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  1. Robyn Banxx

    New Rambler

    The real question is how deep you would make the keel on a 92-93 foot version of rambler built in 2019 if you wanted to sail it with a bunch of Volvo ocean race veterans. And what color you’d paint it.
  2. Robyn Banxx

    NYYC One Design

    Really. All of the amputations so far have been women.
  3. Robyn Banxx

    NYYC One Design

    Heard there was another Amputation aboard an IC37 this week. When are people going to start telling the girls that they can’t just grab a loaded runner tail and hope their digits will remain attached.
  4. Robyn Banxx

    NYYC One Design

    Lots of chatter on the vhf yesterday beteeem the NYYC and the USCG. I gather someone amputated a finger. Someone grabbed the mainsheet on a tack?
  5. Robyn Banxx

    Modified Farr395's, how are they holding up?

    Gotta watch the core. Whatever genius put foam above the waterline and balsa below the waterline needs to be sternly dressed down. The modded ones are very fast boats
  6. Robyn Banxx

    AYC Spring Series 2019

    I wonder what Race Committees do In San Francisco when it blows over 25 knots? Fly the Y flag? Move to Sedona? Tinker stores his nifty scrambled eggs cap in the Y flag cubby on Scotch caps. That’s why we haven’t seen Yankee up to allow the fleet to race in windy conditions since 2014.
  7. Robyn Banxx

    Siebel Sailors: Southern Yahoos Need Not Apply

    Does it matter? Arguably what’s more important to the success of a project is that the benefactors stay involved personally and financially even when it’s still growing, hasn’t yielded a great success yet, and may even be damaging to a fragile ego. Im proud of Tom and hope that more people follow his lead.
  8. Robyn Banxx

    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    If you were told that then you were being misled. The time stamps of these minutes submissions are about 24 hours after CR bumped the thread. We actually just learned that the PHRF meeting minutes were only posted hours after Mrs. Ramrod shook the tree. We’re about to learn that over the winter, board members said that you need to be invited to meetings. Finally, the fact that people feel they need to be anonymous on here is a sign that they either have a fear of retaliation by an omnipotent board or that they’re showing enough restraint to allow the discussion to progress abstractly and without Resorting to Ad Honinem attacks out of the gate. This is the only public sailing forum out there, and an otherwise good means of putting an issue in front of many people’s eyeballs and creating accountability. In the same way that volunteer race committees should not be upset by commentary about improving their race management, volunteer rating authorities should accept that part of their responsibility is accepting public comment about how they can better operate transparently. Finally, for those of you who take the opinion that one must be a member of the YRA to have an unimpeachable public opinion of their decisions and conduct...why? Boat owners need a membership to obtain their certificate - that’s justified. Beyond owners... Industry professionals and crews are impacted by the YRAs decisions as much as owners are but they receive ZERO benefit from paying a fee to the association. In some cases, those professionals and crews may have an even more objective opinion about matters than owners because it’s not their $100,000 toy having its rating (and resale value) changed by a board that doesn’t like people peering into the process.
  9. Robyn Banxx


    Hey! I'm shopping for a new car, could I pay you $8,000 to build me a new F-150 with parts off of Amazon? I feel like those Ford Motor Company bandits in Detroit are building the car for 17 cents and some belly button lint and ripping me off. Thanks! XOXO
  10. There's one with a Canadian sail number 5 in Guilford CT now.
  11. Robyn Banxx

    Volvo 70... where are they ? Any for sale?

    Whoops my mistake...Now go fuck yourself jackass The jury is still out on whose the jackass, but it still definitely one of you. We need left hook to drop in here and complete the trifecta.
  12. Robyn Banxx

    Volvo 70... where are they ? Any for sale?

    JL92, You retard. You've said "Il Moro" twice. STOP. The current SFS is Mar Mostro. Il Moro was the fucking America's Cup boat and Il Mostro was the first puma boat. Just shut up and go back to sailing your shitty charter cutrate russian shitbox and leave the facts up to us.
  13. Robyn Banxx

    Volvo 70... where are they ? Any for sale?

    SFSII is Mar Mostro, as mentioned upthread. Trifork is E4/GroupamaTrainer