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  1. For heaven's sake, if Ian wants to highlight selling points, how else is he gonna do it but by comparison, I for one will support him all the way. If people can't take the truth, don't read this blog. The blog is here for all to see the good the bad and the ugly sides of this boat. All can show the bad or ugly side (there must be 1 or 2) and all can show the good side, but just because you can't fault this little jem, don't go crying that it's not fair, Ian is showing us just how better his boat is to mine. Ian, don't change, you have achieved this little beauty because of your perserverence, and your personality, no one's perfect, but you have a boat to be proud of, defend it with all you're worth.
  2. Keep up the good work Ian, I look forward to no 65
  3. Thanks Ian, sounds like you have it under control, (just trying to be patient)
  4. How big a job would it be to fit a curved travellor, as I could see this could simplify tuning the main. Can these travellors be bent or do they have to be manufactured with the curve in them.
  5. Is the traveller curved on the F22, and if not does this have an effect of tightening the main if the traveller is dropped in a gust?
  6. "Can I point out that any time that a boomless setup is eased, or the mainsheet is eased, the sail has no choice but to become deep" I agree, IF the mainsheet is eased. You ease a boomless setup by easing the traveller.
  7. I have never used a boomless main, but am looking forward to when I can. "If Ian could answer how to control lower mainsail shape across all wind ranges whilst underway then he would have half an argument. But he just says its better because its better. Misleading information. I think thats what is getting people upset about all this." I will try to answer this. Hard on the wind say medium airs: Traveller in the middle, mainsheet tension say 80% tight, causing slight depth in main. Hard on the wind say light airs: Traveller up slightly, mainsheet tension say 75% tight, causing same depth in main, here is where maybe a traveller system on the clew may help to allow the top to fall off a bit. Hard on the wind say heavy airs: Traveller down slightly, mainsheet tension say 85 - 90% tight, causing same depth in main, or if the depth to be less, add more mainsheet tension. Here the mainsheet tension is used as an outhaul on a boomed main, the traveller, the angle of the main to the wind. Now Flying a genniker: Traveller down far enough and main eased to give a good depth in the main. If there is too much power in the main reduce the depth by tightening mainsheet, lowering traveller. While using a boomed main I have never had the main out further than the traveller allows, so see no difference with the boomless main.(This is the point that has sold me on a boomless setup) Also Cracked sheets, Traveller down, and mainsheet altered once again to give the depth for drive. I actually think it will be easier to alter the depth in the main with a boomless setup, rather than having an outhaul. If my theory is flawed, please outline it to me
  8. How far along is Ian on your boat? I am boat #6. It is going to the USA. Bill F-22 #6 Bill You are lucky I am boat #65!
  9. Well said, and have to give it a try, so I will be getting my F22 without a boom.
  10. Try it and see what happens... Ian Farrier Farrier Marine Designs that work Hard to believe that this is even being spoken about. The boomless setup might be fine for mum and dad to go cruising with - but if you even mention the word racing and think that a boomless setup is the go you are on drugs. You cannot ever properly control the the depth of the mainsail without a boom. If the boomless main setup worked - then we would all be using it as it would be much lighter and less weight and cost. But it does not work for anything requiring correct mainsail trim - so no one uses it. This subject should be in Cruising Anarchy. So how do you control the depth of your boomless jib? Is the above opinion based on actual fact such as identical designs, with one using a boomless main, and one using a boomed main? We have such a comparison between production F-25Cs, some of which use booms, some boomless, and the fastest F-25C has always been the boomless version. F-25CBoomless.jpg Have you even tried a boomless main? I was once a skeptic, but then tried one, saw how easy they were to handle, and how fast they were. It was obvious right from the start that the F-22 had to have a boomless main, provided I could develop a good roller furling system, which has now been achieved. Ian Farrier Farrier Marine Designs that work No your wrong and your starting to look pretty amateur by arguing this. How do you control your boom less jib? Are you serious...... You move the car for and aft on a track with a purchase system. When you go outboard for reaching, you attach an outboard sheet and tweak it so that you maintain the correct trim. On a proper race boat, you have either an athwartships floating system or an athwartships track that allows you to move your sheeting angle wider and a fly block that is effectively your car fore and aft. Thats how. Are you going to move your mainsheet track fore and aft....... By the way - a typical sheeting angle for a 'boomless jib' is roughly 45 degrees..... Your boomless cruising system is around 75 degrees. Stop arguing this for a racing boat. Its why no one uses it. It does not work. Keep it for Mum Dad and the kids. I don't think you have raced a multi this size without a boom, so it's a bit rich of you to be so condemning of it. (Do you live in NZ by any chance?) I have an F242 with a boom, and honestly, I can't see why this will not work. Even while flying a kite I never have to have the main out further than the traveller allows, so if the mainsheet is pulling the clew back as well as down, there should be no problem.I can get the depth out of the sail by just releasing the mainsheet slightly As it is with a boom, as soon as you go further out than the traveller, because of no vang, the boom does no good anyway. You are wrong with the 75 degree cruising angle, with that you would never use the top of your main. The angle is dependent surely on getting the optimum leech tension as well as the optimum foot tension. The only concern I have here is if these two need to be altered individually and I think not. If overpowered I guess it's learning to release the traveller rather than the main. Any way I am going to give it a go, if it doesn't work, I will add a boom. But rather than criticizing an alternative idea, I will try it first.
  11. the way i see this working would be to have a longer boom that would look strange
  12. Thanks Nuddy and diggler. Iguess my question is, have others with boomless mains found they can't get enough forestay tension. (Thinking now of running the screacher upwind in the light as an example)
  13. On my F242 the mainsheet is used alot to tighten the forestay, helped by the pull of the mainsheet on the boom. Is this lost to an extent because the pull of the mainsheet is at a different angle without a boom?
  14. I agree with you re easing the sails on tacking, but I do a lot of singlehanding, so it's nice to sail without having to alter sheets. Your idea would be easy to try.
  15. Hi nuddy, Do you mean like a windsurfer boom? thanks but I was hoping to simplify the self tacker, and a jib boom seems a bit over the top, but good idea