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  1. Secret Experiment

    A request regarding acronyms & abbreviations

    Back in the days when I was teaching neuroscience, there was always somebody who discovered that the neurotransmitter NMDA was really......
  2. Secret Experiment

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    There's more to Oz than Queensland you know.
  3. Secret Experiment

    Die! Die! Die!

    Totally agree. It's possible too that they were tolerated for a bit longer than sanity would have suggested because of the sheer amount of room they offered down below - particularly in the tumblehome era. Nothing like some of the quarter and half tonners which offered spacious accommodation for five plus the beer for the weekend away. Try that in your Farr 30 or whatever.
  4. Secret Experiment

    Australian Sailing

    Very sad, and beyond disappointing if it was indeed arson. I've heard that the front section might be saved, hope this is the case (and that the insurance policies were in place). When the dust settles, should a rebuilding fund be established, I'd want to contribute something, time or money or both (if the virus leaves me with either!).
  5. Secret Experiment

    Covid 19 AIS game

    Nah, that's WOXII in training for the 2020 Hobart.
  6. Yep, baking bread on the boat is too easy. I cruised on a 30-ish footer and found you could bake the loaf easily on the stove top. Put the dough in a ss saucepan with the handle taken off, then put this in a really heavy pot with a lid. The lid shouldn't be airtight, it's just to keep the heat in, I used an old pressure cooker with no rubber seals but a casserole dish would do. The saucepan should sit on a small grid to keep it off the hot bottom. This worked well on a metho stove, baked the bread, crispy top and all, in about 40'. Oh, and it goes without saying the best place to prove the dough is in the engine compartment while underway. The faint tang of diesel in the bread adds authenticity and provenance.
  7. Secret Experiment

    Australian Sailing

    Oops, my bad. For the accuracy of the record, I haven't ever seen your Sabre, would loved to have done but you were always sailing in the big boats when we had the chance to go head to head (did I really write that???). I heard a rumour the 2022 Nationals were going to be at Midway Point (not 100% but was from a good source)?? How about you get some physio for your back and I'll save up for the boat ticket and we can have a friendly race or two!!
  8. Secret Experiment

    Australian Sailing

    Do my eyes deceive me, a poster with a handle and avatar referencing pirate eye* and a poster with a handle "Abbo" going hammer and tongs for the high moral ground? On SA? Never, couldn't happen here. When's the footy starting again? *pirate eye cumming into a girls eye then kicking her shin. Therefore she will be hoping around on one leg and one eye closed screaming argh!
  9. Secret Experiment

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Can well believe it. Saw a lady come out of Woollies the other day, mask on, disposable gloves, all good so far. She had a bag of groceries in one hand, and an unwrapped chocolate bar in the other. She approached the pedestrian crossing. Problem - how to press the button? Easy, she pulled down her mask, popped the bar between her front teeth to hold it, pressed the button, and with the same hand she used on the button retrieved the chockie and proceeded to eat it. She may as well have licked the button. Not saying she's an idiot, she's just normal. Having had the odd couple of years doing sterile culture and so on, I know how hard it is to break the habits of a lifetime and to keep the germs out of where they don't belong.
  10. Secret Experiment

    Keel Modification - Who Can I Call?

    How long do you ideally want it to stay attached?
  11. Secret Experiment

    Covid-19 Mask Anarchy

    Companies that normally make CPAP devices for sleep apnoea are now converting to make basic ventilators. Hopefully not too many components need to come from China.......
  12. Secret Experiment

    The races must go on.

    Maybe a bit of perspective might help. Here is a recent communication about the estimated/predicted mortality rate published a couple of days ago in Lancet. Nonetheless, I still fully intend to go sailing (in my single handed dinghy!). Fully crewed boat, nah.
  13. Secret Experiment

    How to plane in moderate air?

    Bugger the boats, is that a UFO?
  14. Secret Experiment

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    Channeling Dylan Thomas?
  15. Secret Experiment

    Australian Sailing

    Couta, I'd like to "like" your post, but there's nothing in the content to like (other than good on your mate for telling them to get stuffed).