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    Distance racing, round-the-buoy racing, big boats, small boats, cruising with the fam, mastering the art of splicing.
  1. j120 bobstay solution

    Looking for a bobstay solution for a J120 to fly a Code 0 on a 2:1 halyard. Any photos or other information is appreciated. Thanks in advance, Josh
  2. As many of you know, Abilyn--the 21-foot pocket-rocket ocean racer--is for sale. Below is a link to a video that gives a pretty good taste of what we've been doing for the past five seasons, and what somebody can expect if they're intrepid enough to helm Abilyn on her next adventure--that is to say, a cost-effective platform to develop as a shorthanded sailor, and a ton of fun. If that person is you, great! Message me. If not (but you know somebody), let me know and I'll kick USD 1,000 over to you for sending me a willing buyer. I had the listing up on SA classifieds for a while, but took it down because I got no bites. I hope Clean or Scott don't mind me posting this commentary along with my reel. And...when the breeze is on (and from the right direction), she more than holds her own with the big dogs around the race course. In the 2015 Around Long Island Regatta, after a 30+ knot downwind start, we rounded Montauk Light only about an hour behind the 44-foot racing machine, Warrior Won. In the 2017 Vineyard Race, Abilyn finished 3rd in PHRF-doublehanded and 11th overall in PHRF (out of 35 boats) culminating with a epic downwind ride with single-reefed main and Code 5 kite as a 30+ knot easterly rolled down the Sound as night fell. Here are my favorite stats from Vineyard Race: Top speed: 18 knots Avg speed: 15+ knots for 6+ hours through the night in the 30+ knot easterly Elapsed time (238-mile rhumb line course) Abilyn (Pogo 2): 1:14:47:37 Lora Ann (Express 37) (doublehanded): 1:14:03:36 (+ 44 minutes) Helios (SunFast 3600) (doublehanded): 1:13:42:03 (+1 hour, 5 minutes) High Noon (Tripp 41) (crewed): 1:10:13:44 (+4 hours, 34 minutes) E-mail me at josh@abilynsailing.com or contact me via Messenger. More info on the boat at the link below: http://www.abilynsailing.com/pogo2
  3. Looking for recommendations on a dehumidifier to keep a 40-foot boat dry during the season in the northeast. Boat lives on a mooring ball. So I'm looking either for a desiccator-type dehumidifier or one that is powered strictly off solar. Thanks in advance! Josh
  4. Keel bulb repair on a Pogo2 MiniTransat. Any ideas?

    Ok. So, after much contemplation, all of the epoxy casing around the keel was removed. The idea was that I didn't want to risk other areas of the epoxy casing becoming unbonded from the lead, requiring success repairs. Once the epoxy casing was removed from the keel, we noticed a problem--the bulb was not square with the boat. It was off by what appears to be 3/4". Obviously this has ramifications for sailing, including different stabilities depending on tack. Truth be told, however, I never was able to discern differences between the sailing characteristics of the boat on port versus starboard sufficient to identify an imbalance in the keel bulb alignment as the cause. So now the issue becomes, what to do? The two options that are on the table are (1) fair/reshape the lead bulb to achieve symmetry and skim coat; or (2) obtain the mold that was used to encase the misaligned keel and ensure that at least the water flow across the bulb is identical depending on tack. Submitting to the Court of Public Opinion--any thoughts? Thanks, Josh
  5. Keel bulb repair on a Pogo2 MiniTransat. Any ideas?

    Love all the tips, guys. Priority number one is to go sailing. I like the idea of removing portions that have poor or no bonding to the lead, and using sheet metal screws to provide additional structural support (like steel rods in concrete). That said, I also like the idea of not having so much damn casing. A project for another season.
  6. Keel bulb repair on a Pogo2 MiniTransat. Any ideas?

    The boat was built in California. I understand that the casting resin was applied using a mold, which would seem to suggest that the lead bulb is uniform. There's no Classe Mini sailing in the U.S., and I'm happy to modify the bulb to prevent further issues like this. I know others have had difficulty reaching out to Pogo in the past about build issues. But I might check with Groupe Finot. Thanks.
  7. Noticed some cracks in the paint on the bulb. One piece looked like it had a deep crack. Got my knife in there and popped out a few chunks. The lead keel appears to be encased in epoxy, in some areas very thick. No filler. Very brittle, although the bulb shouldn't experience any stress. Any ideas on a repair? Seems like the thick epoxy casing adds only a little weight and a lot of drag. Wondering about removing all epoxy from lead bulb and rebuilding with a lot less thickness. Seems like patching only the areas that have lost bond with the lead is a fool's errand. Thoughts?
  8. Dear Newport Bermuda Organizing Authority...

