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  1. looking for a melges 24!

    Curious, what was it you didn't like about the J88 that you would prefer a M24?
  2. J/88

    As much as I like the J88 concept (under 30', inboard, head, asy on sprit, semi-planning) I just cannot justify the price. If you didn't have the coin for one of these, what would you be sailing?
  3. J/88

    18.9 knots in that Swedish video looks like planning to me! Or is there some Euro conversion factor for knots?
  4. J/88

    Looking for the next boat and considering a J88 - can you tell me what breeze the boat needs to get up on a plane and how/why it is faster than a J92S which seems to have pretty much the same length, weight, and SA/D?
  5. 25'-30' Sprit Boat For $75k

    Don't need a bigger sport boat. Have previously owned U20, M24 and currently have a VX which I absolutely love but cannot sail in phrf races or local regattas. Just cannot get excited about a heavy displacement boat, nor will I sail anything but an assy on a sprit. Fortunate to have $75k to spend and might be willing to stretch that, but not if it isn't something fast and fun with the basic amenities I'm looking for. J88 comes closest but even used are too expensive. Guess I'll wait, thanks for everybody's input.
  6. 25'-30' Sprit Boat For $75k

    That's what I suspected, what I want just doesn't exist with the exception of possibly the J88 which is too pricey and probably requires a pretty good breeze (15+) to plane. If I go with a FE28 what have I gained over a Melges 24 other than I need more crew? Thanks for your responses.
  7. Having sailed only sport boats under 24' I'm thinking it may be time to step into something a bit bigger that I can race PHRF. Would hopefully have a head for the ladies and either saildrive or outboard in a well so I don't have to hang an outboard over the stern, with max draft of 6' and can get up on a plane in less than 15 knots. J88 looks great but even used are $125+, Seascape 27 also pricey and worry about light air performance. Anything I'm missing, or am I looking for something that doesn't exist?
  8. I have a Weta which is great fun for one but crowded for 2 adults (unless the other adult is an NFL cheerleader) and have been waiting for an established multihull manufacturer like Farrier or Corsair to come out with a folding tri in the 18' range. Basically a scaled down F22 or F24 - everything jetboy has been asking for. However, I disagree about the price point at which it needs to be in order to sell. Consider that a 19' VXOne with sails, trailer, covers, etc. are selling for $35k. I would spend $30k for a Folding18' tri with sails,trailer, 2hp, etc.