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  1. Just a little bit of a plug for a friend organizing a regatta. The Edlu Race is a 32 mile distance race on LIS the weekend after American YC Spring Series in a few weeks time. So far there are 3 J/88s entered in the event and a number that seem interested. The OA has said that they'll give the 88s a One Design start if they can get 5 or more boats entered. Just thought anyone on here might want to talk or think about it. Yachtscoring site here: https://yachtscoring.com/current_event_entries.cfm?eID=3041
  2. I accept your nomination for membership to the PHRF board.
  3. I'm gutted for them after the same thing happened to us on the Hobie 33 last year in the same race in the same conditions. They've even bailed to the same marina we bailed to. It's a tough one to take. The Hobie is an offshore rocket, and Mirage will likely win this race overall, but the rudder is their major point of concern in sporty conditions. Doubly impressed by the crew on Simon Says sailing it in with the emergency tiller. That takes serious skill, but if anyone is capable of doing it then it's the group of experienced guys in the afterguard of that boat.
  4. I trim the jib on the express 37 against you every week and I've noticed you having the problems you cite. If you're not interested in making rig structure alterations, you might want to experiment with adjusting your headstay length for different wind ranges. Take turns off to add depth to the jib in light air and bring turns on to straighten the entry and reduce weather helm in heavier air. Because you're a fractionally rigged boat, shortening the headstay as the wind increases magnifies the effect of the backstay in getting tension into the luff and helps you flatten out the jib entry without overbending the main or the top of the mast. I can't remember if Sawtooth has a furler. Adjusting the headstay length gets to be impossible if you're using a furler system because you have to disassemble the drum to get at the toggle. You're running a quantum #1 at the moment. Ask Kerry K to help you with a rough tuning guide for the headstay. One comment: even we can't solve our pointing problem against the X35. Their sheeting angle is too tight and foil design is too high aspect for a pair of 30 year old boats to compete with. We've focused a lot on hitting out vmg angle downwind to work inside them because they tend to sail too hot.
  5. More intriguing: $350 * 49 Entries is $17,150. Where is that money going? Executioner is nowhere to be seen. The course board hasn't been updated to allow for 3 courses to be posted. As far as I can tell, the expenses of Can One are a couple replacement flags, air horns, Yacht Scoring ($10/boat), and daily trophies (slash, do they still give out daily awards at Huguenot?)
  6. I dunno. But an hour difference in the finish times is weird. Hasn't Can One been communicating the course to Div 6 by VHF all year? That's kinda silly. Why can't they just change the courseboard? If someone missed the course then it was just a matter of time.
  7. Who is that guy, stang?
  8. Interesting about the north shore of Cuba. I'd heard rumors of a GS countercurrent there but it seemed like a lot to gamble on, plus low confidence in the charts for the area being correct. How far inshore did you need to be to get it? How Far East did you find it? Porto Seboruco, about 45 miles west of Havana Harbor about 7 miles north of the shoreline. The gulf current was much farther north than what the grib files showed. Once in a while you have to stick your head outside the nav station to see what is going on. Considering my head sticks out of the companionway hatch sitting upright in the Nav station that's not much of an issue It was the first edition. There were genuine concerns onboard about running the north shore of Cuba. There were worries that the topography of the island would rob the wind. That the countercurrent wouldn't be there. The fact that it was possible the charts could be leaving out key features. Some places said you need to be closely in contact with the Cuban Coast Guard once you crossed a certain limit. It's a strategy for future years, for sure. In the event of a western focused gulf stream or a downwind race from the east or even a drifter.
  9. Interesting about the north shore of Cuba. I'd heard rumors of a GS countercurrent there but it seemed like a lot to gamble on, plus low confidence in the charts for the area being correct. How far inshore did you need to be to get it? How Far East did you find it?
  10. As always, Dave has the trophies we want!! Still waiting for my Laud-KW 1st Overall replica plaque!
  11. Which New England fleet are you in?
  12. We had a pretty shocking downwind mode with the 15 year old Melges 24 A2 and 6 year old etchells jib. Some fun video from the late afternoon is forthcoming. Viva had great speed when it turned into a reach and we couldn't match them in a breeze forward mode after dark. Steve and his boys did a great job of making it a fun battle there and they showed great overall!!
  13. I'd rather drown than pay you a grand to repackage that!!!!
  14. There's one thing worth saying, and that is the kindness of the sailing community continues to amaze me. Almost as soon as we diverted, people began sending text messages to the five of us offering help, love or support. We've probably fielded 100 offers of help over the course of the last 20 hours. Sailing Anarchists and our wonderful amazing sponsors made up a lot of those numbers. It's so wonderful to have a community with such generous people in it and we couldn't dare impose on you all. Thank you.
  15. That was one of the best experiences of my life and one of the most crushing. Feeling total slop in the rudder with the Gulf Stream in front of you there's no other decision. We built it up from nothing and showed well for 12 hours. Maybe next time we can make 24. Thanks Mustang. Thanks Sol. Thanks Clean. Thanks to the boys on our crew. Thanks to those who supported us. We shall return. Enjoy Cuba!!!!!