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  1. Redreuben

    WTF #2

    Central motor is a bit sucky. Motor in each hull vroom. I think it looks smart
  2. Redreuben

    Gorilla Glue

    I think with the rubbish store foam it’s just a by product of cheap. With proper pvc foam like Divinycell a pre cure in a hot box dramatically reduces gas bubbles post construction.
  3. Well if you have "Conducta" in your name a lightning strike is just a matter of time ! I've been involved in boatbuilding as a glassie, it's the same story the world over, "If you want to make a small fortune building boats start with a big one" "Did you hear about the boat builder who won the lottery ?" They asked him "What are you going to do with the money ?" "Oh I'll just carry on till it runs out" Boom boom. There was a multitude of boatbuilders here in Perth in the late eighties, now they are few servicing the local fisherman which are fewer by the year or one who services the very top end of the (export) market with luxury tenders. Most just repair the ageing fleet, no one builds multihulls here and most mono's are imported. As one boat builder said as he retired "they all want European quality for a Chines price." Lots of whining from the boat owners about rip off repair costs, ha, I used to repair boats but spent so much time chasing my pay cheque I gave it away, do house repair instead, much higher on peoples priorities.
  4. Redreuben

    Wharram tiki 38

    I've not sailed a Wharram but I am curious, they come with there own mystique lifestyle and urban legend, aesthetically they "look" salty and seaworthy but look closer and they have many shortfalls, coffin like hulls, wet, exposed, questionable windward ability etc. Despite the claimed simplicity its probably the least boat for the most materials, too much wasted waterline with the double ends. Buy a used one there are loads, build one after that if your hooked. A new and improved version that keeps the simplicity but adds modern lessons to the shape are the Richard Woods V hulls like Mira, Windsong and Surfsong. 2c
  5. Redreuben

    gps round the buoys

    Does anyone have experience with Sailracer ?
  6. Redreuben

    gps round the buoys

    I’m thinking best option at the moment is getting a waterproof cover for an iPad we have, get a useful app and learn on that and maybe get something more specialised when I know what I want ?
  7. Redreuben

    gps round the buoys

    Sailing area is Melville Waters, most of the marks are fixed with an occasional day boy or a gate which is usually in the same spots, I assume they are laid by a Gps fix. Courses are usually a beat, run, reach, beat, repeat with slight variations on each leg. Skipper would be ok with crew taking over navigation it’s what we do anyway just with no help apart from eyeballs and guess work. Be aware that I have no experience navigating to bearings or instruments so all a learning process, I just know it needs to be done to get us into the ribbons. Of course there are other factors like getting skip to use the asymmetrical more as he’s a bit scared of it, which rubs off on crew, I’ve been sailing with other guys with asymmetrical so my confidence in that department is up. If suggesting apps and programs can you be a bit more specific please, when it comes to the technical stuff I’m a bit vague about features and acronyms I can use and what are superfluous. I’m looking around for a course to do but they all seem to be coastal navigation courses and chart work which would be useful but I’d rather find something more related to getting around the racecourse. Thanks guys, food for thought so far.
  8. Redreuben

    gps round the buoys

    Multithom; do all that, looking for next level, we usually have three on the boat so time is there to get a bit tactical. unShirley; yes thanks, lay lines would be good, very hit and miss at the moment.Any suggestions ? Have looked at Garmins, they seem popular ? eastern motors; yep, except phones are a lot dearer than gps, don't fancy seeing my iPhone slide out the back of the cockpit !
  9. Redreuben

    gps round the buoys

    Hi Guys, I'm a string puller on a Corsair trimaran on the Swan River in Perth Western Australia, my skipper is a pretty laid back guy who likes to just sail around for a bit. I'm more competitive. The boat has no instruments, nothing, not even a wind indicator, me I know next to nothing about navigation but I do know what I need to know and I want to buy a gps type device to work out vmg up and downwind, optimise the start line when to tack/gybe, that sort of thing. Suggestions please.
  10. Redreuben

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    And the catamaran is glued to the water like a paper plate.
  11. Redreuben

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Looks like Multihulls are in. Commanche is a catamaran with a really low bridgedeck.
  12. i was going to suggest this but it’s gone. They’ll be more.
  13. Redreuben

    Rigging a multi with a monohull mast, why not?

    It’s about righting moments/force. Mono hulls heel and spill, Multi’s don’t. So your going to need a mast from a bigger mono to match the righting moment of your multi. Definitly seek professional advice.
  14. Redreuben


    About time you had some luck. Nice one.
  15. Redreuben

    Enjoyable recent video-Diam 24 race and more

    Awesome vid. Thanks for posting.