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    Time to wonder if Ford is a liar.

    You were right. His daughters will be better off away from their misogynistic old-man. Probably best to avoid the cult as well.
  2. Raz'r

    Republican Party Favorability Highest in Seven Years

    Can’t figure out what you did here yet, can you?
  3. Raz'r

    Time to wonder if Ford is a liar.

    Hey, the self-admitted Low-IQ “independent” is back.
  4. Raz'r

    Dehumidifier Anarchy

    When I had the express 37 we drained to the bilge - you'd think that would be a no-no, but assuming you trust your pump, it became the cleanest bilge I'd ever had the joy of owning. All the funk goes away, and you're only dropping in a gallon/day so as long as you see the boat occasionally you're fine. On the new boat, I have room to drain overboard. Of course it's better.
  5. Raz'r

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    good descriptions!
  6. I was just thinking about this yesterday, looking forward to it.
  7. You really want to be the most interesting man in the world, doncha?
  8. Raz'r

    Vodka and Ambien use by a crew member

    Let me guess, a pic of Elon Musk?
  9. I'd need some more info on this - sounds like butthurt.
  10. So "drunk they cannot consent" and "eager" are not compatible.
  11. Raz'r


    Explain a letter from 65 women available within the hour of the leak?
  12. Raz'r

    Trouble finding good daysailer options

    The French have some perfect boats. JPK, some others. But they are in France. call up Perry to design a boat for you, couple builders will be happy to build it.
  13. Next up in Jeffreaux’s “does prejudice exist” series: do gay males really dress better?
  14. Key word is “desirable”
  15. Raz'r


    Liar. The gop was ready as soon as it hit the press.
  16. $2500/month rent IS reasonable in any desirable locale.
  17. It’s called “bias.” pretty well understood in the world, except by ‘Merican Righties
  18. There are myriad sexist and racist biases. Glad you finally figured that out.
  19. Maybe you need to use a bit more pressure. Your butthurt is showing.
  20. Raz'r

    Republican Party Favorability Highest in Seven Years

    Nailing Jackass should head over to PreditIt he could make a killing going long Republican retention of the congressional majority.
  21. Raz'r

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    Yeah, 5 years ago some buddies brought a boat up and I recommended that several times, they didn't get to it, and limped into Morro Bay with a sputtering engine and several gooey filters.
  22. Raz'r


    The Evangelicals would go all "Speaking in Tongues" on the Republitards...
  23. Raz'r

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    Sept till the storms come is probably when the pacific is the most passive. Shouldn't really be any issue with a well found boat. one absolute must, clean/polish the fuel tanks before you go. A dock queen or even a lightly used daysailer will likely have algae in the tanks, and that stuff stirs up easily at sea. I used these guys from San Diego to bring a boat from MDR to SF back in April and they charged $2500 + Fuel Assen Alexandrov <deliveryyacht@yahoo.com>
  24. turn on a little AM radio sometime. Tune into the local conservative talk radio station. If that aint hate, I don't know what is.