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  1. J/105 going SF to Monterey May 25 2019 for Spinnaker Cup Average age of the captain & crew is 32, likely the youngest crew in the event. Looking for someone like-minded* We are not ultra competitive. We did this regatta on the same boat last year; this is my third trip. I've been doing offshore sailing for about 12 years give or take. Because you already know what a J/105 looks like I've instead attached a photo of our mascot, David at Angel Island from last summer Sailing out of Emeryville. Return delivery required. You'll need your own PFD with crotch strap, and foulies/warm weather gear, I do have a spare tether and harness etc but they are not especially comfortable. But it's probably better than whatever else you had planned for memorial day weekend. PM for more details Thanks *Like-minded does not have to mean young in age
  2. Hadlock

    2019 Inflatable PFD's

    I'd like to make a correction the mustang had actually been re-packed by the crew member prior to testing auto-inflation in the pool. Chuck and Mustang reached out to him and it's going off to be inspected by the manufacturer
  3. Hadlock

    2019 Inflatable PFD's

    Just some data points: We did our SaS course this last month (2019 for anyone reading this later) as well, also had a hammer/hydrostatic inflator on a mustang (early 2018 mfg year) fail to inflate in the pool. Was still packed from the factory, had been on probably eight regattas since being purchased. Crewmember was aware of the hydrostatic bit so he (he is a little over 6') dunked his head completely under water to try and get it to inflate, finally pulled the manual release. I was hoping that we could take it apart and look at the failure mode to send to the manufacturer. I didn't get his on video. Of the remaining 11 or so people, everyone's inflated. My wife's spinlock deckvest lite (early 2017 mfg year) was packed from the factory and probably had 20 regattas including an offshore passage on it. Hers inflated partially. In the video we took (I got hers on video) you can see the inflator venting off excess CO2. My guess is that the zipper didn't pop open fast enough, and/or the bladder was packed in a way that it didn't unfold easily. She was able to inflate it with the mouthpiece to full inflation. I sent the video to spinlock and they said this was within tolerance. I am not sure I agree. They definitely looked at the video as they questioned how she had a tether attached (She had a harness underneath it) Either way that is about a 15% malfunction rate for factory-packed inflatable PFDs in our fairly controlled sample. Other thing to note is that both PFDs (my spinlock 5d and her spinlock deckvest lite) had deflated more than 50% by the next day and was completely flat the day after that. I am not sure what the deflation rate is supposed to be, but that seemed faster than I would have expected. Maybe that is normal and you are expected to use the manual inflation tube to top off the bladder every 6 hours (not accounting for hypthermia...)
  4. Hadlock

    Vulcan 7R/9FS vs. Zeus 3

    I'm curious if there are any features from the H5000 that are not included in the Vulcan 7 at this point? Originally you needed the H5000 to set the start line and generate/store polars (back in 2015, one year after H5000 came out). Here we are 5 years later, and miraculously you can set the race line from the Vulcan 7, race line calcs are all done in the Vulcan 7, and as of August 2017 polars can be input manually if you dig (settings -> laylines -> targets -> manual -> table). The other big advantage of the H5000 was instrument calibration -- that has been added into the Vulcan 7 as well. Seems like Vulcan and Zeus are picking up features as the H5000 series is beginning to sunset. As stated above, the big difference for Vulcan vs Zeus seems to be Vulcan is great for single chart plotter/retrofit and Zeus is designed for dual helm boats with a third display in the nav station. You also get physical buttons and chart sharing with the Zeus.
  5. AIS transmits on "secret" VHF channels 88A and 88B not accessible from normal voice Marine radio. If you use a ham radio you can tune in and actually hear bursts of radio activity in binary AIS format. GPS is receive only, totally different section of the spectrum. Plotter reads GPS location data and then passes the data along to the AIS transponder that then broadcasts the location data over "secret VHF chanel 88". The problem is that your boat has to wait it's turn to broadcast AIS (usually every 2-3 minutes) as it has very specific, negotiated, timing, so you need a product to listen for AIS and VHF voice receive, and then also prioritize voice comms and then also allow the transponder to send out AIS data when you're not talking over the same physical antenna.
  6. Hadlock

    Small boat solar setup

    I'm looking at solar as well. Possibly 2x160 watt flexible renology for occasional use. My big takeaway from looking at the solar boat social media groups is that in the real world flexible panels just grind away into hazy rusty garbage if left outside to rot after a couple of years, whereas the glass and aluminum rigid models can last a decade or more. As for wiring, one thing to look in to, is using multiple MPPTs instead of a single one. Prices have come way down, even the premium brands like Victron have models under $80 these days. Off brand can be even cheaper. It's not infeasible to run two or even one solar panel per MPPT. This also solves the problem of voltage dropout when jib or spin sheet shades one panel partially causes the entire series to have voltage dropout, instead only the one panel has dropout, while the other panel continues to produce near 100%. Slightly more expensive, but overall efficiency goes up noticably
  7. Hadlock

