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  1. sail69

    Expedition To The Ege...

    Like watching a slo-mo train wreck. Anybody else watching it?
  2. sail69

    Used boat with rod rigging have a C & C right? Can you PM me? Thanks.
  3. So I finally (knew there was small fuel leak somewhere around there somewhere) found a little fog of fuel leaking at the high pressure pump at the point of where one of the fuel lines attach to the pump. Before I dive into the repair manual and make a mess, any experiences with this? I believe I tightened the bolts correctly…but you never know. Engine running fine otherwise. Thanks in advance.
  4. sail69

    Gluing batten to Tape Drive Sail...

    Thanks Raked...I have an almot full can of 3M spray adhesive for auto trim I bought when I put a new top on the MG. Perfect use.
  5. sail69

    Water tank cleaning

    Bleach...yup. Let sit in lines for 3-4 hours. Rinse. Repeat. Look online for bleach to water ratio. I have also reached inside inspection ports (if do not have install if can) with a long handled brush and went to town.
  6. Making a door awning for the Better Half with old sail materials. What glue is best for outdoor resistance when gluing a fibreglss batten to what I believe is Mylar film on a UK Tape Drive sail? Thanks in advance.
  7. sail69

    Rescue in Greece 24AUG

    Amazing ship handling skills. Kudos to Captain and crew. (And really bad parenting. WTF)
  8. sail69

    whats up with West Marine?

    Stupid question. Why? Thanks in advance.
  9. sail69


    I dropped Boat/US and Geico because of depreciated claims. Read the fine print. 20% of replacement costs on older boats does not work for me. And they did the carrier change without notice. Read the fine print.
  10. sail69

    Geriatric Tablet Setup. . .

    I bought my Dad a GrandPad for Christmas. He is 92 and loving it. I know I overpaid, but it is simple and he and the grandkids use it.
  11. sail69

    Do your crew just quit trying?

    Ajax. Yep this. When my son moved on so did the crew, at my request. I concluded I was running an expensive adult day care operation and now fly solo, unless one of my kids can hop on. All of the fun, none of the BS and expense.
  12. sail69

    Ethanol and outboard carbs

    I buy AVGas fromm the local airport. $6 a gallon and no problems. Make 1, maybe two trips a year with jerrys. Use it for standby fuel for generator also. Screw ethanol.
  13. sail69

    Random PicThread

    South Station, Boston.
  14. sail69

    Random PicThread

    Was lucky enough to discover WLIR in the early 80's. Wow the music that came out of that station. Was like nothing else at the time.
  15. sail69

    Sailing to Maine. Outside Route

    I have traversed to Maine via the CCC dozens of times. And once outside from ACK. It was wonderful and different. Popped the chute outside Pollocks and Bobs Your Uncle! So pretty and quiet. Of everbody, save the odd fisherman.. Choose your weather obviously, but I highly recommend trying it at least once.