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  1. Anti-Ballistic Missile Anarchy

    PB, question. If I recall you were in the military and are or were in the emergency service "industry". Can you offer insight into how a state goes about knowing if they are under attack from a terrorist organization, rogue or enemy state? Is that information something that likely should be disseminated from a federal agency as they are the ones charged in the US Constitution to defend our borders? Understanding that 5-0 is only one of two states in the past hundred years to be attacked by a foreign entity with further understanding that Japan sneak attacked Pearl Harbor and as such Hawaii might have their own civil defense system. Don't know the particulars but if you or anyone else with knowledge of who ultimately is charged with suck responsibility, it would be of interest. I always thought this sort of thing was the privy was under the domain of Strategic Air Command.
  2. Anti-Ballistic Missile Anarchy

    Correct me if I am wrong here but was this system not just brought back on line? Was not the reasoning for doing so that the threat from North Korea was deemed to been worsening and as a precaution due to that perceived deterioration state government felt such a move necessary? Question for you Five-0 types, how much of that is reality and how much political hyperbole? From afar it seems that revamping this early warning system was as much political as it was based in reality..... and that came back to bite Hawaiians in the ass, no? Crazy stuff in any event but if you are going to have an early warning system perhaps political motivations need to be put aside and take such situation a bit more soberly.
  3. Fire and Fury - the trump expose

    There are no better nor bigger rubes than those that so desperately want to believe falsehoods to be truths..
  4. Fuck the Elderly and Infirm

    While I don't fully expect the Melbourne Mum to understand our dollar, some of you seem really clueless as to what money is and its regional variations in worth.
  5. So who is paying for the wall?

  6. Snaggletooth DTS

  7. Looking for a Cat Whisperer

    put a litter box in each corner of the basement. Cats are smart, he'll figure out what you are saying.
  8. Fuck the Elderly and Infirm

    Listen shit for brains, 1/2 of America does not earn a great deal of money. In the New York metro area you can earn 200k and still struggle. Yet asshole like you think we are the 1 %. And those who "earn too little to pay tax" is a fooking shame. People like you see that half of society as losers who need to be compensated. Sorry if I don't buy into that shit. You see losers, I see people that we should help be3come winners so they can actually pay "their fair share". And you, you hide in Poland. What the fuck is that about? Hate America so much you won't even live there. Fuck off dirtbag. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.
  9. Next Up - Food Stamps

    Devoid of any intellectually stimulating and insightful conversation, at least Roz and pickeled ed could try and be entertaining. But alas I ask too much I suppose. Same old tired rhetoric yet somehow they fancy themselves as the intellects. It didn't work 50+ years ago until now, but if you just hold out a little while longer, maybe, just maybe you can change the world for the better. What fuking idiots the left is stacked with. And the really funny part, is they think they are the shinning lights of society.
  10. Next Up - Food Stamps

    Blah, blah, blah. You have no idea who or what I am, only think you have a freakin' clue.....which you do not and that makes you even more the clown.
  11. Fuck the Elderly and Infirm

    So you are up in arms over 1/2 of 1% or less? Go get'em ace.
  12. The most amazing thing Trump has done

    The most amazing thing Trump has done, aside from putting the Clintons out to pasture, is allowing the Demagoguecrat Party to run with scissors.
  13. I think I found BS

    The trigger warning for Bent Wailer is right at the bottom of the page when he shows up online.
  14. Next Up - Food Stamps

    Scraps? Tell us oh Great Ex-Patriot Neo-Pollack (with a wink and nod), when did you ever establish a business that was specifically targeted to hire and train people on welfare? My guess is not a single once. How many guys have come back a year after leaving your employment and thanked you for helping them get a foot in the door with some training, work history and positive references? Hmmmm? Squat right? I guess you think a grand of aluminum to one guy "scraps". Perhaps the poor fellow who had his bike taken and robbed of his hand to mouth paycheck should have gone back on welfare instead of me digging 500 bucks out of my pocket to help him out? Geeze maybe I should have bought him that Mercedes he had his eye on? I take you are just lashing out because you have never done such a thing and thus the thought of another having done so somehow offends you, undermines your liberal sensibilities. As for cleverness. More than some, less than others. But I do try and look at shit and figure out better ways to doing things. And I am willing to take the risk of floating such ideas out their for public scrutiny. Unlike a whole host of you bitches in here who are parrots of dogma devoid of the capacity or stones to express original thought. You? Not so much. You just gripe and call other's trolls and somehow don't see yourself for what you are exactly. Must be the fog of all that wine.
  15. Next Up - Food Stamps

    I did? Please direct me to that post so I can clarify your points of confusion. sir. BTW, Frenchie is one of the better posters I have enjoyed a back and forth with. Formidable, wrong headed mind you, but formidable.