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  1. sail69

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    I started sailing in 69 and had a license plate on my 1980 TR-7 'verte that was "Sail69".
  2. sail69

    WTF with annoying car insurance adverts?

    Boat insurance...not car insurance.
  3. sail69

    TruFuel as reserve tank?

    I get avgas for the generator standby tank and a jerry full for all small engines, especially the outboard. Problem solved.
  4. sail69

    "National Cleavage Day"

    JHC...have you no self restraint?
  5. sail69

    WTF with annoying car insurance adverts?

    And its depreciated replacement costs! Run away and get real insurance.
  6. sail69

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Susan Dey did a damned good job of cute as well....
  7. sail69

    Apps for the elderly

    Bought my 91 yo Dad a "GrandPad". Dang thing is not cheap, but the Grandkids and I are posting, video calling and he loves it.
  8. My 40' C & C was bad too. I thankfully had (have) a short, willing and competent friend /crew.
  9. sail69

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    IMHO...not much from the 50's produced domestically tickled me. They all just seemed so ponderous. Respected for what they represent and as a historical artifact. But aethetically? Ummm....
  10. sail69

    financial question

    Your asking here? As a former financial advisor, your asking a question that all the above answers have not really answered for you. Not in the biz anymore, so PM me if you want another opinion with a bit of basis.
  11. sail69

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    Nope...I currently own a 1971 MGB...with electronic ignition and a conversion to 12 volt the dang thing starts right up in May and runs all season with nary a peep. We get more compliments on that car than our XK8. Kids love it as do adults "I/girlfriend/boyfriend/mother/father/sister/brother had one!"
  12. sail69

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    Even though I am German, I am an anglophile with cars. Respect, but do not covet, Porsches. The Boxster, on the other hand, was different. IMHO one of the nicest driving (balanced) and sounding modern Porsches that has come out of Stuttgart. Flame away when ready. Nothing, however, beats the Jag/Triumph/MG etc exhaust symphony...
  13. sail69

    Random PicThread

    OK, OK. C & C & B & M & T. Doesn't quite roll off the tongue tho...
  14. sail69

    Random PicThread

    Cuthbertson & Cassion....then C & C (& in in Rob Ball)
  15. sail69

    Random PicThread

    If I am not mistaken that's an early C(rash) & C(runch)...