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  1. Huh? Only a couple of the most recent US National Champions from here in SD. We have a group of 5-6 very good boats and a few more new builds in process all here in SD. Several older boats which are great starter boats in town as well. Just be cause we don't sail out of MBYC, doesn't mean we don't exist. The original poster will be a bit light for the boats as they are very powered up, but you'd be planning upwind in 6 kts. at that wt. Big challenge to try to build your own boat, but we also have a local sailor who has done just that and is working on building his second boat now. I'd say avg. breeze closer to 8-12 kts. (not MPH), usually slightly more in So. Bay. We travel to LBC during summer for more breeze. Big learning curve if not already sailing skiffs, but very rewarding.
  2. Don't use K&N, horrible experience and way under quoted everything on France round Trip last summer.
  3. Required viewing!
  4. Did Bay to Bay last Summer. Start off Mission Bay mouth, around SD #3 down to the bridge and back to the Dolphins to finish. 1:45 and change. Have also done Seal Beach to Dana Point in the past and hope to again this summer.
  5. West Coast Championships. All of our larger events )Nationals, West Coasts, North Americans) have a Required Distance race. With a fleet well over 100 yrs. old it is one the the historical things we try to keep going in the fleet. Lots of other really interesting historical items from the fleet both the northern and souther hemisphere fleets. The Distance race was started in South Bay with a windward leeward, up to FM 19, down to channel marker 23, back to FM 19 and back to finish About 15 mi. We made an executive decision due to the lightening breeze so we took out the up and back part.
  6. Total bummer! Knew Rick as a kid sailing Hobie 18s on Lake Erie. Learned lots from him and Mary as well as Mary's sister and brother-in-law. Sent time with them in Put-in-Bay. Even got to ski with Rick in Vail. Later ran into him in the bar at SDYC when he was doing a multi-hull clinic. Think he was proud that I continued sailing and remembered all his help from when I was a kid. Will miss you Rick and best to Mary.
  7. Seems the US focus on small boats is at HS and College sailing levels. How do we get those kids into real programs that are going to make them competitive in real boats (not rocking an FJ or C420 around the course)? We see a lot of the skiff guys going on to handle other boats (at much bigger levels) very well. How do we develop that culture here to allow those people to learn more and advance like other countries around the world? Great to get some new (not New England) blood into US Sailing - Best of luck!
  8. Archie's new I-14 Cuckoo's Nest as stated above. Adjustable rudder gantry will slide fore and aft but is above water so not measured as part of 14' hull. With the T-foil on rudder, will make the boat think it is even bigger and can pull down the stern wave as well as decrease pitching on the short hull by making it think it is much longer. He has other thoughts as well, we'll see if it works. Can try these things easily on a smaller scale 14' boat. Development moves forward (hopefully)!
  9. Turnout totally depends on above question. Is the Fx. Inta-articular, namely to the Subtalar jt. Do the ORIF (Open reduction Internal Fixation) Allow to heal. If Subtalar jt. involved, down the road possible to do a lot with functional orthotics, but has to be someone really good who will work with you, Often Maximally pronated Flat posted orthotics will decrease motion of STJ if it is need. In some cases you may be looking at Subtalar fusion down the road if too painful and becomes arthritic. Be sure to have a foot and ankle specialist do the ORIF Orth, or Podiatry, but someone who has done them a lot, NOT just a general orthropod. Post-op rehab will be important, the swimming statement is spot on. Good Luck.
  10. Woody, for once I actually understand and know exactly what you're talking about. Dam good Brauts too!
  11. Funny, I see kids come in off there Sabots (way worse than Optis) and put them away (well actually mommy or daddy usually put them away) as soon as they can, rig up the BIC and go out and play tag with each other, flipping, righting, just having fun sailing. Certainly a place for both, but I'd be a big fan of the BIC if I had kids growing up sailing. They would also have to take care of their own equipment.
  12. As someone who has been involved with the I-14 fleet for > 20 yrs. and traveled and done all but 3 of the last 13 Worlds (and this is a short time compared to many in the fleet). I think this is a great discussion, somewhat mis-guided, but still a good discussion. There is so much 'mis-information' re: the 14 fleet, at least here in the U.S. I remember hearing from outsiders how much certain boats cost and how the costs were so out of hand (I had just bought one of the said boats-new) And hearing people tell me the boat cost 10, then 15, then 20, then 25 K more than what I had just paid for the boat. Yes, new 14s aren't cheap, neither are Porsches, or Ferraris, but people still drive them and love them. Re: the British teams doing well in the last several worlds, yes, there are some great sailors sailing these boats and many have been sailing them for a long time. They sail at a high level and the majority of their fleet sails together on a routine basis. I think most sail out of 2 closely located clubs with a few more who make the trip from not far away often. When you have 20 good boats, and 10 really good boats/crews sailing together all the time, you're going to improve. In the US, the fleet is spread out over the entire west coast, the top 2 US boats at Worlds live 24 hrs. drive from one another. Yes, we do sail together several times / yr. But not every weekend of the season. In addition, the US small boat - high performance boat scene is almost non-existent. We see 49ers sailing 1-2 regattas a yr. in So. FL. every Jan. Very difficult to improve your big fleet sailing with these small numbers. The Aussies have essentially 2 strong fleets, one in Melbourne and one in Perth, again great sailors who sail together often and have a culture of small boat sailing and high performance sailing. In the US the club scene encourages Sabots or Opti sailing, move into an FJ, then for the really good sailors either a club 420 or maybe a laser. Where do you go from there. So much HS and College sailing around in circles to see who can roll tack and gybe there way to the finish. Most young sailors are so burnt from this they either quit sailing completely or go get on a big boat where you get to pull on a line every so often. In any event, don't think the Brits are just buying there way to winning 14 titles, yes there is money involved, but anyone doing a keel boat program at almost any level can get into a used 14 learn to sail it and work their way up in the fleet. It takes commitment, time, effort and a strong will. Something that seems a bit short in our instant gratification society today.
  13. http://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/191704/Runners-and-Riders
  14. http://www.yccarnac.com/international-14-world-championship-2016.html
  15. So the I-14 Worlds start next week in Carnac, France. Team racing 4 on 4 will start out the event. Then the individual worlds. Last I saw 79 boats entered, hopefully a few more to add. Who has predictions. The Brits have been very strong for the last several yrs, but at least a new winner last Worlds in Geelong. The Aussies have some great skiff sailors and should be challenging. Lots of Germans, will be there. Canadians are sending several boats, as is the US. A few Japanese, Italians, French. Not sure who else. Hopefully will be great sailing, great to catch up with the fleet and our friends from around the world.