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  1. cosmicsedso

    9 yrs and no more attempts??

    Are you serious? You live in the states man. One of those states has Ivanpah. venue solved! will get you sorted into something you can race And go bloody fast! just do it! Ivanpah is on my list!!!
  2. cosmicsedso

    Land Yacht for Sale (Brisbane Qld) $500

    And Sth Queensland! And Victoria. Vic have the real 90 mile beach!
  3. cosmicsedso

    How to sail close hauled

    What you got against forestry?
  4. cosmicsedso

    1984 Clark San Juan 24'

    Paging Admiral Rimas, Paging Admiral Rimas..
  5. cosmicsedso

    9 yrs and no more attempts??

    Sail area is not rhe final consideration to going fast(er) At higher speeds drag is the problem, so generally the more wind = smaller sails. The fastest speeds in a Blokart come when using the 2sqm sail!
  6. cosmicsedso

    9 yrs and no more attempts??

    Wow! Thats over 202kph!
  7. cosmicsedso

    9 yrs and no more attempts??

    After over 50 years sailing just about anything I have to say that I now find water sailing to be slow, boring and way wetter compared to my Blokart. I've done 85kph on a narrow beach in my Blokart and that compares with any ride I ever had water sailing. And it's a heap cheaper. Was that record at Ivanpah in MPH? Any confirmation of the 'new' Blokart record? I've heard some wild figures but seen no talk or vids.
  8. cosmicsedso

    Coming back from a serious disaster...

    Is that even legal?
  9. cosmicsedso

    Best 8mm rope for performance oriented mainsheet

    Thanks for the tip. Now to get some Rooster and Bzzz for comparison.
  10. cosmicsedso

    Best 8mm rope for performance oriented mainsheet

    Where do you get yours from?
  11. cosmicsedso

    Got in a bit of trouble.

    Pretty much all of the above. However Practice all these things when you are out in clear water by yourself. See what happens when you release all sheets and the tiller. Experiment. You wont hit anything. When you get some proficiency throw a lifejacket in the water and (MOB) practice retrieving it. Try sailing the boat in reverse. Do the same manoeuvres wth the engune running as well. Try to gauge how long the boat takes to stop after releasing sheets and luffing or putting the engine into neutral. Practicing these things can be fun and the rewards are all to do with lowering stress when you come into the dock. The utimate goal being to be able to land safely and in control at the dock with the sails still up and flapping. Taking lessons is going to really short cut this process for you. And remember, the only stupid question is the one you DON'T ask. Enjoy
  12. cosmicsedso

    Best 8mm rope for performance oriented mainsheet

    2:1 dinghy mainsheet No tangles is the priority
  13. cosmicsedso

    Sailtimer Wind Instrument

    They are doing 'public testing'. Quite common these days. Saves them paying staff to test.
  14. cosmicsedso

    Fleets for Nationals

    In the 60's and 70's in AUS it was not uncommon to get 120 boats for a Victorian Championships for BOTH Mirrors and Herons, ON THE SAME WEEKEND! Both classes died here and coincidentally it was just after the move to fibreglass boats. These days people dont have a carport let alone a garage/shed to build a boat in. And talk about getting the time to do it. The decline in AUS also seemed to coincide with the move by the State and National bodies to force bureacracy on to us. Registering trainers and coaches etc So yes, the numbers have dropped dramatically here. Interesting that there are still healthy classes surviving and that the Optimist has probably the largest fleets in the country now.
  15. cosmicsedso

    Best 8mm rope for performance oriented mainsheet

    Cheers mate. I had never heard of Rooster. It seems to be the go