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  1. DDW

    Oil Filter Relocation Anarchy

    One of the issues is probably the vibration of a small 4 cyl diesel. Cast aluminum is at best 1/2 the strength of cheap aluminum alloy. If you have the room and can find the piece, I'd go for a 90 degree adapter - eliminates the hoses and about 12 sources of failure. I'm in the same boat so to speak with the Volvo D2-75, filter is mounted sideways.
  2. DDW

    Recs on Marine Servicenter

    Marine Service center isn't just a brokerage, but they aren't a boatbuilder either. They have a good rep, but not who I would take a boat to in Anacortes for major structural repair (Jim Betts would be the place to go). If this was an expensive purchase, I'd consider having it carefully inspected by someone who really knows boat construction - and many (perhaps most) surveyors don't qualify.
  3. If you can turn the crank with a wrench on the damper pulley, it isn't rusted much or at all. 3 years isn't really very long (depends on conditions of course). If you have the option I would spin it with the starter while holding the fuel shutoff closed until oil pressure is achieved. If you can't turn it with a wrench, then you got problems. Light oil in the injector holes, soak, try to work it loose - but you still got problems.
  4. Perhaps cleats cause Covid-19, which is why Canada has so little and the US so much. Naw, probably just the Orange Menace.....
  5. Especially so, since there is no lead in it.
  6. DDW

    The Future of Propulsion

    Turbines are generally not as efficient as IC engines, which is why most prime movers are now diesel ICE. The Baltic sounds to me like a product of the marketing department, not the engineering dept.
  7. Aren't there plenty of plastic T valves listed in McMaster? Look up diverting valves. Lots of choices.
  8. DDW

    solar panels, chargers and batteries

    I think your estimate of amp-hours is optimistic. Temperature, shading, panel/sun angle all take their toll. Flexible panels seem to die by delamination. This is why they have a very short warrantee compared to rigid.
  9. DDW

    Broken off cobalt steel drill

    Without, it is easy to lose all the balls on the floor or in the water. You can make a loader out of almost anything, even a scrap of wood. When Torlon balls hit concrete, they bounce like a superball, so make sure you have them confined!
  10. DDW

    battery monitors which one?

    That Victron app is pretty neat isn't it? Just got a little 5 amp charger, BT connected, gives status, keeps track of cycles, AH replaced, can set the charge parameters to anything. Victron is miles ahead of the N.A. manufacturers at this point. And maybe getting ahead of Mastervolt too.
  11. DDW

    Redneck RIB Keel Guard

    Something link Rhinoliner is very tough - when applied over metal. It is brittle, and I'd suspect may not last as well over something soft and flexible like gelcoat. For scratches, maybe, but rock dings seem like they would just crush the gelcoat underneath. A vinyl rub strip has significant cushioning effect. On my aluminum hulled RIB, I tig welded a doubler of 1/8" aluminum down the keel about 6" wide. It has held up well..... You just need to find a source for a vinyl strip that doesn't come out of the boating industry, it'd be 1/3 the cost.
  12. DDW

    Broken off cobalt steel drill

    For 1/8" carbide, something like 10K rpm is ballpark for SS. But you are cutting HSS in one of those holes, that will have to be a lot slower.
  13. DDW

    Broken off cobalt steel drill

    EDM is the best way. Second best is to interpolate the minor diameter of the threaded hole with a smaller carbide end mill on a CNC mill. You could try chucking an end mill in your drill press but it probably won't work - not a rigid enough setup. Third is to tig weld a washer to the end of the fastener (you can do that even if it is recessed slightly), then tig weld a nut to the washer, then back it out. The problem with drilling out a drill (or tap) is it is an interrupted cut (due to the drill flutes) in very hard material, and everything becomes critical. In that track you could drill a clearance hole, then slide a rectangular piece of SS inside tapped for the fastener - which is probably the way they should have designed it to begin with. Cobalt works very well in stainless steel. It isn't carbide, which is very brittle and problematic with SS and a BUE. "Cobalt" is HSS with a little cobalt added to increase hardness. I've drilled thousands of holes in SS with cobalt drills. In one particular operation I use a 5mm cheap cobalt drill and it will do hundreds of holes through 3/4" 316 before it even needs to be sharpened.
  14. DDW

    Forespar Marelon ball valve - removable handle?

    I've seen the TruDesign at shows, seems like an updated Forespar. I've more recently become a believer in the Forespar 93 series, originally they seemed cheaper than the old Forespar flanged units, but big advantage of them is they can be worked on, rebuilt, even replaced, even while in the water. Also available in a variety of configurations which can simplify plumbing. The problem with them is sourcing.
  15. DDW

    battery monitors which one?

    I am a big fan of the Victron because they thought about it, and keep thinking about it, and there is an ecosystem around it as you expand. Usually you should buy Victron stuff from PKYS.com, for example the Victron BMV 700 is $143 not $220. But you should pop for the 712 with is Bluetooth connected, lets you access a bunch of info easily on your phone.