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  1. Seascape D2 aka 14

    Trapez: 50% more sail area than a Contender in a similarly sized boat, must have been a beast! The SSC14/D2 looks interesting, very crowded market though. Maybe add a trapeze for single handing? Two handed crew will likely need to be around 120kg total.
  2. It's a munge of Quant and KZ1 (27th AC in 1988). Already discussed, which would have been apparent had the poster linked to the previous discussion rather than trying to start it all over again.
  3. Oh FFS, he's been posting and reposting that on multiple threads, often multiple times on the same page. It is irrelevant to the AC 36 and AC75 class. If you must reply, please use a minimal quote (or none at all).
  4. Foiling A Cats..... In chop

    Skiffs have been using foot straps for years with few issues, maybe different boat dynamics. Cat sailors seems to trap off the side of the hull, so much more slippery surface than a skiff's gunwale or rack with a high–grip surface. Maybe cats need some non–slip patches on the hull (might look like shit though).
  5. Nacra 5.0 easily smokes an Astus 16.5 Sport.

    What's your point? The Astus 16.5 isn't designed to be a speed demon, it's a "recreational, accessible multihull" with less sail area, more weight and a lot more wetted surface than a Nacra 5.0.
  6. More to the point, this illustrates the issue with using a lever to raise and lower the foils. In the "racing mode" diagram (see below), the lever is shown as angled to the main strut so it can be raised within the physical constraints of the hull. In the "navigation mode" diagram (below below…), the lever is omitted because if it was per the racing diagram, it would be through the hull. Will it be hinged? Seems unlikely, or is there some other method of raising and lowering the foils that either A. Hasn't been worked out yet, or B. Is sufficiently novel that the designers don't want to show it yet, or C. There's a slot in the side of the hull that is open to the water so the lever just sticks out I'm guessing A. Racing mode: Navigation mode:
  7. Bangin the corners cup 2018

    Yeah, I'd have been nailing tacks and gybes in those conditions—but not foiling… Huge thanks to Beau Outteridge for the coverage, it shows what stadium sailing can do if setup properly and if participants are prepared to get creative with courses (and the commentator has some idea of what's going on). Has the "Bangin' the Corners Cup" ever been run over the same course configuration twice?
  8. The 2018 Bangin' the corners cup video featuring some fairly well known Mothies might give you some idea (i.e. very, very few).
  9. Rules??

    Yep, but don't blame the foredeck, likely they couldn't reach them. Someone in Bavaria's cockpit needed to cut the sheets and halyard, would have saved Audi's rig for maybe the cost of a spinnaker pole.
  10. Moth - adding bladder to tramp

    As Phil said, "pool noodles" do a pretty good job and are low maintenance. You don't want too much buoyancy in the wings, it helps more with capsize recovery than prevention.
  11. What Is It? Foiling Ghost...

    Someone should have told the artist that the foils are supposed to be in the water, not skimming over it…
  12. Trimaran Foiling Systems

    Top effort. The video has been restricted so that either Australian viewers are blocked or YouTube's IP location logic is hosed. Either way, why block anyone from viewing it?
  13. Crossbow fl 2017

    Thank you for regurgitating yet again stuff you've already posted multiple times on the previous page and elsewhere over the last many years. I have no idea why you think it's proof of anything, nor why relentlessly re–posting it will serve any useful purpose. To make it clear, the sliding weight system in your images does not address any of the challenges of your tilting, swiveling, sealed tube system. They have been pointed out to you over the years (such as how the tilting/swiveling mechanism is controlled or how the sealed beam is controlled or what is the fail—safe if the battery dies with the weight and beam at full extension). You've not addressed any of them with anything more than the most cursory of explanations. If you really have "a new boat with the most advanced version of the system yet" then post pictures of that. PS. Your last post has gone up a font size. I guess that's the internet version of translation by volume.
  14. Crossbow fl 2017

    Yet another re–post of images you've already posted 4 or 5 times on the previous page (and many times in other places). It's coming up to 10 years since you started on this concept and you still don't have anything even remotely resembling a working model, much less a detailed design of the most important and innovative components. Please see Creativity Is Not Enough (Theodore Levitt, Harvard Business Review) My emphasis. Please do not re–post anything you've already posted in this thread. Reference it if you must, but do not re–post it.
  15. Australian in homemade boat with no engine rescued off Hawaii after 100 days at sea.
  16. would you sack mark richards ?

    Considering your first consideration was whether anyone had a picture, clearly sailing ability is not your most important criterion where female sailors are concerned.
  17. Team Australia

    There are a couple of Kiwis who have yet to work out that it was an incident between two Australian boats with Australian helms in Australian waters in an Australian race that has nothing what so ever to do with the America's Cup. Maybe they're still getting over losing in 2013.
  18. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Absolutely. How often to coaches say "don't leave it up to the umpire"? I.e. don't bet on winning 50/50 decisions, and Commanche vs WOXI was at the very best 50/50. If Richards wanted the moral high ground, he should have done the turns and then won anyway. That would have been the gracious, sportsman like thing to while greatly enhancing WOXI's reputation. It would have been Spithill who came out looking like a dick for whinging about a pretty minor infringement. I guess it takes a special talent to turn that on its head and come out looking like an arrogant arse having cost the crew and owners a spectacular win and WOXI a special place in history as having beaten the fastest monohull on Earth twice.
  19. Face shield—breathable when wet?

