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  1. (215): the boat had a sign not to jump off the roof of it, which gave us the idea to jump off the roof of it
  2. (970): There was a canoe full of alcohol. It was literally a boat load of fun
  3. [/url] (517): The last thing I remember is yelling "ill handle this" while wearing a lion suit and holding a jug of vodka when the RAs came Change RA to RC entering the protest room and you would have my bowman...
  4. liquorpig

    espo is a dick

    I don't know the guy, so I can't say that he's a dick or a pussy..... But I do find it comical that such a LIS legend is scaaaaared to do any sort of overnight race. Wait.... I guess that does make him a pussy.
  5. liquorpig

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    The sail plan looks pretty weak to me along with an under spec'd rig (particularly the boom). Maybe that's why it has no sail area?? The hull seems beefy but that translates into weight. Maybe it's a good compromise boat for a family, but there are better options in this category for this type of boat. I'm sure that it will suit someones needs who wants a "brand name" and will write the check to have the "J "logo on their club shirt & hat. Best of luck to the Johnstone clan with this one....
  6. liquorpig

    J35 Anarchist

    hot shit? I'm a has been, washed out hired gun. My brain is toast, and I can hardly keep track of what boats I raced on. This was like a gazillion years ago. Aren't you anficionado on this stuff?
  7. liquorpig

    J35 Anarchist

    Wow,, no one knows? Big frigin suprise. Current J owers bought POS cookie cutter labels like I-Zod colthes in the 80's. How do you like your Whale Wall Corduroys? Ask anybody who was involved with the 50's or maxis what became of them, and there's an instant reply. You d-bags don't even know your roots. Just signing a check for a "label" to be cool at the YC. Looks cool on your fleece vest BTW. PJ has always been a great guy & SJ a douche. AJ & JJ are simply useless tag-alongs. LOADS of respect & thanks to Rod, but your buyers have NO sence of history, and where all this good stuff started. What a shame for the name.
  8. liquorpig

    J35 Anarchist

    Anyone know what became of the J35 Hot Entrée that I sailed on out of Ida Lewis is Neport, RI? Won the NA's in 86 but I lost touch with Paul a few years after. I can't remember her hull#.
  9. liquorpig

    Bacon Anarchy

    And your cardiologist on Monday I should put him an speed-dial. Maybe I should go all-in and do the Atkins diet? Bacon & steak for every meal; oh yah! Wonder how my colesterol would look after a month of that.
  10. liquorpig

    Bacon Anarchy

    I tried turkey bacon today. (not by choice) NEVER again will this imposter food touch my pallet! I felt so violated that I went down to a local smokehouse and bought a pound of thick cut. The real McCoy!! I have a date with my cast-iron skillet Sunday AM.
  11. liquorpig

    espo is a dick

    Wrong again Jeff--I'm at work, once again in the pursuit of justice! Neil, Hope you're feeling better. You better be all good for Heineken. I'm not going to lift your ass across the rail of that C+C! I'll be fine pal--already walking on it (walking cast)---5 weeks in the cast--be done by Feb 1st Feel free to send me your left over Vicodin for X-mas.
  12. liquorpig

    espo is a dick

    So INSR, how many sock puppets does this one make for you?? Maybe we can turn this puppet thing into a 12 days of X-mas song?