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  1. BillDBastard

    Just what *is* our (USA) foreign policy?

    Ummm, I have a question for you folks, when people are incarcerated, do they actually have "family wards" in prisons? I think Trump plays his cards close to the vest. He is a pragmatic whose negotiating philosophy is to keep the opposition off balance to achieve the best deal possible.. Bit of a shocker for all of you who perhaps preferred the style of John Kerry and Barack Obama.... ala the Iran Deal?
  2. BillDBastard

    Suggestions for a Maine/RI Hurricane Hole

    Could be. Years back a friend had a hurricane mooring back in there. Free for us to use so long as he wasn't on it. So the only storm we weathered there, we were on his mooring. Weathered a nasty blow, several actually, in Vineyard Haven... which isn't so bad but for the number of boats and a bit of lump. Mid 70's the Harbor Master arranged for 35 or so boats to transit the draw bridge into Lagoon Pond. Sand bottom, soft landing if things go pear shaped and tons of room IIRC. Fetch is a bit of an issue but it is otherwise well protected. One thing I clearly remember is that boat was covered in a redish silica from the bluffs that coated the boats. Nothing soap and water could cure though.
  3. BillDBastard

    Mast tune, fractional, 3 spreaders swept back?

    Just a general comment but if you have wobbly shrouds to leeward yer mast ain't straight. It may be uniform, but not straight. If you got a jack why would you not be adding bricks if your leeward shrouds are soft?
  4. BillDBastard

    Suggestions for a Maine/RI Hurricane Hole

    Buzzards Bay, Hadley's Inner Harbor behind Bull Island. Cape Cod, maybe Sandwich. Down East, Somes Sound.
  5. And off we go!!!!!
  6. Well those are some very lovely renditions of a truly spectacular song. But if you guys want to go a different direct.....