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  1. Beneteau First 10R. Seems like it checks all of your requirements and I believe one has done the Pacific Cup. A number of them for sale now well below 150k.
  2. OP here. Great feedback all. We're sold on the concept. I've yet to find anyone who didn't think this was a good idea given our constraints/needs. Current boat is for sale and will hopefully be gone by fall. Will be looking for a good used J-80 this fall/winter.
  3. I seem to recall a Chicago NOOD distance race from a few years ago in which the race committee was not in place for the early finishers. When I write "not in place" I mean nowhere to be found. I don't know how many boats were affected but the race was scored based upon self-reported times (for at least some of the boats).
  4. Midpack, Hawaiidart and Heatwave - Appreciate the follow-up thoughts on distance racing. Heatwave, I've read about that incident. Holy crap. Impressive that you remain a supporter of the class. This whole thread really helped firm up some of my thinking. Much appreciated all.
  5. I had read something similar Midpack. Early U.S. and French boats were/are not SCRIMP. Doesn't look like there are any French boats offered in the U.S. right now. What do you guys think about the plan to use the boat for short distance racing? Some of the races I wouldn't mind doing could take us 30/40 miles offshore. Interior volume isn't an issue given that we wouldn't be out for more than 12/14 hours. It's more a question of safety. I've sailed J80s before in mostly benign conditions but I couldn't really get a handle on what it would be like if the breeze/waves kicked up 20 or 30 miles from shore. I recognize this is a largely a function of crew skill but any reaction to this idea otherwise?
  6. Good input Sailor44 and MidPack. Thank you. How strongly would you guys feel about wet-sailed vs. dry-sailed boats and freshwater vs. saltwater boats of this vintage? A dry-sailed freshwater boat, stored indoors in winter, is obviously the pick but to the extent I have to compromise, how much do I care and what do I prefer. Or, alternatively, put a moisture meter on it and if it's reasonably dry, go for it.
  7. Trading down from a bigger/more complex/costly boat. Thought seriously about J70 but not a fan of new boat prices and the used market is thin and not much better from a pricing standpoint. There is a J70 fleet in my area but not a J80 fleet (and yes I recognize one-design would be superior) but, realistically, we won't be able to take advantage of one design racing much given our other commitments. We're likely racing Wednesday nights (no J70s racing) and a few shorter distance races in coastal waters up to 80 or 90 nm (no J70s). The rest will be daysailing with family. Struck by the idea that the used J80 market is significantly larger, pricing is much better than the 70s ($20 -$30K vs $45 to $55K), and it would allow me to use the boat as intended. Seems that a J80 is a modestly more stable platform for the short distance racing and family daysailing as well. Is this a terrible idea? Leaving aside the answer to the first question, the options for used J80s tend to be older boats (12+ years), some rigged for daysailing, some for racing. There is a about a $10 to $12K difference between the two types of set-ups. It seems to me that getting a boat that has been daysailed race ready (club-level ready) could cost at least $10 to $12K but at least you set it up the way you want. Not sure about the wisdom of sinking that much cash into an aging daysailer, though. Thoughts on approach? Concerns with buying a 15+ year old J80 (other than the usual...wet decks)? Ability to compete in PHRF in a light air venue (with a genoa set-up)? Looking for affirmation, cautionary advice and warnings. Bring it all.
  8. Many thanks Shorthanded. Looking forward to getting over there. One of my favorite towns.
  9. We're a Chicago-based boat spending the week in South Haven next week with the boat. In the past, the SHYC has let us join them for their Thursday night series, which was a lot of fun. Great burger on the deck afterwards. Anyone know who is running the racing program there this year? Would like to connect and see if they'll have us back. Thx.
  10. There is a fine line between clever and stupid....
  11. Congrats. You made a great choice. Have a great season and keep us posted on your progress. I just wish I was as close to launch as you are. Eight more weeks to go here...
  12. I don't know what arrangements some of the class associations that displayed boats made to secure floor space at this year's show but I like the idea of dedicating some very cheap floor space to any of the traditional classes (read: classes with boats with reasonable entry-points; e.g., Lightning, Thistle, Snipe, etc.) that wants to bring a boat in and market its class association. The show could work with the class associations to offer discounts and other incentives to class members to increase attendance and market the fact that the show will be displaying boats with very reasonable entry points. Maybe they already do this and the Flying Scott class is the only one that takes them up on their offer. If that doesn't work, free beer, free parking and naked women seems like a good approach.
  13. Thanks BayRacer.
  14. Starting to think about Mac logistics and, in particular, return delivery. The boat may spend a week in Door County with crew after the race before heading back to Chicago. Thinking about Mackinac Island to Manistique and then on to either Sister Bay, Bailey's Harbor or Detroit Harbor. Alternative would be Mackinac Island to Beaver Island and then on to the Door County harbors. Aside from Beaver Island, never been to any of those spots. We're 34' and need 7' of water. Delivery to Door County will be short-handed. Thoughts?
  15. Got it. With Monroe as empty as it was last year, I'm surprised it wasn't included in the deal. Maybe the thought was that they didn't want to incent boaters to chose Monroe over 31st Street (although, it would seem to me that that's unlikely given the signficant cost differential between a can at Monroe and a slip at 31st Street).