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  1. Secret Experiment

    From the FP: les monstres

    Probably just me, but I found the les monstres video clip totally irritating. How to fuck up some perfectly good footage with over the top production.
  2. Secret Experiment

    The Spirit of Sailing - Elvstrom

    "A lot more tiller-wiggling than I expected, especially in the shots of the Finn" Yes, my thoughts exactly.
  3. Secret Experiment

    Calculating Bevels

    Me too.
  4. Secret Experiment

    holy christ!

    I thought I was the only one who sailed in regrettas.
  5. Secret Experiment

    Sobering accident report

    Thanks for the posting, always important to read these reports. There's much to learn from a careful forensic investigation into complex incidents like this. If there are issues with the equipment, design, 600 kg booms, whatever, it is important to identify these. I think some of the comments here about the crew response to the incident are a bit tough. To respond perfectly, or even just "well" in circumstances like this is a tall order. The military understand this and hence their crew undergo unending, repetitive and microscopically managed training to enable them to cope. Even then, it can and does go wrong - plenty of recent examples from our friends in the navy to demonstrate this. What is the expectation for a crew of amateurs with essentially no training? No, I'm not advocating compulsory training for cruising sailors. It's up to the individual, as long as they understand the risk, and understand that sometimes stuff happens. It's just that I'm not sure what my response would have been in such a situation, or that of many people I sail offshore with.
  6. Secret Experiment

    Super Foilers

    +10000 Anarchy is a SC33, or whatever it was, ffs.
  7. Secret Experiment

    Australian Yachting Championship 2019

    Well, whatever else, you'll have twice the head count in Tassie you'd expect otherwise.
  8. Interesting message today from Marine and Safety Tasmania via Australian Sailing. It's self explanatory. I've never seen anything like this before in a sailboat context but, with a bit of reflection, it's all as it should be. Better check my insurance policy before I go sailing again, methinks. Sails Overboard – message from MaST February 6, 2018 Dear clubs and boat owners and sailors Please see the below message from Marine and Safety Tasmania (MaST): “Hope all the races into Hobart went well and that all the hard work from the Volunteers was well received by participants. Something that may be worth considering for this year’s races or any indeed race around the coast. A spinnaker from one of the Sydney Hobart fleet was lost over the side. A fishing boat near Tasman got it caught around the shaft on the 30 December and has done a fair amount of damage. We have seen the sail and ID from the sail number. The owner of the yacht has been notified and put in touch with the fishing boat owner. I think it essential that if this occurs in Tassie waters that we are notified so a Notice to Mariners can be issued. It appears up to 10k damage has occurred to the fishing boat. Considering issues with other marine debris we need to be consistent. Can race organisers be notified so perhaps such an issue can be part of the sailing instructions.” Supplied by Marine and Safety Tasmania (MaST)
  9. Secret Experiment

    2017 Rules Rule 69

    Suppose some Americans come over to Oz and say they're rooting for us?
  10. Secret Experiment

    And another "lost sailor"

    Great story! When I was a student, organic chemistry was owned by central Europeans. Sadly, many now dead from liver cancer. The days of distilling benzene et al on the bench with some nice asbestos insulation around the retort stand are long gone.
  11. Secret Experiment

    Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    Not meaning to hijack the conversation, but these events are certainly raising the profile of the US navy, for better or for worse. It was a topic on local morning radio in Hobart, Tasmania, with a well informed host interviewing an expert from the nearby maritime college.
  12. Secret Experiment

    Port tack reaching start

    After the whiney-whiney of the FP there is sunshine on this site!
  13. Secret Experiment

    Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    From the start I've always wondered if there was a complicating factor why the Skipper was in his cabin, given the proximity to other ships, the TSS etc. Is there any chance he was sick or incapacitated before the incident? What would the US navy do during normal operations if the Skipper became sick, continue on with the next-in-line, or high tail it back to port? I suppose it depends on a million factors. Incidentally, I can see that my speculation doesn't address why there wasn't an alarm that would have got him back on deck, unless there was, and he was really, really incapacitated.
  14. Secret Experiment

    Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    That's because it's TOM the Cabin Boy. Every four year old knows this.
  15. Secret Experiment

    USS Fitzgerald collision with container ship

    Maybe, except you'd expect the skipper to be on the bridge in that scenario?