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  1. TUBBY

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    I think I have done a few races with and even more against "him"!
  2. Still use the overboard option with 3 onboard heads! Until it gets REAL nasty out there.
  3. TUBBY

    What is this?

    A bottom painter's nightmare!
  4. TUBBY

    Mythical FP vs. The Borums

    It'll never catch on!
  5. TUBBY

    Will Kevlar Edge be here tomorrow?

    To be honest that thought came to me too about half way down the argument. Why would you even reply to that shit except to get your post count up?
  6. TUBBY

    Then and now

    Probably out by about 10 years, call it artistic licence? Still using wire on a (older) maxi in '88 for a Hobart Line honours. And had some old ones as spare braces on another well into the 90s.
  7. TUBBY

    Running Backstays - Suggestions for use

    Or a rule of thumb on upwind runner trim, as taught by one of the great offshore helmsmen on my first race with him on his 3/4 rigged kevlar Farr IOR boat, with which he won just about every prize in Aussie racing, grind it till the boat goes BANG & and then give it half a turn. There was no mistaking that bang. If the breeze got up it was an extra half turn.
  8. TUBBY

    not fun

    They would always seem to spill my beer into their mouths if given that job. The secret was to drink quick, then you don't need cup holders, beer gone before next job!
  9. TUBBY

    SCOTW: Granny?

    A great lady and a bloody good hand, not sure that I would be prepared to use the Granny word in her presence though! Remember the 80's when wings were wings. 30 feet tip to tip!
  10. TUBBY

    not fun

    Runner winches on deck. Even the grinders were brought up into the fresh air in the 70's.
  11. TUBBY

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Sound like the 80's are back!
  12. TUBBY

    Moth or MUsto Skiff

    You might keep the laser, but I bet it would end up in the back of the shed under a pile of sail bags if you had either of these. Don't discount something like a Wazsp if you are looking at a moth. i'm sure there are other similar "one design moths" as well, but the Wazsp is the one which seems to have taken off around here.
  13. TUBBY

    Australian Sailing

    Looks like the usual crowd numbers for a yacht race!
  14. TUBBY

    What is it?

    85 Davo 34 would almost certainly had a foil, (probably one of those multi part jobs that pinched the luff & locked the jib up there!) Going on the plastic hanks I doubt it was a 75 model storm jib, & it doesn't look stiff enough to me. Best guess at some stage in her life someone decided to try it as a staysail. Another possibility is that at some time in the last 50 (well 35 anyway), years it has been accidentally mixed up with your boats sails and stayed with the boat ever since. Come to think on this is probably the best guess!
  15. TUBBY

    How About Some Spring Lines

    Agreed, had it explained to me 35ish years ago by a couple of then "old salts", as "the continual movement & shock loads wear the palls & castings". Which sounds reasonable. But on a fancy carbon deck with only a couple of loops of line poking up, there ain't a lot of choice.