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  1. TUBBY

    Traveler Setup

    Another possibility is that the line is too big to run freely. Sometimes people put a heavier line on the traveller so that it nicer on the mainsheet trimmer's hands, it is easy to go a size too big which causes a lot of drag in the turning blocks. But again was it always stiff? When did it change? Did something else change at around the same time. Did you just use to have a stronger trimmer? All important questions to pinpointing the issue.
  2. TUBBY

    New foulies?

    The smock trick really works. Used a light dingy smock under an ageing coastal jacket for a lot of years and stayed drier than I ever had. While what is left of the smock (it delaminated totally), still fits a "same" sized replacement from the same supplier, wouldn't even go over my shoulders let alone my gut! Complained to the companies rep, who just happened to be my little brother, only to be told that it wasn't worth making gear for fat old gets because we wore them until they died. The young fit bloke got the new colour every season and were much more profitable!
  3. TUBBY

    Scattering ashes at sea.

    I had often thought that being tossed over somewhere off Tasman Is would be my choice. But then UTS in Sydney opened a body farm & I couldn't pass that up, so now I am among their early donators. They just can't have it until I'm finished with it!
  4. TUBBY

    Refurb 1988 Moody 376

    Nah, just done by someone who had been sleeping under the drip!
  5. TUBBY

    Best Line For Micro Block Eyes

    Sounds like you need new crew, or better/more training!
  6. TUBBY

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Every dog has it's day!
  7. TUBBY

    what is it?

    Is it just me that can't see beauty in these bows? But then I've never really been a fan of reverse sheer either. Won't often get to see the front of one I guess.
  8. TUBBY

    Scattering ashes at sea.

    Put a number over the side in Hobart races over the years. The trick seems to be to pour from below the gunwale line & to leeward of course.
  9. TUBBY

    Older well known IOR Boats

    She needed all the fans she could get!
  10. TUBBY

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Snap! I also had the Blue/Gold stripes. I was told that they were from a special run for the '83 Aussie 12s. Advance Blue/Gold Australia (2) Green/Gold Challenge Blue/Red Made sense as most Line 7 gear had 2 matching stripes & I got mine in 84. And yes not much water got in but, NO sweat got out! You often ended up just as wet as those without gear.
  11. TUBBY

    Is PHRF waking up from along slumber?

    Back in the day, when IMS was still alive the wind strengths were generally decided after the last boat had completed the course. In some races the windspeed was calculated from the elapsed time of a selected finisher or finishers. I have sat in the dock, well the bar really, (the day after finishing), and had two boats that finished ahead of us on line pass us on handicap as the wind had dropped out for the smaller boats still out there, meaning a different windspeed was applied to the final results from that used when the progress results had been calculated earlier. In the windspeed at the time we finished we were second, by the time the little boats arrived we calculated to 4th. the silly bit was that because the wind had dropped out on them, none of the small boats figured in the placings but the extra time it took them effected the placings of the other boats. There WILL be anomalies with any system where we don't sail one design/level rating. But I don't like your boat & you don't like mine, so handicap or ratings it is.
  12. TUBBY

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    Maybe use the old Anaconda 2 solution. She was a maxi sloop designed for a Whitbread race in the 70's. As it was explained to me, the owner took one look at the design, and said, "No no that won't do. It is too deep for my favourite cruising area! The designers response was supposedly "Ok what we will do is take the bottom off the keel and attach it to the back, and the top off the rig and mount it on the back deck, now you have a ketch that you can cruise". Not sure about where you would position the aft mast on a one tonner though.
  13. TUBBY

    Old Skool gear

    I remember back in the early part of the 80's, racing on my first real ocean racer (a Swan 44, the S&s one), and losing a brace (guy) overboard. I couldn't understand why the owner was quite so upset at the loss, while excitable, as an experienced & old seaman he usually took these sorts of losses well unless negligence or stupidity was the cause. Being young and silly at the time I made things worse by saying something along the lines of oh well at least we have a full roll of that line in the locker. His reply, that he didn't give a F... about the line, it was the $400 titanium clip on the end that he would have to fly to the US (from Tasmania), to replace. It shows my inexperience at the time that I was surprised to see a new brace with titanium clip on board the next week. The bugger bought then by the box!
  14. TUBBY

    Showtime capsize on return trip

    So no problem, except the bit about it falling off?
  15. NO rule yet devised can rate EVERY boat fairly in all, (or even any) set of conditions. IMS tried, and while better than the option at the time, failed, and was thought too difficult to administer. Also many Grand Prix sailors disliked knowing what the delta would be between boats while racing, which meant less certainty to on board calls of how you were going. The newer rules are aiming to provide the same unattainable outcome, some do it better than others, and while mostly results are similar under different rating systems, some favour particular types of boats, in different conditions. In Oz it is not uncommon for boats to carry 2 or even 3 ratings under different systems and many races allow them to be scored in each division in the same race.