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  1. BWR

    i14 rebuild

    Australian I14s on facebook Also, let me know what you are looking for - a high end competitive boat, a fixer up boat to sail on your own, something like they did in the video? What would you like to spend? Can hook you up here in US, or possibly point you in the right direction in GBR, AUS, GER.
  2. BWR

    i14 rebuild

    Just have ask as the right people. There are boats around from free to very high end worlds quality boats. Not a lot of them here in the states, but can find some depending on what people want. Reality is most people buy them, sail them a few times and think they are too hard to sail, or won't put the time and effort into sailing them. As a fleet we try to not to send them off to never never land as we'll never see them again. Others think they need a new boat to be competitive, maybe, but have to be honest with yourself if the boat is slowing you down or you are slowing you down. Usually it's software! Lots of good starter boats around, usually need some love, but allows you to get started, then move up later is you're still motivated. Can also find boats overseas and get them at a worlds event to reduce shipping costs. Some good deals can be found in AUS and GBR. There was a small resurgance in Newport about 10 yrs. ago, had an NAs there. Kind of fell apart when a few people bailed out, moved, had kids, life...etc. Are a few boats in upper midwest trying g to get some traction, but struggling as well. Mostly and West coast fleet with strong holds in San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle. Happy to put some people together with appropriate boats for what they want.
  3. BWR

    what are they?

    Definitely Betts'. Definitely a Riptide closed there were some 35s being worked on last fall, but looks more like the 41, (Blue sistership) Paul is now living in Anacortes some maybe he is working on his own boat :).
  4. BWR

    what is it?

    Beat me, Bett's Cat extensions as above
  5. Great historical look at the International 14' Dinghy / Skiff. Thanks VR Sports and Master Bates!
  6. BWR

    what is it?

    Bieker's new Cat.
  7. BWR

    2018 I-14 Worlds At least some coverage from somebody!
  8. BWR

    2018 I-14 Worlds
  9. BWR

    2018 International 14 Worlds

    Just to be clear...You guys are using a rendering of a baby Seal, Not a real Seal for the PiƱata, correct?
  10. BWR

    Ankle Brace for Dingy Sailing?

    If its the anterior ankle (which would have most (-) effect in hiking) there are not any braces that will be very helpful. If if is medial or lateral ankle then lace up / figure 8 strapping type braces can help support either of those . Most ankle braces are built for ligamentous injuries whether torn, or stretched. Compression, Ice and NSAIDs will be helpful. Be sure you know what you are treating first. Might be worth checking in with someone Sports Med trained that understands sailing and the mechanics of what you are doing. (i.e.: laser hiking, droop hiking) Why hike when you can trap! Good luck
  11. BWR

    2018 I-14 Worlds

    Polish and Evan should certainly do well, they are the ones who have been sailing nonstop for the last month (+). And, as you know, Mikey won the IC Worlds as a kid on the same venue. One of the big air favorites also would have been Brad Devine and Footy from Perth, but they aren't making the trip. AUS does send Dave Hayter and Trent Neighbor who will be strong as always as will Mark Kristic and James Ianti. Former World Champs Lindsay Irwin and Andrew Perry are alway in the mix. Keep an close eye on the UK Young Guns Neale Jones and Ed Fitzgerald (both sons of long time 14 sailors Martin Jones and Andy Fitz who will also be sailing) Father / Son team of Andy and Tom Partington are always good in breeze, also Douglas Pattison and Mark Tait have been knocking on the door for awhile. From Germany -Georg Borkenstein and (Big) Eike Dietrich should be good in big breeze as well. Several other boats from AUS, CAN, GBR, GER, and USA as well. Apparently you're playing bookie, so keep track of things for us!
  12. BWR

    2018 I-14 Worlds We should at least start the discussions! Apparently 5 containers already at Richmond Yacht Club. Sounds like some of the young guns have been sailing most of the month of July at the Gorge. Then have been sailing everyday in SF. Sounds like some of the foreign contingent will start arriving this next week and even more next weekend.
  13. BWR

    Pac Cup 2018

    What you speak from experience?
  14. BWR

    Doug Holthaus

    Very disappointed to hear this about Doug, just heard it about 1/2 hr. ago. Didn't know Dougie well, but well enough to have heard some of his stories and share a few drinks with him in the sun on the deck at SDYC. A few visits to his house for some epic parties as well. He certainly will be missed and was one of the 'Good Guy' characters at SDYC. Great fun memories. Sail on Dougie!