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  1. Congratulations Artemis - superb performance given the time in the boat,.
  2. What if PC is coercing the crew to race. Grand Master Mindgames.
  3. Why? Didn't PC state that Ar couldn't sail safely without the proposed class rule changes??? So if the team's main man is happy to sit his ass on the fence and state his case, why can't we?
  4. It'll never happen in the US. Health and safety laws simply will not allow it, hence the monstrous amount of body armour worn by American 'Football' players.
  5. But PC said they couldn't be safe without the changes. The RD has already shown he is not necessarily always on the ball with what is right and wrong. So who the fuck??? PC? IM? The old lady that lived in a shoe??
  6. And who the fuck is making that judgement then? Because according to PC they couldn't possibly be safe without the changes to the Class rules that IM tried to bludgeon through???? So who makes the safety call then???????
  7. How will we know??? They pretty much go straight into the arena. Amazing to consider that the RD will endorse that as safe and yet wanted to cancel the regatta for 'safety' rules that only affected half the fleet.
  8. Why?? Because then the RD might have to justify why he considers Or to be safe!!!!
  9. Surely our safety conscious RD will have something to say about an AC72 turning up on the course with no practise time???????????????/
  10. +1000 the type in bold +1,000,000 - lest we inadvertently set an extremely dangerous precedent within our sport i.e. it is the RD job to warrant the safety of all the competitors boats and the competence of their crew.
  11. Ian Murray's words: "I have yet to hear a convincing argument from any team that my recommendation will not enhance control and thus safety during racing. What I have heard is that this recommendation will make the boats easier to control and more stable. This is a safety issue, pure and simple. Deeper, submerged rudders, with bigger elevators and control surfaces fixed at the most appropriate angle of attack for the conditions simply make the boats safer." You can call it BS if you wish, but that is the rationale. Is more control over the boat some insurance against a pitch-pole? I would imagine. This is pure BS and I am still waiting to get a rational answer other than "IM said so" IM mixes different concepts, on purpose ? 1) Deeper = submerged = safer. We agree but not a problem now, neither the subject of our discussion 2) bigger elevator = more tendency to PP as they procure more lift, thus a possibility to pp is too much lift from the rudder vs the foil 3) controlling the AoA can only increase security if controlled during the race which is out of question. Fact is that OR probably needs more lift from the rudder as their foil is not as aft as TNZ. Mainly, as explain by hump 101, they have a narrower range of wind. Possibly, OR would have liked to get more control to go faster. Now, if they want to set their rudder foil with too much positive AoA and the wind changes, that is their problem... BTW' I am still waiting for a rational answer ... They will not give you one TC, for the simple reason is there isn't one. This is all about speed and has nothing to do with safety, end of!! And I, like you, await the 'reasoned' ramblings of the OR fanbuoys, but when you cut through the spin, the BS, then it boils down to speed and not safety.
  12. Sadly the boundaries of sailing are being pushed on 500m and 1 mile speed courses or at the other end of the scale, on records round the word. What you actually mean is pushing the boundaries of sailing around a small inshore course in SF in ever decreasing wind speeds. You can maintain that the AC is an arms race but the DoG also made it a MATCH race. What's more interesting to watch?? For me....................... a cutlass duel beats the majesty of 2 extreme machines gliding off in different directions, with the spectator wondering who might cross. That is why drag racing is small cheese, when compared with NASCAR and F1, it isn't the technology that makes for good viewing, it's the competition and the personailities and sadly 2 biggish, wing sailed cats (AC45's) haven't exactly produced many great matches, so it's highly unlikely that the AC72's are going to do so, although I might be wrong. Big cats fleet racing yes, but there again is the ACWS any more interesting to watch than the Extreme 40's?
  13. Oh the race where he ended up in irons and missed the start by a couple of minutes. Again I am sorry to have to disagree with your assertion that actual match racing in mono's has always been limited, as I said before I believe you, like many who supported multis post AC33, will post anything to justify the decision to race big cats in a match race. Why so much fleet racing in the ACWS - is it because it's a dammed site more interesting than the match racing?
  14. The MAJORITY??? So what you are saying is over the past 20-30 years or so, most LVC and AC matches have been a lottery. Really!!!!!!!!! Or are you posting anything to justify the decision to race big cats in a match race?? If cats and match racing are a match made in heaven why so much fleet racing in the ACWS???
  15. ... have now realised that cats aren't particularly suited to a match racing. ... this, of course after reviewing the multitude of match races that have taken place in SF Bay between the AC72's over the last few weeks.... Nope - this after reviewing the AC45's and applying commonsense. I can't imagine the AC72's are going to be more maneuverable, more likely to engage, but I might of course be wrong, fancy a wager?