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  1. Kenny Dumas

    Tethers that turn into pulleys and ladders?

    2 reasons: Keep you from sliding aft so if you fall over the lee rail you can grab something rather than wash off the back (like if you're going forward on the high side and you accidentally jibe or tack), and sometimes its helpful to lean against your tether if you want to use both hands (not optimal, but sometimes...).
  2. Kenny Dumas

    Tethers that turn into pulleys and ladders?

    I like the idea of a prussic on the jack line. Might be cool to tie one on with a very short loop that permanently stays on the jack line. Then you could clip one of your tethers to the prussic/loop and walk it forward. That way you wouldn't have to tie a prussic everytime you wanted to use it. Normal clip could slide right over it if you chose not to use it.
  3. Kenny Dumas

    Researching move to Oregon

    All my relatives who grew up on the coast moved to eastern Oregon where the sun shines more than a few days a year. Seriously, the coast weather sucks. Grey drizzle all winter and 15 knots of cold sea breeze anytime the valley warms up. Not many days you'd even think about swimming in the coastal lakes and rivers. Great place to visit / crab / clam / fish but I pick my weather carefully. Portland is great in so many ways. The coast range makes the valley climate very livable. Vancouver WA is a good option for taxes as mentioned above. Lots of decent moorage available. Best sailing / racing is on the Columbia right by the airport, but most serious racers get a little action in the Salish for variety. PM me for more info / telecon or if you visit I'll hook you up at Portland Yacht Club for a tour. Check out Blues Fest on July 4 for a great reason to visit. Commander Cody, Robert Randolph, and George Thoroughgood this year. And we may run the pulse jets Tuesday, but that's another story....
  4. Cool technology measures wind speed at all altitudes for improved forecasting. "We have very high expectations regarding the quality of the Aeolus wind profile data, and we are anticipating forecast quality to increase by 2-4% in the extra-tropics and up to 15% in the tropics. Aeolus is paving the way for significant improvements in weather forecasting". Biggest problem was carbon darkening of optical surfaces so they bleed a small amount of oxygen to vaporize the carbon.
  5. Kenny Dumas

    Old Keel Bolt Questions

    A smart fellow might figure out a cheap non destructive test. Maybe ultrasound, or thermal conductivity. Heat the top of the bolt with a known heat flux (like a 100 watt resistance heater) and measure the temperature rise. Compare with a new boat of same design,. If the bolt is compromised it should have a thinner metallic section and higher thermal resistance.
  6. Kenny Dumas

    Estimating Sailing Time?

    Outgoing current at the inlet = bigger seas, "wind against tide" and all. At least plan to come in on a flood tide if bar conditions are a concern.
  7. Kenny Dumas

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    Fantastic race and coverage. Thank You Volvo. Congrats Bouwe!
  8. Kenny Dumas

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    Yeah SX, really hammering them with the quarter wave.
  9. Kenny Dumas

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    Both boats speed up 2 knots on the crack.
  10. Kenny Dumas

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    MF cracks another 5, BR down 2 Relative win vs DF Paps
  11. Kenny Dumas

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    BR cracks off 5 degrees
  12. Kenny Dumas

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    Remember MF luffing DF to China on the way to Auckland for the win? They'll defend the fuck out of this one.
  13. Kenny Dumas

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    MF dropped down to cover. Game on.
  14. Kenny Dumas

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    Pete "Hey Bouwe, if we win this thing, is it the biggest comeback ever?" No, Pete, you know damn well Jimmy owns that one. "So, how did they do it?" Something about dropping the center of effort by trimming the wing with more power at the bottom "How about we drop the tack to the deck when we reef? Sorta helps on Moths and AC cats"
  15. Kenny Dumas

    VOR Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg

    If BR sail right on past MF, presumably the secret mode could be discovered. Time for a drone flight?