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  1. Do you have anything to back that up?
  2. Onefly foiler

    No doubt really, it doesn't measure as a Moth: 3.48 is too long (max. 3.355) and 2.26 is too wide (max. 2.225). While that could be fixed, there seems little point as any Moth foiler will be quicker. But as a one design, it may be OK if the price is right, say about the price of a Wazp which seems to be its closest rival.
  3. Anyone done all four boards

    Probably still trying to uncleat the bastard…
  4. To be fair, there wasn't much breeze and the AC50s probably wouldn't have raced in those conditions. Or if they'd raced in displacement mode, wouldn't have been any better to watch. The foiling cats always looked like they were on the edge, which is what made them exciting to watch, even without a lot of close racing.
  5. If a 1 minute collage of clips from a 1 hour race isn't interesting, sack the editor and producer. The full replay is a little less engaging.
  6. Artemis?

    Australian team? About as "possible" as a Tongan, Samonan or Tuvuluan team.
  7. Anyone done all four boards

    Only looks like 2 out to me, go back and try again.
  8. If by "sausage course" you mean windward/leeward (W/L), then that is the type of course that most favours foilers. Like all apparent wind boats, they like to sail in a very narrow range of apparent wind, so don't like being forced to sail a particular course. Yachts rarely sail W/L courses, so foiling doesn't work so well for them. The foiling IMOCA 60s only gain a couple of knots in skimming mode, so if they're forced to sail a non–skimming angle the additional wetted surface of the foils becomes a liability. Large foil–assist boats have been around for a number of years now (DSS, IMOCA 60s) but have not swept all before them, which is pretty good evidence that while foils have good points, they certainly aren't all round performers yet and are regularly beaten by non–foilers. However, a dedicated event like the AC draws a lot of money for development so it could do for foiling monos what it's done for foiling multis. But I don't expect the AC monos to be any easier to sail than the AC multis.
  9. It would have been interesting to see what a fully automated ride height system produced. Limit battery capacity solely by volume to encourage battery capacity/unit volume and efficient use of stored power. Map the water surface to predict wave patterns and required foil adjustments. Keep humans for sail control and steering, just piss off the cyclists and game controllers. Canting keels and water ballast are agricultural in comparison.
  10. Yes, they are variations of the same thing and show that development is taking place for racing, not just foiling for foiling's sake.
  11. Quant foils are a variant of the IMOCA and foiling 650 foils, so yes, there has been a lot of development of lateral foils on monohulls. And don't discount the work being done quietly on foiling scow Moths.
  12. Oh no, I feel a repost of a repost of a repost coming this way…
  13. I think it's inevitable that the A Class will be faster around a course than Moths, they have 60% more sail area on a taller rig to start with. A Class are significantly faster than Moths in displacement mode, it was only foiling that put Moths ahead of other performance boats. The A Class don't need to foil tack if they have 4kn more boat speed and can just bang the corners. Moths probably represent the pinnacle of mono T foilers, but the advantages of mulits in being able to carry more sail works for foilers just as well as floaters. If you restricted a foiling kite to 8.25m, how fast would they be in 8kn of breeze?
  14. Quant 17 Foiler

    I guess if you don't have any facts at hand you can always just make shit up.
  15. Quant 17 Foiler

    Perhaps you know something we don't, there don't seem to be any published specifications. 18 foot skiffs are very wide, but they're also sailed in very few places and generally by very skilled sailors. They're an extremely difficult boat to sail, so being safer than an 18 in any regard is faint praise. A 49er has a max beam of 2.74m, the I14 only 1.83m. I can't accurately scale the size of the foils from the video, but it appears the Q17 foils give it a beam well in excess of 3m when they're both deployed, as they are in the video when the boat is going downwind. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great boat with potential, but issues should be addressed head–on. Where I sail, there are many crab pots and a lot of marine life—turtles, dugongs, crabs, sea snakes. I'd be concerned about lateral foils from that perspective as much as any other. But more importantly, I want to see how it goes downwind in 20kn with steep 1.5m chop, foils deployed or raised. That is important in knowing whether it's a great lake boat or also good in more open waters.