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  1. I saw that too - so what happens if they have strong winds again? Have they screwed up they,re APs now?
  2. I'm with these guys - send the boats back to be more manual with traditional sensors and controls - and sails that can be depowered if required. They would probably go just as fast by the next cycle but you wont have someone like Josh Junior - an Olympic sailor reduced to hamster work with his nose up someone else's butt all race. Yes of course a robot could do a better job round the course (and could probably drive a F1 car better too) but what's the friggen point?? It's a sports event - sport means people doing shit and making mistakes etc not motors sensors and computers doing everything . I like these boats but it's gone a little too far... />Rant over
  3. I kind of hope that regardless of what happens with the AC proper that ETNZ competes in the Extreme series again and (quietly with no compulsion involved or contrived link to the AC) encourages the other teams to do so too. The boats are way better than the AC45F things and they do 10 times the racing at one tenth of the cost. Good to keep us and sponsors amused between cups and the crew tuned up. Hopefully the Extreme guys can afford a few drones and more than 2 cameras and keep posting it on youtube free as god intended sailing to be. An extreme series a few weeks before the AC proper in Auckland would be a good warm up event too.
  4. Well lets hope the boys can do the job then. And, as sailbydate says - lets try not to behave like dickheads ourselves in Bermuda, Auckland and on-line :-)
  5. OK when we left we were still kicking arse - being there until the bitter end must have been a traumatic experience.
  6. Really? I was also there for a week or so and had my ETNZ Jersey on a lot. There were crap loads of Kiwi's there but the yanks were generally supportive and polite and somewhat embarrassed by their team who were caught doing bad things. Zero vitriol/hatred experienced.
  7. Do you really think Larry has even noticed the moneys he's put in? He may or may not be back but it's entirely down to if he's enjoying himself or not. The thing is if NZ takes the cup it opens the game up for all the USA billionares (and there are a few of them) to bring it back - wear as they have been excluded up till now...
  8. I've said it before; Same platform and foils etc but get rid of the stupid wings and hydraulics and ban anything electric - then we might have more than 2 or 3 actual sailors involved in each team and the activity would be a smidgen closer to the other 99.9% of yachts out there racing. We wouldn't have any silly arguements about herbies and feedback loops etc - otherwise we may as well just install motors and have computers run the boats.
  9. HA! Nice Freudian slip MoMP - there are 5 Defenders and only one challenger seemingly....
  10. And on the same vein - JS with the continual "We've just flown another 10 boat builders up from Walkworth" - that's got to be an in joke - there must be about 100 on site by now - how many friggen boat builders are in Walkworth total?? - it basically a fucken retirement village.
  11. I'd love it if he dropped in a "It was a race of two halves" and a "Full credit to the opposition" in the next presser.
  12. Well he obviously doesn't want to be there - I'm sure he's reviewed tons of Sean Fitzpatrick post match tapes to put together his very predictable play list. It's a pity we have some good speakers - Ashby, Tuke, Dalton, Ray Davies who would be more engaging and happy to talk but obviously ETNZ didn't set the rules so fuck em. Apart from the numerous Kiwi supporters over there no one else really seems to like us much ... :-)
  13. I'd say Dean is the best starter out of them all but anyway... NZ is obviously designed as an upwind beast - they have sacrificed some reaching speed for that and therefore don't get to mark one first - in about half the starts Burling got a across the start line in a superior position but if they were to leeward they got run down and if to windward they couldn't get over the top and got taken wide. Short of getting out and pushing I'm not sure what you expect burling to do about it?? He could have gone very aggressive and tried to hook and stop Aretemis etc but he's obviously confident enough with doing what they are doing and at 4-2 up they seem OK. Oracle can have all the chemistry they like but if they are not fast they are toast... same for NZ if they are not fast.
  14. The tradition of not helping the defender was due to the fact that NYYC had held the cup for more than 100 years - and everyone was rightfully sick of them. Now (last 30 years) it's simple; once you are out, you help (if you want to) whoever you want to win that will give you best chance next time round. Get over it.
  15. +1 hope it's a really good final and the best team (NZ hopefully) goes through to wipe the floor with OR...