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  1. AlR

    i touch myself

    Remember, the man who published this little lecture was kicked off of Facebook a few months ago for a rant about how his Ex-GF gave up the back door on a first date with some other dude, in a slut shaming attempt.
  2. AlR

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    Chief Handicapper. What a larf, year in, year out, for 20+ years. Troll a net across the back end of the racing fleet and find yourself a Chief Handicapper. If you fix a design flaw and it makes the boat faster around the racecourse it needs a hit. PHRF looked at the FT10 owners spending $4K for new rudders that had a different planform than the original and decided it deserved no hit. They sure did hit other people for rudders that didn't add as much performance. JFC, what inept losers. The entrenched do not want competent people becoming involved. Their clique has been in charge for 20+ years. They are such losers on the race course this is their chance to be the big dogs in the world of sailing. "Respect My Authority!" It is pretty pathetic. They won't even listen to someone like you.
  3. AlR

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    Oh no, I’ve disparaged PHRF of SoCal and members of the Regional Board. I’ve broken Rule 1.4a from the 2018 Class Rules. They are now checking my profile. Christ, you fools should have caught a clue when you deemed it necessary to put that rule into place. You wouldn’t have so many people disparaging you if you weren’t such useless wankers. You PHRF dummies were played. It was classic Bait and Switch, and it was planned. The FT10 folks acted out their sob story about the poor little boat that could. You clownfish went hook, line, and sinker. Conned and owned. The SoCal Board fiddles with Corinthian Class bullshit while PHRF burns. Instead of spending a majority of your time wringing your hands about how much time a Corinthian Class boat should get for their anchor chain, maybe you should spend your time getting the ratings of real raceboats right. You should look at the length, weight, sail area, and downwind rating for the Henderson 30 and wonder why it rates 27 while the FT10 rates 42. Maybe compare all the similar boats in your database and try to get them aligned? Naw, just keep attending the monthly meetings for that free meal and pretend you are doing something important.
  4. AlR

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    No idea WHO fucked it up? PHRF SoCal has been a clown car for at least the past 20 years, populated by hacks and losers. Mr. Wad, if you sit in one of those monthly meetings and can’t identify they are hacks and losers, you are one of them. If a boat had been presented to PHRF with the same dimensions as the FT10 and the designer was listed as Farr or R/P the rating would have been different. You know it, I know it, PHRF knows it. So the thing started out with a gift rating, especially downwind. It didn't hurt to have a couple of the board members considering purchases of FT10s when the rating was given. The FT10 was originally presented to PHRF with an OD trim that included shitty single source one design sails and undersized spinnakers. This was going to be a cheap mom-and-pop class. So the OD rating was based on that. Before their first regatta they all had nice plastic sails and much larger spinnakers. How many seconds per mile do you think those sails were worth? If you say less than six you are not being truthful. As soon as the OD spec changed from the shit sails to the plastic sails the OD rating should have been hit. PHRF did nothing. The FT10 originally had a joke of a rudder. A heavy, unbalanced, flexing, self-destructing joke. They couldn’t tight reach in any breeze without the rudder stalling out or the cassette exploding. The boats replaced these jokes with carbon blades that are a much better shape with built in balance that the originals did not have and weigh about half what the original weighed. How many seconds per mile do you think that is worth? Ask Steve Washburn what he was hit for a new rudder on his B25 that was much less of an improvement. That should have rung up at least three seconds for the class OD rating. The PHRF fools looked at it and somehow determined it was a wash. Conned again. The FT10, as originally rated in OD configuration by PHRF, could not fair the bottom. So that was taken into account in the rating. It wasn’t long before some boats had high end bottom jobs. The class let them sail anyway. They were no longer in OD trim as originally rated. Why would an owner spend all the money to do a bottom job if it didn’t make the boat faster? As soon as the class allowed the boats to be faired PHRF should have hit the OD rating. A faired OD FT10 was now faster than an unfaired OD FT10 had been. Crickets. When Con Men look for marks they don’t look for the smart guys to work over. They look for the self-important, very stable geniuses. They need look no farther than the monthly PHRF SoCal Board Meeting. The FT10 Group initially worked those fools with their stories of their low cost family racer, then made changes to their OD Rules to make the boats significantly faster and got zero hits from PHRF. They also had losers like Balls-On-Chin sailing around at the back of the PHRF fleet for years saving the rating. Conned, conned, conned, and owned. Shooting fish in a barrel.
  5. AlR

