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  1. Thank you John McCain

    So allow me to fully understand the OP's POV, 'God Bless the man who brought Sarah Palin into the national spotlight.' Am I close? Upon pondering this for a few minutes, I do see where you are coming from.
  2. Bowman and start line distance calling issues

    Let me get this right. You, the tactician, and the helm, are habitually clueless as to where the line is and you come on this place and blame the bowman? Do I have that correct? You really should be ashamed of yourself. Bowman ain't drivin' and bowman ain't calling the shots in the box. All he/she is doing is trying to give you jacks some idea about how far off the line you are. He/she is the stop gap trying to stop the two of you from making fools out of the entire boat. Go out, pick a mark and note a transit. (A transit is something on shore that when lined up with the mark, pin or boat, tells you right where the line is, in case that wasn't clear). Then practice your time to the line. It ain't rocket science. Here is another suggestion, if you are bow out on the fleet, chances are you might be a wee bit early. Fack me. Complains that they keep going OCS at the pin.... and blames bow. YCVMTSU
  3. Trophy Vendors - Any Recommendations?

    As Dopo and Beardsley have mentioned, Penny Langone is the go to person for yacht racing trophies. A sailor herself, knows the score.
  4. 8 Bells for George Cuthbertson

    George Cuthbertson changed sailing forever and really does not get the credit he rightly deserves. His designs, of those he mentored designs, change the concept of what a modern boat was. With George Hinterhoeller, Erich Bruckmann and Bill Goman these guys revolutionized yacht design and construction in ways that cause or ushered in the modern era of boatbuilding. Thank you Mr. Cuthbertson.
  5. Potential new Beneteau 36.7 Owner

    Feel of helm is an issue to some degree. There is a legal way to change the steering ratio. Described on the 367 website. IIRC it is 1.3:1 std and 1.1:1 mod. More feel with the 1.1:1. Dog slow downwind and it is crushing on the racetrack. A Code Zero/3 Asym hybrid is mandatory for sailing angles. There are/were 2 boats on Long Island Sound that were dominate. One called Whirlwind owned by a fella named Bill Purdy which had the short course W/L down pat. The other was called Shooting Star owned by a fella named Steve Cain and had the long course Distance/Coastal stuff nailed. Both boats were yearly seasonal trophies winners for the better part of a decade. If I were in the market and these boats ticked all my boxes, I would reach out to these two owners and ask them the recipe for success.
  6. American YC Fall Series and Leukemia Cup

    Well I don't know. Rules should be enforced. I agree that Revelation went about this wrong. That said PB brought in what is clearly a very good driver. Lots of people want the best driver onboard to drive, right? But PB should have asked for a waiver from the local 105 class. They did this a few years back to allow some non-owning pros to race on the boats that needed help getting up to speed, so there is precedent for such a waiver. Short of that wavier PB should probably retire. Next thing you know some might think its okay to get pulled off the beach and continue racing!
  7. ORR in Long Island

    I'm sorry, I don't follow. What exactly is the question? You are conflating that if IRC is dead with why those boats do not race any more..... do I have that correct? I am not sure there is a linear comparison or conclusion. Folks don't really set out to race under a given rule so much as they race under the rule that is given. No?
  8. ORR in Long Island

    Well that is a bit..... simplistic. I think anyone who has played the game for any length of time well understands that the trick to any measurement rule is to exploit/optimize particular aspects of said rule. To gain a competitive advantage. It is little more than tweaking skillsets, playing to strengths. In that regard, at least as things are currently administered, PHRF is no different. This notion that PHRF is somehow Mickey Mouse is a bit off base. Measurement rules all suffer the same fate. Boats get optimized to the Nth degree and inevitably folks just say "enough is enough". Whether it is wooden keels and all their lead in the bilge or bumps or ugly sailing characteristics being magnified as an advantage, all measurements die the exact same way pretty much. PHRF comes at the problem in a unique way in that through observation of empirical data one can arrive at a handicap to even the playing field. The rule has been distorted greatly with the advent of credits because you now are making a judgement call as to the value of certain aspects of sail inventory, equipment and accommodations. These then become exploitable. Remove that aspect, weight limits, cruising credits, sail limitations, all the nonsense and get back to a rating based on performance and it eliminates those macerations. As funny as this is going to sound PHRF may be the perfect rule but as an old friend used to say, "A stallion by committee becomes a camel". Most apt with PHRF. If you want to fix PHRF, have only a data collector/non-sailor issue ratings.
  9. ORR in Long Island

    IRC is dead. Yes it is still strong in parts of Europe. It is based on Channel Handicap System which has been around going on 4 decades, which is a good run. However in LIS, which this thread is about IRC is dead and I doubt no matter how hard anyone wishes it can be resuscitated. I hear the IOR was once popular too!
  10. Vineyard Race 2017

    "Luke, I am your Father." Leave my SO out of this please. "Snaggletooth cannot receive messages. "
  11. a question for those in the know about sail trim

    Bring back the red band!
  12. ORR in Long Island

    Ummmm, because IRC is dead? Just a wild guess. ORR, IIRC, is Americap, which is IMS, which is MHS. MHS was the end all be all...... but proved to be too cumbersome and needed some tweaking......which went pear shaped. In theory ORR is getting back to the original mission..... in theory. And again, IIRC (hey it was decades ago....like the 1980's) MHS was based on a big ship program that predicted how fast that shaped ship could go given a certain amount of horsepower. It has merit but the conversion was proving difficult. It also allowed for varying windspeeds and angles, which proved unmanageable and somewhat subjective. BIRW 1980 (IIRC) it took days before the results were published! But it has merit in is base concept and thus keeps getting revisited. The trick, IMHO, is that the wind and angle data sort of needs to be recorded for each boat and the theoretical time calculated Then the theoretical divided by the actual elapsed to get a performance percentage..... the highest percentage of theoretical wins. Easy-peasy. The rub has always been implementation and the accommodations to make this work.
  13. Vineyard Race 2017

    Remindme of a punshling.... "rectum??? Nearly killed 'em!"
  14. Vineyard Race 2017

    That schitz nasty. I don't noe how anijuan could drink it. Always gave me a pounding hangover.
  15. ORR in Long Island

    Hand out more credits. Maybe spend the dues on a promotional campaign.