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  1. We won our class in the 97' Bermuda One-Two that took 6 1/2 days to complete. Light air from start to almost finish. Having grown up in Long Island Sound you learn how to make things go in little to no wind. It went. With patience it went. Great cabin config on this one and set up well by the owner. Many were backyard builds, so even though its your bud's boat get some history and a survey. So while it's reputation of needing 10 or 20 knots of wind to move may be valid, I submit its basis has much to do with the sailor than the boat. I am sure there is a Westsail 32 association. Talk to them. You will get a more objective and deeper opinion by owners than you will get here by non-owners. I liked it. Good luck
  2. Tell me about Cape Dory Typhoons

    Design is classic and will serve you well. Just take your time buying and look at more than a couple. Not a lot can go wrong, but POS will mar anyone's experience with any boat. I am sure there is one out there that has been pampered, priced right for the right home and is waiting for you. Good luck.
  3. Resin wont harden...

    Thanks all. Just good ole' (literally) west marine polyester resin and off the shelf catalyst tube (one drop, two drop, three drop etc...) from same. Used measuring cup and I can count up to 50 so I though I would be OK. When I say its tacky, I mean that about 20% of its surface is tacky but over all the board and resin feels hard. Its only for a 9' Dyer Dhow so I am not too worried about strength (little thing does maybe 3 knots?). It was more to seal the marine ply than for structural integrity. So paint with MEKP and cover with heavy duty vinyl and let it sit near the furnace for another couple of weeks? Or just make another centerboard from marine ply than curse a lot trying to fix this one. Thanks again.
  4. Resin wont harden...

    So...sealed my new centerboard for my Dyer Dhow with resin and catalyst that has worked in the past. Still tacky after weeks of drying. Figured it was catalyst and bought new. Second coat still tacky after weeks. So must be resin. Great. Thinking of painting with a one or two part paint to seal the sucker up dry. Am I further wasting my time? Thanks in advance.
  5. Replacing the rod rigging on Southern Star

    Dye and magnifying glass do no work with Rod. Rod needs to be x-rayed to determine it condition and even then I am told that may not be enough.
  6. I walked through there yesterday. It was like going to a wake. Two very partially completed Alerion 33s sat side by side whose owners will never see (on top of losing the money paid). So many beautifully machined parts and molds that I hope will be used again. Jobs and dreams lost. Sad.
  7. WHK...sent PM. Pictures of Baby please...
  8. Cut and finished for two hatches (mid and fore) was around $400 if memory serves correct. Laird Plastics is Warwick, RI. Nice people.
  9. I just had mine replicated by a local shop in RI. You want cast acrylic not extruded. Big difference. The local shop option is great because I gave them my old ones which the replicated exactly. Good luck.
  10. New Sails

    So my thinking that a tri-radial construction for my very skinny IOR main may not be the best way to go long-term? So a cross-cut with a high end dacron may be the way to go for beer can/offshore/coastal cruising...? What brand of cloth would you consider a "quality woven dacron"? Thanks in advance.
  11. residential aged care mark 2

    Care in place where she is now until that becomes untenable? You can pay for a lot of home health care (low grade) for what those rents are. Option?
  12. Plastrend/Composite Technology 1976 Peterson 1/4 Ton

    Sorry about your Mom... Was the Awlgrip sprayed or rolled (tipped)?
  13. Ramming Speed! Tall Ship Docking Adventures

    According to local News 10 report two dock lines wrapped around both props. With a professional crew of 12 aboard? Really? Putting Engine in Gear 101...make sure all lines are aboard and clear. Geeez or is that Grrrr. I hear there is a job opening for a Captain's position.
  14. Front Page Mac 26 3ksb

    ++++1111. When I was 9 my father bought a 1969 21 and we had no idea what we were doing but it didn't matter. We/I was hooked. Thanks Roger. I am keeping my eyes out for a 1970 or earlier V-21 to turbo-charge as a more money than brains project. Back burner for now, but it would be fun.
  15. 3Di Nordac

    Perhaps this was answered already. Can 3Di be left on the furler or does it need a sacrificial cover. Thanks in advance.