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    Random PicThread

    Yep: Parts of the film were shot in Snow Canyon, Warner Valley, Pine Valley, Leeds, and Harrisburg, Utah.[7] The exterior scenes were shot near St. George, Utah, which is 137 miles (220 km) downwind of the United States government's Nevada National Security Site and received the brunt of nuclear fallout from testing active in this period. In 1953, 11 above-ground nuclear weapons tests occurred at the site as part of Operation Upshot–Knothole. The cast and crew spent many difficult weeks at the site, and producer Howard Hughes later shipped 60 tons of dirt back to Hollywood in order to match the Utah terrain and lend realism to studio re-shoots.[8] The filmmakers knew about the nuclear tests[8] but the federal government assured residents that the tests caused no hazard to public health.[9] Director Powell died of cancer in January 1963, seven years after the film's release. Armendáriz was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 1960, and killed himself in June 1963 after he learned his condition had become terminal. Hayward, Wayne, and Moorehead all died of cancer in the 1970s. Hoyt died of lung cancer in 1991. Skeptics point to other factors such as the wide use of tobacco – Wayne and Moorehead in particular were heavy smokers, and Wayne himself believed his lung cancer to have been a result of his six-pack-a-day cigarette habit.[10] The cast and crew totaled 220 people. By the end of 1980, as ascertained by People magazine, 91 of them had developed some form of cancer and 46 had died of the disease. Several of Wayne and Hayward's relatives who visited the set also had cancer scares. Michael Wayne developed skin cancer, his brother Patrick had a benign tumor removed from his breast, and Hayward's son Tim Barker had a benign tumor removed from his mouth.[9][11] Reportedly, Hughes felt guilty about his decisions regarding the film's production,[8] particularly over the decision to film at a hazardous site. He bought every print of the film for $12 million and kept it out of circulation for many years until Universal Pictures purchased the film from his estate in 1979.[12][13] The Conqueror, along with Ice Station Zebra,[14] is said to be one of the films Hughes watched endlessly during his last years.[15] Dr. Robert Pendleton, then a professor of biology at the University of Utah, is reported to have stated in 1980, "With these numbers, this case could qualify as an epidemic. The connection between fallout radiation and cancer in individual cases has been practically impossible to prove conclusively. But in a group this size you'd expect only 30-some cancers to develop. With 91 cancer cases, I think the tie-in to their exposure on the set of The Conqueror would hold up in a court of law." Several cast and crew members, as well as relatives of those who died, considered suing the government for negligence, claiming it knew more about the hazards in the area than it let on.[9][16] Since the primary cast and crew numbered about 220, and a considerable number of cancer cases would be expected, controversy exists as to whether the actual results are attributable to radiation at the nearby nuclear weapons test site.[17][18] Statistically, the odds of developing cancer for men in the U.S. population are 43% and the odds of dying of cancer are 23% (slightly lower in women at 38% and 19%, respectively).[19]
  2. sadug

    Random PicThread

    Well I did it. I finally finished. Took a few months but I finished the whole thread. Thank you Hobot (and others). I guess this leaves me with no choice........but to start all over again.
  3. sadug

    Transpac 2019

    Damn. 2 of the 3 Hobie 33's are retiring with rudder issues. Mayhem and Aloha.
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    Random PicThread

    Streaming on Am Prime:
  5. sadug

    Random PicThread

  6. sadug

    Random PicThread

    Never knew:
  7. sadug


  8. sadug

    Niki Lauda DTS

    F1 just plain sucks now and has for a few years. I really miss the old days!!!!!!!!
  9. sadug

    Random PicThread

    Major success - only 100 more pages to go!!!!!!!! ps. Hobot, there are now at least 12 new addicts that I turned on to this thread....... all seem to hate me now for some reason
  10. sadug

    "Dis is Sayula"

    I missed it as well but glad I could finally watch it. I loved when he wanted to quit (make up a some business excuse or something) and his wife said if you do I will divorce you....that is solid.....
  11. sadug

    Tim Conway DTS

    That show would have been half as long if it weren't for Tim Conway busting everyone up.......
  12. sadug

    Tim Conway DTS

    Grew up watching that guy!!!!!!!!! Always wondered if he got a bonus for every time he made Harvey Korman break character and laugh.....
  13. sadug

    "Dis is Sayula"

    Just got to watch for the first time on Am Prime. What a great story!!!!! Loved some of the quotes too: "Always eat well, always drink well, a good wine." An amazing effort by that crew.....
  14. sadug

    Random PicThread

    If you really want to blow your mind - spend an hour watching this: BBC Britains Greatest Pilot The Extraordinary Story of Captain Winkle Brown HD
  15. sadug

    Random PicThread

    If you are into flying, this documentary on Am Prime about Pancho's life is truly amazing: