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  1. As draft goes from .3m to 1.6m then there seems to be a conventional main hull centreboard. Swinging folding system leaves the hulls out back while trailing which seems a disadvantage but otherwise looks an interesting design.
  2. kiwi_bob

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    Hmmm all a bit procession-ish light winds and some big difference in handling not leading to much excitement... more wind will help.
  3. kiwi_bob

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    Well there’s lots of threads here about old AC boats what are they doing now? type crap so just think of it as one of them and don’t read. There are also quite a few people who thought the AC50’s were awesome... I’m yet to be convinced that the current AC is on the right track. So we’ll stay here thanks.
  4. kiwi_bob

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    It is a good opportunity for him and He’s the only kiwi (and a really good guy to sail with) so “go team China!”.
  5. kiwi_bob

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    It’s listed to be in sky sport 3 live at 6pm. My mysky is locked in :-)
  6. kiwi_bob

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    In NZ sky sport 3 (channel 53) @ 6pm Friday ;-) looking forward to it!
  7. kiwi_bob

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Must say I’m really looking forward to see these boats in action. I didn’t get to Bermuda for the cup but a little trip across to Sydney is a much easier proposition. I’ll watch the AC too of course...
  8. kiwi_bob


    Fantastic stuff! I’d love to see a video of it sailing - particularly your float/foil setup as the breeze comes in and out.
  9. Happy to be proved wrong but monos pretty much has to mean dramatically slower but, on a positive note that does bring sail changes into play.
  10. kiwi_bob

    Team UK

    All that we know is they didn't win a bunch of practice races - that's it. The boat could be: 1. A dog or 2. they could be sand bagging or 3. they have an innovation they don't want to show just yet and in it's absence the package doesn't hang together so well You just don't know. I hope all the challengers are strong - esp NZ. A4E you are an extreme fair weather fan!
  11. kiwi_bob

    Farrier F-85SR

    I have a 8.5m Folding tri with twin rudders that I race with the 8.5's in Auckland, I will try and add to the debate below: From Oxygen some points: Not necessarily true. Many if not most large ocean racing tris fly the mainhull a lot, and only use a single central rudder. *** Which large ocean racing tris have only one rudder - I cannot actually think of any?? Ormas, MOD70's F40 Tris all have twin rudders. All full sized 8.5 tri's in the class currently have twin rudders. Ama rudders: More drag (potentially at least in some instances) - *** as you can guarantee the rudders will be fully immersed then you can make them smaller than a big single one which comes in and out of the water. If you get the main hull out then drag significantly less. Side note: Main hull flying more a factor of float volume than sail area - at some stage you will have enough wind but if you have pissy little floats and a heavy boat like an F24 you will just bury the float rather than fly the hull. I'm not 100% sure flying a hull is terribly fast but skimming the centre hull is and every now and then while skimming you will get a gust and the centre hull will lift up a meter or so it would not be nice to have a single rudder when this happens. More complication (due to the linkages required and all that.) - *** yes More stuff to rig/derig (due to the linkages required and all that.) *** yes is a major pain but the whole trailer folding thing is a pain so I leave it unfolded at a marina now Potentially poorer helm feel/tightness (due to the linkages required and all that.) *** Don't believe so. Usually with a big single rudder you end up with huge long wiggly extensions and I think it is better than that regime Fun to put back down if it kicks up. (some sort of gear to do it remotely perhaps, which adds to #2 & 3 above) *** Yes also great for snagging marks if you round too close angled forward rudder means they will never let go either And each one has to be large enough and strong enough to do the whole job. *** Yes, slightly mitigated by the fact they can be smaller So, more weight. *** Yes That's a lotta minuses, and not one single plus. *** The plus is you can keep pushing hard (i.e what happens when racing or you will loose) without going out of control at high speed - the F85 floats are big enough (from what Ian says similar to what I have) that with or without the foils you will get the main hull flying (accidental or deliberate) and then things could get really exciting.
  12. kiwi_bob

    Farrier F-85SR

    With my primitive boat design knowledge and ignoring the foils bit - I understand that longer floats would have a faster "hull speed" and most of the time when you are not planing or up on foils (most of the time) this is an advantage - they also allow more buoyancy in the float without going fatter - faster again. Long floats like high volume floats aren't safer but are faster so that's why any racing boat will maximise the length of the floats. Are any of these theories controversial/incorrect?? In the farrier case a long float also gives you a problem about where to put the outboard.
  13. kiwi_bob

    Farrier F-85SR

    link to F85 building in Auckland - perhaps the last home build one?
  14. kiwi_bob

    Farrier F-85SR

    Yes that makes sense, if they have a reasonable sized squad on the job that sounds possible - it would still be a very quick build. Then all you need to do is bring it down to Auckland and see how it goes vs the rest of the 8.5 fleet :-).
  15. kiwi_bob

    Farrier F-85SR

    "fully assembled in July." What does that mean exactly? - if it means ready to sail then they are boat building gods, there is a massive amount of work to go from where they are at.