    For anybody interested in 6 1/2 minute break on your Monday: http://www.abilynracing.com/the-takedown/2016/7/18/our-journey-to-bermuda Best, Josh
  9. Mini Test Sail/Charter?

    Abilyn (USA 829) is for sale. http://www.abilynracing.com/the-boat. Also listed on SA. Happy to have you out to the western Long Island Sound for some sailing. PM me or e-mail me at josh@abilynracing.com. You can also find me on FB at http://www.facebook.com/abilynracing. Best, Josh
  10. Mini 650 PHRF

    Bhuddle305, feel free to PM me or e-mail me at josh@abilynracing.com. Happy to discuss all things Mini.
  11. Dear Newport Bermuda Organizing Authority...

    Hey all, I haven't been in this thread since around the time I started it. And I haven't read through all the comments. But I did want to jump in one last time--really just to say thank you. Many of you have responded with legitimate criticisms, helpful comments, words of praise, etc. I especially want to thank those who e-mailed me individually or found me at RBYC to say, "Go Abilyn!." Even as my co-skipper relayed to me some of the more obnoxious comments as this thread was developing, what those comments did for me was make me think. They made me think about what we were doing, why we were doing it, and how we were doing it. So--even to folks like Edith, I say thank you. After spending 3 days in Newport preparing the boat, our provisions, and scrutinizing every aspect of a crazy, ever-changing forecast where every model seemed to diverge, we left Newport bound for Bermuda about 24 hours after the official entrants left Castle Rock. We arrived in Bermuda Friday morning at around 0230--approximately 132 hours after we left. It was not a swift passage by any stretch of the imagination, but we made it. And in so doing, we completed the objective we set out to accomplish with this boat about three years ago. My intent is to write-up a more detailed account of the passage, which included some pretty interesting hallucinations, 3-days of close-reaching in 25 knots through a crazy cross sea that would randomly deposit waves on our heads from abeam, and being marooned on Bermuda as I arranged logistics for getting the boat back to the States. Sailing Abilyn for the past 3 1/2 seasons has been amazingly rewarding and a ton of fun. But now my time with Abilyn is coming to an end. It's time to move on and spend more time sailing with my family--potentially in something more cruisier. I hope to impart on my kids some wisdom from this experience--i.e., if you post in the SA forums, Edith will haunt your dreams! So if anybody is looking for a kick-ass Mini Transat, shoot me an e-mail at josh@abilynracing.com. Josh
  12. http://1000etunevagues.extranet-e.net/index.ies?act=show&mid=3212&k=c7c75c5c96c75d43bb6f95ca1e535317&email=marina.laulanet%40gmail.com&ab=0&co=0 https://newyorkmediaboat.squarespace.com/blog/2016/5/us-coast-guard-rescues-french-sailor Wow.
  13. Some of you may know Olivier Jehl. He's a Mini sailor--no, a real Mini sailor. Literally, his life is sailing. Olivier has done what some of us here in the States only dream of--he dropped everything and dedicated every moment of his life to his sailing goals. Four years ago, he began a full-time sailing career by purchasing a proto Mini (built on Long Island!) and started racing in the Classe MINI circuit, which, as many of you know, is the starting point for many French sailors as they venture towards bigger boats like the IMOCA 60. I met up with Olivier earlier today at Liberty Landing Marina. We talked about offshore safety, sleep habits, repairing spinnaker poles at sea, the general state of shorthanded sailing, and how cool it would be to have Mini sailors from around the world come to the United States for an official Classe MINI event, such as a return race back across the pond. Olivier hopes to race in the 2019 Mini Transat in a boat with foils, which he says are now permitted under the current rules (I haven't reviewed the new rules myself). Olivier explains that the "box" expands after boats cross the starting line in a class event. But right now, Olivier has one objective on his mind--establishing the record for NY to The Lizard in a Mini Transat 6.50. While other Mini Transaters shipped their boats back to France or sold them in Guadeloupe, Olivier "hoofed" it up to NYC, and soon will be hitting the road again on his way back to France. Every dollar that Olivier brings in from sponsors and crowdfunding goes into his boat and towards meeting his sailing objectives. And every dollar counts. If you can, please support Olivier by donating to his campaign. Donate: http://www.fosburit.com/projets/projet/olivier-jehl-record-atlantique-nord-solitaire-mini-6-50/ Tracker: http://www.dolink.fr/carte/record-new-york---cap-lizard Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lesvoilesdorion/?fref=ts
  14. Dear Newport Bermuda Organizing Authority...

    I'm not pissed. I was taken aback a little bit and felt that the response I wasn't meant to receive was somewhat disproportionate to what I had sent, but I wasn't pissed. I did have an amicable discussion with AJ. Very much respect his role in the regatta and what he needs to accomplish. He informed me about the exclusion zones, which we intend to honor. No beef. Just sailing.