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  1. Yep, exact opposite. Found another picture. This is in a double braid and not a single, but I imagine they stripped off the cover and added the chafe sleeve to just the core, so it's basically the same thing.
  2. Don't have a lot of extra space above the headboard for more connections. I suppose I could just tie the diamond knot onto the cringle. Would mean the halyard would run through the mast if someone ever let it go. Found a product samson makes for tug lines that kind of does what I'm thinking. It's way too big. The smallest one is for 1" rope. But maybe I could do something like it with appropriately sized chafe sleeve.
  3. I assume by swage you mean a swaged stud. That's be a threaded stud terminal, swaged to the wire. The fork and eye terminals are swaged to the wire too. And I'd guess the turnbuckles also include the toggle jaw? For 3/16" wire there are two sizes of terminals you can use, 3/8" or 5/16". Sometimes called marine and aircraft, respectively. 5/16" is cheaper, but you'd want to buy the size that fits the holes in your chainplates, stem fitting, etc. The 5/16" parts alone, in USD, would be about: stud $11, eye $12, fork $21, and turnbuckle $29. And $0.60-$0.75 for wire depending on 304 vs 316. So pretty reasonable in CAD, other than those turnbuckles are expensive.
  4. Is there some way to stick a cover on eye splice made in single braid line? The end of my halyard where it's spliced around the shackle seems to get a bit worn from the shackle and probably edges of the mast crane. It's just amsteel with a brummel eye on the end. A couple inches of chafe cover around the splice seems like it would make it more robust. Seems like I could add some cover to the end, and then splice an eye like it was double braid. But that would mean just a plain bury eye in amsteel. Or is there some way to get a cover around an eye with a brummel?
  5. If the inner surface isn't true to the outer, I've used the bolts as a guide to get the backing plate square. Run some nuts all the way up on the bolts used to affix the piece. Adjust the nuts so the tip of the bolts is just barely proud of the inner surface when the bots are placed into the mounting holes. Make the length under the nut the same for each bolt. Put some tape or weight on the heads so they don't push out easily. Now if the backing plate is pressed up against the the tips of the bolts, it will be square to the outer mounting surface.
  6. If casc27's comment wasn't clear, the water is most likely not coming in via the screw hole in the rail. It's coming in from around the edge of the rail where it meets the deck. Then through the screw hole in the cabin top under the rail. Sealing the hole in the rail where the screw is inserted will do you no good. You've got to seal the rail to deck interface and the screw to deck hole interface. This means pull the rail, not just one the one screw.
  7. It may be 40% off, but the prices are so high to begin with... Every year I look at the WM sale, but I can get comparable Samson lines at Fisheries for about 40% off of the 40% off price.
  8. Interlux will give you the by weight ratios for Perfection. It's different for different colors.
  9. When you sell a boat, you get back somewhere between maybe 20% to 0% of the money you've spent on the boat. Boats aren't an "investment". But think about what this means when buying. You get a discount of 80% to 100% on what the previous owner spent on the boat! Say there's two boats of similar size, age, type and one is $5000 and the other $7000, and they're both fairly priced. The difference between them is that the $7000 had about $10,000 spent on it that the $5000 didn't. To put it another way, if you buy the $5000 boat you'll need to spend $10,000 to get what you would have had with the $7000 boat. You get way WAY more out of every dollar you spend when you buy the boat than you do after you're the owner. End result, for whatever size/age you're looking at, you get the best deal buying the most expensive boat you can afford. The corollary being there's nothing more expensive than a free boat! Don't worry, if you maintain and improve your boat with all those tools you'll get an extra pittance for that when you sell it. But now you're the buyer, and it's your opportunity to get the big end of the stick.
  10. Here's a very fast 22 foot boat with trailer that's ramp launchable with a dagger board. Probably a bit more boat than you'd want for single handling. https://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/boa/6082545728.html
  11. Vancouver Island generally uses PHRF-NW. There, the few boats with ratings: Catalina 22 FK 291 (FK = fixed keel) San Juan 21 267 Santana 525 201 Shark 24 273 Precision 23 231 Bene 210 210 Ericson 23 252 Apparently sharks don't go over 10 knots here. While there's no NW rating for the Venture 21, the fractional version seems to rate about 258 elsewhere, and about the same as a SJ21 does in the same region. The 221 seems rather fast.
  12. You can thin with an interlux thinner, I think 2333N is the stuff. Sounds like that might help you get it on smoother. Try 5-10% by weight with the thinner.
  13. My experience, in Seattle weather, is that you must wait at least 24 hours to sand IP2k. Less and it just gums the paper up without sanding at all. It sands better than neat epoxy or epoxy plus cabosil. Not as easily as a fairing compound. I'd much rather sand ip2k to 150 grit after rolling than to apply bottom paint and try to smooth that out.
  14. When not sailing, Sunbrella.
  15. The trade term for that is "thruster castration" and it's a common failing with some models. Look for ones with silicone blades, they're less prone to it.