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  1. As someone who did a couple of legs on this race, the single professional skipper cannot be on deck all the time. Andy was well qualified as a watch leader but helming these big boats in mid ocean is a big challenge for soembody who has probably only helmed for a few hours max in training. After a few legs, the round the world can definitely cope with helming in a straight line and reefing, but on the first leg I think they need two professionals so one can take the wheel and charge when necessary. As for Sarah, I would be clipped on in that much wind (25+), even in the pit, but then I have a high centre of gravity, but the younger RTW crew could be reckless. The one time I was washed to the end of my tether (other than on the bow) was just before a watch change and I warned one guy coming up to clip on and his reacction was that I was a silly old fart. I lost count of the times a young RTWer walked around me to the bow unclipped while I was moving my tethers. Can't blame the skipper, he always told them to clip on. The boats are heavily built and I don't think boom would go in the water in a gybe, but the gooseneck bolts on our boat were looking decidedly dodgy towards the end.
  2. Live wind from the mainland and one buoy in the middle of Biscay http://xcweather.co.uk/FR/observations
  3. http://clipperroundtheworld.com/news/article/race-8-day-3--fleet-blasting-up-waves-the-size-of-houses In January during Race 7 to Da Nang, LMAX Exchange came across a dismasted boat south of Guam. At the time, the Clipper Race was unable to release any further details but it was in fact the German-registered yacht Sayo which has been in the news today following its discovery off the coast of the Philippines with the sole occupant dead, probably for some considerable time. An LMAX Exchange crew member boarded the yacht in January and reported the find which was relayed to the relevant authorities who instructed the team to continue racing while they took over the investigation and traced the next of kin.
  4. http://clipperroundtheworld.com/news/article/andrew-ashman-fatal-injury-official-statement We are deeply saddened to report the death of crew member Mr Andrew Ashman (49) a paramedic from Orpington, Kent. Our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time. Andy was an experienced yachtsman and was one of the crew aboard the IchorCoal boat (CV21). All other crew are safe and well. The boat’s skipper Darren Ladd reports that Andy was involved in reefing the main sail, reducing its sail area, in moderate seas just after midnight local time in a strong breeze building to Force 6 (24-30 mph / 21-27 knots), approximately 120 nautical miles off the Portuguese coast heading south towards Brazil in the first leg of the race. Andy was knocked unconscious by the mainsheet and possibly the boom (although not confirmed). He was given immediate medical assistance and attempted resuscitation but failed to regain consciousness. The boat linked immediately by satellite phone to the medical team at Praxes Medical Group, the Clipper Race remote telemedicine support service based in Halifax, Canada, where a doctor provided additional advice and guidance during the emergency. A full investigation will be carried out, as is standard practice, into the details of this tragic incident in cooperation with the appropriate authorities. CV21 is diverting to northern Portugal to a suitable marina, to be confirmed, in the Porto area and is anticipated to arrive in the early hours of tomorrow morning, Sunday 6 September 2015. Clipper Race Founder Sir Robin Knox-Johnston stated: “This is extremely sad news and my heart goes out to his bereaved family and friends, and to his fellow crew who have come to know Andrew with great affection during his training and the early days of this race. Safety is always our utmost priority, as our record shows, and we shall investigate the incident immediately in full cooperation with the authorities.” In addition to the current race to Brazil, Andy was also due to participate in the Southern Ocean and USA coast-to-coast legs of the race. Andy had enjoyed sailing since joining the London Sailing project when he was 16. He went on to complete his Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Yachtmaster Theory and Coastal Skipper courses. The Clipper Race was established almost 20 years ago and this is its tenth edition. This is the first fatality in the history of the race. Over 3,300 amateur crew have been trained and participated in previous races. 700 crew are due to participate in the 2015-16 edition which left London at the end of August. Race Director Justin Taylor met with Andrew's next of kin this morning and Sir Robin and members of the race team are on their way to meet the team in Portugal.
