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  1. The sooner World Sailing comes out with some rules to get rid of these boats the better. This is the single most dangerous development I have seen in sailing. I certainly don't want to be sharing the same course with boats that have blades flying through the air at you. We are having enough problems with authorities in certain countries who are trying to enforce ridiculous safety rules on foiling boats without the need to introduce boats that really are dangerous. Dangerous to whom? People or marine life or containers? If used in dinghy in round the buoy racing, I agree it can be dangerous to people, but if used out in ocean racing, it's not the same at all, or if done in small boats not racing and not close to others I don't see that as dangerous either. In other words it's not the boats that are dangerous, but how and where they are used that can be so. That is no reason to outlaw the boats. Have you never fallen off a boat to windward as a crew?
  2. Need to do something to save this class from certain extinction That's a pretty pessimistic view on one of the most successful multihull classes of all time... Think it would be difficult to argue the F18 is one of the most successful multihull hull classes based on numbers compared to the Hobie 14, Hobie 16 and Dart 18.......
  3. More Nacra 17 mk2 videos..... http://www.nacra17class.com/nacra-17-mk2-initial-testing-continued/ Particularly check out the team interviews.......
  4. *Updated, corrected and reposted (to late to edit original post) as beer and accurate posting doesn't generally work well! Testing videos from several teams including Micah+Liv,Moana+Manon and Tom+Nicola, as well as a report. The video of Tom Phipps and Nicola Boniface upwind foiling the Nacra 17 mk 2 is particularly interesting, as in the backround and updated Nacra 17 (to mk 2 spec) with curved foils can be seen.... http://www.nacra17class.com/initial-testing-nacra-17-mk2/ The foiling mk2 appears to be sailing higher and faster..... **The weekend is now here so will actually get a chance to respond to questions and comments from earlier in the thread as promised**
  5. I have just spoken to one of the UK teams who are over in Holland testing the boat and they reported "We took it out it in 25knots of breeze and its ballistically fast foiling both upwind and downwind, huge smiles from us both :)".....and this is from the helm who as well as sailing a curved foil 17 (top 20 in the world) has lots of experience of sailing a Flying Phantom..... *Edited and reposted
  6. Following testing of various foil and rudder combinations over the last 6 months, further testing of the rudders and foils is going on over the next week by Nacra17 teams......hopefully I will have some photos very soon of the rudder blades that are being tested..... *Correction to my original post
  7. While inspecting a new one yesterday, I was told that they weigh 280. True? There was a huge argument recently on this website about reducing weight of "modern" performance cats to make them more suitable for foils. So this cannot be done! Too bad. A-cats continue to rule. Nacra single handed (with curved or straight boards) and ali mast comes in at around 124kg Nacra double handed (with curved or straight boards) and ali mast comes in at around 127kg Obviously the 16 with the carbon mast makes it a little lighter Now given the 17 comes in at around 140kg and seems to foil really well, we must assume a foiling version of the 16 isn't a problem based on weight.... *Correction to my original post
  8. Yes it does....I think with the hull spec changes that have gone on we should end up with a super solid boat!
  9. To be fair I think all of us are into foiling if the truth be known.......
  10. Hi Strategery, all the tooling for the retro fit hull modifications is complete to turn an existing mk1 into a mk2 17, just waiting for final pricing, fitting 'process' and delivery time for the kit......I will update this thread as soon as I have these details.....In fact the trialling thats going on in Holland at the moment is with 2 boats, a production mk2 and a retro fitted mk1
  11. Further to our pm discussion I spoke to the design team today and there is certainly a plan to introduce a foiling version/update kit but it won't happen till the foiling 15 is in production and the foiling 17 (should IOC/World Sailing decide they want it for 2020) is similarly available....as you may know 2014 onwards 16 have cases that except both curved and straight foils already.....
  12. Hi Tigrah.......I had a chat with Holland this week and as you may be aware there is a retro fit update kit of the revised cases and position (fits both curved foils and j foils) is already available along with transom reinforcement (to suit the T foil rudders). Interestingly a few teams in France have fitted the FCS rudder system on standard board position F20C's which has show a marked improvement in stability. A few European teams have fitted Nacra supplied standard kick up rudder blades with winglets (like the Nacra 15) that have proved to be as almost effective as the FCS T foils in stabilising the boat.
  13. Hi Joking.....Nacra are currently doing final testing of foils along with different length spinnaker poles and flatter spinnakers....
  14. Also a pic of the foiling 15 in that last link........
  15. Will this do for the moment Lost in Translation ? http://www.foilingweek.com/pages/foiling-awards/foiling-week-awards-2016-candidates/nacra-17-mk2/