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  1. cosmicsedso

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Put a rubber ducky in one of them and I'll bet on that!
  2. Care factor zero! Buy an ad!
  3. cosmicsedso

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Confusion arose because there was no box to tick about who actually gets the buttery ashes Tom. Sorry mate the vietnamese are saving him for themselves.
  4. cosmicsedso

    Sailing one-liners

    It's never like this normally..
  5. cosmicsedso

    Sailing one-liners

    Hmmm 4 lines to start a thread about ONE liners? My favoutite would be "Did ya put the bungs in?"
  6. cosmicsedso

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Maybe 20,000 posts ago you could be excused. But seriously? The words Job, Earn and Prepare are complete unknowns to the Rimyth and have no place whatsoever in this thread.
  7. cosmicsedso

    Musicians Who Deserve Their Great Reputations

    Those were the days! I had a vinyl of Rodriguez way back when. Always glad to be reminded to play it now. CD version of course... My favourites in no particular order Mark Knoeffler Steve Hunter Jan Akkerman Rodriguez All time best song? Arlo Guthrie. Alices Restaurant!
  8. cosmicsedso

    Yacht washes up in Boat Harbour (Sydney) -- Man dead

    And don't forget "smoke inhalation".
  9. And we all know how common that is!
  10. cosmicsedso

    Rules Question - Shortening the Race

    I thought the OP made a strong case. He was in the advantaged position if all boats had to round the mark as normal, but seriously disadvantaged by bias to the C'tee boat end which only came into play with the shorten course. I'm with Brass. It's time to educate the fleet AND the race management, so that SNAFUS like this don't stunt what is a stong class/fleet building. Stick to the standard RRS and WS advisories and even if you do happen to get it wrong, at least it can be resolved through all avenues right up to WS. Bastardise the rules and you immediately lose this protection and all you end up with is undeducated, 'impossible to resolve' arguments, in bars of yacht/sailing clubs the world over.
  11. cosmicsedso

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Oh boy. You haven't been paying attention have you?
  12. cosmicsedso

    Someone has been naughty!

    Doubt you will be missed then.
  13. cosmicsedso

    9 yrs and no more attempts??

    Are you serious? You live in the states man. One of those states has Ivanpah. venue solved! will get you sorted into something you can race And go bloody fast! just do it! Ivanpah is on my list!!!
  14. cosmicsedso

    Land Yacht for Sale (Brisbane Qld) $500

    And Sth Queensland! And Victoria. Vic have the real 90 mile beach!