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  1. But we here in the US don't want this fat, orange motherfucker either... Hell, Trump went to a World Series game 15 minutes from the White House and got booed loudly and was lauded with a rousing round of "lock him up!"...
  2. Again, we've seen pretty pictures and seeing the differences in design is somewhat refreshing after years of similar box-rule designs. But that said, if the boats can't deliver close racing on the course then what's the fucking point? The class becomes an abject failure if all we get are drag races and blow-outs. I was worried about the AC72 and AC50 offering just that. While foiling is far more exciting than displacement sailing, if all the AC75 offers is a series of horizon jobs, through either significant speed differences or boats retiring due to crash damage, where's the excitement in that? I am keeping an open mind right now on the class. Maybe I'm wrong, it wouldn't be the first time. The one thing that could ring true with the 4 teams following their own path on their boat 1 design is, if one of them is right and 3 are wrong, the early racing could suffer and we'll see 3 updated clones of the fastest boat 1 design and one evolution of it when the second generation hits the water.
  3. Are they? All we have seen is pretty pictures and videos of straight line sailing. We've seen a few tacks and gybes and a few splashdowns, but no one has successfully tacked or gybed one of these boats under fire. Let's reserve claims of excitement until we see two of these boats line up and sail against more than just the wind...
  4. Brutal


    While I agree they didn't want to show anything until it was too late to be copied, I don't think the Kiwis intentionally kept the pedal grinders off the test boat. I seriously doubt that they had any intention of burning any of their already limited funds for AC35 on retrofitting a boat that would never see a racecourse. They had the manpower available to test with traditional grinding pedestals, so save the money on the trainer retrofit and the idea for the actual racer. It's sound strategy. As for keeping it need to know, "loose lips, sink ships."
  5. But when you say cost containment is a priority to maximize the fleet participation, building an entirely new class of boat isn't the answer. New classes cost more money. The R&D budget is well above an evolutionary re-design on an existing platform. The AC72 cost too much to design, build and maintain. So they chopped 10 feet off and called the AC35 boat the AC62. Teams still found the cost too high, so they chopped another 12 feet off and the AC62 became the AC50. The intent was to scale down the AC72 and use what had been learned from those boats, but even doing that was too damn expensive. Luna Rossa had done a lot of work on their AC62 and withdrew once they were out voted for the AC50. The simple fact is, Luna Rossa and ETNZ played a little Quid Pro Quo to help kickstart ETNZ's AC35 campaign and Luna Rossa secured the CoR role and a commitment to return to monohulls. Bertelli was pissed that ETNZ chose a foiling monohull, and has recently stated his displeasure, but ETNZ fulfilled their agreement to return the event to monohulls.
  6. The Kiwi fanboys on this forum love living in the past. For some of them it may be all they have. Many of them are still stuck whining about a lead weighted kingpost on a class of yacht (AC45) that never even competed in a Cup Match prior to America's Cup 34 in San Francisco. As far as success? Who knows. From AC35, AC36 has lost the Swedes, the French and the Japanese, but added the Italians back into the mix. It's going to be 3 challengers and ETNZ. They're doing nothing to contain costs, since the R&D on an entirely new class of yacht means more money spent than trying to make marginal improvements to an existing class of yachts. But that's an agreement between ETNZ and Luna Rossa from before AC35. ETNZ acquired Luna Rossa's AC45F trainer and design data on their AC62 for the CoR role and a return to monohulls. Oh, and I agree with you, S+S isn't coming to the party...
  7. Brutal


    I don't know that ETNZ necessarily "held back their bikes from the AC45". ETNZ's AC45 was actually Luna Rossa's that they acquired (along with LR's design data for the aborted AC62) after LR pulled out of AC35 over the design rule changes. My guess is more that ETNZ wasn't trying to hide the pedal grinders as much as they were trying to not spend additional funds on the grinding pedestals on an already complete AC45... The added bonus in doing so was that no one was going to see the bike idea until it was too late to do anything about it... But yes, I do agree that other boats would have had pedal grinders if they saw another team doing it successfully early on. Hell, Oracle tried to add a set of unicycle pedals in the back of the boat for the tactician to aid in building hydro pressure/stored energy...
  8. Brutal

    Team NYYC

    Ill-placed ventilation outlet for the shitter...
  9. Brutal

    Team NYYC

    According to the Constitution, only Congress has the authority to declare war. As CLEAN said, the last time that happened was in 1942 against Romania. There have been numerous military conflicts involving the US since, but by law, we were not at war. The soldiers involved and the public at home may have thought Korea (Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and other military actions as well) was a war, but because there was no formal declaration of war by Congress, we weren't...
  10. Brutal

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Salty just likes the pretty colors and swirls on the Kiwi boat...
  11. Brutal

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Look, Trump's aides just took away his smartphone, turned on some Fox News and put him down for his nap. Please don't wake him up. Our country runs so much better when he's not awake to fuck shit up...
  12. Brutal


    Just to clarify, does it have to be the full "Hey, asshole!" or can it be shortened to just "Asshole!" I wouldn't want to offend any of the noble assholes in today's society...
  13. Brutal

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Either that or they figured something out that ETNZ and LR haven't... The bottom line here is simple. Everything is speculation until these boats line up and race against one another for more than pride and bragging rights. At that point, we'll know...
  14. Brutal

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I swear they took delivery of the boat a few weeks ago... It looks like all they've done since is drive the thing around on the back of a truck wrapped in plastic... For fucks sake, let's see the damned thing...