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  1. Swiftsure 2016

    I know there are a few boats looking for crew. Last minute plan changes have caused most of them I believe.
  2. Shipwrights near Anacortes, WA

    Anacortes Rigging & Yacht Services. 360-293-2030
  3. nope never smelt any of it, even when the storm water over fills the sewer lines, and when that happens the weather is bad enough you don't want to be outside much less on or (god forbid) in the water. I personally cant eat the shell fish but everybody I know who eats them has never said anything, including the guys and gals from back east. I also love a nice fresh caught salmon, because it still has less crap (pun intended) in it than the farmed stuff. as for my children, well they are years away from being born and I don't think Victoria and area can get much bigger. Unlike other places there isn't much more room to grow the city, with water (on three sides) and provincial parks and mountains closing us in.
  4. 365 days in a year x 24 hours = 8760 hours per year average tide time = 8 hours 7,000,000,000 gallons flushed per 8760 hours = 799,000 gallons per hour approx volume of Juan De fuca strait (90km long x 20km wide x avg 100m deep) = 47,500,000,000 gallons 0.00168% of the water in the JDF strait is flushed water from Vic per hour per 8 hour cycle that 0.134% of the water now factor in that that's not just used toilet water because the 350k of use that live in the Greater Victoria District aren't flushing a deuce every 2 hours all day long. It includes doing the dishes, laundry, washing of hands and cleaning the house. Living here I'd like a treatment plant but we should be looking at hormones and pharmaceuticals rather than solids which is what everybody else seems to think is the big issue
  5. Southern Straits 16'

    Is my math correct. Did Pitoraq win the short course ?
  6. they are talking about the pharmaceuticals that are ingested and passed. The stuff that goes into the system from birth control, left over antibiotics, and a few others that our bodies don't fully process. The waste plants being proposed are mostly for effluent and plastics. If we treat for those then the screens are fine and the natural flushing of the strait is perfectly fine
  7. 2016 Vic-Maui

    Going to resurrect this because I'm a little impatient for info and gossip. I've got friends doing this and cant wait to see how this very full race goes