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  1. cosmicsedso


    Well spotted!
  2. Todays forecast is much better. Southerly winds of 12knots, with rain! I tip Smeg, Winning Group (if they bother sailing) and Finport.
  3. cosmicsedso

    Dust Bunnies at 55 +

    We drive that far to run on a beach usually only a few metres wide! I have thought about moving to Mulambin Beach Yeppoon, Qld, which is flat, fast and wide enough to get a windward work happening. It's only a 10 hour one way trip....
  4. cosmicsedso

    Rogue wave formation research

    Rogue Wave? On the Ocean?
  5. cosmicsedso

    Australian Sailing

    You were going so well too. I'm not even sure if it's possible to have 'a quiet drink with some fellow Qlders"
  6. cosmicsedso

    Dust Bunnies at 55 +

    That looks like so much fun. I am so envious that you have this in your backyard.
  7. cosmicsedso

    Australian Sailing

    More info thanks
  8. My apologies Julian.That was poorly written. Luckily we can still ask Frank just by his legacy ie his Family. and his written words. And many thanks for sharing your wise words and time here. The eternal lift over drag question is really the essence of sailing fast. Many years ago I watched some tests of AUS Olympic Kayakers in a wind tunnel. The major cause of drag was always the paddlers head. Not the flashing blades or the hull. Fortunately removing heads was deemed to be a bit drastic! By referring to Witty I meant his big sail down the harbour on Nokia.
  9. cosmicsedso

    Does this end well

    Nice place that..
  10. cosmicsedso

    Australian Sailing

    Have to be a bit subtle. Wouldn't want to lose my house over comments on here.
  11. cosmicsedso

    Australian Sailing

    Paying for the wages of the administrators mostly
  12. cosmicsedso

    start line questions.

    With the outboard tilted up of course.
  13. Nothing to watch this week. Races cancelled due to gusts of 55knots and blinding rain! Weak! In the old days we had Witty to go for a blast anyway... JJ's are getting closer
  14. cosmicsedso

    Does this end well

    What location is that?