    Humidity on a Boat

    I will admit I've not spent much time on wooden boats but the 70 pint Frigidaire unit I have is user selectable from 95 down to 30% RH, and beyond that is CO or continuous operation mode. I suspect something in the 65-85% RH range would work well for many wooden boats. I'm coming up on the 4 month mark with the sensor push, still working great. I don't think the $150 internet gateway is strictly necessary, I primarily use the sensor to validate that the dehumidifier is working as advertised and only download new data when I'm at the boat. Incidentally I do have an extra Google Fi data sim wired to an old Moto G4 (it's not an officially supported model but can be manually configured to work) to provide WiFi to devices on the boat without running down my personal phone while sailing. Back on topic, still very very pleased with the 70 pint compressor dehumidifier. We went shrimping near the finish of a double handed race recently and dumped the soaking spinnaker through the forehatch onto the vberth cushions and could care less, knowing that they would be dry and mildew free within hours of being back at dock. If the dehumidifier died tomorrow, Is go out and buy another one immediately. Latest data, still averaging 54% RH
  8. Hadlock

    Humidity on a Boat

    Yes it is Sensor Push. Sensor is about the size of a match book and about $50 on Amazon. Sky blue. App is free, very slick. Sensor talks to phone over Bluetooth, but optionally they also sell an overpriced "web gateway" for $150 if you want to track it remotely. It is accurate to 0.1F and 0.01% RH (supposedly)... Battery is good for 3 years(also supposedly... It is replaceable and self reports battery voltage), takes a sample every minute, holds 20 days in memory. Highly recommend. We also bought two more, one for bedroom and another for living room. Can pick up when we shower or boil pasta if you zoom in far enough.
  9. Hadlock

    Humidity on a Boat

    I did the whole $79, 2L peltier cooler "eva-dry" and it just wasn't cutting it. Mildew, wet cushions, spinnaker never dried, mildew on the ugly orange life vests etc. Lots of corrosion. Finally went ahead and bought the 70 pint (9 gallon per day) Frigidaire compressor dehumidifier off Amazon $225 shipped. Boat is crispy bone dry inside. Accidentally left the forward hatch cracked open 2" facing to weather during this last set of rainstorms in the bay. Boat was still bone dry, humidity sensor shows that the dehumidifier was able to keep up with it. The one big spike in humidity, that is when we anchored out at China Camp for the weekend overnight. I think letting the boat breathe is a good option, but the $200 dehumidifier is well worth the money and comfort, especially if you spend more than an hour down below. I love that all my gear is warm and dry now when I put it on, rather than damp.
  10. https://ics-cert.us-cert.gov/sites/default/files/documents/Memorandum_on_GPS_2019.pdf https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/02/12/current_gps_epoch_ends/ It's not clear if this bug just impacts the date/time display, or if it will cause coordinates to be less accurate, corrupt the device or simply make it inoperable. Curious if anyone has a GPS chartplotter from pre-1999 and how your device handled it?
  11. Hadlock

    Three Bridge Fiasco 2019

    The history I read was that the Moore 24 mold was made from the mould of another (too narrow to be practical) experimental boat by physically putting a hydraulic jack in it and jacking it wider. Does not seem that any asymmetry was intentional. J/24 is mildly asymmetrical as well, also by accident. If I'm wrong someone please correct me
  12. Hadlock

    Vulcan 7 - Deal ??

    "old" Vulcan 7FS is EOL'd, no new updates "new" Vulcan 7S got an update today (2019), even added a wind tracking feature from the Zeus series. Looks like they are actively developing the platform still.
  13. Hadlock

    Three Bridge Fiasco 2019

    Looks like more than half of the participants went CW, maybe 75%? South of Angel Island, then Red Rock, one guy grounded in the shallows on the north end of RRI, plenty of wind both sides of the course to TI. Predictable parking lot on the south side of the island and then lots of traffic coming up the waterfront and reaching at the finish. We went CCW around RRI which was a mistake, it was a reach to the south end of angel island and then had to tack east to catch up with the rest of the fleet. Had we gone CW we would have had more runway to setup the spinnaker and then reach all the way to eastern span (maybe?) Curious to see the final results.
  14. Hadlock

    j105 class health?

    I was checking entries for Three Bridge Fiasco, a popular ~25 mile single/doublehanded race (mostly doublehanded) held in January; we have eighteen 105s registered for 2019's race, and fifteen started in the 2018 edition. Not nearly as strong as the Moore 24 and Express 27 fleets, but close.
  15. Hadlock

    Three Bridge Fiasco 2019

    This will be our first 3BF, so thinking probably blackaller first, then TI, then red rock? We have a ~10am start. We are kind of sticky in less than 7 knots and would like to get through the wind hole behind YB while there's still good wind midday. Jibeset is showing 333 registered this year.