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  1. Doesn’t that stray from super simple systems? How often would you have to clean the salt build up of the camera lenses? in my opinion, any boat that needs cameras to be safely operated is a badly designed boat.
  2. smj

    New winner - boom height/LOA ratio

    Standard equipment includes the little giant ladder
  3. Either install a separate steering system for the outboard, or disengage the (rope pulley) setup from the rudders once in the clear?
  4. We looked at purchasing Zingaro about 5 years ago. Beautiful cat, well maintained but some things that put me of. The hulls are Airex and the rest of the boat was marine fir ply I believe. What I didn’t care for was the ply wasn’t encapsulated, had a layer of glass on one side and the other side was bare painted fir. Probably not a disaster for most parts of the boat except the bridgedeck. The bridgedeck was fir ply that was glassed on the inside and just painted on the bottom, fully exposed to the ocean. It appears from the video that the hull to bridgedeck tabbing has broken loose at the bridgedeck and pretty much remained intact on the hull. Just a theory, but if that tabbing released would it put undo stress on the beams possibly causing the damage they received?
  5. Main problem with a central daggerboard and central rudder is the amount of sea grass etc that collects on them and the need to constantly lift them to clear the debris. I
  6. Wow! So the only way you can feel good about your trimaran is to put down other people’s boats? I think your boat boat is beautiful but nothing that would fit our sailing demands. We are the ones that purchased the lightning damaged TRT. We paid nowhere near $60,000, the boat has her original rudders that are not warped and we have found no sign of delamination, wracking or water in the laminate. And trust me, there was an extensive survey done by the insurance company. Good luck with your endeavor.
  7. Seems the TRT with cabin is actually asking a little over $100,000 usd. In my opinion still a good price if in decent shape.
  8. I don’t believe your talking about the same TRT as the one that sold for $65,000 is located in Norway? The owner of the TRT that was struck by lightning had wanted to sell his TRT well before the lightning strike as he no longer had time to use the boat.
  9. smj

    Need help choosing new sail

    The idea of an electric winch sounds great but why not use a Milwaukee right angle drill or Winchrite? Less cost and no work installing. It was on the list of must haves when we owned her.
  10. smj

    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    Thanks. It’s the second catamaran we’ve purchased through Don and the previous owner is a great source of information. We considered this cat a couple of years ago but couldn’t get the numbers to work. She suffered a little damage during hurricane Harvey and was offered to us at a price we couldn’t refuse. Hopefully we will have her sailing by the end of the year.
  11. smj

    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    Not looking for another cat, have 2 at this time. The point I was trying to make is sometimes you can fall on a decent deal on a cat that needs some work, as you did.
  12. smj

    Crowd-sourcing Cat-Shopping

    And a Maine Cat 41 $300-$400k. ;-)