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  1. Hadlock

    Herd Immunity or Culling The Herd?

    Herd immunity seems to be the solution to the Zika virus epidemic. Remember the magic virus that would shrink your child's brain to the size of a prune? Broad theory is that there's not enough mosquitoes for zika to propagate in more temperate areas, while tropical areas the local population has ~65% infection rate which is herd immunity for the R0 of zika. Zika never went away, it just faded into the background noise of viruses https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/what-happened-to-zika Contrast to covid19 which does not need an intermediary host, and does not seem to be especially temperature/climate dependent, and also has a higher R0.
  2. Hadlock

    Mini Globe Race 2024 - Classe Mini 580

    5.80 rules explicitly ban LiFePo4 (the safe lithium chemistry) batteries, demand only AGM used Banning lithium batteries in 2000 might have made sense, they were pretty exotic, expensive and popular chemistries were dangerous. At least a third of cruisers are investing in lithium batteries these days, seems strange that a one design boat would mandate older, less performant batteries. 1970s battery tech is not a place I would choose to restrict The big advantage for lithium batteries is that they maintain ~90% charging efficency all the way up to about 95% state of charge. AGM drops to about 50% charge efficency when you get above 80-85%. The end result is AGM powered systems require almost 100% more solar to keep them at a healthy state of charge. Solar forums are full of lithium owners complaining that their chargers aren't putting any more energy into the battery after about noon and can't figure out why the charger stops working, and they are gently told that they've topped off their batteries and just running off solar. LiFePo4 used to be thousands of dollars with sketchy battery management systems, you can pick up a brand name 100ah (~200ah AGM equivilent) with flight tested battery management system for under $900 shipped these days
  3. Hadlock

    whats up with West Marine?

    Lots of bay area WM chat in this thread Where is the best place to find 316 SS hardware, bolts etc in the bay area? I have some moderately obscure bolts on my portlights that need replacement. I've heard that Bowlin Bolts in Berkeley is an option, but looking for something on the peninsula, preferably open outside of regular business hours
  4. Hadlock

    New guy, first sailboat

    This isn't said enough. As long as the boat can move in and out of the marina under it's own power, the only maintenance you should ever do on a sailboat in the first five years should be to limit the amount of water coming in to the boat so that it is slower than the speed at which the bilge pump can push it back out again. it's a lot less painful to run into the dock at full speed because your transmission cable failed when you didn't just repaint the whole boat. And a thousand other things that can/will go wrong. Sail more. Plug leaks with chewing gum. Refloat as necessary. That said, LED running lights are a wise investment at about $20 each, you'll roughly triple the life you can get out of the onboard battery. Cool boat. My first boat was 34'. I wish I'd bought a 27 footer or similar. Everything for a 34' costs about double what it does on a 27'.
  5. Hadlock

    Connect with J/88 Oceanvolt owner?

    Just out of curiosity what does "4x6kwh batteries" look like on a 29' sailboat. Owner pics. None of that marketing bullshit. I know LiFePo4 batteries are smaller/lighter than Lead/AGM batteries, but surely you've outgrown the footprint of a standard 20hp diesel? Plus the oceanvolt drive unit is still occupying the space over the saildrive hole. And now you're hauling around a generator and a jerry can full of gasoline that don't have a dedicated space No argument that maintenance is less with electric. Number of times in a year we run the engine for more than an hour is probably less than two, and we go out at least once a month year-round.
  6. Hadlock

    Beneteau-South Carolina

    The number of free boats on my local craigslist (not just dinghies, 25'+ keelboats) jumped from 0 to 8 today. Including trailer. Last time I saw a free keelboat in any condition was about 12 years ago.
  7. Hadlock

    Pacific Cup Canceled?

    There's an online version, here, kicking off in about 15 minutes. That ought to be enough time for anyone to register and figure out how to set their COG to ~241 http://www.sailonline.org/breezy/run/1371/ It's free and the UI is very 1997 but we tested it earlier this week seems to work very well
  8. Hadlock

    IOR is dead for a reason

    Go to bed Ashleighnn, it's past your bedtime
  9. Hadlock

    New Performance Sailboat Charter in SF Bay

    Invictus is a nice Sun Fast.. 3600? Not 3300... Wouldn't mind seeing more of that style boat on the water. Absolutely 0 votes for the new J/99 ouch. Gonna be a rough year for that parent company. I don't see a charter market for sport boats on the bay. I would like to see club nautique and... orsc? Offer a Spinnaker Cup offering each year. Spinnaker Cup is a great first taste into offshore sailing, the regatta has been growing year over year, and it's only 19 hours Honestly they've had J/105 in the past, at least buy a pair of new J/105 so that people can transition into the existing popular fleets. Or buy a new Express 27. I heard that the class still owns the molds. If they're building Antrim 27 then they can build a new Express 27.
  10. Hadlock

    Alameda Marina Development Fuckery

    5-6 ton cranes are a dime a dozen in Texas, which is chock full of 30' deep army corps of engineers lake/resivors. I was really surprised to see no cranes in the bay area when I moved out here. I've walked past more than my fair share of 1-2 ton cranes near the commerical fisherman areas of the waterfront but nothing heavy duty I heard a rumour brickyard cove has a crane big enough to move a J/92 but you can't dry sail a J/105 with that crane
  11. Hadlock

    IOR is dead for a reason

    Sailors born after 1985: 1. IOR? You mean IRC? Oh wait, you mean there's a reason why all those ancient boats have a weird spare tire beer belly? 2. Olympic reaching courses? Was that a handicap to allow symmetrical spinnakers to compete with modern asymmetrical boats? 3. What's up with your weird furry psychedelic bears grandpa? If you're into dudes that's cool it's 2020 after all
  12. Hadlock

    Looking for boat suggestions

    J105 saw five boats (their own class!) in the last SSS race before the plague happened. I intend to enter all the SSS races (double-handed) this year. J105 had north of 12 boats for three bridge fiasco. Generally we see 3-4 J/105 at each SSS race. J/105 also tends to hold their value very well if that matters to you. The J105 has 5 gallons running water, a head with a door, stove, sleeps 4. It gets the job done. I can't stand up in it except to put my pants on and take a piss but we've done some weekending on it including a couple of trips down to Monterey. Generally one 105 does transpac/pac cup each year. That is our plan as well, hopefully 2021? My wife chose the 105 over some more racey boats. She can stand up in it though. Otherwise if you are planning on single/double-handing in the bay area, Express 27 should be on your short list. Express 27 is the largest OD single/doublehanding keelboat class beside the Moore 24, and both of those can go on a trailer using a crane after Delta Ditch.
  13. Hadlock

    Single line reefing?

    Single line reefing seems to be a really good sunny day dock & beer sunday project Double line reefing seems to be what people actually use in foul weather
  14. Hadlock

    J/105 Hoisting

    I forget if it was this exact boat, but a flag blue J boat was hoisted at that same location (lake lewisville) using an underrated strap, the strap broke and they dropped it on it's keel on the hard (or so the story goes). Somewhere in my archives I have a picture of the 4" crack at the leading edge of the keel while on the trailer if anyone is especially curious. I was doing J/24 things at the time.