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  1. Mikel_new

    Refinishing Carbon Fiber

    Not for the tiller, but for the boom we used in 2016 as recommended by the supplier: Awlgrip J3890 AWL-Wood Clear Gloss 4 coats. Still looks fine.
  2. Mikel_new

    IRC Handicap Advice

    George, Do you mean that a pole not longer than the sprit pays 0.012?
  3. Mikel_new

    IRC Handicap Advice

    Yes, spi area is cheap under IRC.
  4. Mikel_new

    IRC Handicap Advice

    If the bowsprit length is identical to the pole, and the A-SPA identical or lower than the S-SPA, there will be no impact at all.
  5. Mikel_new

    New steering cables? Wire or fiber?

    In an old 45 racer we have used either Vectran or Dyneema; with the loads seen, creep is not an issue at all. We have 8mm lines but 6mm would be plenty. One of the advantages over SS is that you can make the cables easily, tune them, whatever, not needing any special tools. And replace them if they do not look ok.
  6. Mikel_new

    Mainsheet block to boom webbing material

    in a 45ft we use two turns of 8mm dyneema core. Main is 75 m2. In order to prevent it from slipping forwards, we tye it to the end of the boom. Won't go back due to the main outhaul. Review for chafe at least once a year.
  7. Mikel_new

    Raymarine ST-6000 Autohelm - good or bad?

    Raymarine's autopilots regularly appear in the top list of the Yachting World ARC statistics. We have one since 2004 and works fine, but we do not use it much. Yet when we do it is several days in a row. And even if you keep the 6000 you could use non-Raymarine instruments. The 6000 and the VHF are the only electronics we have from Raymarine, communicated to the rest via NMEA 183; the only problem is that we have two electronic compasses, three if you count the one built-in the GPS antenna (Lowrance Point-1)
  8. Mikel_new


    My understanding is that SK75 is pretty much out of the market, superseded by SK78 which has much less creep. All our halyards in a 45 are dyneema, most 10mm except the jib which is 12mm, because of the problem you just mentioned; in fact this halyard is SK75. Vectran is fine and has much less creep. But must be protected by the cover at all times while dyneema is much more robust. Your choice.
  9. Mikel_new

    Mods and IRC impact

    Regarding your comments: reduction of foresail area by going to non-overlapping jibs this typically is worth doing, unless your boat is very heavy and needs the 150% genoa Adding a bowsprit that extends beyond the spinnaker pole if the bowsprit is just as long as the spi pole, there will be no rating effect. if longer, your rating might suffer; theoretically it will, but it might not. Some years ago I did order test certificates and there was no effect of a longer pole with the same spi area. larger spinnakers or asymmetrics larger spinnakers are worth the change, given that you race windward-leeward. The speed advantage is usually better than what you pay in rating whether A or S depends on the kind of boat. We sail with S2, A3 and S4; tried an A1.5 but does not appear to work on the boat. Carbon mast this is expensive and might not be worth it. removing running backstays again this depends on your mast. I have seen a Mumm36 which removed them, but mounted a carbon mast instead. There is no magic I know of. Wish I did ...
  10. Mikel_new

    tp 52 crop 2018

    7 Botin, 2 Vrolijk See Seahorse
  11. Mikel_new

    Which three Asymmetrics?

    I would say that it depends a lot on the kind of racing (windward-leeward or coastal) and the wind strength, of course. If you race coastal, you would need an A3; not if you only race W-L. In my experience an A3 is a lot more useful than an A0 and can be used a lot more frequently. Certainly an A2. This would be sail #1, except in low wind areas where maybe an A1.5 would be the workhorse. Another sail would be - an A4 or A5 if more coastal than W-L; Racing over 20 kn with the A2 would ruin it. - an A1 or A1.5 if mainly W-L in low winds - the A0 has a very narrow condition; it is a good option once you have all the other sails, which are more widely useful My few cents. Ask your sailmaker ;-)
  12. Mikel_new

    Inox screws on carbon

    We have a 21 years old carbon mast. We want to replace the spinnaker poner track, which is attached with inox screws. But due to corrosion, I would expect removing them to be pretty close to imposible. Has anybody a good trick to do so? Best,
  13. Mikel_new

    Broken mainsheet shackle First 405

    I would say that the shackle is over 20 years old. Just replace it every 10 years, and review the rest of the car, since you are at it, new cleats (alu, not plastic or carbon). ANything else would involve more changes.
  14. Mikel_new

    GPS and Compass in one

    We use the Point-1 with a Lowrance plotter (old) on a Farr45. Works fine.
  15. Mikel_new

    Question regarding my traveler balls

    if they are White, they are not torlon. change them for torlon (yellowish)