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  1. Kenny Dumas

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Would be fairly straight forward to use circuit board plating tech to put on a few mils of copper. Anybody try that?
  2. Kenny Dumas

    Schock 40 - shockingly easy and fun.

    Cool boat. Keep us posted on learning how to make her go, playing with the foils etc.
  3. Kenny Dumas

    Team NYYC

    Ineos foils aren't ballasted, maybe these are?
  4. Kenny Dumas

    Medicane, you know what it is ?

    Yup, turns into a Gulphoon when it crosses Florida
  5. Kenny Dumas

    Vodka and Ambien use by a crew member

    Long distance race, up current, little wind, at o'dark thirty, go below to wake my replacement: He breaks out the No-Doze, hits a doobie, mixes a big whiskey/Jolt cola, slams it, makes another and offers it to me first. I figure I better drink some or he'll be too wrecked to sail so drink about half, give it back, and crash out. Wake up an hour later with the spins, WTF?? Drink wasn't that strong. My replacement is crashed out in the other quarter berth, leaving one on deck. I see lights swing by the portlight and get up to find out why we're actually spinning. Owner is holding the bitter end of anchor line amidships while the tiller goes lock-to-lock and we do loops around the anchor in the half-knot current. WTF?? Hey Buddy, need a hand? Steer out of the spins and he works the rode back to the bow. Turns out, a small puff filled while he was anchored and he thought he'd pick up the anchor without waking help. Got half way back to the tiller when it started doing loops.
  6. Kenny Dumas

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Not blaming or criticizing, just one inviolate principle: When the foulies go on, the life jacket goes on. I'm totally paranoid about trying to swim in them, especially with boots on. Scares the fuck out of me.
  7. Kenny Dumas

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Person on left in photo looks like they have inflatable on but maybe not buckled? Sure looks like a lot of crew in foulies with no evidence of lifejackets. I don't want to try swimming in foulies so always wear a lifejacket with them.
  8. Kenny Dumas

    Cool or Homo .... are we "That" PC

    Fucking Racoons.
  9. Kenny Dumas

    Arete' tri going for Chicago to Mac record

    Fucking cool effort. Thanks for the entertainment Arete'
  10. Kenny Dumas

    Funniest Interaction with Non Racers Thread

    Racing J 24s when they were cool, a ski boat wakes us pretty bad on a very light air spinnaker run, our foredeck flips em off and says something rude about slowing us down, he smiles and does laps around us at max wake speed. I figured we deserved it, so pretty funny. Foredeck fumed uncontrollably, which was an early indication of what an asshole he turned out to be, and still is.
  11. Kenny Dumas

    Sailing solo from Neah Bay down to San Fran

    12 ft seas at 7 seconds is worse than the shit that Skip left Wildflower in. "Stay away, monsters be there"
  12. Kenny Dumas

    Jib up with assym on sportboat?

    How about a little more detail on "sheeting to windward to drive out of a broach". It makes sense but hadn't thought of it before.
  13. The strap-on toys are pretty cool. An OC-1 or 2 though, not surf ski, you can see the ama.
  14. Kenny Dumas

    Sailing solo from Neah Bay down to San Fran

    A local FBI guy, who is supposed to always carry, leaves his gun home when fishing. He gets sick pretty easy and figures he'd use the gun to self medicate if it was available. Ganja is the answer.
  15. Kenny Dumas


    Google earth shows most of those barrier islands have a 10-15 foot tall sand berm near the beach but most of the island is under 10 feet elevation. A 13 foot surge plus 85 foot wave will be ugly. Hoping for the best, but hard to see any relief at this point. Can't the government shut Florence down with some contrails or something?