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  1. xyzzy

    Turning it upside down

    Put it on stands. You'll get it a lot higher than the trailer. Lots of boats this size get painted every year or two or three. No one turns them upside down. Even a full bottom strip, fair, prime and paint doesn't mean turning the boat over. If you did turn it over, how would you get to the keel and centerline? Build scaffolding over it and work laying down?
  2. xyzzy

    ST1000+ repair

    Good and bad news for the repair. During another single handed race I caught with my back to a weather cell while I was setting up the spin pole to bring the asym out to sail deeper and got tossed around a bit. Some sort of blow the pilot broke the back of the housing out where the mounting rod is. I think I can glue it back on with glex and some fiberglass reinforcement patches. The good news is my repairs all held throughout this.
  3. xyzzy

    2 x 25A => 50A circuit?

    I agree no safety issue writing both to the same 25A breaker. Maybe it will trip if both are flushed at once and maybe it won't. If it's a problem, you can always: 1. Use a larger breaker up to the point where it does become a safety issue by exceeding the ampacity of the wire. 2. Use a sub-panel. 3. Use a larger breaker combined with a new run of larger wire. 4. Use a pair of fuse blocks to each head just after a larger breaker, with the short breaker to fuses wiring sufficient for the larger breaker, but the existing 10g wire kept, as it will be sufficiently protected by 25A fuses. This should be cheaper, smaller, and easier to install than a new sub-panel.
  4. xyzzy

    Rudder refurb and associated troubles...

    My experience is that polyester body filler has terrible adhesion to epoxy.
  5. xyzzy

    ST1000+ repair

    Roll pins finally came on Thursday. Though it would be easy to install them, but no, nothing is ever easy. I think the hole in the lead screw for the spin got slightly bent out of shape when the gear was backed off by the retracting screw. I got the pin halfway in and then no more. Then I couldn't get it out. Had to heat the screw with a torch and then wail on it with a hammer and roll pin punch. Odd thing was a 3/32" drill bit would fit entirely through the gear and screw. So how is it not large enough for the pin? Got a #41 drill bit and used that to widen the hole slightly, but still the pin wouldn't go through. I tried driving the pin through just the screw without the gear on the end, and that revealed the hole was axially out of true. So I tapped on the protruding pin to try to straighten the hole and that did the trick. And now the pilot is working as well as it ever did and held up through the single handed race. I'll see if it lasts through cruising the next two weeks.
  6. Looks good from a distance too. One can make out the hills on the shore.
  7. xyzzy

    Which Topside Paint?

    I believe Interlux's primer epoxy for Perfection can go over Brightsides. The perfection can then go over that. You'd need to prime anyway.
  8. xyzzy

    gyro autopilot compas heading

    The pilot could use the rate gyro combined with the fluxgate compass to improve the accuracy of the compress heading reading, vs just the compass alone. The technique is called a Kalman filter. You can go another step, use the rate gyro to predict how much the compass heading should change, use the corrected compass heading to predict how position should change, and use that to correct GPS positions. At each step one is basically integrating the variable of the previous step, using a filter to combine short term accuracy of the rate with the longer term accuracy of the instrument that measures the integral of the rate. I don't believe pilots use wind data to control the pilot directly. The wind is just way too noisy in the short term and the tiller would be bouncing all of the place trying to match the flutter of the masthead windvane. One needs to average that wind direction over a period of time to reduce the noise. But that would be too slow for a pilot and it would take way too long to react to real course changes. So what they do is steer a compass course that's X degrees from the apparent wind's compass course. And periodically adjust the compass course desired to stay X degrees from the apparent. Maybe the grand prix yachts with accelerometers in the masthead wind unit can do more to steer to the wind.
  9. xyzzy

    ST1000+ repair

    Repair progresses, reinforced the broken tab on the plastic piece with some G10 plate epoxyed on with gflex. Seems to be bonded pretty well. Also filled the end of the body where this piece rests with thicken epoxy, so it would have better support. There are normally just two think plastic tabs supporting it and one had broken.
  10. You wanted a planter for your family to grow vegetables in? Bilge keels will be great for that, keep it lower to ground for easier access.
  11. xyzzy

    ST1000+ repair

    I had a Harken block that was older the pilot. Dropped a plastic bit overboard while I was adjusting the cleat angle. Called Harken, sent me a part, no charge. Plastic bit on Raymarine tiller pilot breaks. Won't send part. Won't sell part. Wants half the cost of the pilot and three weeks of not having it, which is the only time I really want to use it, to get the 10 cent part replaced. So yeah, they could do better. They still sell them. It's not like the plastic bit is as unobtainable as ST60 flush mount instrument covers. I've also watched AvE disassemble enough tools to know that even a $50 Hazard Fraught grinder or drill has a gearbox with mostly sintered metal gears, not plastic and off center drilled cast zinc like the pilot. Might be cast aluminium, but it looks like zinc to me.
  12. xyzzy

    ST1000+ repair

    Doesn't seem like mine is wet, just broken. I wonder if the oil seal gets damaged and that lets in water? Certainly, it could have been designed with multiple seals instead of just one. My repair is progressing. Ordered some stainless roll pins that are longer and should support the gear on both sides of the shaft instead of just one. Using some o-rings on the struts to replace the destroyed bumpers on the inboard part of the ram. Outer seal has been glued with gflex. The plate that this cap attaches to was bent. I think there must have been a blow the ram when it was extended that broke this part. So I made a new one. The aluminum the old one was stamped out of doesn't seem that stiff compared to the 6061T6 I made the replacement from.
  13. xyzzy

    gyro autopilot compas heading

    Under the hood there is something called a PID loop that controls the pilot's response. This uses various orders of derivatives the value being controlled (heading). It would use heading and also rate of heading change as parameters. A gyro allows for much better rate of heading change data than trying to determine that from successive compass headings.
  14. xyzzy

    Replacing balls in Harken traveler

    If one could slide the car halfway off the end of the track, but didn't have clearance to remove it, would it still be possible to get the balls out from the spring, working upside down?
  15. xyzzy

    ST1000+ repair

    An oil seal, like this SC 1.00 x .75 x .12 is all that keeps the water out of the shaft. It fits inside the larger space in the broken plastic cap pictured above. Thankfully it's a standard item and isn't half the cost of the unit to replace. The only bearing is a standard R4A Z, available cheaply, SR4A ZZ, in stainless with better seals. While there is a gasket around the outside of the case and another for the mounting post, the eight screws that hold the case together are entirely unsealed.