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  1. A big challenge is to coordinate sheeting and steering, and that can only come from practice and knowing exactly what each other are doing. I don't know about the open leech, once foiling it should be closed, it's why Moths run massive vang tension (since multi-style travellers don't seem to work as well). The SuperFoiler has some moments when everything goes right, they just need to bottle that and learn to replicate it. The mainsheet trimmer and helm should be right next to each other so they feel exactly the same things and learn each other's responses. I think the windward heel is a good idea, with the dihedral on the wings it will be difficult to sail flat as the foiling cats do. I really hope they get it right, but it's a huge challenge.
  2. Hasn't the foil finish thing been done to death? Smooth is ultimately faster, but (very slight) roughness might be more stable if draggier at the top end. See this windsurfer thread, which has a pretty reasonable discussion, even mentioning Frank Bethwaite—he reckoned smooth is fast, but what did he know? So a matt finish might be a little more stable, at the expense of a tad more drag, which might be a good trade-off around the course. Or not.
  3. On Mac undo is Command-Z. The "Source" button is removed, can it be returned please? If it was available I could interleave quotes and replies, rather than having to rely on people working out what the reply is to. Inserting replies into quotes using coloured fonts is rubbish as it defeats quote markup.
  4. These guys are sailing the boat like a Moth, that it's a trimaran is pretty irrelevant. The more windward heel, the more vertical the leeward foil so more lift to windward and more vertical lift from the tip. Heave stability seems to be an issue though. I don't think this would work with a Z foil where it would increase lift to windward but lose vertical lift. Seems to be bow-up in most videos, level or slightly bow down might be faster but I guess it's early days. Source: youtu.be/yMe5TGGEOdA?t=18s
  5. If it makes any difference, on a Moth with the wand disconnected you might as well not have a horizontal foil at all. Even in very flat water with 12 to 13 kn boat speed, there's no perceptible lift. This also means it's impossible to sail downwind with no flap or the wand disconnected in breeze over 15kn, it just stuffs the bow in because there's not enough lift from the main foil. Even if you get up to planing speed (say 13kn or so), crank the rudder to give max down force and hike as hard as you can off the back corner of the windward wing, as soon as you hit the back of a wave, over you go.
  6. If you ask Moth sailors they'll tell you that tipping the boat over is far better than having it sit upright on a trolley with the rig up in any sort of breeze. Most (all?) skiffs are rigged lying on their side, it really isn't an issue. It just needs a bit of cooperation between crews to fit everyone in. There is no reason that insert from below boards should require a boat to be launched on its side, or even capsized to fit the foils, especially if there's no wand or linkage to connect. The hull just needs to be lifted, the board inserted and fully raised, then the hull lowered again. The beach wheels might need to provide a bit more clearance, but that's it. If the A Class allowed insert from below boards, it would free up the shape of boards. Whether that's a good thing or not I don't know, I'm just saying that insert from below should not be seen as some huge issue for managing the boats off the water.
  7. The surprising thing to me is the amount of apparent bend in the starboard rudder relative to the main foil, though not much of the vertical is visible. Or are they canted too?
  8. There's no way you can determine the angle of the rudder stabilizers from that distorted pic. Look at the torsos of the guys in the background. He's been told that before (also here), for the same image (which is cropped from a larger image). The lens distortion is huge. And without any reference points, control or lense calibration data, making any claim related to accurate measurements is laughable. But that will not deter him.
  9. That's the crux of it for me. It doesn't matter if the foils are Z, J, L, whatever and are a little slower in straight line speed, their ease of use and lower cost is a huge bouns. I hope multies continue with development of wandless designs. The progress so far has been amazing and there is every indication that they will reach a level comparable to current wand controlled T foils, but without the added complexity and cost. It may mean that A Class has to modify their rules to a 1 metre gap rather than 1.5 m, but that's not an issue for other classes (or new ones).
  10. Looks like you're having fun with some great wipeouts! Please keep the videos coming, they're great entertainment. You're right to concentrate on boatspeed to get foiling, focusing on windspeed is not very precise. When a wind guage somwhere reads 5kn average over a few minutes, there can be lulls of 3kn and gusts of up to say 7kn or more. So saying "It can foil in 5kn" is really just an indicator, but onoce you find the boatspeed you'll likely get it down to ±0.5kn very reliably. It seems to me that there's not enough mainsheet action. Try and keep the boat very flat, don't let it heel to leeward as it greatly loads up the leeward foil. As soon as it starts to heel, drop a bit of sheet and as it starts to roll back to windward, sheet on again. Going downwind in particular it's very difficult to feel the wind, you have to respond to pressure on the rig and the feel of the boat.
  11. I think it's about the huge change in apparent wind strength, not angle. Foiling upwind at say 15kn in 15kn of breeze (to be conservative) means say 22kn across the deck. Downwind in the same breeze at say 22kn or more and the apparent is about 5kn. So smaller rigs tend to be more efficient upwind, but lose downwind to the extent that they are generally slower around the course even though boats spend about twice as long going to windward as they do downwind. That was true for Moths and seems to be for As too, but there's nothing to say it won't change in the future. One thing that hasn't been shown lately is the current shape of A foils, everyone's been quite secretive about that.
  12. You can't tell much from a single, short video where there are so many unknowns. The A may be going low to sustain foiling and may well point higher in displacement mode. Or not. Certainly the twsited main isn't helping.
  13. I don't think scenarios 2 and 3 can occur given that promotion to the semi-final is "…based on overall series ranking", not where they finish in the semi-final qualifier. As long as the course is even with fairly steady breeze and currents, it could work quite well. It would stop the leading boats match racing each other to the back of the fleet in the final and put some focus on other sailors as they battle to make it through to the medal race.
  14. Hmmm… https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Yacht_Coronet_(1885)(Detroit-Publishing_Co_1894-LOC).jpg Not sure about "…better to fill the triangle between the plumb bow and sprit with boat" though (socalrider, post #9). ;-) Also shows how to deal with an anchor with a plumb bow. Might need a few more hands in the fo'c'sle though.
  15. Geeze Phil, your sarcasm–O–meter needs re–calibrating…