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  1. Nick G

    LA Yacht club new coastal race series.

    Bring back the PORC! There were some good courses there as well. Generally went well unless you didn't finish before the breeze died. Then it was the usual slat-fest until you could smell the LA leakage around sunrise.
  2. Nick G

    vince brun

    Ask him to tell you the "Dead Cat" story from his early sunfish days!
  3. Nick G


    Not quite Santa Cruz level, but hey, better than I could do!
  4. Nick G

    Rocket 22

    We had one of these in Santa Barbara in an effort to establish a one-design fleet or even sell 2. Turned out to be a pretty fun boat in a breeze which was uncommon in SB. We took it down to Long Beach and did okay in a couple of MORC events. It was from a Canadian builder whose rig was shit. We were just getting the tune right and with about 3/4 backstay the upper 1/8 just bent over and stayed there! New rig warranty right out of the blocks. 6 week delay before the first sail. I will never forget sailing down a narrow slip-way in SB harbor, putting the huge outboard rudder over hard and realizing about mid-turn we were just not going to make it. Came to a crashing halt against some shitter's stern. Not a Moore 24's agility...
  5. Nick G

    Smack Talking Bitch

    Cudmore's last stand.
  6. Nick G

    what is it?

    That's Sausalito
  7. Nick G

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Eric Baumhoff, Steve Baumhoff, Cliff Stagg, Chris Corlett, Dean Treadway who else?
  8. Nick G

    Favourite Boat pic?

    4 just looks wrong. Always will.
  9. Nick G

    Alameda Marina Development Fuckery

    Bottom paint.
  10. Nick G

    3BF 2020

    Thread bump - let's hear from some weather dudes. Light southerly with possible rain?
  11. Nick G

    Santa Cruz 27 owner needs all of your input

    Back when they had hair!
  12. Nick G

    Santa Cruz 27 owner needs all of your input

    "Propane Bandersnatch" Early hull # SC 27 that used to race in the San Francisco MORA fleet - one of the top 5 boat names!
  13. Nick G

    J111 Worlds Chicago, IL

    US owners not 100% clear on liability. Hence the lack of US boats offered for charter.
  14. Nick G

    J111 Worlds Chicago, IL

    Now the weather just has to cooperate.
  15. Nick G

    IOR Legend Sighting

    Sled Dog = Skip Allan?