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  1. Beautiful old school drawing... made my day! But who is that Lapworth guy and what does he know about sailboats?
  2. Crimp is the preferred method of fastening lugs (as opposed to solder)... all things being equal, you have to have the right crimper and the right connector. Channel locks are not crimpers.
  3. Sticky mylar really doesn't work. Cover the strings but the adjoining material with laminate lifts a few weeks later. Mine looks like a shedding lizard. It's over.
  4. Tried it. Used the hot coat recommendation over 2000 barrier coat. Came off in sheets. Sheets were however free from growth. Good part was that I could remove all 35 feet of it with a dull wall paper scraper in an hour. $400 mistake. Pros=easy removal
  5. Dust Deputy (Oneida).... with the Fein vacuum sander you can dust in a tuxedo
  6. bowline more bowlines clove hitch figure 8 stopper cleat hitch in the fashion of 'oh-8-oh' and 'oh-8-half hitch;. Nothing screams lubber as much as fifty-seven turns around a cleat. And make sure the half hitch is going the right way. Learn how to whip a line or, at least, fuse a line (butane back splice).
  7. Drill material: Cobalt High Speed Steel Geometry: Split point Length: Screw machine length (short) Oil: Almost anything. Nothing wrong with used motor oil. Method: Slow RPM, high pressure. Drill a small hole first ~ 1/8"
  8. I did mine from scratch. Bought the Elk hide and the fork thingy to poke the holes for the stitching. +1 on thin double stick tape, and I recommend the 1/8" foam. Put on Netflix and start sewing. No brainer. What else is there to do? Oh, varnish cabin sole. (Which, I might add, can be slowly migrated into the den and dining room. Most of the house is just storage and prep area for the yachting hobby. At least she knows where to find me, eh?)
  9. I have done a few of these... Fastest, easiest, cheapest is a Skil saw with some Harbor freight carbide blades. Sawzall sucks and blades are expensive. Market price on lead right now is about $0.45/pound. If they see steel in the casting, be prepared for a major discount. Tyvec suit, eyes and mouth go without saying. Tape up the sleeves of the Tyvec and get a painting balaclava or you will be itching for a couple days.
  10. Yes, it's the other ESD. Electo Shock Drowning has been a focus of well run marinas in the last few years. It's a problem in saltwater or brackish water but it is a major hazard in fresh water as the current does not rapidly decrease over distance. I used to swim in marinas. Now, never.
  11. I had a 345. The jackstays are rarely used. In conjunction with the babystay, they will keep the mast in column. Sometimes we would invert in light air to make the main a little fuller. We rigged them with bungee cord like Star backstays. That is, on the level of the first spreader set, we ran a bungee from the jackstay over one spreader and under the other spreader to the other jackstay. This would hold one or both stays forward when not in tension.
  12. I think I would run a coolant flush on that guy. 2 times with a final rinse. This after checking the obvious like the impeller. Is it hard to get the HE off?
  13. What is the voltage between Positive #1 and Positive #2? Who made the voltmeter?
  14. Just curious... how many batteries aboard and how old were they? A strong battery should supply sufficient power to the ignition system for opertion for a while... maybe an hour or so. It does make sense that an alternator just freewheeling (no juice) might throw a couple HP load when it pegs to 50A output.
  15. The good news is that it isn't made out of Platinum like a Volvo part.