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  1. sail69

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Any Amel...
  2. sail69

    Random PicThread

    What is going on in that subway... a protest?
  3. So we decided to do a long weekend here in NE and enjoy the post-Dorian nice weather. For the first time in years we, in lieu of getting a mooring or anchoring, have berthed at a marina. I have forgotten how foreign a land being at a dock is...first the good stuff; Can ignore power consumption. Can ignore water consumption. Can (mostly) ignore weather/sea state while l thinking about disembarking for din-din. Can easily invite guests. Going ashore to do small stuff is so convenient. And now the bad stuff; Expensive. Noooo privacy. Mostly a powerboat world...4 sailboats and dozens of powerboats. Noooo privacy. Loud post-game revelers kept the SO up for many hours. Noooo privacy. Air flow orientation not always ideal. Not an issue now but can be in height of summer and we have never needed A/C, or even fans, while swinging on a mooring ball or anchor. And did I mention no privacy? It was a nice change and fun, but we probably have gotten our fix of this foreign land for a quite awhile.
  4. sail69

    Easy Rider DTS

    My fuzzy memory is depicted by the first clip. That Jack Nicholson is an amazing actor...whilst throughout the film Hopper repeatedly mumbled "heeeey maann" and Fonda stood there looking pretty. Excellent period piece. However. Hopper was incredible in "Blue Velvet". So there is that.
  5. sail69

    Woodstock : Happy Birthday

    Even at 19 years can you enjoy the (admit-tingly amazing) music so far away whilst hungry, cold, dirty, surrounded by filth, tired, cant get a drink (alcoholic or otherwise) , facilities inconvenient if non-existent etc. Even high and stoned can only take you so far for so long. Me thinks the memories gloss over the gory details. Like football. I like my Woodstock in front of a big screen with all the amenities. Or, I'm getting/was always thinking, like an oldster.
  6. Unless a sailboater was negligent in some way (inebriated, reckless operation, negligent operation) isn't this situation akin to being rear-ended and liability clear? And if I rear-ended someone and killed them would not vehicular homicide become an issue? Without clear consequences this continuous negligence will not stop. Geez...before it happens again.
  7. sail69

    Reach legs in PHRF

    ++++++11111 W/L beat up the boat, beat up the crew and are mind-numbing. And as mentioned PHRF ratings assume reaching legs in its rating computation.
  8. I have a 2002 XK8 Coupe with over 230,000 miles on her. Looks and drives great. Fuel pump replaced and the usual fluids. Will be rebuilding the engine/tranny next year and will keep her in the family. I had 2 TR-6s daily drivers (in the NE) and a TR-7 convertible (bought new in 1980) which I took across the country and back. Perfect? No but a few little things here and there were worth the driving experience. This anti-British car thing is old news, and from my observations, the over-engineered German marques are the trouble. That and no soul. No thanks. Like kissing your cousin.
  9. sail69

    I'm your Captain (aka Skipper)

    I "nudged" aside a dufus (not the owner but his friend) off the helm of a 25' powerboat...after he rammed the dock twice head-on trying to dock the boat. My future wife was on-board and at the time I didn't give a crap what he thought. He was appreciative of being relieved of duty though.
  10. sail69

    Small boat for older sailor

    I see your location is the East Coast. Cape Dory Typhoons are not the fastest boats around, but very forgiving and easy to handle in weather. Built well etc... FWIW, IMHO with a back injury, fast may not be best. Good luck!
  11. sail69

    Dock rash...

    Ultimately Awlgrip is not blend-friendly. Hence the evolution of Awlcraft...Alexseal etc. Do your best and don't sweat the aesthetics. Enjoy the season.
  12. sail69

    boating dumbfuckery

    good looking boat..unlike the "Futura" deck which was hideous...not our boat but same look;
  13. sail69

    boating dumbfuckery

    Which Seafarer...? We had a 1972 24' fin keel (first one built). Lots O memories...