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  1. Nick G

    J111 Worlds Chicago, IL

    US owners not 100% clear on liability. Hence the lack of US boats offered for charter.
  2. Nick G

    J111 Worlds Chicago, IL

    Now the weather just has to cooperate.
  3. Nick G

    IOR Legend Sighting

    Sled Dog = Skip Allan?
  4. Nick G

    Sail or Bail?

    Brother of Taxi co-owner
  5. Nick G

    Sail or Bail?

    SAIL! - I have sailed Captain Sluggo primarily in light air but can attest to its workmanship. Someone up the chain said they were not into "paying professionals". This project was a backyard labor of love that took close to 2 years. Full time job and life aside, with help from friends and his wife, it evolved into a pretty sweet platform. The original Cpt. Sluggo was a Santa Barbara boat that the current owner started crewing on in the early 80's. Many a beer was shared/spilled after racing about what a Hobie might do if tricked out-well here you go! Someone is going to have a lot of fun for less money than a comparably size "J" boat. And we all know what they feel like. And you can see from my avatar, I have raced plenty on J's.
  6. Nick G

    Cabo 2019

    Where are the weather pundits? I see rain forecast for the middle of next week. Timing could be good or bad..
  7. Nick G

    2019 Islands Race-Looking Sporty

    SA used to have tons of feed back by now on SoCal’s only real winter offshore. Looked like a nice sail. Maybe everyone’s still alsleep.
  8. Nick G

    Are we(racing sailors) a culture of cheaters?

    That's a low bar. The sport is nothing if it cannot retain its corinthian roots.
  9. Nick G

    IOR Mystery boat

    How cool is that! No place like Anarchy to track down old war horses and their sailors/owners. Great story with a satisfying ending. Is Choate in City of Industry?
  10. Nick G

    Tracking down Hobie 33's

    The best Hobie on the West Coast in my opinion is in Santa Barbara. Labor of love! She sails like a dream assuming its not windy and upwind.. Shown below from the rail of a Farr 40
  11. Nick G

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Breeze on off Pt. Blunt! J-111 Worlds, Skeleton Key.
  12. Nick G

    July 2017 J/111 Great Lakes Racing

    Thread bump - North Americans around the corner - what kind of weather should we expect? It will be better than most of the east coast post - Florence.
  13. Nick G

    July 2017 J/111 Great Lakes Racing

    Thread bump - North Americans around the corner - what kind of weather should we expect?
  14. Nick G

    11 Metre One Design

    Ahh, the ShitiBank Cup at Pier 39 was a highlight of NASCAR sailboat racing in SF. Good memories and some scars. Favorite memory was the last race of the day with the downwind start. Everyone got to the leward mark essentially overlapped in 20+ knots! Owners where not too keen on all the contact....