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  1. bob winter

    Normal noise for a Meli thread

    Nothing wrong with Meli and she is a far cry from crazy. Maybe eccentric. I remember her on the Woodenboat Forum before parties who will not be named drove her off, something that happened to a number of female formites. Not exactly sure why she goes by shortforbob these days but that is her business.
  2. bob winter

    The nonconfrontational thread

    I take it that you and Scot are not getting along all that well.
  3. bob winter

    Official Liberal Meltdown Thread

    I understand but maybe they have picked the wrong man. Not that HRC would do a hell of a lot either. Sanders should have been in the race, in my opinion.
  4. bob winter

    Amerikkas Apocalypse

    I take it you don't care for Mr Trump. Can't blame you but the US has spent so much effort on dumbing down the population over the years that it is not surprising.
  5. bob winter

    parents in age care

    Meli, your situation is not that unusual. I shed no tears when my parents died. My son tells me that it is amazing I am as normal as I am, given what I had for parents.
  6. bob winter

    The Next Gretzky?? Better??

    That kid is good, pity he is stuck with the Toronto Make Beliefs. I don't think one man can turn that mess around. I didn't Ottawa was playing all that well but they still managed to force overtime.
  7. bob winter

    The nonconfrontational thread

    What Nick? Not nick nack paddy whack. Nick the man from Cumbria. So I have found out. At least he is not gone for two years.
  8. bob winter

    The nonconfrontational thread

    What Nick?
  9. bob winter

    FUCKING BEE HIVE - Must Go........... But How ??

    Phillip Allen keeps bees as well, maybe he can help you out.