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    VOR Drone Shots

    That would be my take...they dated it yesterday.
  2. sadug

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    I've given most of mine away over the years, usually to out of town friends we take sailing. Helped an old sailing buddy move a few weeks ago and he pulled this baby out - seems they do have life beyond the pink stage - not much of a life, but a life nonetheless... As a side note, I was in Barbados a couple of years ago and was somewhat fascinated by the variety of old salty red/pink hats that folks were sporting from sailing events all over the place. Had to ask a handful where they were from as some of the events I had never heard of.
  4. sadug

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    WOW - That had 'almost' everything.......
  5. sadug

    Yacht Season Series

    ok, that was funny!
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    USS Midway 1, Sea Esta 0

    I saw this happen a few years ago. We were having drinks on the deck at The Fish Market (right next to the Midway). This big Hunter motored by and there were at least 20 people on deck partying up, drunk off their asses, blasting music and such. They went in to along side the Midway and the top of the rig caught on the safety nets near the bow. The boat came to an unflattering halt, as did the fun it seems. The skipper slammed the thing in reverse but the boat wouldn't budge. People on deck were looking down, people on shore were looking up, black smoke started pumping out and you could hear the engine groaning over the sound of the music. Finally, the boat reversed - leaving all of the mast head instruments stuck in the netting. The dude high tailed it out of there and headed down towards the Coronado Bridge - last we saw of him but he did give us all quite a show.
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    SSB Receiver for Pac Cup

    Looking for a new SSB Receiver for Pac Cup. We have a Sat Phone so only need the SSB to receive race and weather channels. We have been using a TECSUN PL-660 but it seems to have major issues at times in the receiving department. Any recommendations on portable Receivers? Many thanks.
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    How are We Perceived?

    How are we perceived... I have been a SA reader for years and don’t contribute much because most of what I want to ask, or think, is usually covered in one-way shape or form I have been sailing the better part of my life. When I was a kid, I ‘acquired’ outdated “Sailing” magazines and would spend time in the attic looking at boats (well and some other ‘acquired' mags…) . I always knew I wanted to sail. I have been through calm and storm, inshore and offshore. I have been in one incident that cost the life of a fellow crewman. It was a rough night that involved a coast guard helicopter ride home, and it crushed my soul, or at least what I think is my soul. I found him and tried to save him….I could not. I sincerely hope this never happens to anyone reading this. It took me almost 3 years before I could even attempt to enjoy what I truly love, and I am still struggling, even as I type this…..I still cannot surf. Tonight, I had a few beers with a navy buddy of mine. He knows my story and is genuinely a friend. He is actually flying out to a certain island for training soon. As much he respects and understands what “we” do (we have had him on board and he loves sailing), he also freely expressed how much the Navy hates us here locally ('we' get in the way trying to anchor, transit into the bay, etc…… sailboats always getting in the way). And it made me wonder. If the Navy sees us as an annoyance, how do others see us? I cycle regularly and when cycling I hate cars. When I am driving, I am cautious for cyclists until they become dicks and run red lights.......when I am on a sailboat I hate most powerboaters especially those who don’t know it’s easier for us if they cross astern vs crossing forward of us. I get it. But I always tried to do what's right..... I used to joke: When sailing on the water, everyone waves at you.....but those same people will cut you off and give you the finger as soon as they are in their cars and on the highway. I love sailing. I love being on the water. So I have to are we perceived?
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    SSB Receiver for Pac Cup

    Good points Valis. Thanks to all who contributed. We will be playing with the set up this weekend on a delivery and then next weekend for N2E. Hopefully will have positive results to post after.....
  10. sadug

    SSB Receiver for Pac Cup

    Thanks Valis - words of wisdom to be sure. Will report back what we are finding. Just got everything today so we'll be playing with it all over the next couple of weeks. We'll have the backup receiver just in case as well...
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    SSB Receiver for Pac Cup

    Settled on this stuff: 1. This will be primary as it hooks directly into the laptop which should be great for downloading weather maps and such..... SDRplay USB radio tuner, model RSP1A (stands for Radio Spectrum Processor). The software is free and at Basically, the SSB stations will display on our laptop and we will be able to get weather and race data. The frequency range is 1kHz all the way up to 2 GHz! (model 150-3954). It connects directly to laptop via USB. Out the other side of the unit is the coax antenna cable. This goes to a Balun (basically a splitter). One side will ground to a thru-hull. The other will be antenna wire that will will hoist up. 2. This will be a backup receiver.... SSB portable radio: C.Crane CC Skywave SSB with shortwave band 1711-29999 kHz. Apparently fiberglass is invisible to these waves, so the retractable antenna can be run inside the boat allegedly.
  12. sadug

