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  1. Chicken Chute

    Ahhh, but just the memory of the sound of a loaded wire heady sheet being eased on an 80' aluminium maxi still raises the hairs on the back of my neck. The power in that noise was just awesome! And no I don't miss being there half an hour early each week to meat hook the wire halyards with the back of a knife, but my now 21 year old daughter complains every time she comes down to the CYCA that it just doesn't sound right without all the halyards clanking away like they used too. TUBBY
  2. Chicken Chute

    Used wire luffed 2.2s on a number of boats from 40' IOR 1 toners up to a 65' pocket maxi. The frightening thing was looking up at one in 40+ knowing that it wasn't going to blow up, & that you would at some stage have to take it down with all of that bloody wire whipping around your ears. TUBBY
  3. Chicken Chute

    Doesn't count as a chicken chute without wire luffs! Oh and "do not open until 35 knots" written on the bag. Sailed with a few of these, never blew one up, but taking them down in 40+ was guaranteed to get your attention. Did blow a 2.2 star cut without the wire luffs in a knockdown in 60 knots south of Tasmania though. Ah the Mewstone Rock Race, I wonder why they don't do that one anymore. TUBBY
  4. Sydney To Hobart 2018

    The bloke who has probably spent as much time as all of us put together "crunching the numbers" has entered a both a (hopefully) bulletproof 60' er & a TP for about the last 3 years. Not sure what your budget is but you could possibly add a good upwind 30 - 35'er to these 2, to cover an upwind year which goes NE on the 3rd day. Oh & you might want to throw a few bucks at the weather man to help you choose. I've done over 20 of these things & had results from the front to the back on both line & handicap with some of the dud results being on boats that should have been up there & some great results on boats that had little chance when we left Sydney. TUBBY
  5. Is it just me that thinks the answer to your quest is a Farr 40 with an aftermarket bowsprit. I know of two of these sold within your price range with good club level gear. Unfortunately the best one became a donor deck & rig. TUBBY
  6. They would probably mumble. Chas & Donny could talk for hours down there & no-one else would understand a word, unless you had been drinking with them! Tubby
  7. another lost keel, Comet S45

    The insurance company thought so! TUBBY
  8. another lost keel, Comet S45

    Exactly what they did when the then near new X 50 I race hit a reef. Deck off, furniture out and replaced if damaged, keel grid replaced. She is like new & just as strong. TUBBY
  9. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    The old guys are right in both cases! TUBBY
  10. Which three Asymmetrics?

    You would never get enough leech pressure to set a genoa on a spin sheet, tweaking it down hard enough to get some shape just turns it into an outboard sheet. Also a JT is usually cut with a higher foot to reduce the chance of the bow wave going through it as they are usually used blast reaching in higher wind pressures. They are a great sail for those heavy reaches that are just too far forward &/or too heavy for your smallest assy. Almost essential for passage racing but rarely used on short courses. TUBBY
  11. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Add to this that EPIRBS are now to be carried at all times while on deck & life jackets are to be worn when the wind exceeds 25 true. What happened to taking responsibility for our own actions. TUBBY
  12. No. Couldn't dig him up. Had a report of him being in Manly (NSW) 10 years or so ago, but since then nothing. WE had the reunion on Saturday, but our ex owner is already talking about doing it again in 5 years, so I have a bit of time to track him down now. TUBBY
  13. She's Apples 11, my ride from 91 to 94, is still racing the CYCA longer races. Her Hobart winning crew from 91 will be having a few reunion drinks on the CYC deck on Saturday & the boat will be in the pond when she returns from the Lion Island Race for any old crew who want to give her a pat. Unfortunately the pick I was going to attach here is too big a file. Bugger! TUBBY
  14. Sorry no, Our Weasel, worked at the CYCA slip late 80s & (very) early 90s Back in the day when the CYC had a slipway. He left there around 92 & somewhere in the rum fog of that period I have a memory that he was heading for Melbourne to work at one of the bay clubs, but that was the last I heard. He obviously hasn't done anything too terrible in the last 20 years as Mr Google can't find him for me. Thanks for the thought. TUBBY
  15. The original crew of She's Apples 11 are having a few reunion drinks to celebrate it being a bit over 25 years since her Sydney Hobart win. We still have one of the crew unaccounted for, John Drolls, known as (but didn't always answer to), Weasel. Last heard of when he left the CYCA to move to Melbourne in the early nineties. If anyone knows Weasel can they let him know to contact Tubby or any of the other crew for details. TUBBY