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  1. Hadlock

    Perfect £150k single/double handed boat

    PHRF ratings seem to stay the same for full crew vs single/double-handed. I believe PHRF ratings are based on the assumption of 500+ lbs of crew weight on the rail upwind. Is it favorable for shorthanded sailing, to pick a skinny, lighter boat with a moderately deep heavy keel (modified hobie 33? olson 30?), or other form factor that crew weight doesn't impact the rating as much? A ship that rates 70 with 5 people on the rail might theoretically rate 85 with just the skipper at the helm, while another narrow boat with 8' keel that rates 70 with 5 people on the rail might rate 75 single-handed? Is that possible? I was chatting with a short handed sailor, his secret weapon was to run the autopilot via remote control and then hike out at the shrouds for longer legs. Putting even one "crew" on the rail in a single handed race seems like a decent advantage.
  2. Hadlock

    j105 class health?

    Once we took everything apart and adjusted it 2-3 times, knocking off all the accumulated sea crud, everything came apart and went back together easy the third time. You probably want some spare bolts for when one goes over the side, but it's probably doable on the water in calm seas. I wouldn't super recommend doing it away from the dock. We had some pretty unusually gusty conditions, 30+ last weekend, very glad we took the time to tighten up the forestay, was flopping 6-8", now it's closer to 3-4", jib functions as expected now without any oscillation in the forestay headed upwind.
  3. Hadlock


    Someone wrote a really nifty ORC ratings viewer: https://jieter.github.io/orc-data/site/
  4. Hadlock

    j105 class health?

    There are five double handed boats for SF SSS Corinthian this weekend, possibly 6 or 7. That means we should qualify for a one design class start in a double handed regatta, the first I've seen on the bay: https://www.jibeset.net/entrylist.php?A00=JACKY_T005756949&A01=748d3a7e72efb82de2c7e761f71d8c33&T=1582752057&SORT=df 2020 3BF only had 15 entries this year but it was foretasted (also: was) to be a foggy drifter, which may have had a significant impact on turnout. Thanks, we found it. Removed the pin at the bottom, four bolts at the top/front and it slid right up and adjusted easily. Stay sag has been reduced to about what the tuning guides recommend.
  5. Hadlock

    So called "wicking" polyester shirts??

    It's not glamorous but goodwill typically has large amounts of wool/wool blend items in stock for very reasonable prices.
  6. Hadlock

    j105 class health?

    Agree, there are several threads here on why/when to adjust. Ours appears to be saggy/floppy to the point that it's impacting our ability to point effectively, and probably needs to be tightened slightly. HOW do I adjust it? Remove furler drum and then attack the (assumed) turnbucket? Or can it be adjusted without climbing the mast and/or disassembling the drum.
  7. Hadlock

    j105 class health?

    How does one adjust forestay tension on the J/105? All the tuning guides say to do it, but not how. Do we need to remove the roller furler to adjust a turnbuckle near the deck? Should forestay be tensioned when the shrouds are loose, or after shrouds are tensioned??
  8. If I could do it over again, it would probably be an E27. Absolutely fantastic boats, highly active class on the West Coast.
  9. Is anyone moderately surprised to see more j/24, more j/105 on the roster than j/70? J/70 sold like absolute hot cakes at launch, they're getting ready to roll over hull #2000 soon-ish six years later 3BF is generally a very flat water, dry race. Ideal for a J/70. What's wrong with the SF J/70 fleet? Seems like they would be very competitive against the E27s etc J/24 fleet was dead when I moved here in 2015, they have five extremely active boats now, seemingly out of nowhere. More than the J/70.
  10. Hadlock

    J/35 vs J/36 vs J/105 Designs

    I wish I had more time to dig through the forums, seems like J boats has been building boats from the same four or five moulds since the late 1980s but with slightly different portlights; but I don't have the time to track down the heritage of each model. Once you get north of 36' J boats only has two or three original hull shapes, it would appear.
  11. Hadlock

    Doug From SV Seeker Fakes Head Injury

    Buncha people getting all twisted out of shape about an old fart on youtube Looking forward to the class action lawsuit against sv seeker due to emotional distress Lock this thread and burn it
  12. Hadlock

    J/105 Trailer

    Also interested in lease/part owner of a J/105 trailer; use once a year to trailer from San Diego to San Francisco, maybe SF to Seattle.
  13. What does your local fleet(s) look like? Canada is a pretty vast area. Getting a boat somewhat similar to what's in your area has some positive network effects. Express 27 and Moore 24 would be good options in my area. If you are bringing the Admiral on regularly... I would say get the J/29, possibly J/27. If you get the right boat they have a somewhat homey interior which is going to entice repeat visits to the boat. I played this game three years ago with the wife and with a slightly larger budget, ended up with the J/105 because of the interior and ability to maybe go do a hawaii race someday. J/80 mechanically is very similar (and a lot easier to single/double-hand) but the interior is still a Deluxe Armpit++ That said, the wife likes the boat and as a result we clock ~22 regatta weekends a year on the boat together. I do not see a lot of skippers out sailing with their better halves (for a variety of reasons) so I would weight the interior pretty heavily if sailing with the bride is an important factor for you.
  14. Nothing earth-shattering, but it looks like Google Maps has some new imagery data for the SF bay area. A quick survey, looks like underwater features up to 3'/1m are visible in some areas. Previously they were too high contrast, or low res to find anything except the biggest rocks. The reef off of Emeryville Marina: Dredged channel near Oyster Point/Brisbane: Underwater features, south side of Alcatraz Island:
  15. Hadlock

    Roof condensation

    If you have access to shore power and you like to roll the dice on it not catching on fire when you're not there, compressor dehumidifiers are pretty hard to beat. They are about $200 USD shipped for a name brand if you shop around. Here is the current "humidity on a boat" thread over in Gear Anarchy: