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  1. TUBBY

    Trimming extras.... Stand or Sit?

    Stand in at the shrouds light shy conditions, as the wind increases or moves aft position moves aft to finally sitting in the cockpit square (who goes square anymore?) or if it is too strong to safely stand, as always with all the positions between used at times.
  2. Around that time (84 - 85) you could buy a "stock" Farr 40 and pretty much anyone who wanted to win did the bloody things were everywhere and quicker than the 2 tonnes (40 - 44" ish) of only a couple of years before while rating much better (that hurt when they went by!). The CYCA would have had nearly 10 of them. Others included Another Concubine, Swuzzlebubble, (3?), Indian Pacific, and lots of others who's names will come back to me at inappropriate times over the next week or so. Around 86 the next obvious major change was the new ones got open transoms.
  3. TUBBY

    Which TP52 would you buy?

    The TPs have no doubt been the sweet spot in the last few races. All predominately fas downhill affairs. The big issue with a Hobart is what time you round Tasman & the Pot, because once you're in the river, after about 22.00 the breeze just becomes pot luck. If the 52s etc are arriving at the right time in a fast race, which they undoubtedly are, something a bit bigger & faster to windward is likely to be better in a race with a bit more hard stuff from the south. Matt's 60 & the similar sized RP's might just hit the spot. But after 21 races with a couple of wins & a few other good results, I wouldn't be using my money to bet on the overall winner until about the 29th. And some years not even then! I once spent a full day in a number of Hobart pubs convinced we had won this race only to finish up 3rd.
  4. TUBBY

    SA Classified ads are branching out

    Sailed with one of these (on an early TP) it seemed to work well wand was worth the best part of a knot in good conditions. Always good on a 1200+ mile delivery.
  5. TUBBY

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Nope, sorry, can't think of one. And I'll be down near the back again with a finish around lunchtime on the 30th. My first one that would have put you on the line honours podium, we were 5th across at 10.30pm ish on the 30th.
  6. TUBBY

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Around here Christmas is just the day before Hobart starts! My daughter took a little convincing of the relative importances when she was younger, but is coming around now, (she's 22).
  7. TUBBY

    FTFP - blue water bullies

    All of these start from countries with populations a lot greater than Australia's & neighbouring countries with fleets a lot bigger than you find within a two week sail of Sydney. And yes I know the K1W1's can sail a bit when the leave the sheep alone, but there really aren't that many of them, (even if you wouldn't believe that when drinking in A Bondi pub!). Sydney to Hobarts biggest problem fleet wise is Sydney is a long way from where most of the yachts are & Hobart is further! Having said that the Wild Oats hour every boxing day does become tiresome, but it was always so, I won the race on IMS in the early 90's, the boat had not been shown in the start footage that year & wasn't the following year either. Personally I believe going to 90 & then 100 footers (and allowing them stored power) has allowed the front of the fleet to get too far ahead of the bulk of the boats meaning that the different weather patterns they encounter make even handicapping impossible so the line honours winner either gets the double or is nowhere on handicap regardless of how well or badly they sailed against the 30 - 50 footers. Look how many times the first boat has won overall in the 100 foot era & compare it to the previous 50 years.
  8. TUBBY

    Songs in Battle

    On an under funded old 12 metre at the worlds we had two crew songs, for racing, "I'm on a road to nowhere" & for the bar, "Would I lie to you honey". Come on, it was 1986! TUBBY
  9. TUBBY

    Which Cookson 12 would you buy?

    Rates lower for a reason!
  10. TUBBY

    Favourite Boat pic?

    This one is only a favourite boat in under 10 knots. Sailing it off Fremantle was just hard work when the Doctor came to call. And yes they are dacron sails, the main 2 ply of 9 oz & the jib an old no.3 off the original Apollo after she went up on the island. If you look really closely there is even a reef point in the main, just in case! World 12s 1986.
  11. TUBBY


    Is it just me that wonders how fine the line is between "oh wow" & "oh SHIT"? And how much it is going to hurt somewhere in the middle of the Southern Ocean, if "oh SHIT" happens?
  12. TUBBY

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Best nav option would look to be staying dow stairs keeping the pencils sharp!
  13. Now we are talking REAL legend!
  14. TUBBY

    what is it?

    So ugly it should be one half of a cat. & yes I can see that it isn't.
  15. From (now very hazy) memory the forecast was for 40 to 50. It got a little more exciting than that about 10 hours under storm jib only then another 10 or 12 with stormy & trysail, trysail was added to get better height to windward rather than because we needed the power.