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  1. Boat looks good, seems like you have done a very good job on the restoration. Just remember that the class kite size limit is 108 sqm, so the whomper can only be used in IRC.
  2. Are you sure thats Yeoman, seems to have a French sail number? Kite wise im still not sure which are better but the fleet consensus does seem to be north!, but J109 when i said that the Elvstrom A4 was cut deeper than the A2 i meant the Elvstrom A2, which is definatly cut higher than the north A2 but i feel the angles achievable are pretty similar between the Elvstrom A4 and the north A2. With the Elvstrom A4 being used from 14 knots (at least according to the sail selection chart iv seen).
  3. I agree the north kites allow you to run deeper, i was just thinking that something heavier maybe nice in case something goes wrong. As well i remember someone ( I think it was Jahmali) who were saying they blew out an A2, without broaching, it just went in the pressure. But yeah i agree there is no need to go any smaller if the crew can handle it.
  4. I was surprised by the number of people flying A2 0.75oz in the 25 knots plus, i believe north make a 1.1 oz full size A4 and certainly Elvstrom make a 0.9oz A4, which is actually cut more for down wind than there A2, due to the changing angles in the increasing pressure.
  5. Class organised the Nationals before the RORC race schedule for 2011 was released. About to encounter the same problem for 2012! Ah didnt realise this, although even if there is a clash next year, should have less of an effect in a non fastnet year.
  6. J109 I agree the hog roast on the first night was good. The issues i think came with the other two nights, the first as someone has said was the wedding in the bar on sat which meant you had to drink in the cafeteria or find somewhere else. I think the main issue for the last night was that a lot of boats seemed to have gone home and therefore the really large room felt rather empty. But having organised events like this before i appreciate the difficulties the committee face and would like to thank them for the effort they put it. Also i will echo pjrs in saying the PRO was excellent.
  7. Not sure what you can do, main thing we have always found is stacking the back of the boat, but that is with a full crew. What we have found sometimes is that having our A5 up 95sqm and 1.5 oz, and sailing slightly higher seems to make the boat more stable as the kite rotates less during the waves. The other aspect is having someone playing the kicker all the time, again hard double handed. I think the reefed main would probably reduce the broaching tendency but would make the hoists and drops harder due to less blanketing. We have also discussed on our boat the possbility of adding a fractional kite halyard and a heavy fractional kite, but decided that as the forestay is so high its not worth it, but may be worth it if you are doing a lot of double handed. As well we did the nationals this weekend down in Weymouth, the on the water stuff was done well but the socail side was not great. 1st day had wind from 8-20 with some massive shifts comming in. 2nd day had 20-25 at the beginning and built through the day to 25-30 when they canned the fourth race. Large amounts of damage throughout the fleet. Final day, 1 hour postponement, went out had one race by the end of it the wind was consistently over 30 so they abandoned the rest of the races. Most boats were'nt flying kites on the second downwind leg of the one race they got in. Congratulations to J-Dream who put in a very strong finish in the windy conditions to take the win.
  8. Yeah still dont understand why they put it the same weekend as the RORC race, seems to have hurt entries. http://www.sailracer.org/events/entries-v2.asp?eventid=79044 Down to 24 from normal numbers of about 30. Based on the recent solent results my money is on one of Velvet Elvis, Jahmali and J Dream. Weather looks like it should be good as well.
  9. Anyone else going to the UK nationals? Starts Friday down in Weymouth.
  10. We do for-hatch launch but tend to unpack them then hang them from the hatch, but yes iv had a few interesting experiences trying to get them through the door! especially the A4s and A5s. But it is pointless as most people have to carry them in IRC.
  11. I belive that for UK OD leading the vang back to the cockpit is legal. Class rules http://www.j109.org.uk/
  12. This is the same setup we have and it seems to work really well and can be easily removed for one design (just leaving a small d ring on the deck).
  13. With the number 3, an outboard sheeting location is very beneficial, that combined with the car gives a lot more sheeting options. Jambalaya did you go for one headsail or did you also get a light non-overlapping one?
  14. Well its entered into the winter series, slotted into the bottom of IRC class zero. With an IRC TCC of 1.091. Will be interesting to see the results when they are published later, although normally the first few races are not that indicative of realistic performance. Anyone have details of what sails they were running?