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  1. You’re article didn’t say shit about corona viruses coming through p-traps. Other shit, yeah. Aren’t you the guy saying we have no need to worry as our immune systems can handle shit?
  2. Raz'r

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    Many are suggesting that the last minute speech was the spark on top of the gasoline he had sprayed all over the place. Especially the critters who had to evacuate or be killed. Too bad those critters are also the jury.
  3. Raz'r

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    please don't play the bagpipe
  4. Raz'r

    The Patriot Party

    And not just the dumbasses who injected or ingested bleach...
  5. Raz'r

    Photo op is over, now fuck off

    You must admit it was an outrageously outrageous outrage!
  6. Raz'r

    The Patriot Party

    Ignore works. Really.
  7. Raz'r

    The Patriot Party

    Ms Governor of Florida might be in her future.
  8. Blah blah blah. We're focused on the latest corona virus here, not random tiny particles.
  9. As always, there is a kernal of truth to the bullshit. It's absolutely true that about 20 years ago, during the SARS panic in Hong Kong, there was an outbreak in a residential tower that was traced to the plumbing system. But the virus didn't come up through the traps, it was carried in sewer gas that was leaking from cracks in shitty pipes. (sorry for that) And yes, that's gross.
  10. No, it was not. Fucketh Offeth already.
  11. Raz'r

    The Patriot Party

    There is nothing lower than a party hack ala @Dog, just ignore it and it'll go away.
  12. Raz'r

    The Patriot Party

    I'm glad that it was approved quickly, but it's a lie that it normally takes years. If that was true, we would never have a flu vaccine as we both identify the strain and innoculate within just a few months. Of course, Warp speed had nothing to do with the actual Pfizer vaccine development as they not only didn't take the money, they, Pfizer, didn't develop the vaccine, some Muslim immigrants in Germany did that.
  13. Fuck off. I know how viruses work, as opposed to you.
  14. Poor Joker, what a Rube. NYTimes put it as their 6th thing on the list of what happened today. MSM covering it. 6. Unrest broke out in the Pacific Northwest on Wednesday, while much of the country was focused on celebrations of the presidential inauguration. Antifascist and racial-justice protesters marched in Portland, burned an American flag, smashed windows at a Democratic Party headquarters and declared that President Biden’s promised reforms “won’t save us.” Federal agents used tear gas and pepper balls in response. A separate protest in Seattle resulted in more broken windows and graffiti.