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  1. Still selling Bull 9000's? Hi. Not me selling the Soto 40s in this case. A charter Co. is buying them and leasing them back to interested people who want to get into a fast 40 for a lot less. I never sold the Bull 9s.... owned a Bull 12 about 12 years ago (in another lifetime it seems). Over at the Med playing Sotos with the pretty people .... and a bunch of young Aussies doing a damn fine job seeing they hadn't seen a Soto a week ago. First two S30s on the Bay in October
  2. Might be of interest to people looking to get into a fast 40 in Melbourne. Probably have a few questions so come along and hear what's happening. www.longitudeyachts.com/SotoYachts/Corporate_Sail_Cup.html
  3. Not as of three days hence, but we don't do these talks with the single intention of getting orders. The Info Nights are a part of the whole process. At the moment we're much more interested in getting the Soto 40 better known and re-invigorating the idea of one design sailing in the 40 foot region as the interest in handicap races wanes internationally. It's also a chance to meet the people who are interested in the yacht and hearing their thoughts about the Class. Feedback makes our marketing better and, eventually, the sales come. Left for Phuket the day after to chat to a couple of people about the yachts.... clocking up the FF miles! The Med Cup announcement has spurred a lot of extra enquiries but, again, it won't automatically translate into orders. It's early days. Tim
  4. Unfortunate clash with the ORCV AGM & Presentation Night Thanks for the heads-up. Can't really do much about that Apart from free beer and nibbles I'll guarantee a more interesting night.... but appreciate you telling us about it. Tim Thats a bit presumptuous Timmy, that clash potentially cuts out a fair chunk of your target market I would have thought so let's see how many turn up at each venue. I WAS being facetious. I'm absolutely sure the ORCV event will be very well attended... as it should be. And I only have a small group coming. I am certainly not trying to compete. I had zero idea of the ORCV event. I asked around when I set the date but no one seemed to mention this. Just bad diary management on my part. Yes, probably a large proportion of my target market I will miss. My bad, my mistake. Tim
  5. Unfortunate clash with the ORCV AGM & Presentation Night Thanks for the heads-up. Can't really do much about that Apart from free beer and nibbles I'll guarantee a more interesting night.... but appreciate you telling us about it. Tim
  6. If anyone's interested we are doing a Soto 40 information evening next Thursday, September 23, at the Sandringham Yacht Club. We'll present this new Class to you, chat to the builder and Class President in Argentina and a very BIG announcement about the Class as well. All free. Everyone welcome. Just register on the website - www.longitudeyachts.com/page36.php - and we'll get back to you with the details. Will be 6.30pm for a 7pm start. And, yes, you can ask all the difficult IRC questions too David Eickmeyer from Quantum Sails will also be there to discuss the intensive sail design race that's been going on with the Class as well. See you there.
  7. Just following up.... We have Soto 40 information evenings at the following locations. It's all about allowing you to get up close and personal with the team, the concept, some hot videos and more pics than you can shake a stick at!. You can register your interest on the the website.... www.longitudeyachts.com • Wednesday, September 15 - SYDNEY, Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (6pm for a 7pm Presentation) • Thursday, September 16 - BRISBANE, Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron (6pm for a 7pm Presentation) • Thursday, September 23 - MELBOURNE, Sandringham Yacht Club (6pm for a 7pm Presentation) Free drinks and nibbles will be served along with a showbag for attending delegates. Look forward to meeting you all there. Tim
  8. SOTO 40 IN AUSTRALIA Regarding the Soto 40, we're not just 'playing in SE Asia'. We have information evenings for the Soto 40 booked in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and will be announcing the dates in the next few days as soon as we have the details organised with the venues. The issues is not one of 'interest'. Clearly Australia is my home, specifically Melbourne, and I am 100% committed to get a Soto 40 here ASAP! But the lion's share of the interest in the region, generally, has come out of SE Asia and the requests came thick and fast to get something happening there - we responded to that interest and glad to report that our efforts have been worthwhile. Our efforts have also been partly centred in Europe as we've been talking to some syndicates about the Soto 40 establishing Circuits in that region as well. There has been an ongoing order for a yacht coming to Melbourne but the needs of the many have outweighed the needs of the few. In other words there have been too many orders to keep the local (South American) fleet happy. Paying customers are hard to pass by. As it is (at August) there are 6 boats still in the building queue. It's not that anyone in the Soto 40 team considers Australia less important, it's just that we want to serve each region 100% and haven't been able to meet the surprising demand. Having said all that we hope to have additional molds and another building facility online early 2011. Added to this has been a lot of refinement in conjunction with SP Systems to improve the build speed. There has been a fine balance between running a sustainable business model and simply getting quality, finished yachts out of the factory. Suffice to say no one thought there would be 20 boats ordered in 18 months! So we've tried to expand slowly and grow the business in a sustainable, professional manner. It's not just about flogging boats - we are about setting up proper OD fleets in a very difficult market and supporting the regattas, events and sponsorship that drives good racing into the future. We're here for the long term and offering something different. We will be able to measure the support of the Australian racing public a lot better when we run our interactive info evenings. You'll get the chance to meet the most passionate team in racing around... promise; the designer, the builder, the sailors. We will also present our marketing plans as well. There's no secrets. This is a real yacht and we won't bullshit you guys. At the end of the day YOU drive the interest. I'll post the dates for the Aussie meetings in the next few days. Tim
  9. It will be an effing long time before any sort of Soto 40 OD fleet can establish here. The single builder is too small to churn out the numbers fast enough when you consider his market is the whole planet. Without critical mass on the Bay, and quickly, the class will never take off here. Not dissing the boat, it looks like the answer to many sailors prayers but FFS, it has taken 10 years to get a half viable fleet of Syd 38s here and they are (or were!) locally produced. An imported 40ft one design fleet in Melbourne? Yeah... right. "If you build it, they will come..." ??? Get a set of Soto40 moulds to Melbourne for Hick Marine/Hart Marine to build locally! PS - I have heard the Don Jones 42 (Cadibarras 8) is comming back to Melboure Regarding the Soto 40 churning out enough yachts to satisfy a local market... you may be closer to the truth than you know. www.longitudeyachts.com