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  1. Secret Experiment

    Launceston to Hobart

    ABC = SBS (Sydney Broadcasting Service). They think Paramatta is regional NSW and Tasmania is where they send foreign correspondents, if they had the funds now for foreign correspondents which they don't.
  2. Secret Experiment

    Not So Pretty Mary - Front Page

    Great picture, great part of the world. So's Schuouten Island and surrounds for that matter.
  3. Secret Experiment

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Mallory and Irvine come to mind as well.
  4. Secret Experiment

    brazilian style parking

    I see what you did there, well done!
  5. Secret Experiment

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    "this is becoming a puzzle"!!!!! Masterful understatement, and not quite how I would have put it at the time.....
  6. Secret Experiment

    Trangia v Origo v Maxie -3 Metho stoves v 1.5 pints of water

    that's true, but at least you can put out a (smallish) metho fire by pouring water on it - isn't that what the kettle full of water is really there for?
  7. Secret Experiment

    Trangia v Origo v Maxie -3 Metho stoves v 1.5 pints of water

    Nah, the Maxie isn't pressurised, it's gravity fed. They're great stoves in my opinion. Dylan, probably best to not add too much more metho during the pre-heat, at least until the priming flame is on the ebb. But if you do, do it at night, the resulting rivers of fire can be spectacular (ask me how I know this!).
  8. Secret Experiment

    Cock of the Bay origin?

    From "Trading ketch races were a feature of many local regattas, particularly the Royal Hobart Regatta until 1954. The ketch race at the Royal Hobart Regatta was known as the Cock of the Derwent Race and there was intense rivalry between the ketches when they raced for the honour of flying the Golden Cock".
  9. Secret Experiment

    Cock of the Bay origin?

    In Hobart back in the day when fishing boats and trading ketches were sail powered they would race around the cans in the regatta. The winner got the right to fly a rooster shaped device at the masthead for a year. At least that's how I understand it. Alternatively, Errol Flynn was a Hobart boy around then, the race might have been named after him?
  10. Secret Experiment


  11. Secret Experiment

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Holy Sherlock, amazing what whoever wrote this thinks they can deduce from an accent. Wouldn't work in Oz, the Land of the Cashed Up Bogan.
  12. Secret Experiment

    Kayak, Sit in or on?

    Here's a couple... Or, Point taken that surf skis are not necessarily practical for anything other than surf (they're looooong, for a start!).
  13. Secret Experiment

    Dinghy Adventure Anarchy

    This fellow sailed (and rowed and dragged) his Mirror dinghy from the UK to the Black Sea, over 4,000 kms. The book's good lock-down reading, by the way.
  14. Secret Experiment

    Diesel Engine Delete

    Agreed. I worked in a lab once that kept a continuously topped up 500 liter plastic tank full of distilled water in a dimly lit 4 degree C cool room. The little buggers even grew in that, where they got their nutrition from I have no idea.
  15. Secret Experiment

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    ^^^^How is that even possible?