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  1. Maybe add a short tether from the pole to the car so when you unplug it can't get away from you? Also, tape or get some kind of standoff to hold the dick on the car horizontal to make it easier to re-plug? And lube. Lots of lube!!! ;-)
  2. Seems like following the dots on screen would be a whole lot easier to do with facial recognition and following the eyes. Hands free too. Should be just as legal eh?
  3. I brought a Cal 33 back from Quadra with a rented 10 hr Honda long shaft. Installed a simple outboard bracket on the transom. 5 knots in flat water no wind, worked fine. Get a tiller extension at any outdoor store, works fine.
  4. Happy Brothers! Great race.
  5. Freeburd up to 10 knots now as they clear the lee of Annette Is.
  6. Wondering about any provision for rainwater collection: Pretty handy for an extended Alaska cruise, washing down the cockpit, anchor, dink etc. Keep it KISS with a total separate system and a single pump for washdown. Under the aft coulple feet of deck would be a great place for a couple tanks and they could be used for trim when the dink isn't aboard. BTW, what is the trim impact of dink / no dink?
  7. The Stark 100 AH LiFePos are $900 and I'm still getting 200 AH usable capacity from the pair I got last fall. Liveaboard use on a houseboat at anchor running a household style reefer/side by side freezer etc. Charge once or twice a day without real attention to SOC. I've probably hit the low voltage cutout on the internal BMS a dozen times now and don't see any change. They just work. Gonna get a couple more and configure them to be removable for dinghy use occasionally. Seems like you could get 6 of these for 24 v, for $5400. 28 lbs each, they come in a cardboard box and just drop in. 300 AH usable capacity. Why not?
  8. Ablative tips for low speed that get smaller through the day as the wind speed picks up. Or removed with laser beams?
  9. Holy Fuck 10-15 meter (32-49 feet) seas and 50-70 knot (58-81 mph) winds. Nice summer afternoon on the Atlantic
  10. Totally makes sense. Do it regularly on Hunter 54, tender boat, loves the forward COE of the big kite and reduced main.
  11. Stern line setup: One of my pet peeves is when I see large yacht sterns tied to docks with very short lines. Big waves / wakes rock the boat and can cause huge stresses with little stretch in the dock line. But you really want to pull the boat close to the dock for boarding. A great solution is to run your stern line to the opposite side. Or as old Buzzy at our club would do, put a cleat on center line of the stern "a really handy place for a cleat". But with the dinghy hanging over the stern this is difficult. Running a line under the dink to the far side is possible, but a pain, and might chafe on the dink. A good solution might be to put a fairlead at the stern inside corner and a cleat 6 or more feet forward. Provides stretch and you can bow-string it to pull in tight for boarding. Ideally the fairlead would have an integral roller so it moves easily and doesn't squeak / complain all night. Handy for a stern anchor as well.
  12. Feed the monster tarpon at Marathon Key Rent Hobie TI or kayaks at Key Largo
  13. Is it really possible to unplug quick enough in a situation like that? I would think that with both hands on the bar that by the time you know you need to bail, it's too late. One of the forum threads mentions the possibility of developing gear that allows launching without hooking up first. Seems like a safer approach.
  14. Why not point the forward, lifting board out instead of in for righting moment?
  15. Maybe make the radar pole strong enough for a riding/steadying sail or butterfly at anchor?