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  1. Wuffie

    Chicagoland Trailer Sailing

    Trailerdan - A good friend of mine in the Chicago area owns a smaller trailer-sailer and faces a similar dilemma. His answer has been to pick and choose his days on the big waters carefully and then move the boat to different waters for a couple of long weekends each summer. I should mention that, even on much bigger boats, one needs to chose their days on the big water carefully based upon crew. For long weekends, my friend spoke highly of trips to both the Green Bay side of Door County and Traverse Bay. He has also trailered for the day to Lake Geneva (try off-season for less crowds and wakes). On the big lake, he's done a number of overnights to local harbors (e.g., Monroe to Wilmette). The nice thing about these trips is that if the weather turns snotty for the return sail, the less confident sailers can hop a car/train home. I've also heard of people trailering to Lake Winnebago but I've never set eyes on the lake so I couldn't tell you anything about it. That's all I have for you. Good luck!
  2. Wuffie

    Best sailing lakes North America?

    There is no contest. The Great Lakes. Small boat sailors can take advantage of harbors and bays and big boat sailors can stretch it out for days. There is nothing sweeter than summer in the upper Midwest. I will go to my grave remembering some of those long overnight passages with stars and moon above me and a warm breeze behind me.
  3. Wuffie

    Open Dinghy Racing - Midwest

    Thank you WCB and TCatman. We used to run our own windward-leewards when we had a place in Michigan. RC sat in a kayak. Everyone rotated boats. It was a blast. Like the idea of the single day special events. Also, like the idea of crashing a local club's handicap racing. It's interesting how difficult it is to research this. Appreciate the thoughts.
  4. Wuffie

    Open Dinghy Racing - Midwest

    Thistle, Laser and RS Aero.
  5. Wuffie

    Open Dinghy Racing - Midwest

    Thanks RR. I’ll take a look at some of the Michigan YCs. We’re a huge fan of western Michigan. Family will dig too.
  6. Wuffie

    Open Dinghy Racing - Midwest

    Thanks Pratt. Will take a look at that one.
  7. Wuffie

    Open Dinghy Racing - Midwest

    Alan, we're flexible. A summer or fall regatta would be great. Your recollection of these types of regattas is similar to mine. It looks like they are still common in the UK but apparently not here. Will take any and all suggestions. Hopefully, someone on these forums knows of a one-off regatta that fits the bill.
  8. Wuffie

    Open Dinghy Racing - Midwest

    Thanks OPFT. I recognize my request is a bit on the far-side, which is the reason I'm posting. I've done a fair amount of looking around but can't come up with anything. It's interesting. In my teen years, my local club ran Portsmouth races and an occasional regatta open to non club members. It sounds like that type of racing is dead. We own classes too random to expect to organize our own starts at larger regatta.
  9. We're kicking around building a multi-family vacation around travel in the Midwest for some dinghy racing. The challenge is that we have multiple classes of boat represented by the families. Any ideas for an open regatta somewhere in the Midwest that had a handful of classes (e.g., Laser) but also an open division for other boats? This is obviously more about fun and family time than it is serious racing. Thanks.
  10. Wuffie

    West Michigan Thread

    Many thanks Shorthanded. Looking forward to getting over there. One of my favorite towns.
  11. Wuffie

    West Michigan Thread

    We're a Chicago-based boat spending the week in South Haven next week with the boat. In the past, the SHYC has let us join them for their Thursday night series, which was a lot of fun. Great burger on the deck afterwards. Anyone know who is running the racing program there this year? Would like to connect and see if they'll have us back. Thx.
  12. Wuffie

    never fuckin' mind

    There is a fine line between clever and stupid....
  13. Wuffie

    Chicago Area III

    I don't know what arrangements some of the class associations that displayed boats made to secure floor space at this year's show but I like the idea of dedicating some very cheap floor space to any of the traditional classes (read: classes with boats with reasonable entry-points; e.g., Lightning, Thistle, Snipe, etc.) that wants to bring a boat in and market its class association. The show could work with the class associations to offer discounts and other incentives to class members to increase attendance and market the fact that the show will be displaying boats with very reasonable entry points. Maybe they already do this and the Flying Scott class is the only one that takes them up on their offer. If that doesn't work, free beer, free parking and naked women seems like a good approach.
  14. Wuffie

    Chicago Area III

    Thanks BayRacer.
  15. Wuffie

    Chicago Area III

    Starting to think about Mac logistics and, in particular, return delivery. The boat may spend a week in Door County with crew after the race before heading back to Chicago. Thinking about Mackinac Island to Manistique and then on to either Sister Bay, Bailey's Harbor or Detroit Harbor. Alternative would be Mackinac Island to Beaver Island and then on to the Door County harbors. Aside from Beaver Island, never been to any of those spots. We're 34' and need 7' of water. Delivery to Door County will be short-handed. Thoughts?