    SSB Receiver for Pac Cup

    Yeah even if we have a back up sat phone, we are still required to have the ssb receiver. A radio oriented friend suggested stripping the wire at the end of the external antenna and use alligator clips to attach to back stay.
  13. sadug

    SSB Receiver for Pac Cup

    Thanks Slim.
  14. sadug

    SSB Receiver for Pac Cup

    Cool will check this afternoon - thanks.
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    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    This was released earlier today, before the MOB report - Sam's take on what it was like out there.......while he goes in a different direction with the article - the first part gave me even more shivers about this whole thing. Volvo Ocean Race: The fear is real Published on March 26th, 2018 EmailShare Volvo Ocean Race onboard reporter Sam Greenfield shares a view of life on skipper Dee Caffari’s Turn the Tide on Plastic as the team navigates the deep south toward Cape Horn: 0621 UTC – Monday, March 26 2018 Sea Temp: 4.2 degrees C Air Temp: 3.5 degrees C Windspeed: 37-45 kts Boatspeed: 30+ kts Long: 109.796W Lat: 55.507S Well, it’s all a waiting game now. I don’t know what’s going to happen tonight, on what’s meant to be the most furious night of this leg, but if I’m physically not on the boat when the team arrives in Itajai let this blog serve as an explanation why – and a lesson to anyone who ever sails with Dee Caffari. I’ll set the scene. Picture survival suit conditions on deck. The most brutal night of this Volvo Ocean Race. The sun has just set but even in the daylight everyone on deck had lost feeling of their hands through their 3mm wetsuit gloves. Their feet are like blocks inside of their ocean boots. Every wave of water over the deck is cold enough to rob you of your breath and wits. I’m watching all of this unfold from the warmth of the hatch while boiling water for my dinner. Let’s be realistic. I may have a few screws loose in my head to be out here, but not enough to do what these sailors do – namely stand under a frozen firehouse in 40 knots of wind-chill for four hours at a time. In the dark. I’m happy to document it though. Their mental strength is next level.
  16. sadug

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

  17. sadug

    Safety gear

    sorry meant to say on MOB1 it will send an AIS signal but range is pretty limited like....
  18. sadug

    Safety gear

    Hi Unkle Krusty. Regarding AIS/EPIRBs. When off shore all of our crew uses: MOB1 which is super easy to program to your boats NAV system and also blasts a DSC transmission. It fits nicely in your PFD (attaches to the manual inflator tube). We have practiced with it and it works just fine. Problem is it’s only programmed to your nav system so if they can’t get back to you, and no one else is around to pick up your VHF signal, you are still floating around quite alone. So, we also all carry our own ResQLink+ PLB system. So far so good......
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    RIP Bruce Brown

    I will watch Endless Summer tonight for the millionth time as well. I began watching his movies in the early 90s when I first got into surfing. Many of the surfers I knew then watched only the new stuff but there was something friendly and inviting about his films. Perhaps it was his calming voice, I don’t know. But he did capture, for me at least, the many reasons to be in, on, and around the water…. I remember watching On Any Sunday sometime later in life – I had just gotten into Dirt Bikery and when I heard he had a film it was a must see. Quietly backed by Steve McQueen, Bruce did the same thing for me in this film that he did in Endless Summer: Sometimes you ride alone, sometimes you ride with your friends - either way you ride! Farewell Mr. Brown and thank you: “Many of us ride winter and summer, but the ultimate thing for us would be to have an endless summer. The only way to do this is to travel around the world.”
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    An unusual hitchhiker...

    An this little F'er was nothing but trouble!
  21. sadug

    An unusual hitchhiker...

    We had these 2 chaps join for part of N2E a few years back. One flew down below and chilled for about 4 hours.
  22. As a side note, we recently had to lay over in Eureka for 2 nights due to weather. The NOAA office was 1 block from where we tied up. They were most accommodating and even gave a morning briefing for the other sailors and commercial fishermen who were laying over as well. (And they had great coffee!!!).