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  1. surfsailingfisherman

    Newick Anarchy

    that is one sweet slippery looking trimaran
  2. surfsailingfisherman

    Is it just me, or is every Newick ever built as ugly as sin?

    All sweet boats. I want one!
  3. surfsailingfisherman

    Show your boat not sailing

    Location is Aruba . Still setting it up for fishing with rod holders , plus looking at a fish finder also. Loa 20' Beam 12'. Just finished the paulownia fishing platforms . Just got a camera so hopefully we'll get some video and more pics. Andy Tamanu_launchday.mp4
  4. surfsailingfisherman

    Show your boat not sailing

    My Tamanu , Gary Dierking design with custom Amas with Rasputin's help . Launch day