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  1. what was it?

    You have obviously never seen a Pinnacle 30 or Adhara 30. Go here to see those boats: www.facebook.com/dougpetersontribute
  2. Anarchy III For Sale ??

    WTF? In this age of METOO this scumbag assaults a woman on Facebook and you think he's a victim? WTF?
  3. ton fun

    The leather bag, with line and float, would not have been on the boat during measurement unless the measurer was complicit in cheating. Internal ballast had to be fixed, with location noted on the certificate. A leather bag full of shot is not fixed. I doubt Dreyfus built the hydraulic transmission. I would think after the first time it leaked you would have had it repaired? Hydraulic fluid and Kevlar sail material were not very friendly. If the rheostats in the nav station were wired correctly, functioning, and not shorting out I would not call that shoddy workmanship. I doubt if Dreyfus poured your keel. He did try that once by digging a hole in the street outside of the shop, tapping into the gas line to set up his melt furnace, and using the hole for the form. The police came by and asked him to clean up his mess and not do that again.
  4. ton fun

    Détente was not a forerunner to the Serendipitys. She was a NOM 41, built out of the S43 tooling after Tommy had ended his relationship with the Serendipity folks. Basically the same boat with a few inches taken out of the bow overhang by taking about 2" off of the freeboard, and the transom massaged a bit to move the After Girth Station forward. LOA of the S43 was 42.4' compared to LOA of the NOM 41 at 41.9'. I believe Dreyfus built about 3 of these NOM 41s.
  5. ton fun

    That's because it is pure BS. Winches pulling the deck off of the hull. Complete nonsense, from a guy with a history of posting BS.
  6. ton fun

    Meaning what? The winches were pulling the deck off the hull?? The winches were pulling the cabin house off of the deck?? That boat is still out there sailing with her original deck. So after 2 years Burt was surprised he had to do some maintenance like re-bedding the deck hardware? Two S43s have done circumnavigations. Hull #1 (Wings) has been a live aboard home, cruising the Pacific for more than 25 years. Most of the other boats are still racing today. The S43 was built with a solid laminate hull. That means no issues with core shear or core turning to mush. Bombproof compared to most Grands Prix boats of that time.
  7. ton fun

    In the industry he was Timmy Twinstay. Once he started in with the MUCH younger daughter of one of his customers he earned "Timmy Tubesteak". Sharon was so hot just looking at her would burn your retinas.
  8. ton fun

    That boat was pretty much a copy of the Irwin 42s like Razzle Dazzle and Slick. Some say in the CC conditions it wasn't any faster than the previous Coug, the '81 winner.
  9. ton fun

    Frers, not Dogbreath. Had a similar, nearly chined aft section like the Dogbreath/Irwin boats (Razzle Dazzle, R2D2, Slick). Could have/should have been faster. By '82 wasn't Stearns Sailing Systems gone? How do you think TS earned the nickname "Timmy Tubesteak"?
  10. ton fun

    Drum had an aluminum spacer box between the hull and the lead. The spacer was not welded per the specification, and the assembly came apart. Without doubt the keel bolts were still in the lead, and still bolted snugly to the bottom plate of the spacer box, even as it came to rest on the seafloor. Now Charley, a different Holland design, supposedly had straight keelbolts sticking out from the hull after the lead left the boat. Maybe you are conflating the two.
  11. ton fun

    The Evergreen in the picture is the 1978 C&C Two Tonner that won the Canada's Cup. For the '82 SORC it would have been the Frers 45. That boat was painted white with green stripe.
  12. Rig replacement on G&S 30

    For a masthead MORC type with double spreader rig you will want the Kenyon 4060 Section http://www.rigrite.com/Spars/Kenyon_Spars/kenyon.php#MORC Sections This was to go to mast for these boats, used on the J29MH, S29.1, Santana 30/30, Capri 30, Capo 30, Pinnacle 29, and many others. Also on the Soverel 33 IIRC. All of these boats had an I dimension of 39 to 42 feet, as should your boat. Anything bigger than this is going to be too big/stiff/heavy. You can go to the next section down, the 3656, if you go triple spreader and add a stiffener to the nose.
  13. 525's - "The Original Sport Boat"

    The 525 was not "an IOR package". It was Shad's response to the J24. Like the J24 it rated close to Half Ton under IOR, with a sailing speed closer to Quarter Ton. Being a bit lighter than the J some thought it should be faster. But with the flexy construction and craptacular rig they weren't.
  14. Coolboats to admire

    Olin says the lines for Ranger were by Burgess and was embarrassed that people were giving him credit for someone else's work. ref: All This and Sailing Too, pp 106 and 107.
  15. Peterson 38 Dust 'Em

    Aluminum hull, plywood deck.