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  1. Blue Balls

    Nice. I'm sure the n ew boat will make those high reaches much easier! Congrats!
  2. I14 Capsize Compilation

    Been there, done all of that, numerous times! I can say, 'Not sure I'd have kept at it as long as you guys did in a single day'. As you said, great training for SF Worlds where the breeze will be bigger as will the ways - by a lot!
  3. Foam deck

    Didn't know they pre-cut anything unless you had a powerboat or sent a template. Been happy with the wear as I said, but at some point will have to replace it
  4. Foam deck

    Raptor Deck still very much in business. SeaDeck very much do it yourself and softer material (not sure would last as long) I redo my small boat avery few yrs. 3-5, but can't believe anyone still uses non-skid and this is way more sticky and comfy, and probably significantly lighter.
  5. Performance gains without two boat testing

    If you are coming to SD, and if you decide to get a 14, there are several local boats to line up against. Some very well sailed boats, some beginners, and several in between. Just have to get out on a boat and learn to sail it first. Don't get too caught up in all the development until you know you can get the boat around a course very efficiently. Then start worrying about 1 boat, 2 boat and several boat testing and advancements. There are already local boats setting themselves up in very similar fashion so as to minimize the differences in boats, foils, rigs, sails, etc. and then try to work together to go better as a group. Get in a boat and sail it!
  6. Skiffs in San Diego

    Why does everyone in the US think the 29er is "the skiff" that everyone should be in? It's and kids trainer, step up to the next thing, weather its and 49er, 14, 12, 16, 18, whatever. But get something that challenges you more, you might like it! The 29er is a great intro boat, but it is not a skiff!
  7. Legal "Wingmast" for I/14

    Getting some great responses here for some very intelligent 14/skiff sailors. Great that you are thinking outside the box. But, don't think you are the first one to make efforts this way. There is a reason the 14 class is the oldest internationally recognized dinghy class in the world. My first thought on your drawings was the double luff rule (thus the reason we don't have gnavs like a 49er). Everytime you think of something new, there is a price to pay for it. There are much smarter people than I who have worked on these problems much longer than myself. Thing is, you have to get out and sail the boats first. Will take lots of time just to get off the dock and keep the boat upright. Might be best to buy an older boat and just get going when you get here to SD. A few available locally, or others along the west coast. Several very well thought out and very competitive boats. But nothing wrong with getting a less expensive boat and trying your theories. Just don't get lost the the tweaking and not learn to sail the boat. Look forward to meeting you when you get here.
  8. Transpac Delivery

    Merloe already back at the dock tied up IN SD.
  9. Skiffs in San Diego

    Huh? Only a couple of the most recent US National Champions from here in SD. We have a group of 5-6 very good boats and a few more new builds in process all here in SD. Several older boats which are great starter boats in town as well. Just be cause we don't sail out of MBYC, doesn't mean we don't exist. The original poster will be a bit light for the boats as they are very powered up, but you'd be planning upwind in 6 kts. at that wt. Big challenge to try to build your own boat, but we also have a local sailor who has done just that and is working on building his second boat now. I'd say avg. breeze closer to 8-12 kts. (not MPH), usually slightly more in So. Bay. We travel to LBC during summer for more breeze. Big learning curve if not already sailing skiffs, but very rewarding.
  10. Boat and Container from Spain To US

    Don't use K&N, horrible experience and way under quoted everything on France round Trip last summer.
  11. A great documentary

    Required viewing!
  12. DAGO NOOD ????

    Did Bay to Bay last Summer. Start off Mission Bay mouth, around SD #3 down to the bridge and back to the Dolphins to finish. 1:45 and change. Have also done Seal Beach to Dana Point in the past and hope to again this summer.
  13. DAGO NOOD ????

    West Coast Championships. All of our larger events )Nationals, West Coasts, North Americans) have a Required Distance race. With a fleet well over 100 yrs. old it is one the the historical things we try to keep going in the fleet. Lots of other really interesting historical items from the fleet both the northern and souther hemisphere fleets. The Distance race was started in South Bay with a windward leeward, up to FM 19, down to channel marker 23, back to FM 19 and back to finish About 15 mi. We made an executive decision due to the lightening breeze so we took out the up and back part.
  14. R.I.P. Rick White

    Total bummer! Knew Rick as a kid sailing Hobie 18s on Lake Erie. Learned lots from him and Mary as well as Mary's sister and brother-in-law. Sent time with them in Put-in-Bay. Even got to ski with Rick in Vail. Later ran into him in the bar at SDYC when he was doing a multi-hull clinic. Think he was proud that I continued sailing and remembered all his help from when I was a kid. Will miss you Rick and best to Mary.
  15. Seems the US focus on small boats is at HS and College sailing levels. How do we get those kids into real programs that are going to make them competitive in real boats (not rocking an FJ or C420 around the course)? We see a lot of the skiff guys going on to handle other boats (at much bigger levels) very well. How do we develop that culture here to allow those people to learn more and advance like other countries around the world? Great to get some new (not New England) blood into US Sailing - Best of luck!