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  1. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    Well that's George Samalot for ya, wearing two hats in the past. Thank goodness he is gone. He got me at the whining about his 30 bucks being spent frivolously on other skippers' crew when he won't get off his ass and take his own crew to the annual awards. <sarc>My guess is he gripes constantly about not being able to find good crew either. I hear that Capri 22 is a sweet but challenging ride. <sarc> Hey I hear there's a form, that didn't take long (wink), who drew it up and more Importantly, where do I get a copy so I can challenge Bill's Sock Puppet's sweetheart rating? I mean his job was to protect that gift but he couldn't cut the workload in the off season...... WTF! The next mission Grasshopper, create a poll and send it out to the owners that asks them to list 3 boats that have a gift rating and three boats, not their own, that have a hard rating. I figure if that were to happen it would become very clear, very quickly what the dozen worst ratings in WLIS are, one way or the other. Then set about fixing them tout suite. The last big challenge is to fix the scaling issue, that is gonna take a bit more consideration. What was it Sherlock Holmes said about a problem requiring several bowls to figure out?
  2. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    Or the witty banter.
  3. Next up - McCabe?

    Hmmm, interesting. So your take is those who answer to "God's Calling" do so as a means to find someone else to assign responsibility to and the rest of the world follow suit? Do I have that right? The Faithful think it is all God's plan and the rest of the world thinks the problems of all are directly related to a notion that others are believers. That is curious. So the reality is, as you frame it, that believers and non-believers mostly believe the same thing.... with one gapping exception, whether or not there is or is not some Supreme Being. They both believe that God is the reason. Very interesting.
  4. Next up - Mueller?

    I think the reality is both parties are in the process of re-inventing themselves. There is clear turmoil in both with old guard types fleeing, winds of change and shift about as they try to figure out their way to a future. Doubt this? Lamb won in PA.
  5. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    Well I must applaud you for finally realizing you are well off the reservation and have decided to bow out of a thread that really has nothing to do with you. I am sure the LoHudYRA will be most pleased if you follow through on your threat not to join this coming season, most pleased.
  6. Rating question

    Would not both also be a correct answer? Is in not all relative Snaggipooh??
  7. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    Why would I be upset? I don't sail up the river. Why do you care? You paid in 30 bucks? And you admittedly do not participate in the annual awards, too embarrassing for you perhaps. So the complaining is for what then? If it isn't where your portion of the 30 bucks is being spent, which you contradict with your follow up regarding how many plates were subsidized, then what is YOUR issue> Now if I were a member up your way, and I paid my 30 bucks and then could bring all my crew instead of the core because the good folks who run your local YRA gave a portion of your dues back in the form of subsidizing the annual awards dinner, I would be most pleased. Heck they could have spent it on paper, ink, printers, computers and to cover their out of pocket expenses that they undoubtedly incurred at their volunteer job. Instead they in essence gave it back to the rank and file members who participate............ and you bitch about it. It's all about you isn't it, YOU, YOU, YOU, well as an old friend of mine once accurately observed (and brought the house down doing so) "The are 3 U's in SHUT THE FUK UP!" I won't cite an attribution, he knows who he is baby.
  8. National Debt Hits $21 Trillion

    Which is why some prefer States Rights over a large federal bureaucracy. We have a spending problem, not a revenue generation problem.
  9. Next up - McCabe?

    And you are the arbiter of that? It is for you to judge others in such a way? Interesting.
  10. Next up - McCabe?

    You sir. Your post suggests that folks go to Sunday Meeting House to fill up on stupid. So I ask of you, are you blaming God? It is a curious and odd statement in any event.
  11. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    You really are as clueless as people say you are, aren't you? LoHudYRA entire budget is barely over 2.5k, run on a shoestring and the sweat of volunteers. Of that you pay a whopping 30 bucks and do squat to lend a hand. 30 bucks so you can race your Capri 22 in a handful of events.... what does that work out to per race sir? Hmmm? And you demand answers? Get real and stop your bitchin' Other people are in there hauling the mail so you can sail in some friendly competition and all you contribute to it is to whine online and take those who do the work away from having a beer after they sail. Go start your own thread please.
  12. Musical Trivia Quiz

    Well golly,all you needed to do was search for Ian & Sylvia and Jerry Garcia mate!
  13. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    I'm a giver. As I often say to people who like to raise such concerns, "You're gonna make a great committee member!"
  14. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    I hear the President of LoHudYRA is off skiing this weekend with a hand full of monies he grabbed out of the till...... albeit there wasn't a great deal left after the Chief Rater got done pilfering the treasury!...... all $2.50 of it that was left over from the year. BTW Hershey, I have been in touch with the President of YRALIS who also acts as Chair of the YRALIS PHRF Committee. I explained to him that LoHudYRA is using PHRF ratings gleaned from the YRALIS PHRF Database without paying for a certificate. He said that will need to change and plans to speak with your area president So it looks like your yearly dues will be going from $30 to somewhere north of $120. Nice job there buddy. Anything else you want me to look into for you? The three of you can thank me later with a beer.
  15. Next up - McCabe?

    So you blame God?