    Thanks, will get some.
  20. There is an advertiser here selling "Face Shields" and I'd like to know if they're breathable when wet. I've used a plain Lycra balaclava as sun protection for the last couple of seasons and really like them compared to sunscreen. However, I've found that if they cover your mouth and nose (as shown in the ad), then as soon as they become wet you can't breath through them. Not a good feeling when you get hit in the face by a splash or go for swim in a capsize. Does anyone know if Face Shields have the same problem? The Lycra balaclavas I use are cheap, maybe $3 on eBay, and come in a variety of plain colours so would only buy the more expensive Face Shield if it's breathable.
  21. Another what's the best dingy question

    A couple of other single handed classes that may fit the bill are the Sabre and Impulse. Both are much nicer to sail (for a first dinghy at 50+) than a Laser and about the same performance. They are also available in both wood and fiberglass and have reasonable numbers in various places. Both can be home built if you're keen. There are a few Impulses for sale in Vic, and Sabres too.
  22. Crossbow fl 2017

    The phrase "no adjustment required" should read "no adjustment possible". Do you really think a skiff doesn't need an adjustable vang? Or is a stainless steel turnbuckle your idea of adjustable? I'd like to see how you're going to implement an adjustable noggle. I don't see anything to control mast rotation (simple to implement but not shown), and there are some awful angles in the vang that will not deal with loads well. The offset goose neck is is an interesting approach, but not simple and likely quite heavy. I'm sure it's been tried before, if it's a good idea there should be lots of them around. I expect you'll need to reinforce your A Class mast for the loads. Your intention of using large chunks of stainless steel is a good pointer to the issues you're going to have building this to the target weight. You certainly won't get away with a broomstick boom. You've been pushing this concept since 2009, claimed in 2010 to have already completed 10 years of testing and said you're going to build the Crossbow fl in 2012. Most of what you've posted here seems to be regurgitated from those times, though you've decided to make it even more complex with DSS foils. By 2013 everyone was sick of you posting about this, but here it is yet again. I'm really gone this time…
  23. Misogyny in sailing?

    Closely followed by awarding a 9 or 10 year old girl SA's highest award for females: "Sailor Chick of the Week".
  24. Crossbow fl 2017

    I need to get out more? I've done more foiling in 6 months than you've done in your entire life. Name any wing mast skiff that you've sailed, ever. Now name any current high performance skiff that uses a wing mast anywhere near the chord of an A Class mast. Go sail a Tasar to find out how they tack in a bit of breeze with the vang on, and that's a very simple rotating D section mast. Wing masts don't work if there's a vang with significant load, there's a good reason why the big trimarans have a traveler and no vang. And you haven't addressed any of the weight or cost issues, or ballast system engineering issues. Not one. Now you've added "sails at 10­° heal" to introduce more theoretical benefits without addressing any of the obvious issues. Yeah, sorry, I'm outta here.
  25. Crossbow fl 2017

    Compare your boat to a Devoti D1, which is full carbon/foam construction and rig, has main and genaker (no jib), is nearly 2' shorter and weighs 94kg ready to sail (75kg hull). That's nearly 40kg more than you think you can build your 15' 6" boat for ready to sail (without the ballast system), and you're also going to have a DSS foil system and A Class wing mast. On top of that, you think you can build the tube for the ballast system and its fittings at less than 10kg. Excuse me if I'm a little doubtful of your claims. The Devoti has a similar sized genaker, but your main rig is 48% bigger than the D1 big rig (16.96 vs 11.5 m2 respectively) and nearly 80% bigger than the small rig. It will be more than a handful. You haven't supplied any detail of how the sealed tube ballast system works, i.e. how the weight and tilt are motivated or controlled. You haven't even shown how the weight and tube slide from side to side. The system on the red scow is quite different, especially since your boat will not stay upright without the ballast system being actively operated unless you use the tube as an outrigger. You have to build the ballast system anyway, so why not do that first and see if it actually works before putting it on a hull that as a one-off will likely set you back $50,000 or so? A $400 well used Laser is a drop in the bucket to prove at least some of your claims. I have no idea how much your ballast system would cost, but I'll guess you won't get much change from $10,000 with all the fittings and controls. But I remain confident that you will never complete the model, much less progress to something more substantial. PS. Have you purchased a licence for the DSS foil system? What is the licencing cost per boat? If that's commercial in confidence, fine, but at least say whether you've negotiated a cost.