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  1. Mikel_new

    Scissors for high tech lines

    If you are thinking in cutting dyneema, the Leatherman works just fine.
  2. Mikel_new

    Ockam to N2K

    Have you checked with OCKAM reborn? Bill Fanizzo 312-218-0339 bill@ockam.com billfanizzo@aol.com
  3. Mikel_new

    Beneteau First 40?

    The First 40 is about 1 ton heavier than the 40.7 it replaced. Under light conditions, I believe that it cannot catchup. I see many 40.7s doing well under IRC, not many F40s except in heavy condition places such as the Solent. plus the 40.7 are a lot cheaper ...
  4. Mikel_new

    Lowrance LGC-3000 failure(?)

    W, sorry, I didn't try to use a 0183 antenna, and since it didn't work, disposed of the 4000. Good luck, Mikel
  5. Mikel_new

    Lowrance LGC-3000 failure(?)

    We also run a 5200c, and our GPS antenna failed also. By the way, they are NMEA2000; do not believe that the plotter can take signal thru the NMEA183 port. We replaced the antenna with a new Lowrance Point-1 antenna, which is a bit pricey (cybermonday is coming); yet it is a 10 Hz unit and includes a compass which is good for slow speed conditions. I believe that the B&G and Simrad antennas are identical, but you never know whether there are minimal differences ... By the way, I remember that I did buy a 4000 antenna from ebay, which did not work unfortunately; then went for the Point-1 Good luck,
  6. Mikel_new

    Which boat against Farr 40?

    if you can find a GP42 ....
  7. Mikel_new

    Changing setup symmetrical to asymmetrical on X41

    We sail a Farr45 usually under IRC, where spinnaker size is cheap. We use the original boat configuration with an slightly oversized pole (0,5 m oversize up to 6,10m) and 185 m2 spi size. We use an A3 (165 m2) and have sailed against an identical boat with a Code-0, which once was much more efficient than our A3 but several other times were the reverse; I believe that an A3 is a much more flexible sail. By the way, the A3 is more efficient than the S2 in many more cases than I expected. Best,
  8. Mikel_new

    Small Handheld DSC VHF

    we sail with a HX851E and is not really small. Works fine, though.
  9. Mikel_new

    Ockam T1 help

    Hi there. I have recently replaced our aging but working 001 CPU with a second hand T1 which appears to work fine. Only I seem unable to make the RS2332 channel work to talk to a Laptop. Since I have not found how to change the RS232 config from the standdard 9600,8,1,N , I guess this is still its config, therefore it can only be the cable ¿? Any advice? The other thing is that there is an Ethernet port in the CPU; anybody knows how could I make it work? The Ockam Systems Manual does not give much info ... Thanx
  10. Mikel_new

    Ockam T1 help

    Thanks. Yes, I email with Bill who has repaired a couple issues for me. Yet he seems unable to help me with the T1 ...
  11. Mikel_new

    Ockam T1 help

    We have a problem. We run an Ockam system, based on a 001 CPU. But have last month replaced the 001 with a second hand T1 which works very well. My problem is twofold: 1.- I cannot make the RS232 channel work. The cable is setup with RX/TX and I guess the configuration is the default 9600,8,1,N (since in the Manual I cannot find how to change it, I understand that the earlier owner had it as default, also). Any suggestions? 2.- the system is supposed to have an Ethernet channel, but I have no info whatsoever on what services do it provide or how could I make use of them. Again, any clue? Best Mikel
  12. Mikel_new

    Ultrasonic/Electromagnetic Speed Logs?

    All Oceanic singlehandlers using NKE (most french ones and many others) use the ultrasonic speed sensor.
  13. Mikel_new

    Backstay w/ Tylaska?

    in a 45 with 75m2 mainsail we carry a soft shackle to hook the backstay. Done that for the last 10 years and had no problem whatsoever. We replace it every few years ...
  14. Mikel_new

    Slipping Spinlock XA Clutches - Worth fixing?

    In my experience the Spinlock XA are very weak. XT are much better, yet they are larger. In an old 45-racer we use XC (identical to XT but ALU body) with 10mm dyneema lines and work well, except for the jib halyard.
  15. Mikel_new

    Attaching genny sheets