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  1. Raz'r

    Cookin' the Books

    I can say that the tax man is the tax man, but GAAP and Pro-forma? Pro-forma is there because GAAP doesn’t really show a good view of the underlying operational business.
  2. Raz'r

    Time to impeach?

    Yes, but it doesn’t hurt that the chair of the FEC keeps tweeting about the law.
  3. Raz'r

    Time to impeach?

    Is it just me, or is Dog tail-between the legs embarrassed right now? Pretty tepid defense this morning. Maybe that potato salad was a bit rancid.
  4. Raz'r

    Time to impeach?

    Or just plain breaking the law.
  5. Raz'r

    Brexit, WTF

    Just an outsider view, but assuming this get passed, or is close to the final deal, then all that's left of the Sun never Sets empire: is an unhappy Scotland and a small city-state?
  6. Raz'r

    Cookin' the Books

    Pub companies usually have 3: GAAP- to please the auditors Tax-to please the Feds Pro-forma - to please the investors (GAAP minus one-off transactions)
  7. Raz'r

    Time to impeach?

    Yesterday: We didn’t do it. Check, move on Today: yeah, we did it, it’s no big deal. tomorrow: yeah, we did it, yeah, it’s a big deal. But Obama!
  8. Conspiracy nutters like Shubie are real. They need to blame some “cabal” for their incel status, the need to live in mommies basement, and their all-around failure in modern society.
  9. The Generals to Erdogan “hey boss, this is going pretty fast, mind if we take a couple days to solidify supply lines and things like fuel depots, so we can get ready for the next push” “Hang tight, I’ve got pence on the line”. ”say Mr VP, those sanctions? Put them in place and I’ll release 500,000 Syrian refugees into Greece OR cancel the sanctions and we’ll give you a press release win”
  10. I’m betting Elaine, the Chinese spy, is the last one standing
  11. Raz'r

    Time to impeach?

    That bus hit pretty fast
  12. Raz'r


    We’re only in stage 2 of the doggy denial, the real stage three is: yeah, it’s illegal but it’s a nothing-berder then we get the, ok, it’s pretty big but JOBS
  13. Raz'r


    The Acting* White House Chief of Staff disagrees with you today in a presser. I’ll take his word over yours, thanks. *and they’re pretty shitty actors.
  14. What a fucking liar Dog is. In his own cite Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker said President Trump should be impeached based on what’s in the Mueller report, but he believes lawmakers should adhere to due process and allow former special counsel Robert Mueller to testify. "I want to see the truth.”
  15. Raz'r