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  1. Brutal

    Team NYYC

    Calm down... It was a real capsize video, it was just a different (smaller) boat... Someone's got to have pics of Defiant either going over, on her side or both. Give it time...
  2. Brutal

    Team NYYC

    I dunno, the 'skins have been in a constant state of turmoil ever since Dickhead Danny took over the franchise. As a lifelong Eagles fan, I've enjoyed every bit of that turmoil. Hell, I flip the bird at Redskins Park every time I drive by. And that's quite often, since it's only a few miles from my house. One area we surely agree on is that he is the yardstick by which all other douche bags are measured...
  3. Brutal

    Team NYYC

    He's a slimy prick, no doubt, but he wins in this no matter what happens. The team is worth $3.4 billion, which by my math, is just a hair over the $750 million he paid for the team...
  4. Brutal

    Team NYYC

    If you think that public sentiment was the direct cause, you're kidding yourself. The owner of the NFL team in DC is also the Chief Asshole in Charge of the DC/MD/VA chapter of Rich Raging Asshole Society of America and couldn't give a single fuck about public sentiment. He was quoted years ago saying the team would never change the name, going further to tell the media they could print never in all caps. The only reason the team dropped the Redskins moniker was money. The team's marketing sponsors panicked and and threatened to pull out if the team didn't change the name. The team was going to lose millions in revenue this season. In a way, it will end up working out for the prick as the Washington faithful are now going to run out and spend boatloads of cash on all new gear with the new team name and logo. Someway, somehow, the rich always get richer...
  5. Brutal

    American Magic - NYYC

    A-FUCKING-MEN!!! The other NYYC thread has become a complete quagmire...
  6. Uhhhh, no... The near capsize happened in Race 8. The Kiwis were up 6-0 on the scoreboard after this race and went on win races 10 and 11. OTUSA went on to call the now infamous time-out after race 11 and ran the table... Final Tally 9-8 OTUSA...
  7. Brutal

    INEOS Team GB

    Maybe some vintage ETNZ "pie warmers"...
  8. With the lockdown in Italy, when will the Kiwis or the Americans be allowed to enter the country if the event does go forward? The situation may be worse right now for the Kiwis because their boat is in transit, but the team is still in Auckland working out on their mule. Do they have enough people already in Italy to assemble the boat, the right people there to do it? At least the Americans still have their boat in Pensacola. And at this rate, they may need to fly their boat to Italy to make it to the starting line on time.
  9. Unfortunately in my line of work, I deal with multiple government agencies and see the disfunction in DC on a daily basis... What you call disillusionment, I call my 9-to-5...
  10. If a raving lunatic fits your definition of "fine"... The 2020 US Presidential Election is shaping up to be A SHIT SHOW OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!!!! The choices placed before the American people are: Donald Trump - Reality TV gameshow host "billionaire" who reportedly has "BORN TO LIE" tattooed on his ass. He believes that he should be allowed to run the country any way he damned well chooses and is pissed that they won't let him put giant gold letters spelling TRUMP on the White House. or one of the following "fine" folks vying for the Democratic nomination: Bernie Sanders - Self-professed "Democratic Socialist" who is campaigning on a bunch of FREE shit that he has no fucking clue how any of it will be paid for except for a "tax on Wall Street". None of it will work, but the fucking Millennials are eating his shit up with a spoon. He'll also fuck up our economy like no one's business. Joe Biden - He's likely to either fall asleep mid-sentence, forget what office he's running for mid-sentence or tell a story about a piece of legislation he wrote that has no bearing on the issue being discussed. Regardless, he'll be more like Lloyd Bridges in Hot Shots! Part Deux and less like Martin Sheen in The West Wing... Elizabeth Warren - She's basically Bernie Sanders... with a vagina*... Michael Bloomberg - Former Republican Mayor of New York City who "switched sides", I guess because the GOP already had a narcissistic, rich motherfucker burning their house to the ground. And if Trump could buy an himself election, why can't he? So basically, we get to choose between Ernesto Bertarelli or Larry Ellison. It's a steaming pile of shit or a steaming pile of crap... Take your pick... * - I've never seen Elizabeth Warren naked, nor do I wish to, so this is just an assumption...
  11. Trump supporter: What is this science you speak of??? God King Emperor Trump has declared science to be a HOAX, therefore it must be. Prince Pence will use his Jesus powers to pray the virus out of existence before it can infect or kill anyone in the US... Rational American: Uh, it's already in the US and people have already died from it here... TS: Whatta ya mean it already has??? RA: Yep, in California and Washington. A few other states are reporting cases as well... TS: But Trump said it was all a Democratic HOAX. Trump Jr. said the Democrats want millions to die. He's holding a press conference today to introduce the vaccine that will cure it... RA: The CDC says it could take a year or longer to develop and test a viable vaccine... TS: Fox&Friends said that's all FAKE NEWS put out by the Democrats to try to stop his amazing winning streak and tank the stock market. They also said that God King Emperor Trump personally developed the cure with Prince Pence, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. He's going to Keep America Great!!! RA: And this is why America is going to hell in a hand basket... TS: MAGA!!! One might think this to be a fictional exchange, but alas, there are Trump supporters who are simply this dumb...
  12. Is ETNZ at a momentary disadvantage if this event ends up getting cancelled? All 3 challengers are currently sailing their v1 boat, but ETNZ's is on a freighter to Italy. I would assume that the team would not relocate to Italy if the event gets cancelled due to health concerns or travel restrictions are put into place. I know they have their scaled down trainer in Auckland, but are they getting the equivalent data towards the v2 boat from that while the challengers are all getting data directly from the v1 boat? Supply chains are being disrupted worldwide, so there's no guarantee that their v1 boat gets sent back to Auckland in the most expedient manner. Time is the one commodity that can not be clawed back during development. How could losing planned time sailing the v1 boat affect the development of the v2 boat? We're a little over a year away from the Cup Match, so the v2's are either in the early stages of construction or will be starting soon.
  13. Brutal

    Team NYYC

    Yes, there were plenty of comments about the cats and their ability to match race that were disproved over the last two Cup cycles. One big difference between the AC72/AC50 and the AC75 are the foils and their location. In San Francisco and Bermuda, there were only two instances where the sailors were endangered by the foils, first when Franck Cammas fell overboard and nearly had his foot sliced off by the rudder foils of his AC50 and then when Dean-o tried to put his boat under Ainsley's windward hull during a pre-start. The AC72/AC50 foils were primarily UNDER the boat. The AC75 has these big Doc Ock arms sticking out the sides with those pointy foils just hanging out there waiting to skewer someone. If someone gets too aggressive in a pre-start (say Dean-o) and maneuvers too closely to the leeward boat, some poor grinder could find himself impaled. These boats may match each other for speed, but getting to close going hip-to-hip could get someone seriously injured or worse. And if that hanging foil were to hook into the cockpit of the other boat, the potential carnage that could come from that collision could be catastrophic for the crews.
  14. Brutal

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Until two boats line up with intent and something meaningful on the line, we won't know who's got the goods, who's sandbagging or who's shit outta luck... Until then, I suggest we just enjoy the show...
  15. Brutal

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Throttle back, noob!!! We don't want you going off half-cocked and blowing your wad in your first 25 posts here. Salty can get a bit sideways at times, but you've got to back it down and figure out who's bringing facts and who's blowing smoke. Seriously, words like narcissistic and drivel are a little much on the weekend...