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  1. If you are not a great mechanic have the shaft alignment done by a professional. I have rebuilt and re-powered engines (all except block) and leave that bit of voodoo to those who do that so well. Starter rebuilt? Do it now and do not send to a marine rebuilder. Starters are simple beasts that can be rebuilt by land-oriented shops for $200 or so. Cheap insurance to make sure your new engine actually starts. In that same vein...has the alternator been looked at? The fuel injectors? While you are at it and not big bucks to make sure all is well. And as mentioned...if you can remove all fuel, scrub out tank that would be a bonus. After all of the money already spent...cheap insurance for a smooth and starting runner.
  2. Good on you and your jumping in with both feet. Your boat is a rather simple affair and with a little mechanical and google research acumen you should be able to muddle your way through most of what needs to be done. Part of the fun is learning new skills that will be useful in the future. There may be a Clipper owners group that would helpful to you in specifics.
  3. RIB is the way to go. And my back is not worth the risk of humping around a 4 cycle 8 hp. Only on passages where weather exposure is imminent will I bother. Never had a problem with the RIBs towing with the engine in coastal cruising. Soft bottoms OTOH...smaller 4 hp 2 cycle is the largest I go. An inflatable repair center said tow the inflatable via the transom. Two eye/U bolts on transom with painters coming forward through a guide loop to keep the bow centered. Tried it and it worked but got the RIB before I had time to experiment and see if it made a real difference in snotty conditions. My dinghy's gear (fuel tanks, jackets etc) are all secured so if she did flip its the least of my worries.
  4. Re-watching Frasier from start to finish. Smart and and laugh out loud funny .
  5. As a certified teacher you would presume these are not dumb women. But Holy Mother of God...trusting your career/life to a knucklehead testosterone filled kid to not spill the beans/get caught is just ludicrous. What dumb-asses. Especially since most of women can get laid anywhere anytime. Gotta be a power trip. And a lame one at that. That being said from 18 years old on I regularly "dated" women 2-15 years older than I. All good.
  6. I am a big fan of Schaefer Marine. Bullet proof, self installing and reasonably priced Had on on my Bristol 30.
  7. I believe it was his MBA thesis...he based the business and the design of boats on maximizing how many he could fit on a shipping trailer and thereby keeping the costs down.
  8. My 1981 C & C 40 was built with a Yanmar 3QM30...the Atomics were phased out in the late 70's
  9. Nope...its actually very comfortable here in Buzzards-Bay-land. We get humidity but not to the same extent as others. Haze? No more than anywhere else and I would say less so. All anecdotal of course. But I have lived and sailed here for over 25 years and have no desire to move for better climes Not anecdotal is that Smokin' S'Wester refers to wind. Every afternoon around 1ish (plus or minus) it (15 knots +) comes in. And depending on the current and where you are its a lot more than 1' wave/chop. Annoying at times..a pain in the a_ _ other times. An example of dangerous is when in the afternoon you exit out of the Cape Cod Canal into the bay with an ebbing canal current. Standing 5' (measurement was never a priority when going through so I can stand corrected) breakers that slow most everyone to a crawl. Solid water from bow to dodge etc. That all being said. Time your passages and you have some of the greatest cruising grounds within a days sail.
  10. Had a Honda Accord that went over 400k...but my wife's Mazda 6 is as good, more driving fun, cheaper used and just as reliable. 150k and nothing ever wrong with it.
  11. I am by no means any kind of expert but I tried roll and tip (brush) with one part (Brightside) and got the same result on my wateline stripes. By accident I found that a good foam roller lightly skimming the surface to remove bubbles instead of a brush worked wonders. And using 10% thinner.
  12. "knowing the chop of Buzzard's Bay in the prevailing southwesterly breeze, I'm reasonably convinced that a full-keel (or, technically, modified fin with attached rudder) vessel is the right choice for me in terms of seaworthiness and fool-proof-ness" Having sailed in this area for over 20 years... The ability to reduce sail and/or a stable boat in this area is a must...although I differ with favoring a full keel/attached rudder vs a full fin/spade. I had a Bristol 30 and thought it...well ...a pig. Could not go to weather in a chop and it liked to heel right over. I now happily cruise a fin/spade combo. As to outboard/inboard and the ability to punch through the notorious BB/Natucket/Vineyard Sound washing machines. Those bodies of water can combine current and wind that can stop/slow many a larger boat in their tracks with inboards in situations in which sail is not the best option. There is nothing worse, or perhaps unsafe, than hearing that spinning prop noise (to say nothing of its ill effect on the outboard) every few seconds when you are trying to get from point A to point B at maybe 1 knot. Find a boat with a outboard well (as earlier suggested) with a long shaft and a properly pitched prop (for torque) or get an inboard (and suck up the maintenance) and you will have much less stress (getting to where you need to be with skittish guest/girlfriends) and have fun while using it during the all too short season.
  13. We won our class in the Bermuda 1-2 in 1999 which included a light air 6 1/2 day return. People were shocked it could actually move in light air. I liked it. Lots of room down below and its posture was all business. Good choice and good luck!
  14. We won the ugly spinnaker award with this 1980s work of art.
  15. Look for boats in the 15k - 20k range. You like it. Tell them you do and offer 10k because it's all ya got. They say no. You walk and probably get a call within a month or two asking you to take it. That is, of course, dependent of known or unknown motivating factors: how long boat on market, divorce, second boat etc etc.. Some folks rather see their beloved boat used and loved than sitting around. Not always a money issue. Geez...some owner in a neighboring town was giving away a nice 1970s vintage C & C 30 advertised in the local paper...as long as it went to a deserving caretaker...