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  1. cosmicsedso

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Read the whole lot! It's worth it.
  2. My first sail of course! 1961 7 years old. Crew - Mirror Dinghy. 25 knots. Winter in Melb. And won the race! Totally hooked And 58 years later I'm still chasing that invisible power source...
  3. cosmicsedso

    Medal race hell

    The original reason for medal races was totally for media. Back in the day if you got media at all, they turned up on the final day and it was common for the winners of the regatta to sit out the last race. "But where are the winners" the media cried.... It still happens! Not my show. Not my monkeys.
  4. cosmicsedso

    Rules question: NORs modifying Class Rules.

    C420 could not qualify for or run a Nationals regatta as they are illegal in the sense that no builders WS fee has been paid. Cheapskates!
  5. cosmicsedso

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I wonder does Rimas actually do the caulking himself? Sounds like work to me. The dead Mahi Mahi would probably do a neater job
  6. cosmicsedso

    Barge much? (FP)

    Haha! This is SA not SB.
  7. I hope your other 4 posts were less confusing....
  8. cosmicsedso

    You wanna go fast?

    Grith You would be surprised how safe they really are. I have crashed a few times now and the biggest problem is always laughing too much.
  9. cosmicsedso

    You wanna go fast?

    Best sailing move I ever made. Blokarting makes water based sailing look like a sleepfest! My fastest speed so far = 85.4kph My full Performance set up cost me AUD 3.5k mostly 2nd hand and still very very competitive. You couldn't put an Optimist program together for double that amount in Australia. 15 min set up/pack up is pretty appealing too And every Bloksrt is ONE Design! Flame away.
  10. cosmicsedso

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Let's just settle for a 'bit of old Dacron'. you know! And in the clip with shannon he makes several 30 degree course changes whilst 'sailing upwind'! I call hoax on this. Shannon set up the trim (badly) and Rimas looked like every beginner I have ever seen when the boat heels over. Very uncomfortable indeed. Rimas could not sail out of sight in a gale if it was upwind.
  11. cosmicsedso

    Mini Skeeter, Ice or land

    You don't know how lucky you are to have Ivanpah in your backyard. These mini skeeters - are they foot steered?
  12. cosmicsedso

    No more "Members Only" at my Club.

    Bah Humbug! My club did this in 1987. Old news Carry on
  13. cosmicsedso

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Interesting! Art of the half blind drifter. Nah. It involves a degree of "work" so that won't happen. Carry on