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  1. TUBBY

    what is it?

    One more X and it's a Queensland beer!
  2. TUBBY

    Hobart Scene

    On a Tuesday?
  3. TUBBY

    tohatsu 6

    Adds a new level to planing?
  4. TUBBY

    Securing light wind sheets

    A light sheet should never be cleated! (OK personal opinion only). On a 14 ton 50 footer we use VB cord! If it isn't strong enough the regular sheet will be fine. Even on a 65 foot IOR/IMS race boat I would trim both the seeker and half ounce direct to the hand in VERY light conditions, before moving to, from the lead block as the breeze increased and only on to a winch when there was enough power in the sail to allow me to "feel" the load on the winch. By the time there were six turned around the winch, (it was a big with with a coffee grinder drive), the VB cord had stretched to a very thin and much longer size and it was time to go to either a regular sheet on the kite or back to a light headsail if working.
  5. TUBBY


    Been a bit breezy up that way lately, Cat 1 cyclone was in the gulf yesterday before coming ashore at the bottom of the gulf.
  6. TUBBY

    Mizzen staysail question

    Standard old planked boat issue, a little too much ocean on the inside. Withdrew before it could be an issue. 40+ was coming from the west later when our only real option if our problem got bad would also be in the west. Seamanship over bravado. Just occasionally, the answers are easy even if unpleasant! Sorry Customs House, but I will be there next year to help with your rum oversupply.
  7. TUBBY

    Launceston to Hobart

    Be nice she is a 61 year old yawl!
  8. TUBBY

    Melbourne to Devonport

  9. TUBBY

    Mizzen staysail question

    Thanks Paul, That was my initial thought too. But as someone who usually only has one stick to put the rags on I hadn't thought too seriously about it. I was hoping that someone on here used one of these regularly and would have the answer to hand. Not too many yawls in regular IRC racing I guess. But she is too pretty & has too much history to pass up a ride when I wasn't doing the Sydney Hobart, as specially with blokes like Chas & his mates aboard. Now all we need is some breeze from aft of the beam to try it out.
  10. TUBBY

    IOR landfills?

    Depends on how far south of the equator you go. Pic must North Queensland!
  11. TUBBY

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Yep, I am doing the Launceston Race & was on the phone to Tas Health last night where the loverly lady (who's partner is also doing the Launceston to Hobart), told me about this option. When I asked for a link I was told that it wasn't on the website yet but had been announced. My previous entry QR code was auto cancelled but I have reapplied and received a new one. Condition is private car to airport no stops inside medium or high risk zones except for fuel. I am coming from Newcastle, a low risk zone and flying out of Sydney, medium risk and have been assured that unless there are further changes I will be allowed in to compete. And with the story on tonights news of the amount of RUM that Customs House is holding, they are going to need me to ease their burden!
  12. TUBBY

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    C'mon Jas, you're now older than the mutton you used to get around with was. I reckon it's your number getting blocked these days!
  13. TUBBY

    Mizzen staysail question

    Yep, she is IRC rated apparently. With it looking likely to be a strong upwind race that may not be such a bad thing.
  14. TUBBY

    Mizzen staysail question

    That was my thought too. I haven't been onboard yet, Was just concerned that IRC says that headsails need to be tacked on the centre line, not to the rail like IOR allowed. If this continues to the little mast staysail will be of much less use. And finding a strong enough tack point may become an issue. And yes she is pretty, main reason for doing the trip, along with the fact that that it was Chas (from Tas) that was throwing invites to a bunch of old mates.