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  1. I think the case that these were raised in a racist manner was made pretty succinctly by the timing of them in conjunction with Jim Crow laws and the Civil Rights era.
  2. i was wondering this am if China might decide that the Kim regime has run it's course, and it might be time for a nice little coup. Maybe a jointly administered North with help from the South. How big is the trade between China and SK these days?
  3. that's hard to say. As I read in the past, most of Red Cross donations come in after a disaster, and some of the funds will go there, but a lot goes to prepare for the NEXT disaster. So a chunk of red cross donation goes to replenishing the coffers. That said, they are one of my annual gift charities so I do believe in their mission - it just might not be the most direct way to point funds at a specific event.
  4. who gets to decide what's presented in local public spaces? Easy, the locals.
  5. Warren Buffet
  6. Imagine if I called for the removal of battlefield or cemetery memorials. Imagine! Imagine that the Washington, Jefferson and/or other memorials were raised to show that a certain percentage of the population had no voice. Imagine!
  7. Maybe they have a deal with ICE to keep you from coming back?
  8. The US document has a process called the Constitutional Congress of States - where 2/3rds of states can get together to propose changes. It's never been used as EVERYTHING would be on the table. Article V of the Constitution lays out two routes for changing the law of the land: An amendment can be proposed by Congress or by a constitutional convention that is convened by two-thirds of the states (34). Either way, three-fourths of the states(38) have to ratify it.
  9. Yep Or He sees Manafort is tapped, knows he talks to Manafort all the time, therefore, I'm tapped.... We DID elect a narcissist, we shouldn't be too surprised...
  10. I don't buy it. There was no desire for many of these monuments at the time of erections to "memorialize what many felt..." They were put up to keep down a segment of society. For that reason, they should be relegated to some nice, history of racism in America, museums...
  11. For a narcissist, I suppose tapping someone near is the same, in their warped mind, of being tapped themselves...
  12. Lookie here! An Internet tough guy!
  13. With that position, clearly, you must be a gun grabber. At best, you don't believe an attack on one right is an attack on all rights. (sample Tom response if you aren't a gun nut)
  14. So your govt license sterilizes the hot dog cart? Wow, that big govt sure is effective!
  15. Nice making shit up. Why don't you read the article. They sent over their customer list daily. That's it. I don't think I need the Feds checking me every day. now, as to the "other country" practices, their countries have rules where you DO have to show your papers to check into a hotel. We don't have that. Yet.