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  1. cosmicsedso

    Australian Sailing

    News reports of masses of soggy medical masks washing up on NSW beaches
  2. cosmicsedso

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I need my Rimas fix
  3. cosmicsedso

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    A Book? Found poetry I hope
  4. cosmicsedso

    ticky tack?

    Herding cats Brass!
  5. cosmicsedso

    Most egregious cheats?

    Wow! You really are infected!
  6. cosmicsedso

    Most egregious cheats?

    Why not? It's quite topical. And seriously weird!
  7. cosmicsedso

    Most egregious cheats?

    Seriously? Of course you can provide some facts to support that outrageous slur... A2 Different? Yes. Illegal? No. The skirts were raised at the finish for anyone to see snd guess what? Nobody successfully protested. The USA team was totally caught napping, and A2 sailed by Aussie legends, outsailed the USA boat and won the Cup! Fair and square. Maybe you might like to retract, to avoid unnecessary future financial hardship?
  8. It takes a great sailor to manage the rip, especially in the dark!
  9. cosmicsedso

    Australian Sailing

    Seriously Glen? What a trite and juvenile reply to a serious set of questions being asked by the people who pay your wages. And if the class associations and the clubs handle all of that, why do we need AS? YRCMTSU
  10. cosmicsedso

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    So I started reading this thread and when I got to the end of the FIRST page. I just couldn't go any further without making this observation.. For a thread started 25th March I was travelling Bris-Melb-Bris in late January and curtailed my stay in melb to get home to self isolate ASAP. What I was hearing at that time was a warning for: Those over 65? Tick. Ex-smoker? Tick Compromised immune system? Big tick! I found myself part of that group of the 3% of the population who were to be sacrificed to the greater good! So I made my own decision to self isolate in late January.... Being 'girt by sea' was absolutely no defence because we didn't close the borders in January! The $$$ was just too valuable. The lack of statesmanship has been extraordinary. The callous disregard for the "3%" is unforgivable. The callous disregard for social distancing is also disgusting. But thats just my view of the 97% Stay safe everybody. Look after each other. PS Why toilet paper?
  11. cosmicsedso

    Aspen flogs, name and shame?

    That may be your best yet!
  12. cosmicsedso

    Acorn to Arabella & Sail Cargo

    Lou is amazing. I could watch his videos endlessly. Arabella is awesome! Beautiful symmetry! Brand new boat. Tally Ho is also awesome. Rebuild but there s basically nothing left of the original. Theres a new one by a guy who was helping Leo. His first video was almost a direct knock off from Leo! LOL Big Ferro hull that was built in '84 but hasn't sailed yet. Abandoned twice!! Sound familiar? Great self isolation pastime. Stay safe everyone
  13. cosmicsedso

    Australian Sailing

    I'm truly sorry you feel that way Couta. I know how you feel. I felt/feel the same. Thankfully someone put me on to Blokarts and I haven't been near a yacht club since. I still maintain my membership of a sailing club, in a different state to the one I live in (mainly to support a great club which targets kids and learners) and I object to paying affiliation fees to AS for no service. And AS rarely represents MY interests with their public utterences. I had hopes that the new president and vice president would remember what it WAS like back in the day. At least AS has taken a position on Covid 19 membership payments..... But I fear the horse has well and truly bolted.
  14. cosmicsedso

    Australian Sailing

    Bringing the sport into disrepute Al???
  15. cosmicsedso

    2020 JJ Giltinan 14-22 March

    The boathandling on Honda seems to be consistently better as well. Hard to see them being beaten as they also have a fast big rig as well. The forecast is for much lighter breezes into the weekend. Some of the boathandling on the others has been almost appalling, NZedders included! There is tension between Winning Group and URM and I'm inclined to think Marcus is right. How did WG get away with the Port tack approach to the windward mark? And tack right on the mark in front of URM? This is what happens when protests are frowned upon. Irregardless with no penalty taken WG should RAF. Smegs results not shabby after 2 appalling starts. Tech2 surely can keep it upright for the rest of the regatta. They capsized TWICE in race 2! Tech2 is a completely NEW boat. Shaw and Partners is just new paint? And Finport???? It sure will be interesting to see how this plays out.