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  1. sail69

    When good designers produce ugly boats.

    Every in-person exchange I read about that involves Larry...he seems to be a bit of a Richard.
  2. Am So is that balsa core I am seeing? Isn't that now saturated from sitting in the water?
  3. sail69


    Been there a few times with my wife and have really enjoyed the usual attractions museums etc. with her. Now will be there a full day alone due to travel logistics. Any suggestions as to what might be interesting and not the usual? Thanks in advance.
  4. WTF...I get it if your there with your Lady and she starts on you (while being stealthy of course...under the table etc.). Ya get caught? Badge of Honor of sorts. But this. Just pathetic.
  5. sail69

    Do you Race in FOG ?? How thick ??

    My rule is that it is fine to caught out there in weather (fog etc), but to intentionally go out there with many other boats in close quarters is well... Racing just aint that important.
  6. sail69

    Mega Millions Lotto Ticket

    "When I win the lottery I'm gonna (fill in the blank)" Even as a kid this statement made me sad. Not only is the lottery a tax on the perpetual purchaser' math skills...more importantly it taxes the the hopes and dreams of folks who might otherwise put their hope and dreams in something tangible that could actually make them money. Like starting a business or focusing on a better career. And in lieu of ending up hounded/bankrupt/harassed/dead as you would with the lottery winnings, when you make money the old fashioned way you usually learn the skills needed to manage and keep what you earned.
  7. sail69

    Just a little FP... wonder ed. is so pissed off all the time. Guess he has never been in a trusting relationship wherein she gropes or grabs you or you her. Lots of fun. As it looks like she and he are having. Christ lighten up snowflake.
  8. sail69

    "National Cleavage Day"

    You better get in line...she is in love with herself.
  9. sail69

    Best Movie Ever

    Dr. Strangelove.
  10. sail69

    "National Cleavage Day"

    And who might this be?
  11. sail69

    Keel WTF...

    Waiting for it...
  12. sail69

    Keel WTF...

    My buddy took this pic in a yard here in New England.
  13. sail69

    Stupid Crew Tricks...

    Stupid crew getting suntan oil over the cabin. WTF!!
  14. sail69

    Stupid Crew Tricks...

    Yup...ya got me.
  15. sail69

    Stupid Crew Tricks...

    Inter-coastal waterway. I run below to take a leak. I look out the port upon hearing some strange noises and notice tree branches brushing the cabin...