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  1. The pivot to Asia

    they are not. There is no confidence among the satellite countries that the country with the shield (the US in this case ) will actually risk nukes to the homeland for the satellite - the tripwire is there if there is an attack, so the US will risk the homeland - because US soldiers are dying.
  2. Comey's Book

    sure thing @Dog!
  3. Drip Drip Drip

    how about an actual opinion, instead of regurgitated talking points?
  4. The pivot to Asia

    imagine if I said a tripwire force is needed after. Imagine! We both agree that if the south wants the US out, it should leave. We disagree in that I see this as a significant weakening of the US strategic position in the east. You "seem" to think it's no biggie.
  5. The pivot to Asia

    Nope. Some folks on this board suggested US leadership in the East would not be impacted by the US withdrawal from SK. They are wrong. if SK asks the US to leave, we leave. And accept less influence in the region. A lot less influence. sorry you have the attention span of a gnat.
  6. Tax Freedom Day 2018

    Hey, ask the Republican Congress, it’s their tax law
  7. Tax Freedom Day 2018

    Ahh, bringing it in 3 days by putting on the kids credit card. Very fiscally responsible.
  8. Drip Drip Drip

    Partisan hacks post partisan opinion pieces without any of their own thoughts. As Eva Dent.
  9. Drip Drip Drip

    That’s the problem Dog. You’re such a partisan hack that you can only parrot what your handlers tell you to parrot.
  10. The pivot to Asia

  11. Korean War to end.

    Nope, just a pub in Dublin. Young Locals drinking Budweiser, older guys and furriners drinking Guinness.
  12. Trump lawyer calls for end of Mueller probe

    That was from https://www.google.com/amp/s/constitutioncenter.org/amp/blog/the-nixon-pardon-in-retrospect-40-years-later
  13. Trump lawyer calls for end of Mueller probe

    Well, learn something new every day: At a 2014 panel discussion, Ford’s lawyer during that period, Benton Becker, explained another part of the President’s motivation was a 1915 Supreme Court decision, Burdick v. United States, which made Nixon accept his guilt in the Watergate controversy by also accepting the pardon. The Court’s ruling in Burdick was that a pardon carried an "imputation of guilt" and accepting a pardon was "an admission of guilt.” Becker said he took copies of the Burdick decision to California when he met with former President Nixon, and under Ford’s instructions, he walked through the Burdick decision with Nixon. Becker said the discussion with Nixon was very difficult, and the former President kept trying to change the subject way from Burdick until he acknowledged Becker’s discussion about what the Supreme Court decision meant. After he left the White House, Ford carried part of the Burdick decision with him in his wallet in case someone brought up the pardon. In a later interview with Woodward for Caroline Kennedy’s book, “Profiles in Courage for Our Time,” Ford pulled out the dog-eared decision and read the key parts of it to Woodward.
  14. More cops shot.

    That sucks.
  15. Stormy On The View

    I don't even really care if he lies about Stormy to the people. Under oath? would be different but I don't think he's lied under oath on this. Have his attorney break campaign law to hide it? I care about that....