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  1. BillDBastard

    Not to hijack ...but you favorite 3 quirky movies

    Au contraire mon ami, I have indeed read all five books in the trilogy. One should not expect most movies to capture the mastery of the written word in the hands of someone so eloquent and warped as Douglas Adams. That said I think they made an honest attempt to capture his slant and flavor. Far better than the TV series, which I found unwatchable.
  2. BillDBastard

    Inter Collegiate Regatta

    In reality, you could not be farther off the mark.
  3. BillDBastard

    Hey Racists, Suck On This

    Was reading an interesting piece on this subject. Seems Ms. Warren's % of Native American is on the order of 1/1032 - 1/1064, or there abouts. This is apparently about half what the average is for those of white European ancestry. I find that most comical, that she is in the lower 50 percentile of white Euros WRT NA ancestry. Talk about falling flat on her pale face speaking with forked tongue.
  4. BillDBastard

    Best Movie Ever

    Personally, Casablanca, hands down. The Great Escape fits the bill. The Shinning is pretty damn good. Apollo 13 is in the mix. No one mentioned Wind?..... Sorry, my bad.
  5. BillDBastard

    Not to hijack ...but you favorite 3 quirky movies

    I gave up on doing my work. Cases not due until tomorrow...... Besides, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie is on in a few, might have to watch that for the 112th time.
  6. BillDBastard

    Not to hijack ...but you favorite 3 quirky movies

    You all live sheltered lives! Eraser Head Pervis (aka All Dressed in Rubber) Greaser's Palace Now those are off the wall movies!!!
  7. BillDBastard

    Inter Collegiate Regatta

    I'm not sure you know who is who and what is what John.
  8. BillDBastard

    Songs/Groups that Suck but You Still Played Them

    Then there is gem by Chris Spedding. Apologies to Speedo....
  9. BillDBastard


    I'll bet you could get it cheap too Snag-o-rama.
  10. BillDBastard

    Better than the french toast girl?

    Wise words Snaggipotomus, wise words. One thing that can screw your whole game plan is making comparisons...……………...
  11. BillDBastard


    Just history repeating itself, no? Al has a way of changing like the tide in his affiliations. Has something todo with making money from a given situation.
  12. BillDBastard

    Inter Collegiate Regatta

    Not remembering them correctly Snagapopolis cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme?
  13. BillDBastard

    Inter Collegiate Regatta

    Oh my, I didn't realize you have been so involved. Was that back in The Corinthians era or The Storm Trysail era? Someone you might remember from back in the day at City Island Yacht Club got me involved. You remember Foster Tallman? I acted as coach for 8-9 events, lent one of my boats for 3 others, used one of my boats as a spectator/family boat for several cycles. Vice-chaired the event three years and ran/chaired it for three others. Funny you would think I would have seen you there! DICK! lol
  14. Interesting. So after 9.11 when commercial airlines were grounded for 72 hours we are convinced that we can extrapolate decades, if not centuries, of projections based on that? I find that suspect as I would think the effects from contrails would take a good deal longer to dissipate enough to show an appreciable, accurate and scalable change. So as doing a little due diligence or my own research I searched for similar articles/ studies and found one remarkable similar, if not the same one simply being cited in another article. This was from something called Global News. In that article I found this quote, "In 2004, NASA scientist Patrick Minnis wrote that “increased cirrus coverage, attributable to air traffic, could account for nearly all of the warming observed over the United States for nearly 20 years starting in 1975.”" This struck me of course in that Mr. Minnis is all but declaring that climate change is not all of mankind and his/her associated activities, but targets specifically two things, one being air travel. From his short cite in this article it would suggest that if we downed all air traffic our troubles are over. This, I must confess is wonderful news. Deserves its own headline really, GLOBAL WARMING, SOLVED!!! The second, and this is something I have long been curious about, and that is the effects of not what we identify as Global Warming Gases or Greenhouse Gases, but rather Mr. Minnis has made it relatively clear, that the causing agent in the meteoric rise of global temps is not actually carbon dioxide or methane or any number of the other "usual suspects", but water vapor. That the primary driver is H2O, that while other gases posses potentials, the true culprit is water in our atmosphere. I am surprised folks so inclined to educate us on climate change seem to overlook this. Another interesting tid-bit from that same article. "In a 2005 paper, physicist Robert Noland of Imperial College London suggested that restricting airliners to 31,000 feet, and 24,000 feet in winter, could reduce the formation of contrails. Though lower-flying planes would be less fuel-efficient, Noland argued that the increased fuel consumption would be more than made up for by less contrail-linked clouds as a cause of global warming." I think we owe these gentlemen a debt of gratitude. BTW, I think a good deal of you good people tend to confuse weather and climate. Citing weather events as proof positive of climate change a bit of a non sequitur. Citation for the above information;