the smallest ID is .5", too big for any pin on my boat. Some 1/4" ID non-conductive bushings would be really handy for dealing with wallowed holes in Al castings.
  14. xyzzy

    Ronstan Clear Start Watch

    After the plastic band on my older Ronstan watch broke I got a new metal one with a fabric band. Looks a lot nicer, but the interface isn't as good. You can't set the 5min timer to 5,10,15,20, etc. by pushing set like the older one could do. It just does 5 mins. But you can turn off the backlight feature to avoid wasting power when the set button is pressed.
  15. That was my train of thought too, but I didn't want read something into the rules that is not written, just because it would appear to make sense. Case 103 does explicitly say not to consider a boat being short on crew when determine how much room they require. But it seemed reasonable to say that one crew is appropriate for a bot in a single handed race but not appropriate for the same boat in a fully crewed race. And I suppose that same could also apply to the "if reasonably possible" clause of rule 14. What is reasonable possible w.r.t. keeping a lookout, hailing a keep clear boat, and avoiding contact, for a single or double handed boat is less (but certainly not nothing at all) than is reasonably possible for a fully crewed boat. So a single handed competitor might not break rule 14 when failing to avoid a keep clear boat in a situation where a fully crewed boat would have. That is not the same as a boat claiming they couldn't avoid a keep clear boat because, "we/I didn't see them because we/I weren't paying attention." Not paying attention is not a defense to rule 14. You'd think so, but there were a number of protests arising from a recent in shore short handed race.