  5. I'm HMS_Surprise and also doing the real race on PSP - Seattle to the end Suspect I was wooling the kites with your friend on Saturday
  6. Branson rescues Ben's boat! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/sailing/30787258 Four-time Olympic sailing champion Sir Ben Ainslie and wife Georgie Thompson have been rescued by Sir Richard Branson - while on their honeymoon. The couple, who were sailing around Branson's Necker Island, got into trouble when their boat developed a problem with the sail. "Seeing as Ben is one of the greatest sailors of all time," Branson wrote on his blog, "what we didn't expect to see was his boat getting into trouble!"
  7. Portsmouth? I don't suppose they will race in the harbour .... probably off Stokes Bay.
  8. http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/business/local-business/david-cameron-announces-7-5m-for-ben-ainslie-s-portsmouth-hq-1-6151484 David Cameron announces £7.5m for Ben Ainslie’s Portsmouth HQ
  9. http://benainslie.com/news/sir-ben-ainslie-launches-british-americas-cup-challenge/
  10. http://www.mysailing.com.au/news/america-s-cup-sailor-suspended-from-sailing-for-five-years Five Years ....
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/features/desert-island-discs/castaway/7e86b65f The music choices were predictably bland - Elton John, Carly Simon, Coldplay, Louis Armstrong, Nimrod. Luxury a flight simulator as he doesn't have the time for lessons and book Great Expectations. Some interesting stuff.
  12. Pleasant surprise to pick up this free paper on the train back from the Smoke last night and read a couple of interesting points here about Ross Brawn and how fundraising is going. http://www.standard.co.uk/sport/other-sports/ross-brawns-skill-set-would-be-perfect-for-americas-cup-challenge--qa-with-sir-ben-ainslie-9066455.html
  13. Sir Ben Ainslie has announced the continued partnership with long term sponsors J.P. Morgan who will support Ben Ainslie Racing’s (BAR) entry into the Extreme Sailing Series 2014 (ESS). In addition to this, J.P. Morgan also announced that their title sponsorship of the iconic Round the Island Race will continue to reside with J.P. Morgan Asset Management for a further two-year period up to and including 2016. These announcements came at the annual London Boat Show on the stand, exhibiting BAR’s AC45 that broke the Round the Island Race Multihull record last year. Also revealed were three of the four sailors who will compete with Ainslie in the Extreme Sailing Series 2014: Team GB teammates and Beijing Olympic Gold Medallist’s, Paul Goodison and Pippa Wilson, alongside bowman Matt Cornwell, a previous Match Racing World Champion with Ainslie. The final crew member will be revealed before the first event of the season in Singapore. Ainslie is looking forward to the season ahead. “It’s great J.P. Morgan BAR will be competing in this year’s Extreme Sailing Series and to have my long term sponsor J.P Morgan onboard with the team. J.P. Morgan has been such an important part of my sailing career for the last seven years, helping me achieve success in the Olympics and supporting BAR’s entry into the 2012/2013 America’s Cup World Series.” The team also continue to be supported by Henri Lloyd as their official technical clothing partner and Scorpion Ribs who are supplying the team chase and hospitality boats for the Series. Ainslie has previously competed in the Extreme Sailing Series in 2011 for two events after qualifying for the London 2012 Olympics. It will be the first full Extreme Sailing Series for all three Olympic gold medallist. Eager to get started on the new project Paul Goodison added “I’m excited to be sailing with such a talented British crew. The only experience I have had with the Extreme 40 until now was coaching the Omani boats in Cardiff in 2012, so its going to be good to get out racing.” Crew List Skipper/Helmsman – Sir Ben Ainslie (GBR) Mainsail Trimmer / Tactician – Paul Goodison (GBR) Bowman – Matt Cornwall (GBR) Floater – Pippa Wilson (GBR) Trimmer – TBC .
  14. Enjoy
  15. https://www.facebook.com/#!/BenAinslie1977/posts/683318488356680:0 The J.P. Morgan BAR display at the London Boat Show is starting to take shape. Come a long and say hello, Sir Ben Ainslie will be taking part in a live public Q&A on Wednesday 8th Jan at 1130am. Come along and ask Ben a question. There will also be some exciting J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race news announced.