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  1. sadug

    junior thug life

    Why can't they just look happy?!?!??!
  2. sadug

    Kobe Bryant kicks the bucket

    Good recap.....and a little sailboat in the background???
  3. sadug

    Fix a Fred

    Blast from the past!!!
  4. sadug

    Fix a Fred

    I think he meant Phred?
  5. sadug

    Turks and Caicos

    If you do spend some time in Provo and happen to be there on a Thursday, they have the Thursday Fish Fry at Bight Park (weather permitting) from 5:30 - 9:30. Fish, live music, vendors, etc.. I like beer and also enjoyed Turks Head Brewery (also on Provo) - don't do the tour, just hang at the bar - beer is reasonably priced there. Was just there a few months ago. The island is filled with Airbnb properties so shop around if you don't want to do the resorty thing. We stayed on a boat but toured a few properties for future reference.
  6. sadug

    Cooking Elk

    Have cooked London Broil since I was a kid so very used to this. Maybe will try this first...Thx.
  7. sadug

    Cooking Elk

    Never tried that. Supposed to get a few cuts so will experiment to be sure....
  8. sadug

    Cooking Elk

    Oh Hell Yes!!!!!
  9. sadug

    Cooking Elk

    Sadly they are sitting in a freezer. The guy's wife is a militant vegan so he set up a freezer just for meat in his law office.....
  10. sadug

    Cooking Elk

  11. sadug

    Cooking Elk

    Thanks all - Will know what cuts I am getting on Tues or Wed and will let ya know.
  12. sadug

    Cooking Elk

    Thanks Mr. Snaggs. looking forward to trying something new.
  13. sadug

    Cooking Elk

    Looks like I am about to receive some recently hunted elk meat. I am an avid BBQ guy but have never actually cooked elk. Any suggested recipes? Would prefer to grill but open to all suggestions (maybe cast iron on the grill?). The only thing I have been told about cooking elk is that there is less fat so I guess it cooks quicker than beef. Will post pics and hopefully I won't screw it up
  14. sadug

    wtf Australia what is yall doing??

    I thought this was also a good story: That's a big ass pizza!!!!!
  15. sadug

    Worlds most expensive Home Stereo ?

    I worked part time while in high school at a 'questionable' audio/video store in the 80's. While there were definitely some great systems to be had (and I really enjoyed building great systems for people) there was also a lot of hyped up crap. Some people knew what they were doing and purchased really good stuff, others got sold the stuff we could make our daily spiff on - not my type of work so after a very successful holiday season, I quit...I do miss being in the know though. But for now my Sonos system will have to suffice... Not sure if you ever saw Ruthless people but the stereo store scene is priceless... "And when you die, they can bury you in it!!!"