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  1. Didn't look too bad, just stick the pointy bit back on and stay calm... Feel free to expand on what exactly happened with the dolls nose. I didn't notice that they broke anything.
  2. they are doing a sanya as far as I know
  3. Well at least she's still afloat! Another from the same builder allegedly suffering what has been described as significant delam, taking water (again) just outside the heads on her way to Syd a couple of days ago. Rushed back to SYC and rapidly hauled out, it appears her program is in disarray. That's a real shame for RD. Thats a shame for SR, there was a similar delamination issue in Sydney last December before the Hobart race? Yes, Same deal. I had a look yesterday, there is a patch about 0.5m x 0.5m about one meter back from the bow just off on the port side of the centreline that is delaminated, then from the back of that there is a crack running right back to about a meter in front of the keel. Nasty to look at He needs to get the Sanya boys in, they will know what to do.
  4. yea, he outed himself in a couple of other threads What Simon is this... I'm trying to work it out... It's too bloody early for this.
  5. yacht - are you able to cite the offence provision? BTW - the correct citation for the Act would be the Commonwealth Navigation Act 1912. To incorrectly cite the Act makes me think you are probably wrong also about the offence, but I'm happy to be proved wrong. Yes was told several times by the people at Pains Wessex , now chemring, and during several SSSC. Could well be the Com Nav act 1912.I did not look it up. I am not saying do not let off expired flares,well yes I am, but do not advertise that you are going to do so. The fact that this flare let off has been run probably since before I was born and is run with the full permission of the coast guard who impose a small window in which they can be let off suggests to me that it is allowed. Could be wrong though.
  6. You can get the full story of the rescue on the ORCV website. My understanding of events as I saw/heard them Liferaft was washed overboard earlier in the race. All 6 beacons went off at once and were all in the same place. The waterpolice, coastguard and the heli were all put into operation and trybooking.com was called in as well. They were able to give trybooking.com the locations of the sailors every couple of minutes to guide them in, when they got there the heli was above the sailors so trybooking.com could locate them easier. trybooking.com arrived in Port Fairy at about 8am with all the guys on board to a huge reception.
  7. It was horrible out there, bloody scary. Winds were easily 60kts and reaching 70+ at times. The waves were vertical and we were struggling to get up them with motor flat out and storm jib.
  8. I dunno... Pogo structures seem to have managed fine with it... Pogo 30 (only concept right now) Pogo 10,50 (built) Pogo 12,50 (built) and now the Pogo 50 (under development) I'n not completely sure on this but I think the keel on the Seascape 27 could be rope and pulley to lift it up meaning that if you hit ground it wont be pushing against a ram to swing up. This boat isnt like a 3.9 metre beam "sometimes trailable with special permit and always launch in protected conditions with the club crane type of boat." Its designed to be a street legal towable with the family 4wd, with a maximum beam of 2.54m and usable at most boat ramps. No doubt there are some premium boatramps in the world that can accommodate it with extendable trailer drawbar when the tide is right, but there are serious disadvantages in thinking that trailable yachts this big dont exert huge forces. For example, I saw a duncanson 25 that was trying to be launched at Snowdens Beach once. The trailer bogged quickly, so he uncoupled, approached the trailer from an angle, with a long rope, gunned the 4wd, and promptly ripped all 4 boat trailer tyres off their rims... They were well and truly bogged. When you design a trailable yacht this size, you need to talk to guys who have built, owned, cruised and raced them in all conditions, including shallow water. Theres enough of us around, and if you want to sell us one, you need to be able to answer the tough questions... I wasn't commenting on the practicality of it, if you read my post again you will notice that I was talking about the mechanism to lift the keel. You seemed very against this type of keel on this type of boat and I was merely saying that 50fters use it so it must work pretty bloody well.
  9. I dunno... Pogo structures seem to have managed fine with it... Pogo 30 (only concept right now) Pogo 10,50 (built) Pogo 12,50 (built) and now the Pogo 50 (under development) I'n not completely sure on this but I think the keel on the Seascape 27 could be rope and pulley to lift it up meaning that if you hit ground it wont be pushing against a ram to swing up.
  10. So I'm heading out sailing today Catherine, I'll be on the foredeck and thinking of you.
  11. It's just not right, this is something that no one should have to go through, least of all you. Although I have never meet you it is obvious that you are an awesome person with an amazing fighting spirit. Cancer is an absolute bitch of a disease, so even though it's a shit of a time right now, keep your head up, keep smiling and most of all keep fighting.
  12. Not a bloody thing, but I thought the fenders being left out for so long was worthy of being put on SA
  13. As seen yesterday a good ten minutes after they headed out from their pen.
  14. the recreational racing fleets were pretty big, as is the trend with most regattas and sailing in general.Grant Simmer was amazed that so many classes could be raced concurrently and well. Lots of boats on Corio Bay and Outer Harbour was pretty congested at times. 8 Boats in the Sydney 38's
  15. In these boats there is a requirement to sink on an even keel, this means it is designed so water can freely flow from one side to another. When the captain turned sharply to the left to beach it all the water flowed to the right hand side which made the ship list, this combined with the inherent list when you turn that sharp caused it to tip.