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  1. NacramanUK

    Nacra 15 FCS for fun

    Harken video about the GP mainsheet system.
  2. NacramanUK

    Nacra F18 Evolution

    The Evo in action.....testing in Holland
  3. NacramanUK

    Nacra F18 Evolution

    Pricing now available from you local Nacra dealer. First customer boats are scheduled to be available for delivery from late March/early April.
  4. NacramanUK

    Nacra F18 Evolution

    Some pics.....
  5. NacramanUK

    Nacra F18 Evolution

    Pricing to be announced next week.
  6. NacramanUK

    Nacra F18 Evolution

    Press Release Nacra F18 Evolution: "The Nacra Sailing F18 Evolution revealed; a racing catamaran representing a unique design combination of 45 years of experience with advanced technology and sophisticated design tools Nacra Sailing has chosen to replace the renowned Nacra F18 Infusion with the newly developed Nacra F18 Evolution on Nacra’s 45th anniversary. Nacra Sailing teamed up again with their long-time development partner Morrelli & Melvin to set its goals in this ambitious project. Nacra Sailing and Morrelli & Melvin have a long history, having done many successful projects together such as the Nacra F18 Infusion which was launched in 2006. This successful relationship also includes the development of the Olympic Nacra 17 what has changed the face of sailing by becoming the first event in Olympic sailing to introduce hydrofoiling. The design program of the new Nacra F18 Evolution started last year at the 2018 F18 World Championship in Sarasota, USA, when M&M Naval Architects Ferdinand van West (2 time F18 World Champion) and Pete Melvin (Olympic sailor) teamed up to sail the Nacra F18 Infusion. Together with Nacra Sailing owner and technical director Peter Vink’s coaching, the duo finished their first event in 6th place. Inspired by the experience, they brought back a wealth of data from the event which they applied directly to the drawing board. The primary ambition of the new Formula 18 design was to build upon the Nacra F18 Infusion’s unique pedigree as the best all-around performing F18, over the full range of sailing conditions for every sailor. The hydrodynamic characteristics of the Nacra F18 Evolution’s hull shape are completely revised and benefit from the latest design tools used by America’s Cup teams to analyse the performance of dozens of hull shape iterations in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. Since their involvement in the last three America’s Cups, Morrelli & Melvin have invested in using NUMECA’s FINE/Marine CFD software for design optimization, utilizing high performance computing resources and advanced performance prediction simulators to add fidelity to race model analysis. Most notable, the Nacra F18 Evolution’s hull shape design has an aggressively styled raked wave-piercing bow with a horizontal hull chine running back into the transom. This elegant solution cleverly distributes the volume and contour curvatures desired for each dynamic condition and delivers a unique compromise for both sailing upwind and downwind at different speeds. The optimized foredeck in front of the main beam and embedded beams into the hull add extra sleekness to this design. There was a careful focus on the platform configuration, which features an updated longitudinal beam position to optimize the hydrodynamic and aerodynamic balance between the sailplan and the appendages. This has been further enhanced by a new high aspect ratio rudder design, refining wetted area, and updates to the hydrofoil sectional shape to the latest developments. Close collaboration with the aerodynamic sail design of Performance Sails has ensured an optimized sailplan which features the regatta proven deck sweeper mainsail and an optimized jib design tailored to the new mainsail. The Nacra F18 Evolution will make its F18 worlds debut at the 2020 Formula 18 World Championship in Formia, Italy, and is available for order with first deliveries starting in February 2020. The Nacra F18 Infusion will stay in production, as the only convertible Foiling Catamaran on the market that can be easily converted to a F18 class legal boat. "
  7. NacramanUK

    Nacra F18 Infusion FCS

    Wind speed topped out at around 8 to 10 knots.......boat speed topped out at 20 knots....
  8. NacramanUK

    Nacra F18 Infusion FCS

    So who says F18's are to 'fat' to foil.....? The new Nacra F18 FCS....
  9. NacramanUK

    Nacra F18 Infusion FCS

    A few more photos.....
  10. NacramanUK

    Nacra F18 Infusion FCS

    Hi Sam, Firstly apologies I didn't respond to your questions early in this thread, but I had a period of hospitalisation and recuperation that took me off line for quite a while! There are about 8 or 9 F20's in the UK (a mix of C and FCS's). A few of the FCS's teams have also bought curved boards and bearing kit as well as straight blades for their cassette rudder stocks so they can fleet race with the C's as well as still having all the fun of foiling available to them. The photo and video I posted above were in about 10 knots of breeze and the boat hit 20 knots! As mentioned full video and more photos later this week. I think the important thing to remember that you are in effect getting 2 boats for the price of one (once you buy the conversion kit). It takes around an hour to convert the dagger board cases from Z-foils to straight foils and the rudders from L-foils to straight foils/blades.......
  11. NacramanUK

    Nacra F18 Infusion FCS

    Will have a full video to post of it foiling upwind as well as downwind towards the end of this week......the one posted earlier is just a 'teaser'....keep your eyes peeled for the full video...
  12. NacramanUK

    Nacra F18 Infusion FCS

    So F18's are to heavy to foil ?
  13. NacramanUK

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    No doug you aren't......please ask them to respond to confirm or deny the windward foil creates a downward force such that it has an affect on rm.........simple question really..... I have no stick in the fire in this discussion, but all this discussion about this point is getting very boring.......please get them to answer this question.......I know you have the contact details of the Whisper designer (rather than builder) so please contact him and the S9 designer and ask them to respond in person on this thread......