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  1. You gonna say "Oops" for the "opps?"
  2. Raz'r

    Florida Recount 2018

    Imagine if they were the only counties to have to recount. Imagine!
  3. Raz'r

    Florida Recount 2018

    Florida and Az liberal? hahahahahaha
  4. Republicans ran the PUC back in Ronnie and Tricky-Dick's days. Oil still being pumped from the channel, but no new rigs. I'm just glad I'm able to sail on SF Bay. I guess you think that was a waste of space and should have been filled in. Not that there isn't plenty of dirt over the hills.
  5. Raz'r

    Florida Recount 2018

    I think the little-old-lady posse needs to go house-to-house checking IDs
  6. Raz'r

    Eve of War is again upon us.

    Ahh, the first dance at the wedding...
  7. Raz'r

    Florida Recount 2018

    so no more voting-by-mail?
  8. Raz'r

    Trump is losing it

    population wise - sorry, was unclear...
  9. Raz'r

    Trump is losing it

    The Senate was set up as 2/state back when the states were all pretty equal all-things-considered. Some more rural; some more industrial, but similar in size. That is no longer the case.
  10. Raz'r

    Trump is losing it

    not at all. Just pointing out that it takes 20 million votes for a senator in California, and just under 300,000 in Wyoming. The real implication of that is that we have a President who lost the popular vote, and a judiciary that doesn't come close to representing the diversity of the populace. Now, you may be on the "winning" side in this - but what does it really mean, long term, that the population loses faith in the governance model of the US? Look at Cali: California has been the canary in the political coal mine for decades. Hell, Gray Davis made a good Trump impression of blaming the mexicans (but was not media savvy) and destroyed the R brand in the Golden State. If there is a new centrist party, it will likely rise from the ashes of the R party in Cali.
  11. Adults spilled oil on Santa Barbara beaches, put a nuke plant on an active fault, were filling in SF Bay, and had air quality in Los Angeles that was the among the worst in the world. Thank you tree huggers.
  12. Raz'r

    US could lose a war with China

    while on the shitter getting his ass firehosed.
  13. So, if Republicans were in charge there would be no fires in Cali? I suppose if you pave everything...