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  1. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2ut5g1 The original and still the best.
  2. Assy tack attachment

    Nice solution Mez.
  3. I went and did something stupid… advice needed!

    Same understanding here, though reasonable compensation for the assistance may be sought.
  4. I went and did something stupid… advice needed!

    I had a figure of 500 in my head as well as a counter offer. Perhaps it would be worth calling some other similar businesses in the area and getting estimates from them for doing the same thing. Might help with your negotiations.
  5. Aus Sailing Olympic Non-Selection Shitstorm

    I tuned out to this when the PC brigade dragged it into a gender issue.
  6. Arseholes/Assholes

    LOL, nice one LB.
  7. Built in fuel polishing...practical??

    Old wives tale alert! Actually, this is only a medium wives tale. Filter engineers are very clever about such things. Having worked directly with Racor on a bunch of industrial applications, I am confident that when they sell a filter block rated for X gpm, that unit will pass X gpm at the same (or very close to the same) differential pressure with a coarse or ultra-fine filter element in it. Now, what -IS- definitely true, and requires additional attention, is the fact that fine filters clog up faster. Have a couple extras. No need to go from tank A to tank B. You can do that, of course, but it makes just as much sense to recirc fuel thru the filter/seperator back to the tank. Especially if you run the recirc pump for a long period of time. My recommendation: Don't use a spin-on filter. They're more expensive, and they make more of a mess. Get a filter-seperator block, valve it as desired (in-line to engine can be good, that way you can use the pump for priming too), locate it so you can change th filter element with relatively little trouble, and keep at least 3 spare filter elements on hand at all time. 2 microns is considered "very fine" in the diesel world, IIRC I have seen .5 micron filter elements but I am not sure how much benefit they would add over the 2m (which is 1/40th the diameter of a human hair) Rather than try to explain, here is the fuel system I built into our trawler. It was extremely functional for cruising; although the components of an added pump, piping, and valves, took up a good bit of volume. WinnieW_fuel05_w_polisher.GIF FB- Doug Yep, all comes down to the open area of the filter medium.
  8. My even newer project for The Man In The Moon

    I'll mail it to you. You're a good man, I don't listen to what the others say.
  9. My even newer project for The Man In The Moon

    I like your hat Ish.
  10. My even newer project for The Man In The Moon

    Don't change what aint broke, run with it.
  11. My even newer project for The Man In The Moon

    Isn't that a marlinboard? On a balanced lug rig, the vang effect comes from the luff tension on the fotreward end of the boom working with the fulcrum provided by the downhaul. On a standing lud with a sprit boom, the vang effect comes from the tension on the foot of the sail. No gnav needed. Thanks Semi. Not going to comment on this rig as I have no experience with it, and given the company I keep here I look forward to learning.
  12. My even newer project for The Man In The Moon

    Isn't that a marlinboard?
  13. New Cubed - First Supermaxi Since Speedboat

    That could have been written with just the information in this thread. I don't see what JC gains from putting out that statement if the shit was going to hit the fan. If it eventually does, he has no credibility at all.
  14. recommend me a headsail furler.

    LOL! I could use a WLYDO project! Work is being very boring.
  15. Dave's perfect sailboat