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  1. viraproas

    Team UK

    Where do all the brits go in the summer??
  2. viraproas

    Team NYYC

    Except for the whole design team right? Buying the package from ETNZ....
  3. viraproas

    how fast is it?

    I wonder how much drag is that bow creating when it sinks in the water and how much water it sprays to the cockpit... Looking forward to see some results. Pic below seems like a more sensible option... Less marketing but with the right colour I think it could be the winning bullet.
  4. viraproas

    Mellow Yellow...

    No bowsprit?? I see on the picture they have a good-old spinnaker pole... I think he just did a "modern" hull shape to look cool, but she's heavy and without a bowsprit it looks weird
  5. viraproas

    Melges 40 - Ho Lee Fuk

    So the boat is designed by Botin, not Farr. The boatyard that built the boat has nothing to do with the fundamental deck design. This thing will never go close to offshore. Its so out there that it will only race in class. Certainly not primarily under handicap rules. This also takes out the need for a staysail as it will mostly see windward leeward racing. Good on you for spending other peoples money but that winch package that you are bagging is well into the 50k USD range. Add any fancy shit like that and the price will go right through the roof. Also not sure which C40's you have sailed on but none have driven runner winches (not even all 52s have that function) and none have driven main winches either.... Curious if you have any idea about what all that shit costs to add to a boat that has PLENTY of expensive bells and whistles. For example. Just adding a standard string drop system from harken is about 12k USD. Driving just one additional main sheet winch is going to set you back an additional 15k USD.... In fact if you even had half a clue about what you are talking about you would know that each button engages the relevant primary and the overdrive selection system is now integrated into the pedestal.... So yes there is value engineering happening there for a PRODUCTION boat. +1, nothing to add. EDIT: Oh yeah, you forgot about the canting keel, I don't know of any other W/L racer which has one.