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  1. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    Anecdotal evidence is a good starting point, but without proper recording of incidents and research into causes it remains just that: anecdotal. WS seems to be making a start in that direction, but it will take years to collect sufficient data for any analysis to be meaningful. And it doesn't seem to be rigorous or thorough so may not carry much weight. It seems to me the issue is more about the greater speed of foilers rather than the foils per se. Eventually there will be decent body armour to prevent bruised ribs and limbs, but until then there will be injuries. Also, sailors are still coming to terms with sailing foilers, so there are more accidents due to inexperience. More anecdotes. My worst (most painful, most blood, almost longest to heal) injury was splitting a shin on the thwart of a 420, far worse than a similar injury I suffered a few years later from a side stay on a Moth (same shin). The three worst sailing accidents in the water I typically sail in over the last 5 years in did not involve foilers. I've sailed in 3 Moth Nationals, a Worlds and 4 State titles. I was one of the first to adopt a helmet (2011, but only when windy). The worst injury I know of in all those events was bruised ribs from hitting the water, where a body armour style PFD may have prevented the injury. Back on topic, the SuperFoilers appear to be very difficult to sail and may be prone to causing injury, however they are a very specialised class and will only ever be sailed by very experienced crew who know the risks and are best able to address them. Putting them on a very small course with hard boundaries, immoveable obstructions and challenging wind and tide conditions upped the ante considerably, but they got away with it. I hope next time the course is set further north in the Deep Hole rather than in the seaway, but there may have been factors that I'm not aware of for the choice of course location. The same goes for the port leeward gate, which did appear to be in the wrong place with regard to the nearby channel marker, but the PRO should be allowed to comment before everyone piles in. There are some here claiming close connections to the sailors and club, perhaps they can get a comment, even if it's "off the record"?
  2. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    "Buddy"? I guess you're referring to this. Seems to me it says far more about failures of trapeze systems than foils, and getting hit by a fixed or locked–down rudder is more serious than being hit by a kick–up rudder. Nothing peculiar to foilers. You made a claim about injuries and frequency being higher for foilers but haven't been able to substantiate it with fact, so I'll take it as opinion then.
  3. Mothquito

    A little outside the box, I wish them the best of luck!
  4. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    Obviously: "…we are seeing injuries and frequency of them like we have not seen before." I guess you have data for injuries across a number of high performance boats over a number of years to show that foilers have peculiar injuries and a higher rate of incidence than other boats.
  5. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    I bet they don't! They've left Pavement T–boning the start boat in the Day 2 highlights reel (arguably worse than picking up a mark), it's the stuff that keeps the hoi polloi interested! The top mark was in a diabolically difficult place, no surprise that boats had trouble or hooked up on it. Pavement caught one of the bottom marks on Day 2 also. The coverage really doesn't show just how small the race course was. Not only the tide, but the effect of the southern tip of Straddie on the breeze was messing things up as well. I think Nathan Outteridge summed it up pretty well: when there's plenty of space, no problem. But with a compressed field, difficult conditions and hard to sail boats, things will happen (which is probably exactly what the sponsors want, personal injuries excluded).
  6. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    Sorry, better link is the highlights:
  7. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    Start at 16:45. https://youtu.be/Sv4ZTbWxIxU?t=16m35s
  8. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    No, here's the incident is just after 1:04:45 in the live stream. Let the armchair experts go wild. ;-)
  9. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    Pretty good watching from Angler's, but would have been better to be on the sandbank on the northern end of Wave Break Is. Probably about the best conditions they'll ever get on the Gold Coast, though a bit gusty. For those that missed the tech2 double–handed dismount:
  10. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    Where did they set the course? Must have been fairly short with a NE'ster.
  11. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    Maybe, TC Gita is sending some very large waves to the GC, so inside the Broadwater is the only option. Surfers 'frothing' as big waves predicted for Queensland's southern coastline
  12. Future Olympic lightweight-female dinghy

    I have to strongly disagree there, especially in single handed boats. Men have a very distinct power to weight advantage that women can't match (huge generalisation and of course there are exceptions but not many). In International 420s the women can certainly hold their own, but mostly because their lighter weight makes up for their lower power (more generalisations I know). 420s don't really benefit from being muscled around a course, they reward trim and finesse more. I expect the 29er to be similar. I thought Moths would be the perfect no–gender bias boat, but after watching some nationals and world championships, changed my view completely. Once the wind is over about 12kn, the men can put a lot more physical effort into getting foiling and especially foil tacks. Done right, they're like a massive (perfectly legal) pump, a bit like a roll tack on steroids. Going upwind there's a lot of kinetics going on that takes strength and stamina: the harder you hike and work the main, the faster you go. You only need look at how few women compete in Moth worlds and nationals (and the placings of those that do) to see how favoured the men are. Hence the need for women–only events, but that will only happen if there's something like an Olympic or World Championship women–only event as an aspiration.
  13. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    I'll try Angler's Park on Saturday, what do you think the crowd will be like?
  14. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    Friday is still looking like NE, but Saturday and Sunday are a lot more SSE to SE, which should be fine.
  15. Future Olympic lightweight-female dinghy

    I doubt that an Aero 5 will foil very well. Heavier than a Moth, barely 60% of the sail area (5.2 vs 8.25 m2) and a stickier hull. Also no racks or wings to help generate RM and speed to get foiling upwind. It might go OK downwind if there's enough breeze to get foiling, but the angles might be pretty awful. If a single handed foiler is the requirement, far better to either go for a WASZP or develop a new boat that is very Moth-like.