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  1. Kinda looks like the Pogo 40 is well positioned and about to shit on the rest of the fleet, if the wind arrows are to be believed.....
  2. With what it looks like they are getting for wind, we may not learn much from this ARC. It's not suppose to be an upwind passage. Also with very light winds, you don't know how much the engines are being run until they post their results.
  3. It is the reality of the "law of averages". Or the fable of the tortoise and hare if you like. On a cruising boat (and most racing boats) average passage speed combines good conditions with bad, good weather guessing with bad, etc. And average speed over the passage is dominated by the slow periods, not the fast ones. The result is that even boats capable of bursts of speed in ideal conditions, do not average much faster than more plodding boats over a longer period of time. It'll be interesting to see how this one plays out, when they hit more wind.
  4. Bedding primary ans secondary winches

    This why I don't like butyl tape. Side loaded hardware will slip around on it, and it can ooze out over the course of months or years, especially in hot climates. If you are removing your winches from the deck yearly just to service them, you must have very few and very good access to them. The key to avoiding the mess using 4000/4200/5200 is to test place the hardware, tape up close (I mean 1/64" or less) to the outline, remove it, goop it up and snug down the fitting, scrap all the excess off with a tongue depressor type stick, then immediately peel the tape - done. If you let it squeeze out all over the deck, then try to clean it up you will make a mess, leave a fragile meniscus of sealant, and spend a lot of time doing it.
  5. Bedding primary ans secondary winches

    I'd use 3M 4000UV rather than 4200. 4200 will yellow in the sun over time. They are similar in bond strength and workability.
  6. Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    For this gentleman, it appears to be not about doing it, but about having as many people watch him do it as he can get. Hence the fancy boat. But for social media, I doubt he would be doing this at all.
  7. The problem with the Great Lakes in summer is - if you are trying to get somewhere - you are going to be motoring no matter who made the boat. I'd be comparing the condition of the motor in the boats you were looking at, rather than their sailing ability. If you mostly just go out and day sail, then one is as enjoyable as the next, depending on what you like.
  8. That depends on whether you want to land your boat on the moon, or Mars.
  9. That report was written by somebody driving a desk. A split washer does in fact lock, but it does it by digging a big burr into the surface and bolt head (just like the serrated washer). The springing does nothing. They do not work well on hardened bolts and surfaces because they don't dig up the burr. That said, Loctite works better, and doesn't tear up the surfaces. NASA didn't really need to do a bunch of testing, just ask any Harley Davidson owner. These are the worlds Original Vibration tester.
  10. I believe the history of this build includes it already being in litigation prior to the launch. It could be thought of as being owned by the attorneys for each side. The rollover might have saved everyone a lot of trouble. In any case much better to have it roll over at the ramp than 100 miles from shore.
  11. Connex Boxes

    Here's a pretty rational discussion of the risks, which approach vanishingly small. It does happen, but so does getting struck by lightening, getting hit by whales, etc.:
  12. Keel Blocks Winter Storage

    Slightly out of balance on a T keel will put a slightly eccentric load into the keel root. Heeled at 30 degrees, or a 90 degree knockdown, will put a huge eccentric load on the keel root. Once again, on any boat where this was a concern, I would not sail it far from the dock.
  13. California Boating Card

    The 1) scenario is exactly what my parents were facing when Prop 13 was (overwhelmingly) voted in. Now decades later I would be in the same situation. The 2) scenario is at least partly offset by the market price of houses. Of course this all may change when property tax is no longer deductible.... In California, you can inherit property (among close family only) and keep it's cost basis for property taxes. This prevents the scenario of inheriting a house or small business property and having to sell it to pay the taxes. Even as the recipient of this benefit, my property taxes are about the same as renting a small house in the area would be. While real estate values have increased faster than inflation, government expense increase should be closer to the rate of inflation. It is after all mostly salaries and goods on which the rate of inflation calculations are based. Increases in tax revenue from property in California has exceeded inflation by nearly 4x. This can hardly be seen as the cause of a tax starved government.
  14. Garmin buys Navionics

    I've had some Garmin stuff shit somewhere. I haven't had too much trouble with their hardware or software, but their customer support and support for mapping etc. has been very poor. Not that Navionics has been perfect by any means.
  15. Garmin buys Navionics

    Software, Hardware, and Wetware. Don't forget Vaporware as well. Though we hear of all of the advances in AI, there is a group of companies and universities competing to reach Year One, a roboting device with the same cognitive powers as a one year old child. Not there yet. It's gonna be awhile before you get that in a $1500 plotter.