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  1. Raz'r

    Black National anthem

    Can we stop with the God Bless America in the 7th inning stretch?
  2. Raz'r


    Nephew got hitched Mem Day weekend. Big wedding was cancelled. Did it on Zoom.
  3. that's Junior's squeeze.
  4. Raz'r

    Black National anthem

    Looks at you, all outraged. Must feel good.
  5. Raz'r

    Black National anthem

    There ya BB, more Faux Outrage!
  6. You're a lying sack of shit. But that's expected of you.
  7. Some hard ass leadership is what it took other countries.
  8. Actually, I'm not sorry he's sick. I think we need some famous R politicians to experience a Boris Johnson so maybe they'll start taking this seriously. But, actually, it needs to be Hannity, Tucker and Levin. (Rush almost dead already)
  9. Best thing Trump could do would be to resign due to bone spurs.
  10. Raz'r


    Appreciate it. He lived a nice long life. Not covid.
  11. Raz'r


    Our big family holiday is 4th of July. This year we also buried my father last saturday. My wife and I didn’t make the trip. My kids did however, they flew out 3 weeks ago before the latest spike. we may ask them to stay there another couple weeks but they and we are in non-spiking areas so this might be a chance to get them home thanksgiving is SoCal. Can’t see it happening.
  12. @mikewofand the Vichy won’t bother to read the above. Nor will they bother to look at Canada, Korea, Western Europe on what could be done.
  13. Please don't quote the nutjob.
  14. Raz'r

    How long is Fauci going to last

    Caught a bit of Rush, or whoever is standing in for him as he's dying, giving everyone grief for even THINKING about wearing masks....