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    You PHRF fools were conned from the outset. In your post above you just did a very peripheral look at some minor numbers, like PHRF fools always do. Maybe you should do a deep dive. Maybe you should have done that before giving the FT10 its initial rating. FT10 is about 10% longer sailing length compared to the Farr. It is a foot narrower, so it has much less resistance downwind. The spinnaker area is about 40% more. All these details make it MUCH faster off the wind than the Farr. But you fools look at it and say it was designed by Perry, so don't rate it harshly, he's not that good. Bill Lee taught everyone one thing years ago. If you make a boat light and narrow and put a cloud of sail on, she will be fast downwind, regardless of how bad the hull shape is or the foils are. Everyone learned this except the fools that run PHRF SoCal, and by extension PHRF SD. No one who has ever been in one of your meetings expects you will ever get it right. So just smile and shine up the trophies for the owners you already gifted.
  6. AlR

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    Guess Who isn't someone quoting someone else. It simply means you should guess who wrote it. The hints for your guess would be their initials are ST and they currently own a boat with a gift rating that needs to be changed, according to their own words.
  7. AlR

    San Diego to Ensenada Race

    Are you referring to this? Written by Guess Who in May of 2017? "i had jim teeters do an orr/phrf comparison between a number of boats. the one boat that was "an outlier" according to teeters was, the ft 10. orr showed it to be significantly faster than the gift numbers phrf has given it. i simply used actual data instead of bitching and complaining that is the usual M O by people around here to point out that it is actually the ft 10's that needed a rating hit. and they still do. but of course because there was an ft 10 hack/whiner owner on the board, the rating wasn't touched. and then in SoCal, FT 10 owners showed up and cried like the twats almost every single one of them are. ANYONE who has raced on or against an ft 10 in so cal knows that they have one of the most incredible gift ratings. there is simply no other way to look at it. so as i pointed out, you have no idea what you are talking about. and anytime you want to contact me directly to discuss, you are free to do so."
  8. AlR

    Favourite Boat pic?

    If I let him say it he will feel good about himself. I try to remain humble. Pride is a Cardinal Sin.
  9. AlR

    Favourite Boat pic?

    The red half-tonner being kept in very good condition in Alamitos Bay is not a Holland.
  10. AlR

    the greatest

    Hobie 16 Brought more people into sailing than all the other boats mentioned combined. More fun than any other boat mentioned. Cathy Collins learned to sail on one. She was later known as Bo Derek. Have a Hobie Day.
  11. AlR


    The owner got off with no charges. The BN had to face some charges after she fetched up in Santa Cruz with most of the deck fittings removed and the boat obviously scuttled. Her condition did not match his original story.
  12. AlR


    Yes, and floated down current for a few days before fetching up on the Santa Cruz Harbor sandbar. Then: Great Fun Sinks off Pt. Arguello June 24 - California Coast The Davidson 50 Great Fun, one of the most successful racing boats of her era, and more recently a Bay racer, is no more. Owner Stan Glaros reports he and a crew of three were on the delivery back from the Coastal Cup race Wednesday evening when the boat started taking on water faster than it could be bailed out - by two electric pumps and "a scared man with a bucket." At the time, Great Fun was motorsailing through 7-ft waves about 13 miles off Point Arguello. Winds were in the 10-knot range. Although they did not feel an impact, Glaros is reasonably certain the boat must have hit something, since a haulout a couple of months ago showed the 24-year-old boat to be in excellent structural condition. He and his three crew checked all the throughhulls and everywhere else they could get to, but were unable to find the leak. After half an hour of battling the water, at about 10:30 p.m., Glaros called the Coast Guard. The Coasties arrived in a big rigid inflatable. A helicopter came by a short time later and lowered a pump. But by then it was too late. Great Fun's bow was underwater and the Coast Guard ordered everyone off. The crew were transferred to a 47-footer, which brought them to Morro Bay. Glaros' last sight of the boat he has owned and raced since 1987 was of her disappearing into the fog, still motoring, lights on, decks awash. "It reminded me of Titanic in the movie," he says.
  13. AlR


    On the first attempt Great Fun washed up on the sandbar at the mouth of Santa Cruz Harbor. On the second attempt the job was done right, and she was never seen again.
  14. AlR


    Great Fun is at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean somewhere south of San Francisco. The Bruce King Hawkeye is probably in the same neighborhood. This is Gerry Moog's Dynamo from around 1980.
  15. AlR


    Holland and Peterson sailed together to Tahiti on Spirit. Spirit was a 33 foot S&S bay racer owned by George Kiskaddon. Improbable was not built yet.