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  1. Exciting though it looks, I am getting less and less convinced we're going to have good racing. Once they're all up to speed, the actual velocity doesn't matter so much from a viewing perspective. The problem is in the speed difference between good sailing and slightly less good sailing. Time and time again, we've seen a boat coming a little of the foils, and bam: speed difference immediately huge, gap opened, and if nothing else happens, game over. So yeah, that's a challenge: the most consistent team should win. If line speed differences are say +/- 5%, manoeuvres & consistency differences are in the +/- 20-50% (or more, purely fictional figures) range and therefore consistency should win it every time. But does that make for good racing? One slight error and you're out? I'm not sure. Tactics, boat placement etc are all of secondary importance to consistency. And if by doing some fancy moves you plop your boat... So in addition to consistency, conservative sailing helps too. So we'll have to see who the "boring steady Eddie" of the bunch will be!
  2. What an amazing welcome for him! Allez les pompiers!!
  3. He lost his rudder and had a pretty tough time getting a new one back in, in a storm. Read about it here The english is pretty tame, the french reads much more scary. Incredible feat, in my view.
  4. Pictures or it didn't happen - first Dutchie in the VG to round Cape Horn after being discovered by Dutchies 401 years ago. "Seeing Cape Horn is very special and emotionally. I drank a bit of rum to celebrate." "The boat is doing well, and the sails are doing well. But my heater broke down today". "I will need another month to finish." Source (in Dutch) "And his autopilot only works on compass, not wind direction, so that means not a lot of sleep during shifty wind periods, such as now" Looks like what happened to Alex... (EDIT) - but an awful lot slower of course...... ;-)
  5. French press telling it's Djokovic (ALC) v/s Wavrinka (AT) ?? I didn't know Stan was Welsh....who knew...?... Well Stan is actually from Romandie, and in German Switzerland, that is called "Welschland" or the language "Welsch".... Welsch, das in der Romandie gesprochene Schweizer Französisch
  6. In current similar winds, ALC seems consistently 2 kn faster than AT on his favoured side? Lower TWS threshold for foiling for ALC?
  7. That must be the seamanship feat of the race!!
  8. As a thank you for the entertainment and information I had reading this thread I tried to translate what Roura sent to the Vendee site as the english translation on the official site is a bit minimal. Sorry if the english is not perfect, but it is late and i tried to keep it close the the original. Getting a rudder installed when dangling off a boat in 6m waves for 30 min seems quite an achievement.
  9. Is it just me, but has Yes We Cam moored up somewhere nice and calm? The boat's hardly moving and the curtains are drawn. You could imagine a nice view of some trees or a harbour crane :-) out there. PS - trying to find instructions on how to embed a video, but only found reference to "embed media" icon, which I can't see...
  10. Indeed, he even tied onto that one, to effect repairs. Why does Romain have to go all the way to Simonstown to find a buoy to moor to, when he could just lash up to the nearest convenient container and fix his rudders there :-) !
  11. Fantastic footage, hats of to both the guy scampering about dangerously like a monkey and the guy safely ensconced in his cockpit! To my fairly layman's eye, it does look like Alex is pushing the boat close to the limit, whereas Armel still has a buffer in terms of gears left and stress on the boat. BP looks positively serene compared to HBs bucking bronco! That could really start telling when the conditions get more marginal. That said, HB looks like she's enjoying herself :-)
  12. Alex doing the cake walk? Now that's a new one after the keel/mast/kite walk :-))))
  13. OK, i'll take a half arsed attempt at this :-) multiple caveats: no idea about any of the mechanics, physics or practicalities of this! What if the foils were encased in a cassette (which they probably are). This cassette has an amount of pivot in the front to-back plane, but can only move backwards a bit, not forwards. The cassette is pushed forward by a ram that only moves over a certain pressure = breaking point of the foil, either by the foil pushing over certain limit or a pressure trigger releasing the ram. In addition, there is a bit of sacrificial hull covering that will allow this amount of movement backward, or a flexible swing keel type skirt cover or a combination of both, to keep the boat watertight with a smooth flow. So the scenario would be that something hard hits the foil hard, harder than the probable breaking point of the foil. The whole foil, encased in its cassette, will then push with enough force to push the ram back/trigger the ram to release quickly, thereby also dislodging/crushing the sacrificial hull plate to allow that. The foil cassette moves horizontally backwards by ... (30-50cm?? who knows, at the point of the hull exit, less inside, depending on how much foil is sticking out, much more at the tip of the foil.), thereby dissipating the forces on the foil and hopefully saving the foil from complete destruction. Accident over, ram is back up to full pressure, foil back in its place, new sacrificial hull plate pushed in, foil is working as before. ?? Could work??
  14. Does anyone know what Alain Roura is doing? He's well on his way to South american beaches by now.... EDIT: Just found it Positionnés à l’Ouest du reste de la flotte en approche des côtes brésiliennes, Alan et La Fabrique sont en effet contraints de garder un cap en adéquation avec l’axe du vent. Le duo en profitera pour tenter de venir à bout de ses problèmes de communication. Pas de panique, Alan ne s’est pas trompé de route et ne se croit pas en pleine Jacques Vabre ! Si La Fabrique affiche depuis hier une trajectoire particulièrement ouest, c’est que son jeune skipper n’a d’autre choix que de garder un cap auquel il a été contraint par les grains du Pot au noir, vendredi dernier. Au près océanique, Alan est en effet forcé de rester sur le même bord, puisque le seul virement possible le ferait prendre une direction nord-est… à savoir, dans le sens inverse du parcours ! Cap à l’Ouest donc, sans pour autant rallonger sa route pour le moment. En revanche, Alan profitera de cette position pour capter du réseau 3G et tenter de procéder aux dernières manipulations visant à rétablir sa connexion internet. Branchements, installations et tests divers sont donc au programme de ce lundi pour le benjamin de la flotte. Il faut vraiment savoir tout faire pendant un Vendée Globe ! Si tout va bien, Alan devrait donc avoir bientôt renoué avec le monde digital, avec l’opportunité par ailleurs d’éviter une bulle sans vent au large de Rio de Janeiro. Et de rattraper par la suite le groupe de devant qui risque fort de s’y retrouver englué... Google translate Positioned to the west of the rest of the fleet approaching the Brazilian coast, Alan and La Fabrique are in fact constrained to keep a course in line with the axis of the wind. The duo will take the opportunity to try to overcome its communication problems. Do not panic, Alan has not mistaken the road and does not believe himself in full Jacques Vabre! If La Fabrique shows yesterday a particularly western trajectory, it is because his young skipper has no choice but to keep a course to which he was forced by the grains of the Pot au noir on Friday. Near the ocean, Alan is forced to stay on the same side, since the only possible turn would make it take a northeast direction ... ie, in the opposite direction of the course! Heading west thus, without lengthening its road for the moment. On the other hand, Alan will take advantage of this position to capture the 3G network and try to carry out the last manipulations aimed at restoring its Internet connection. Connections, installations and various tests are therefore the program of this Monday for the youngest of the fleet. You really have to know how to do everything during a Vendée Globe! If all goes well, Alan should soon have returned to the digital world, with the opportunity to avoid a wind bubble off Rio de Janeiro. And to catch up eventually the front group which is likely to find himself stuck in it ..
  15. Well, not wanting to get involved in this semantic debate, but the Hydroptère was definitely a full foiler that crossed oceans