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  1. xyzzy

    Gelcoat discoloured by sunblock

    This happens on my boat too. At first, I couldn't figure out where the brown/orange stains were coming from. Dirt tracked in on shoes? Seemed to only happen when we went on vacation, not from racing. Finally figured out it was sunscreen when two spots appeared on the transom, right where my knees rest as I lean over to reach the outboard. After a few days where I was wearing shorts and had put sunscreen on my legs. Nothing else would have touched the transom there. It's almost never warm enough to wear shorts when racing and we all wear gloves, so little sunscreen would get on the boat. Collinite fiberglass cleaner gets it off. Care to avoid leaving sunscreen on skin that touches the boat, back of the knees, hands, etc., helps to reduce it.
  2. xyzzy

    Tack in place with G/5?

    This is a technique I've used to hold backing plates in place while epoxy sets up. Fit the plate in dry. Hold it with tape or just a hand, depending on position, helpers, etc. It won't make the mess trying to do this while it's covered in epoxy does. With the plate held in position this way, drill the holes in the plate. The existing holes the deck can serve as guides. Just two holes in enough, you don't need to drill them all. You don't need to drill all the way through, a good sized divot is enough to accurately recenter the drill. This way a backer can be used to reduce tear out when drilling through. Now put the epoxy on and use the bolts to hold it in place. It won't fall, sag, or shift and the plate will be in the exact correct spot. You can easily adjust the clamping pressure. Use long enough bolts and non-nylock nuts so it easy to put the nuts on from the plate side by hand. Put some grease, tefgel, or other stuff on the threads where they will be exposed to epoxy so they don't stick. If the nuts don't touch the plate evenly around their circumference, then the plate isn't square to the bolts. If you pay attention to this as you tighten the nuts and push the plate on, you can get it more square than just pressing it on tight would do. You can put a considerable amount of thickened epoxy under one side the plate to change the angle.
  3. xyzzy

    My balls fell out

    Could you epoxy a bit of fiberglass to inside where it broke to improve strength?
  4. xyzzy

    New Sheave Box - Going from wire to rope

    Use some Al pipe or tube to make curved backing plates that match the inside of the mast. You can slip them in though the big hole! Makes it so much easier. Glue them in with thickened epoxy. That will give you plenty of good metal for the screws. You could slot the holes on the sheave box too, if they are close to lining up.
  5. Those look pretty nice. And not that expensive. Wish there was a right angle plug. TheBulgin connector protrudes a great deal, making in vulnerable to getting bumped. And the fine plastic threads are a pain to going correctly. The cap gets tight if put on hot and taken off cold. I wanted to replace it with a push-pull right angle Lemo connector. But they are like $200! I got a Chinese fake to test, far cheaper, but despite supposedly having all the proper IP ratings, the joint between the plug and socket isn't sealed in the slightest.
  6. xyzzy

    Identifying boats in movies

    Could have sworn that the "Barnacle" was for sale a few years ago. I think there was a thread here about it.
  7. Yeah, the new tops are great. Pull it up with the rings on the cap, then take the cap off, and you got a spout. Easier measuring and can be closed and reopened. The lids get glued on after one use. There are plastic pouring brims that snap into the groove for gallon can. Helps keep paint from running down the side of the can. They can fit on quart cans with persuasion.
  8. xyzzy

    Saving An Old Tiller

    On my tiller I put a bolt top-to-bottom, near the butt end, with large backing plates. If you get up/down force on the end of the tiller and butt end can't pivot, the loading on the bolts is trying to pry the lamination apart, with the whole length of tiller as leverage. The bolt helps hold them together. You've got the G10 plates, but that depends on the bond to the edge of each ply and internal strength of the ply.
  9. xyzzy

    mast vang attachment for 19 " Typhoon

    If it's a vang mast attachment you're after, wrap some dyneema around the base of the mast. You'll need a strap to keep it from sliding up, but most of the load goes into the mast.
  10. xyzzy

    Raw water strainer, repair or replace?

    Bolts on the clamps look to be a lot longer than they need to be. Too jabby. Should be cut to length and the cut end deburred.
  11. There are knife edge ceder disks for polishing the insides of screw slots on a bench polisher. For extra points, cut a bevel on the edges of the slots and polish that too.
  12. xyzzy

    Access to rivet head in clam cleat

    If you can get inside the mast, you could put in a backing plate with threaded holes for screws. For a backing plate, a tube of the appropriate outer diameter to mostly match the curve of the inside of the mast can be used. Cut a piece lengthwise to make a curved plate that fits nicely with a little bending. You can glue the plate in place with epoxy. To position and hold it, drill tiny holes where the screws will go and run a string through the holes in the mast, out the end (vacuum, small weight and gravity, etc.), and though the small holes in the plate. Then pull it into place with the string. After the epoxy sets, drill to the proper size and tap for machine screws.
  13. I keep my chain in a nylon bag in an aft lazarette. Much better weight there than on the bow. It's on top of the rode so it doesn't sit in water. Easy to carry into position without dragging chain on the deck with the handled bag. Plastic sealed bags tend to be better at keeping things wet rather than dry in my experience.
  14. xyzzy

    tying light air dyneema sheets to a clew...

    If you're going to leave the sheets on, you could splice an eye and then luggage tag the sheet to the sail. Means you can't remove without running the sheet through the eye.
  15. xyzzy

    Upcoming GPS Outage

    GLONASS isn't at the frequency as GPS. It's entirely possible to jam one without jamming the other. The much more sophisticated GPS spoofing attacks also don't spoof all the GNSS systems at the same time. And it's quite possible for a system to go down for a reason other than an attack. Galileo was out globally for days due to a failure of organizations than maintain the satellites to do such.